Where to see cherry blossom in London

Imagine yourself walking around London and being surrounded by cherry blossom trees. That’s the right time to start planning your next trip to London! Many of you may think that London is only a place of heavy rains and grey days but in this guide, you will discover all the gorgeous places to see cherry blossom in London.

Around Spring and early Summer, the entire city starts to pull out the most beautiful pink and violet colours all around the major streets. There are so many places worth visiting and we want to make your life easier.  In this London cherry blossom guide, you will explore the most photogenic spots which will inspire your next trip to this big capital.

Prepare your clothes according to those places as you will find these London cherry blossom locations, the ideal Instagram spots in London for proper shooting.

Cherry blossom in London - Stanley Crescent
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London cherry blossom places to visit

Best period to experience the Cherry blossom in London

Cherry blossoms in London start from mid-February in various locations. You never know the exact day when they will make their first appearance but consider visiting London from the mid-Feb onwards. However, just from March, you will be able to admire the beautiful Magnolias trees.

Remember that magnolias trees in London last only a couple of weeks as they get easily damaged by the wind. They are mostly concentrated in West London, so plan a visit to this side of the city to admire them all.

For sure the right time to admire cherry blossom in London is in April. Sakura in London might now be famous as in South Korea or Tokyo, but it’s a reminder for Londoners that spring arrived and summer is coming as well. Are you ready to discover the London cherry blossom location together with Magnolia trees? Let’s go!

  • St. Paul Cathedral
  • Herne Hill
  • Notting Hill
  • Chelsea
  • The City
  • Mayfair
  • South Kensington
  • Kew Gardens
  • Greenwich Park
  • Kyoto Gardens
  • Regent’s Park
  • Ravenscourt park
  • St. James’s Park
  • Kensington Garden
  • Battersea Park

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Where to see cherry blossom in London

St. Paul Cathedral

For sure, in your London itinerary, at some point, you will visit the stunning St. Paul Cathedral. There is nothing better than visiting the famous Cathedral during springtime. You will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful places where to see cherry blossom in London. Many trees surround St. Paul, and all of them are turning pink around this time of the year. For me, (Alessia), it’s one of my favourite places to admire cherry blossom London, and once you’re there, you’ll understand why!

St. Paul Cathedral - Cherry blossom locations in London
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Herne Hill

You might never hear about Herne Hill before, but this is exactly a less-known cherry blossom spot in London! Have a look at the gorgeous two residential streets off Half Moon Lane, Winterbrook Road and Stradella road.

This is not the proper Notting Hill scenario, with typical London houses. However, it’s nice to see how the springtime completely changes the skin of this street, making it all more harmonious and genuine.

Notting Hill cherry blossom in London
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Notting Hill

As you might know, Notting Hill is one of the best photography locations in London but when it comes to finding the best London cherry blossom, Notting Hill needs to be in your list.

This area of London is really popular with tourists so don’t expect to have the entire place for yourself. (Unless you go there at 6 AM)

Once you arrive at Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, instead head directly to Portobello Road, as every tourist does. Cross the street and direct yourself to another area, still, a bit crowded for what we like, but less popular among tourists.

Four streets are full of pastel-coloured houses and blossom trees, awesome in the springtime. Check below the four streets we are talking about, and point your GPS there. We are talking about Jameson Street, Kensington Place, Hillgate Place and Farmer Street.

Chelsea cherry blossom in London
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The entire area of Chelsea is worth visiting all year round. If you are looking for cherry blossom trees in London, this area doesn’t disappoint you at all. The charming borough has had an incredible blossom since March that makes this place even more idyllic.

From the gorgeous magnolias in Mallord Street and Gilston Road, you will love spending time around the Chelsea neighbourhood. Make sure you have your camera ready as you don’t want to miss a spot!

The City

Stroll around the city of London and you will see how many cherry blossom spots you will find. Head to Tower Bridge and check the surrounding area, walk around the narrow streets of Bank and St. Paul, and you will see how many gorgeous spots you will discover. All the Southwark area will turn pink, violet and purple, giving to your photos a cute touch.

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In the middle of Mayfair, there is a true hidden gem which is considered one of the most beautiful cherry blossom tree London.

Head to Mount Street Gardens, a very small park worth visiting in the heart of Mayfair! The surrounding area is just gorgeous, letting you enjoy the walking from the nearest station, Green Park from South and Marble Arch from North. The small park is hidden through the Residential red bricks houses, you can reach it from Berkeley Square toward Hyde Park.

Mayfair pink flowers | London cherry blossom
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South Kensington

One of the most insta-famous cherry blossom trees in London is located outside South Kensington station.

Visiting London in spring means admiring those beautiful pink flowers blooming all around the city and there is no better place to start from, than South Kensington

Cherry blossom Park London

Kew Gardens Cherry Blossom

After strolling around the heart of the city, it’s not time to visit London’s biggest botanical garden where you can admire the best London cherry blossom. If you haven’t been to Kew Gardens before, this is the right time to book your ticket and explore one of a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London.

Behind the Palm House, you will find the rose garden with a variety of cherry blossom trees. This is the right spot if you are looking to get a great shot with the Palm House in the background! Follow the Cherry Walk for more cherry blossoms between the Palm House and Temperate House. Reserve your Kew Gardens ticket here and don’t miss this incredible experience.

Greenwich Park Cherry blossom
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Amazing cherry blossom in London – Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park Cherry Blossom

Recently Greenwich has become our new favourite area in London, as we live just about 30 minutes walking from there.

Beyond the Observatory and Planetarium, you need to follow Blackheart Avenue until you find a footpath on the right branches which will guide you towards Rangers House and rose garden.

Along this straight path, the gorgeous tree style, leaning into each other, creates a Japanese-style cherry blossom tunnel.

Recently, this place, become a great spot for a romantic picnic and is such a great Instagram spot in London so don’t be surprised if you find it busy.

London cherry blossom - Beautiful pink flowers around the city
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Holland Park, Kyoto Gardens

We all know that Japan is famous for its stunning cherry blossom trees. If you are looking for cherry blossom season in London, head to London’s Japanese Kyoto Garden which is home to some sakura. 

The Garden itself is gorgeous any time of the year, but if you want to give an extra touch to your pictures, consider visiting Kyoto Gardens around springtime.

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Regent’s Park

If you want guaranteed cherry blossom in London no matter if it’s early or late April, head to Regent’s Park. You won’t be disappointed! In the English Gardens, Jubilee Gate, Queen’s Mary’s Garden and Avenue Gardens you will find cherry blossom trees. 

Ravenscourt park

Less touristic known, Ravenscourt park was our latest discovery. Located in West London, you can easily create magical pink tunnel pictures with cherry blossom trees in this park. Definitely worth adding to your London itinerary.

St. James’s Park

This Royal Park, right next to Buckingham Palace, it’s one of the most gorgeous parks in London. Not as busy as Hyde Park, St. James’s Park displays an authentic explosion of cherry blossom trees in the first half of April. All year-round, you will find gorgeous flowers displayed with colours popping up even in winter, but the best time to visit it’s during springtime.

Kensington Garden

If you follow our suggestions step by step, you won’t be disappointed. Get off to Lancaster Gate station and enter Kensington Gardens. From the first moment, you will step in, you will see an explosion of pink and purple. 

While walking around, keep in mind the area around the Albert Memorial (in the southern end of the Gardens) as it’s considered one of the most impressive cherry blossom locations in London.

Battersea Park

Usually, when talking around Cherry blossom in London, Battersea Park is never considerate as much as other locations. Well, not for us! Wander around Spring Tree Walk and be surrounded by cherry blossom trees while walking around.

This is to be considered a pretty new area in London, with many construction sites still going on. However, the new look of Battersea Park is starting to show off the gorgeous place it is, just a few minutes away from Chelsea. It’s even easy to reach Battersea Park, thanks to the newly Tube station that connects this borough to the city, inaugurated in 2021. Check the Northern Line toward Battersea (black line).

Q&A London cherry blossom

Where can I see cherry blossoms in the UK?

RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey
The Valley Gardens, Berkshire
Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire
Acorn Bank, Cumbria
The Stray, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Where to see blossoms in London? 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Greenwich Park
Kyoto Gardens
Regent’s Park
Ravenscourt park
St. James’s Park
Kensington Garden
Battersea Park
St. Paul Cathedral
Herne Hill
Notting Hill
The City
South Kensington

What month do cherry blossoms bloom in UK?

April. Usually, April is the month of cherry blossom or sakura in London. The blooms can start appearing from early March.

When do cherry blossom bloom in London

The explosions of colours in London are happening fully in April. However lately since March somewhere is starting to show the blossom bloom early.

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Cherry blossom in London
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Cherry Blossom location in London
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Where to see cherry blossom in London
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