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London is our second home since 2015 and we found really difficult to write about it. For our goodbye to this amazing city, we decided to write a blog post on where to find the best Instagram Places in London.
This is our list of the 19 most instagrammable places in London a perfect London Instagram itinerary for photography lovers.

London is a really big city where is easy to find cool photos of London while strolling around. We’ll do more, we will give to you the perfect list of places to take photos in London. There is no special sightseeing that’s the best photo location in London, everywhere you can find the perfect spot. In our 4 years in London, we have visited every corner of this city. The best places to take pictures in London are not just around the city centre, but also out of zone 1.

Best photo spots in London - Sky Garden - Buckingham Palace

The Most Instagrammable Places in London

  • Covent Garden
  • Portobello and Notting Hill
  • Regent Street
  • St. Paul Cathedral
  • Sky Garden London
  • Shoreditch
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Somerset House
  • British Museum
  • Southbank
  • Pancras Renaissance Hotel
  • Richmond Park
  • Kew Gardens
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Greenwich
  • Peggy Porschen
  • Coppa Club
  • Saint Aymes
  • B Bakery afternoon tea bus tour

Covent Garden

If you are in London you can’t miss visiting Covent Garden, situated in the middle of the city centre and with the best ig spots. This is at the top of our list of London photography locations.

Covent Garden is one of the 19 most instagrammable places in London. It’s amazing at any time of the year. Our favourite one it’s for Xmas time.
The colours, all the people happy makes the perfect combination for an instagrammable Christmas London. It is a proper and authentic market. In Covent Garden, you can buy a lot of souvenirs for your return home. Absolutely one of the best photography places in London.

Interesting Places to photograph in London - Covent Garden Market

How to reach Covent Garden?

Usually, Covent Garden station is busy and there is only two lift which you can use to go out. The closest tube is Leicester Square, situated on the Northern (Black) and Piccadilly (Blue) line. You can easily use this station and then walk 5 minutes to reach Covent Garden.

The street that links Covent Garden and Leicester Square are called Long Acre. This is a shopping street, with an amazing Travel Library, Stanford. Walkthrough one of the best places in the city centre, full of tourists and locals. Soon you will reach Covent Garden, where you will catch some cool photos of London.

Interesting building of the Instagrammable Notting Hill - Portobello - Italian Trip Abroad
This is just one of the many shots that you can catch at Notting Hill – Portobello – Italian Trip Abroad

Portobello and Notting Hill – Best photo spots in London

If you ever saw the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, you know what we are talking about. After Covent Garden, Portobello and Notting Hill need to be in your top list of the 19 most instagrammable places in London.

While walking around Notting Hill, you will see all the cutest houses, all of them in different colours. When spring is approaching the sky in London should be clean and nice and will be perfect for your walk through those lovely streets.

Every Saturday in the amazing borough of Portobello takes place a huge market. It’s not just one of the oldest market in London, but also the most famous. It’s the scenario of  “Notting Hill” with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. See the movie, follow it falling in love with the cutest houses, courtyards, and gardens.

Top 19 Instagrammable Places in London

Regent Street

I love Regent Street not just for the shops. In your visit to the UK, this is one of the most instagrammable places in London. How many times have you seen somebody stand in the middle of the street, just trying to catch the perfect London Spot

From Regent Street, you can reach Piccadilly Circus. In this amazing square, you can stand with the big screens at you back. It is one of the top Instagram photos of London. If you are not fancy, we will suggest you take a shot under the statue of Eros.

One of the best things I love about Regent street are the colours around, perfect for your best photo spots in London. During Summer, in the weekend Regent Street is close to the traffic. This will be the perfect period of the year to take some amazing photos of London Regent Street.

St. Paul Cathedral

The stunning dome of St. Paul Cathedral is visible from everywhere in London.

It is one of the symbols of London after the London Eye and Big Ben, but still one of our favourite. St. Paul’s Cathedral and the surrounding area it is my favourite spots in London to take photos. If you follow our itinerary for the 19 most instagrammable places in London you will find the perfect photo spots in London for St.Paul Cathedral.

There are no other places that can inspire you most of St.Paul Cathedral. You can take some of the best photos of London here. You can shot St.Paul from Paternoster Square, from the Millenium Bridge, or directly under the Cathedral. Our favourite London photography spot in St. Paul is from One New Change, thanks to the Roof Top view of London.

Best photo spot in London in St. Paul | One New Change | London RoofTop view

There a lot of ways to visit St. Paul Cathedral our favourite one is One New Change.

Located in front of the Cathedral it’s the perfect solution if you want to have your personal postcard of London. Most of the tourist don’t know the existence of this lovely place. It is a shopping center with restaurants on the middle floor and a stunning view of St. Paul. on the top. One New Change is one of the best rooftop views in London.

On the 6th floor of the building, there is a restaurant called Madison, where, from the roof, you can see the most instagrammable view of St. Paul Cathedral. It is free to get up through the lift. There are no many rooftops for free, Stock New Change is relatively on the top, but still guaranteed a stunning view.

Instagram spots London

Skygarden London

From the rooftop of the Skygarden, you are able to see London in 360 degrees. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The tickets are available online, and the entrance is completely free. If you are planning your London itinerary during spring or summer time do the booking in advance as sometimes you won’t find any tickets available. You can arrange a visit just 14 days in advance, so be quick to take your spot.

The Sky garden has got a restaurant as well which is one of the most instagrammable restaurants in London. You will have a stunning view of the city, directly on the top of Tower Bridge.

This place is perfect for a morning breakfast, for an afternoon tea or a cocktail after a long day. The Sky Garden is absolutely one of the best photo spots in London.


Shoreditch is one of the best London photography spots as it is surrounded by the best street art, graffiti and vintage fashion shops and markets. In this area, you will find the most instagrammable walls in London, plenty of colours and life.  

It’s one of the most colourful areas of the city and this is why Shoreditch is one of the most instagrammable places.

Shoreditch street art is unique. The best artists in the world come here to sight those walls.  The art is concentrated in these two main streets Shoreditch and Brick-lane. I must say it is one of our favourites, is the alternative London, the ones that inspired the punk style. Visit the perfect photos spots of London in Shoreditch and snap your next profile picture.

If you want more deep details about London street photography Locations you can see our blog post about Shoreditch and Brick Lane.

Most instagrammable streets London

Leadenhall Market

If you saw the Harry Potter movie you will recognize this place as Diagon Alley. In those years in London I never called this place with the right name, but just Diagon Alley. Watch the top of this stunning building, it is amazing and so inspiring.

The colours and the architecture is amazing and unique. The locals use to drink a beer here after work. This place is right in the city of London and is almost a hidden spot in London. We have never written a lot, but even in this city, you can have a proper off the beaten path guide of London.

Now you can agree with me that this is one of the most instagrammable streets of London. The closest tube station is Bank or Monument.

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Somerset House | Best photography place in London

As we are talking about stunning building, we can’t miss mentioning Summerset House. The white amazing building close to Strand is awesome and worth to be in our list of Most Instagrammable places in London. Even if we love to head here during Christmas Time, this place is amazing all year.

There are few spots where drink a coffee, so it is not just one of the best photo locations of London, but also a place where chill a bit.

From here you can reach in 10 minutes walking Trafalgar Square, the central plaza of London. Walking Through Strand you will see some of the best cafè scene of London, full of old places and bars that locals love.

British Museum

Since I first came to London I always loved this museum. In the beginning, I wasn’t an expert about photography and how to find the best photo spots but now I can say it is one of the 19 most instagrammable places in London. I must say it, usually, Toti has the ability to find those amazing instagrammable London spot, but at the least, I do something and get the idea.

The British Museum is a public institution dedicated to art culture and human history. This museum it’s located in the middle of four tube stations, Goodge Street, Russel Square, Tottenham Court Road, and Holborn. But, if you are in the city centre you can easily reach it walking from Oxford Street or Holborn.

You will say how is possible that a museum could be turned in a London Photo Spot. Our answer is in our photos.

Top photo spots in London at night - Italian Trip Abroad - Southwark

Southbank – Best Instagram Spots in London

This is a long path that goes almost from the Tower of London over the London Eye. This riverside is second just to the Paris one. For us it is not just the best Instagram spot in London, it one of the most popular places where find photo-worthy spots in London. Obviously, this long walking is most known for the London Eye, but there are many places along the way that need to be visited.

Book your London Eye ticket in advance here and avoid long queues.

One of the best photo spots along Southbank is the Tate Modern. This museum is right after the Tower of London in front of St. Paul Cathedral. The entrance to the museum is free, on the 2nd floor you will find a great terrace that is one of the best places to take pictures in London.

London eye

Going out of the underground station at Waterloo, follow the path through the London Eye. From the London Eye, you can follow the riverside of Southwark toward Tower Bridge.

This side of London is always crowded with tourists and full of vendors but is one of the most famous spots to see the London Eye and Big Ben. London eye best photo spot needs to be in your bucket list as it is a really nice place and romantic as well. ( Big Ben is on refurbishment, so you won’t be able to see much)

The best way to enjoy the London Eye Area atmosphere is during Christmas. The wheel is all decorated and around its plenty of Xmas markets. This is perfect for an instagrammable Christmas in London.
Does it sound instagrammable? It is, all the Southbank area looks cinematic and ready for your next snap.

interesting places to photograph in London - Renaissance Hotel London

Instagrammable London hotels

Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Imagine yourself walking down the hallway of an amazing renaissance palace, alight steps on a long colourful carpet. This is the photo of London that we keep in our mind when talking about Pancras Renaissance Hotel. During your visit to London, you can’t miss seeing the interior of the Pancras Renaissance hotel. It is located in King’s Cross where just outside the station you will see the stunning exterior structure of the hotel, which is awesome.

This is my favourite instagrammable London hotels from the exterior until the lovely staircase inside. If you don’t have the chance to visit the inside of this Hotel, don’t worry, you will still be able to take your photo. We took a few Instagram photos of London here, we will inspire you.

Do you want to know more about this beautiful city? See our non-touristy things to do in London guide.

Richmond Park – Instagram places in London

If you have enough time to spend in the UK, plan one day to visit Richmond Park one of the best Instagram places in London. Richmond is located in London in zone 4. It seems to be far but it’s only 30 minutes maximum 45 minutes away from Central London.

It easy to reach, you can take the tube, the District or the Overground to Richmond; or there is the National Rail from Clapham Junction and Waterloo going straight to Richmond. If you are going to see this amazing park, you can’t miss the Kew Gardens.

When we have been the first time to Richmond, we thought was a completely different city. It looks like Oxford or Cambridge. Richmond is still in London but isn’t the same style, it is a really quiet zone, very clean and without rush hours and crazy people running around.

Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens are one of the best London photoshoot locations and you need to pay them a visit. This amazing London Spot is out of the city centre, in the heart of Richmond. The Kew Gardens, as you can easily understand is a proper garden where find plants species from everywhere.

Top Tips: To go inside the Kew Gardens there is a fee and we highly recommend to pre-purchase the tickets. For a better price book the tickets here.

If you want more information you can visit the website where you will find all the answers to your questions.

London Instagrammable - Insta places in London - Buckingham Palace - Italian Trip Abroad

Buckingham Palace photo spots

For our see you soon London, we have been around exploring all these most instagrammable places in London. We can’t leave you without telling how to find Buckingham Palace photo spots.

If your journey starts from Trafalgar Square, you’ll go through the Admiralty Arch which is going forward to Buckingham Palace crossing St. James’s Park. Keep in mind that St. James’s Park is a really famous park in London and it’s perfect for your instagrammable parks in London.

If you’re lucky and there is no one around you will be able to take one of the best pictures ever as we did. Buckingham Palace is one of the most known buildings in London, but no one knows that it can be turned from a touristy place to the best instagrammable spots in London. As always we aim to inspire you to take your personal postcard back from your trip to London.

Best photo spots in london - British Museum


Not far from the most important sightseeing in London, Greenwich is another photo spots in London that you need to add to your list. When we are talking about the most instagrammable places in London, we talk about places that are really worth to visit. Greenwich is one of these and with its history and Meridien made us add this wonderful place in our list.

If you are visiting the city centre of London or it just happens that you are in St. Paul, you can easily reach Greenwich by walking to Bank Station and taking the DLR towards Greenwich.

The most Instagram worthy cafes and restaurants in London

drink a cofeee at peggy porchein the best beauty and cool instagrammable spot in london
Instagrammable cafes in London

Peggy Porschen – Instagrammable cafes in London

Located close to Victoria Coach Station, Peggy Porschen it’s the perfect instagrammable cafes in London. This needs to be in your bucket list of the best Instagram photo spot in London.

Are you thinking about a fancy picture to take? Well, most of the people dress up in pink just to take a picture outside this lovely cafe.

This is one of the most instagrammable cafes in London and, you can’t say no to a really nice Peggy Porschen cakes and a cappuccino. In your travel guide, you need to put Peggy Porschen as the most instagrammable places in London as you will love it.

There are other amazing coffee shops in London, where the coffee culture is really appreciated. Peggy Porschen is most a place where eating a tasty cupcake or cake in a fancy way.

London best restaurant skyline - Coppa Club tower bridge of London

Coppa Club – Instagrammable London

Coppa Club is a really cool bar-restaurant located close to Tower Bridge. The view is just stunning and the price is moderate, of course, we are in London nothing can be cheap.

This place is so cool and is one of the most instagrammable places in London and you can’t miss it. You can book a table online through their website, be aware there are two kinds of reservations. One sitting outside into the igloos and the other inside like a normal restaurant.

Best restaurant with view in London - Coppa Club and The Shard

Of course, for your top 19 instagrammable places in London, you must go outside into the Igloos as there are so cool, but a reservations months in advance is highly recommended.

Try to avoid weekends as most of the time is full of tourists and you won’t be able to enjoy the panorama and take one of London best photo spots.

Visit the official website of the Coppa Club

Saint Aymes one of the most Instagram worthy cafes in London

You can’t leave London without spending at least 30 minutes while taking pictures outside one of the most Instagrammed cafes in London. With its pink flowers decorations, Saint Aymes it becomes very popular around Instagram. Located close to Marble Arch tube station this cafe need to be in your list of the best photo spots in London.

TopTips: If you are planning your visit to Saint Aymes think about your outfit before going out.

B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

London is well known for its typical afternoon tea and when it comes to the best photo spots in London try to combine the two things together. One of the most unusual things we have ever done in London was having an Afternoon tea bus tour with B Bakery. It was a wonderful afternoon, drinking Prosecco while seeing the most important sightseeing of the city.

If you want to know more about Afternoon Teas in London you should read this.

Instagrammable Places in London | London Instagram Locations

We can tell you a secret. While we were preparing our way out of London, looking for our sunny spot in Europe, we were taking a full list of places to visit at last in London. We have followed up all our steps, finding some of the most instagrammable places in London for every season. Check this ultimate guide of the best things to do in London.

We’ve been around a lot and every place has got something special. Sometimes as a Londoner you can’t appreciate the beauty of this city as it’s just normal after a while.

We hope out itinerary of best Instagram places in London can be helpful for all of you to enjoy your journey around London.

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