About Italian Trip Abroad

Hello, we are Toti and Alessia an Italian Travel Couple based in Uk.
We have met in London, in a standard coffee shop in the city centre.

Our story started there and we are really proud of this piece of road we have travelled together.

This blog started with the idea to help other travellers and expatriate like us to wanderer the World. It is not easy to settle in another country, with another language, make new friends and change your routine.

Explore London, our home base!

We have been living in London for more than 4 years now, this is our new home and wherever we could be in the future, it has a piece of our heart. Discover all our posts about London. Wander with us around the popular roads and the London hidden gems, read and be inspired by our experiences in the coolest afternoon tea places in London.

Must see in London in 2 days



Stay in a hostel as a couple, pros and cons!
Stay in a hostel as a couple, pros and cons!

Our tips for couples who are willing to book a hostel!

Cambridge one day Itinerary
Cambridge one day Itinerary

The ultimate Cambridge Itinerary in one day for you.

Things to do in Berlin, Germany
Things to do in Berlin, Germany

Our itinerary of Berlin in 2 days. Things to do and where to stay.

Explore the amazing Sri Lanka with us!

An unbelievable trip around the green hills of Sri Lanka, The pearl of the Indian Ocean. Discover the Tea Plantations of the finest Ceylon, be inspired by our photos of Sri Lanka.