35+ Most Famous Landmarks in Italy you need to visit

According to ENIT stats, Italy welcomes 94 million tourists per year, despite this analysis dating back to 2019, we can assume that the beautiful European Southern Country is the third most visited country for Internromational arrivals. 

This beautiful statistic is just thanks to the incredibly unique and diverse heritage Italy has got. This list of the 35 most famous landmarks in Italy is to help you to plan the next trip to the bel paese. Let’s call it a kind of Italian bucket list to write off piece by piece.

From the delicious food to the stunning architecture, today we’ll share the landmarks most famous in Italy that you need to visit today. From the beautiful Mount Etna in Sicily to the stunning Dolomites, we will go through the most famous landmark of Italy.

Italy is not just beautiful life, amazing beaches and food, some remarkable landmarks will leave you speechless.

Let’s start our journey through the famous Italian landmarks starting from the south, with the gorgeous region of Sicily.

Riomaggiore, Italy - Cinque Terre most famous landmarks in Italy
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 The most famous landmarks in Italy

After exploring the most famous landmarks in Europe, we want to go further deep with the concept. Italy is known for many things and one of these is for sure its cultural and famous landmarks. Who doesn’t know the Colosseum or the fairytale Villa Borghese in Rome?

You might know the most important sights in Italy, but we’ve included a couple of hidden gems that you need to visit while in Italy in this guide.

  • Mount Etna – Sicily 
  • Greek Theatre Taormina – Sicily
  • Stromboli – Sicily
  • Trulli of Alberobello – Puglia
  • The Cliffs of Polignano a Mare – Puglia
  • Sassi di Matera – Matera
  • Herculaneum – Naples
  • Pompeii – Naples 
  • Mount Vesuvio – Naples
  • Piazza del Plebiscito – Naples
  • Procida – Naples
  • Faraglioni of Capri – Naples
  • Colorful towns of Positano – Amalfi Coast 
  • Amalfi Cathedral – Amalfi Coast 
  • Caserta Royal Palace – Caserta
  • Vatican Museum – Rome
  • Sistine Chapel – Rome
  • Pantheon – Rome
  • Spanish Steps – Rome
  • Trevi Fountain – Rome
  • Colosseum – Rome
  • Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi – Assisi 
  • Monte Titano – San Marino
  • Uffizi Gallery – Florence
  • Ponte Vecchio – Florence
  • Siena Duomo – Siena
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa – Pisa
  • Cinque Terre – Liguria
  • Rialto Bridge – Venice 
  • Bridge of Sighs – Venice
  • St. Mark Square – Venice
  • Acqua Alta Bookshop – Venice
  • Coloured Houses of Burano – Venice
  • Juliet’s Balcony – Verona
  • Arena di Verona – Verona
  • Mole Antonelliana – Turin
  • Milan Cathedral – Milan
  • Castello Sforzesco – Milano
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo – Dolomites 
  • Lago di Braies – Dolomites

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 Italian Landmarks Map

All the most famous landmarks in Italy

Mount Etna | Sicily

Located on the Italian island of Sicily, Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. You might have seen pictures of Etna and the nearby city of Catania. This Volcano frequently erupts, let’s say once every couple of years, creating a spectacular landscape. This Volcano is visible from many places across Sicily and it’s one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its geological gestures, Mount Etna can be visited as a day trip from Catania or Taormina.

Despite not being a very dangerous volcano, its eruptions create many destructions over the years although it provides incredibly fertile soil that helps the production of the delicious Sicilian wine. 

The major eruption was in 2008/2009 and the most recent one was in 2017 but if you are an adventure seek, climbing up Mount Etna needs to be on your Italian bucket list. You can book an Etna hiking tour and explore Mount Etna off the beaten path, admire the incredible views and reach the summit. The hike might not be easy as the volcano is 3000 meters high but there is a cable car if you wish to reach the summit. 

Mount Vesuvius - Day trips from Sorrento
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Mount Etna Day Trip with Tasting and Cave Trip

4.7/5 1531 reviews | Free Cancellation
Explore Mount Etna on a guided day trip, try local delicacies and enjoy the view from the top.

£ 46.99

Ancient Greek Theatre Taormina – Sicily

If you’re thinking that Sicily is just Mount Etna and amazing food, you’re wrong. There are so many beautiful places that you need to visit while in Sicily and one of these is Taormina. Home of one of the most famous landmarks in Italy, Teatro Antico di Taormina; better known as the historic Greek Theatre of Taormina

It was built like a Greek theatre to accommodate around 5K spectators for dramatic shows. Then renovated by Romans, this became a gladiator arena.

This is the second-largest theatre in Sicily, just behind the nearby Theatre of Syracuse. Both are worth visiting, and we suggest you plan an interesting full-day guided tour.

Thanks to its location the Greek Theatre of Taormina offers a stunning view over the Mediterranean coast. If you’re lucky enough and the sky is clear, you’ll be able to see Mount Etna. The entrance to the theatre is €10


Stromboli | Aeolian Islands

The island of Stromboli is located just off the coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is home to one of the three active volcanoes in Italy.  (Mount Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius) This volcano has been active for the last 2000 years. If you are looking for famous landmarks in Italy, Mount Stromboli needs to be on your list. 

You can visit the island, stroll around the black sandy beaches, or even climb over colourful volcanic rocks.

If you love the sea, you can swim in the Tyrrhenian sea around the volcano while admiring the spectacular explosive eruptions of Mount Stromboli. Due to the powerful volcanic activities, you can only hike up to 300 meters above the sea but if you are with a guide you can go up to 400 meters.

You can reach Stromboli from Messina and Milazzo by ferry. Check-in advance if you need to do some changes as sometimes some ferries require changes in Lipari or other Aeolian islands.


Trulli of Alberobello Puglia

Considered one of the cutest and fairytale villages in Puglia, Alberobello is a must in Italy. Known for it Trulli, a cone-shaped roof which in 1996, the Trulli of Alberobello was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

These unique little houses are unique in Puglia in fact, you won’t find them anywhere. During the years, Trulli of Alberobello became a famous place for visitors to come and visit and that’s why it is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. 

Walking around the narrow streets of Alberobello will allow you to throw back to the past in a fairytale world. 

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Landscape of Alberobello and view of the cone shaped roofs, Puglia, Italy
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Terrazza Santo Stefano - Polignano a Mare things to do
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The cliffs of Polignano A Mare – Puglia

You might know Polignano a Mare for its famous beach Cala Monachile. Well, it’s one of the best beaches in Puglia but did you know that Polignano’s cliffs are one of the most famous landmarks in Italy?

Yes, the iconic beach of Cala Monachile is nestled between high cliffs where you can swim around and explore the caves. If you want the real experience of Polignano, you can book a boat cave tour and explore Polignano from the water.

Polignano a Mare is a small town along the Apulian coast, perfect to consider for a day trip from Bari.

From the first moment you step inside Polignano old town, you will fall in love straight away. You’ll be surrounded by white houses hanging on the top of the limestone cliffs. Polignano is famous even for its romantic and fancy restaurant, Grotta Palazzese, a beautiful restaurant hidden in a cave above the sea. 

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Famous landmarks in Italy - I Sassi di Matera
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You will enjoy the view of Matera especially at night, the lights and the stone house on the side of the hill, make it one of the most charming little towns in Italy

Sassi di Matera | Matera

The ancient city of Matera is a true gem and one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Think about a night out in Matera with all the houses that light up and the beautiful panorama while having dinner. 

Are you picturing yourself right? I’m as well! Matera is famous for its Sassi (stones) where the entire city centre is made up of cave dwellings built into the mountains. These caves remained untouched till 1952 when the Italian government ordered them to be evacuated due to poverty and poor conditions. 

After these evacuations, Matera was nominated from “The Shame of Italy” to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and even the Capital of Culture in 2019. Amazing isn’t it? No other places are like Matera, you can go around Europe as many times as you want, you’ll never find another place like Matera. That’s the reason behind why today is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy!

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Ruins of Herculaneum | Naples

Together with Pompeii and Torre Annunziata, Herculaneum was destroyed by Vesuvius during the eruption of 79 AD. Located at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, the Roman city of Herculaneum, after being covered by lava for many years, today gives us incredible ruins where those narrates stories from the past.

Many prefer visiting Herculaneum instead of Pompeii but as locals, we suggest visiting both as they are incredibly unique and worth visiting. Together with the Archeological area of Pompeii, Herculaneum is a World Heritage Site that welcomes tourists all over the world as considered more of an off the beaten path spot. If you are visiting Herculaneum Ruins, don’t forget to visit the MAV, Virtual Archeological Museum, dedicated to the eruption and Vesuvius.

From Naples, you can reach Herculaneum by train, from Piazza Garibaldi train station take the Vesuviana (a train that goes through the surrounding towns, even Sorrento) and reach Herculaneum Ruins in 20 minutes.

Book in advance your tickets to Herculaneum, Naples

Herculaneum Priority Entrance Ticket

Skip the line to the Herculaneum archaeological site

Herculaneum Guided Walking Tour

Walk around Herculaneum ruins together with a local guide.

Herculaneum Tour with Archeologist

Discover the beautiful ancient city of Herculaneum with a local guide.

pompeii ruins napoli itinerary in 2 days
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Ruins of Pompeii – Naples

As mentioned before, the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii. Those two locations are the most popular ones when planning a day trip from Naples. Explore this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site which is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Italy.

Pompeii’s amphitheatre was built around 70 BC and it’s the oldest pre-Colosseum style amphitheatre remaining in the world. How it survived the eruption of Vesuvius is still a mystery.

You can reach Pompeii from Naples with a direct train (Circumvesuviana) which takes around 35 minutes. We suggest you plan your day out in Pompeii as sometimes trains might be delayed.


How to spend one day in Naples Italy
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Mount Vesuvius – Naples

Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that adorns the skyline of Naples. Believe us when we say that this skyline is one of the most beautiful ones. A hike on the top of the summit of Vesuvius is one of the best ways to see Naples Bay from one of the highest points. If you’re spending 2 days in Naples Italy, you should book in advance your tour of Mount Vesuvius. Plan your day tour and walk up to the crates and enjoy the stunning landscape around you. 

The major historical eruption of this volcano happened in 79 AD where the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum got ruined but the very last eruption was in 1944. Since then this active volcano is nowadays a potential threat to the millions of people who live around it. 

Suggested tours of Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius Day Tour

$106 | £76.89 | €89.96

Mount Vesuvius
Haf Day Tour

$71 | £51.26 | €59.97

Naples Piazza del Plebiscito
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Piazza del Plebiscito – Naples

When it comes to talking about our lovely city, we are always happy to share the beautiful things to do in Naples. Bounded by the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) and San Francesco di Paola’s church, Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the most beautiful and famous landmarks in Italy. 

Thanks to its wide surface, Piazza del Plebiscito it’s one of the biggest squares in the city and Italy. Thanks to this particular characteristic, this square is today used for large events and concerts. 

But, are you ready to know what makes this square special? There is a legend that makes this square even more charming. It’s a kind of game that nowadays even locals get involved in. The goal behind this little game is to cross the square blindfolded, starting from the Royal Palace and arrive between the statue of the two horses which are located in the middle of the square. The legend says that no one ever did it due to the Queen’s Margherita curse. 

The Queen only allowed one hour of freedom to her prisoners only if they could pass this little test. Of course, no one did it! Have fun and try to cross the square yourself blindfolded.

Despite this little legend, Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the most romantic places in Naples and it’s worth a visit!

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Colourful houses of Procida
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Procida – Naples

Why does Procida need to be on your list of the most famous landmarks in Italy? 

This tiny spot of land in the Bay of Naples was named Italy’s Capital Culture for 2022 and it’s a must-see in Italy! 

The island is mostly busy during July and August as many Neapolitans go there for their summer vacations. I mean, we are the first one as Procida has a lot to offer and somehow it’s cheaper than Ischia or Capri. Thanks to its pastel houses, cute cafes, historic sites and narrow streets, Procida became one of the most loved islands in Italy

Visit Procida’s most scenic beaches Pozzo Vecchio, Chiaia beach, Ciraccio and Chiaiolella. Along the beautiful beaches, make sure you visit Isola di Vivara, a protected nature reserve linked to Procida by a long bridge.

If you are spending 2 days in Naples and you want to check out Procida, you can easily reach the island by ferry from Pozzuoli Port or Molo Beverello. We suggest you check the tickets and the timeline in advance.

Faraglioni of Capri one of the most famous landmark in Italy
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Faraglioni of Capri – Naples

Considered one of the most famous natural beauties of Italy, Faraglioni of Capi is an iconic symbol of Blue Island. A day trip to Capri from Naples is a must and if you want to have a great experience, we suggest booking a boat tour of Capri and exploring the beautiful surroundings. What are these Faraglioni? 

Faraglioni is coastal and oceanic rock formations eroded by waves. 

The name derives from the Greek “pharos” which in Italian means lighthouse. This famous landmark of Italy is today a famous spot which you can’t miss visiting. Prepare your summer clothes and hop on board a boat tour to visit Faraglioni of Capri.

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Best Tours of Capri

Capri Boat Trip to Blue Grotto

Cruise around Capri and visit the stunning sea caves of the Blue Grotto and the magnificent Faraglioni rocks.

Capri Boat Experience

Enjoy the beautiful island of Capri by boat and experience living “La Dolce Vita”

Island of Capri Full Day Tour

Visit Capri’s main landmarks: Blue Grotto, La Piazzetta, Villa San MIchele and Monte Solaro.

Colourful towns of Positano | Amalfi Coast

Ah, Positano, one of our favourite places on the Amalfi Coast. Romantic, charming and with its terracotta-roofed houses, Positano is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. What makes Positano a fairytale town and popular in Italy are the colourful pastel houses.

This town is considered one of the most picturesque places on the Amalfi Coast. Stroll around the cute and narrow streets of the city, grab a “granita” on your way down to the beach and look behind you to see the beautiful colourful houses facing the sea.

Colourful towns of positano
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Amalfi Cathedral – Salerno

Located in Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi Cathedral or better known as St. Andrew Cathedral is a medieval Roman Catholic church that dominates the entire square. Predominantly of Arab-Norman Romanesque architectural style, during the years this cathedral has been remodelled several times. 

In fact, during your visit, you will see Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Byzantine elements which make the Amalfi Cathedral one of the most famous landmarks of Italy. 

From the first moment of seeing the outside of St. Andrew Cathedral, this will leave you speechless but wait to step inside and admire the beautiful details. There is a small fee to enter the cathedral which is €3 but during religious functions, the entrance is free.

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Caserta Royal Palace – Caserta

The Italian Versailles, Royal Palace of Caserta is an important landmark in Italy worth visiting. Built by King Charles III during the 18th century, today this royal Palace become a popular place where locals and tourists love to visit during a day trip from Naples. 

Considered the largest palace erected in Europe during the 18th century, in 1997 Caserta Royal Palace was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you wish to visit the entire palace and the gardens, you will need an entire day otherwise you won’t be able to explore every single corner of this place.


Famous staircase inside Vatican Museum Rome a famous landmark in Italy
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Vatican Museum – Rome

Rome has a special place in our hearts. Every time we are going back to Italy, we make sure that we carefully plan our itinerary. To enjoy the best you should consider spending at least 2 days in Rome

But now we are talking about the Vatican, which is a small state inside the endless city. Vatican City is the smallest country in Europe. Inside this tiny space is jealously guarded some of the most precious treasures in the world.

I Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museum) is famous for its huge staircase, inspiring photographer, and becoming an instagrammable spot in Rome.

Every year, Rome welcomes tourists from all over the world and the Vatican museum is one of the most popular attractions in Rome. This is mainly because of the presence of the Sistine Chapel, a masterpiece like no others. 

If you’re planning your Rome itinerary, make sure you book in advance for the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Walkthrough the different and stunning artworks of the Italian Ottocento and be ready to be speechless.

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Sistine Chapel | Rome

Considered one of the greatest treasures of the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel (Cappella Sistina) is Michelangelo’s masterpiece.
The amazing frescoes that cover the walls and the ceiling are the main attractions of this Chapel. Many artists worked in the chapel such as Botticelli, Perugino, Luca and of course, Michelangelo.

One of the most famous and popular frescoes is “The Creation of Adam” which represents the story from Genesis where God gives life to Adam. 
Roaming around the Sistine Chapel you will find many masterpieces but make sure you check out “The Final Judgement” which represents the Apocalypse of St. John. 
Still, wondering why the Sistine Chapel is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome? Plan your visit and you will understand why!

Sistine Chapel - Vatican City - Rome, Italy
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Pantheon of Rome Eye - The beautiful Roman Catholic Temple of Rome
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Pantheon – Rome

With its impressive dome and well-preserved building, The Pantheon is a unique and historical landmark in Italy. Unlike other monuments in Rome, the entrance to the Pantheon is free. What is extraordinary about the Pantheon is that it represents a true cultural revolution as it was the first temple built for common people. 

It’s an awesome building located in the heart of the city centre and is the most complete ancient building in Rome. It needs to be on your Rome bucket list!

Spanish Steps – Rome

From one site to another of Rome, check out a full guide of Rome by us. One of the most famous places in Rome and even one of the most visited is the Spanish Steps. Thanks to its gorgeous surroundings, the Spanish steps today are considered one of the best photo spots in Rome which inspires many photographers. 

Located near Spagna tube station, Spanish Steps are a must-see during your 2 days in Rome. The fountain (La Barcaccia) that you will find in front of the steps is a masterpiece of Pietro Bernini, father of Gian Lorenzo. This fountain is your salvation as, during summer days, you can fill up your water bottle! Walk up the Spanish Steps and enjoy the view from above!

Flip a Coin in trevi funtain | Rome bucket list
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Trevi Fountain best landmarks in Italy
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Trevi Fountain – Rome

This is one of my favourite spots in Rome as every time we’re flipping the coin into the fountain and a couple of times, my wish comes true. Well, not sure if it was the fountain or not but I’d like to think so! 

Trevi Fountain is one of Rome and Italy’s most famous landmarks and welcomes many tourists every year. If you wish to take pictures around Trevi Fountain, you better wake up early in the morning.

Built between 1932 and 1964 by Bernini’s project, the design of this fountain never reflected the original plans but today is one of the most loved spots in Rome. Are you curious to know more about the legend behind tossing the coin in the fountain?

The myth says that if you throw one coin in the water, you will return to Rome. If you throw two coins you will fall in love with an attractive Italian and if you throw three coins you will marry the person you’ve met.

Remember that if you want the wish to come true you need to throw the coin with your right-hand side over your left shoulder (basically crossing your body).

Make your wish and let’s see if it becomes true.

The coins that are thrown into the fountain are collected by the local council and donated to a children’s charity!

The Colosseum the simbol of Rome you can't miss to visit in Rome in winter
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Colosseum – Rome

The greatest and most famous monument in Rome is for sure the Colosseum, which is today the symbol of the city. This stunning monument is considered one of the 7th Wonders of the Modern World and you can’t miss visiting. As Rome is such a romantic city in Italy, we suggest you visit the Colosseum at night and enjoy the lovely and romantic atmosphere.

This well-preserved amphitheatre was constructed by the Vespasiano Emperor to host battles between wild animals and gladiators.


Rome Free Walking Tour
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Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi – Assisi

Moving a bit more to the centre of Italy, we’re reaching Assisi where we can find another famous landmark in Italy, the Basilica of St. Francesco d’Assisi. Since 2000 this church has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered the mother church of the Roman Catholic Order of Friars Minor Conventual in Assisi.

With its example of Gothic style and its numerous late medieval painters from the Roman and Tuscan schools, this Basilica is a unique and important development of Italian Art.


Monte Titano | San Marino

Did you know that Italy holds 55 UNESCO Sites in Europe? Well, Monte Titano is one of these and is a must to see while in Italy. However, like the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum, Monte Titano is also not on Italy’s political border, but inside. The small Republic of San Marino has a population of 33,600 people and an area of about 23.6 sq mi. Some of the territory portions are occupied by Mount Titano, which also hosts three fortresses on the top.

In 2008 the combined Mount Titano and San Marino Historic Centre have been included in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites. The large mountain is the symbol of the state, and the patron saint is always represented with Mount Titano in his hands.

Uffizi Gallery - Florence - Best photo spots in Florence
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Uffizi Gallery is one of the most famous museums in the world which hosts unique artworks and masterpieces from the Renaissance period. You will find works of Giotto, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and many more. 

Together with Vatican Museums in Rome, Uffizi Gallery is the second most visited museum in Italy. As it’s a really popular one, you need to book your ticket in advance to be able to skip the queue and visit the inside.

Explore the outside area of the Gallery as you will find the status of artists and great figures who made great Florence.

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Uffizi Gallery Skip-the-line tour

4.9/5 400 reviews | Free Cancellation
Visit the Uffizi Gallery and learn all about the inside stories behind some of the most important art masterpieces in the world.

Ponte Vecchio | Florence

Crossing the Arno River, Ponte Vecchio is one of the most photogenic places in the city and is considered one of the best photo spots in Florence. The story behind this bridge is dated back to the Medici, the ruling family in Florence. 

When they moved from Palazzo Vecchio to Pitti Palace, they decided that they needed a connection between Uffizi and Pitti Palace. So, they requested a corridor known as the Vasari corridor which runs on the top of the existing bridge, over the little goldsmith’s ships on Ponte Vecchio. 

While crossing Ponte Vecchio you will see only jewellery shops as Ferdinand I imposed that only they were allowed to have their ships on the bridge to improve the wellbeing of all.

One of the most famous landmarks in Italy - Ponte Vecchio Florence
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Siena Duomo – Siena

In the heart of Tuscany, Siena is a true gem to visit and talking about famous landmarks in Italy, Siena Cathedral is one of the most beautiful ones. Is not only the most beautiful one but even a really popular one. 

Filled with artworks and intricate details by famous artists like Donatello, Bernini and Michelangelo, Siena Duomo is a classic example of Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

Step inside this stunning cathedral and visit The Feast of Herod by Donatello, the gorgeous Piccolomini library, and John the Baptist’s impressive chapel. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the most famous Italian buildings is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For sure, while scrolling your Instagram, you saw many people trying to put in the right way the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Well, it’s a famous shot that locals and tourists are doing!

This famous Leaning Tower is the city cathedral’s bell tower (campanile) which was built in 1173. Because the structure of this tower was miscalculated and built on not solid ground, the tower began leaning early on. Is not going to fall so don’t be scared and climb to the top tower to have a nice view of the city. 

Book your guided tour of Pisa Cathedral and discover more about this famous landmark of Italy!

Pisa Tower a must see in Italy
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Cinque Terre – Liguria

One of the most magnificent places in Italy is Cinque Terre, in fact since 1997 it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s called Cinque Terre (Five Lands) for a reason as it includes Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia.

Cinque Terre is known for its elegance; in fact, every year welcomes tourists from all over the world. Locals, over centuries, have built terraces to cultivate olives and grapes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. For sure, Cinque Terre is a famous landmark in Italy which you must visit during your time in this enchanting country!

Cinque Terre Sunset Boat Tour

Free Cancellation
Enjoy the colourful towns in the breathtaking coastline of Cinque Terre while cruising the Ligurian sea.

Cinque Terre Day Trip

Free Cancellation
Explore Cinque Terra in a full day and admire the beautiful colourful houses around.

35+ Most Famous Landmarks in Italy you need to visit 1
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Ponte di Rialto - Rialto Bridge of Venice | Best photography spots in Venice
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Rialto Bridge – Venice

Now, it’s time to talk about one of the most romantic places in Italy, the beautiful Venice! The city is so pretty but there are a couple of famous landmarks in Venice that are a must-see while in town. Rialto Bridge is one of the four oldest bridges in Venice which connects the district of San Marco and San Polo.

Considered one of the most instagrammable spots in Venice, Rialto Bridge is lined with shops along the way but if you just want to enjoy the view, stick to the two outer pathways to admire the Canal Grande. As it’s a popular spot, you will find many people. Visit this spot at sunrise for a memorable picture.

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Ponte dei Sospiri Venezia one of the most famous landmarks in Italy
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Bridge of Sighs – Venice

The narrow passage between the interrogation room of Doge Palace and the Old Prisons is today one of the most famous landmarks in Italy.  

This passage is known as the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). Bridge of Sighs refers to the sighs of condemned prisoners when they were led through to the execution and walking through this bridge they could spot from a window, Venice for the very last time. For more tips about the spots, you must see in Venice, check this!

S. Mark's Tower Venice one of the most famous landmarks in Italy
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Saint Mark Square – Venice

If we want to talk about one of the most famous places in Venice, we need to mention Saint Mark Square. The main, most beautiful square in the city welcomes sailors and visitors all year round. This is the only named square, while the rest in Venice are called locally “Campo”.

While walking around this famous landmark of Italy, you will spot the beautiful Basilica of San Marco, an important religious monument and Palazzo del Doge, (Doge’s Palace) which stands on the right side of the Basilica. 

In the middle of St. Mark Square, you have the impressive bell tower of the Basilica (known as Campanile) with its astronomical clock which follows the sailing tradition of the ancient Republic.

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Venice Acqua Alta Bookstore - Famous landmarks of Italy
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Acqua Alta Bookshop | Venice

If you love books, Acqua Alta Bookshop will be your new favourite. This unusual bookshop is considered an important landmark in Venice. Acqua Alta Bookshop is a particular store that attracts many tourists because of the characteristic elements that are coming from the local traditions.

While entering the Acqua Alta bookshop you will find a perfect gondola, with books on display, wreck books supporting the shelves and others creating a staircase to see the canal on the other side of the wall. However, those quirky elements are not purely decorative, because more than once this bookshop was underwater. From that the name of the store, Acqua Alta which means high water.

When this happens, the books are safe, stay afloat on a gondola. The high tide in Venice was in 2002 when the watermark hit 121 centimetres, and in June 2020, the high tide almost reached a new record with 116 centimetres.

Venice Islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello to reach by boat - Experience the Glass Making in Venice Italy | Day trips from Venice Italy
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Coloured Houses of Burano |  Venice

Perfect pastel-coloured houses, long-handed down traditions and that typical Italian Style. This is Burano, a cute town near Venice. This is the perfect day trip from Venice,  

Just 20 minutes away from Piazza San Marco you can reach Burano by ferry. The coloured house town is in the Venice Lagoon, and similar to it, doesn’t have streets but the main vehicles are boats and you can go around through the canals.

Together with Murano, Burano is the perfect escape from the busy city of Venice although it is not a hidden gem anymore. With its pastel-coloured houses, Burano is the perfect place for the best photo spots in Venice. 

Explore its cute and narrow streets with canals and bridges that go from one side to the other and be ready to snap some pictures. If it’s your first time in Venice, we suggest you plan a day trip to Burano and if you have time book your Murano and Burano day trip

Julitet's Balcony a famous landmark of Italy
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Juliet’s Balcony | Verona

If you’re in love with Romeo & Juliet, Verona is the right city for you. Talking about one of the most famous landmarks in Italy, we have Juliet’s Balcony (Casa di Giulietta). This is where Romeo declared his love to Juliet and that’s why it’s a popular spot in Verona.

The city of Verona is one of the most romantic places in Italy and while discovering Juliet’s Balcony you will spot this small but cute courtyard where Juliet’s statue stands. The legend says that, if you rub the right breast of the statue, you will have luck in love. Wait, this is not the best part.

Lining the walls in the courtyard there are thousands of thousands of letters addressed to Juliet where people are asking for love advice. If you saw the movie Letters to Juliet you will remember this place. 

Arena di Verona |  Verona

After the Colosseum, the “Arena di Verona” is the second biggest amphitheatre globally, and that’s why it is a famous Italian landmark. During Roman times, those amphitheatres were used for theatre performances and gladiator fights but today this huge Arena di Verona hosts the annual opera festival which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Plan your trip to Verona and book your Arena di Verona Opera Ticket!

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Turin free walking tour
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Mole Antonelliana | Turin

With its unusual conical dome, Mole Antonelliana is an impressive structure that can be seen anywhere in Turin. It’s for sure one of the most famous monuments in Italy designed by Alessandro Antonelli that was initially planned as a synagogue for the Jewish community. 

Today’s this building hosts the National Museum of Cinema and it’s one of the top things to itado in Turin so make sure you don’t miss it.

More Tours about Turin

Guided Walking Tour of Turin

Discover the wonders of Turin during a guided tour of the city.

Royal Palace of Turin Tour

Visit the stunning Royal Palace of Turin and admire the impressive inside.

Mole Antonelliana & Sightseeing Bus

Climb the Mole Antonellana and enjoy the view from the top and hop on a sightseeing bus.

Milan Cathedral one of the most famous landmarks in Italy
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Milan Cathedral | Milan

Let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about Italy is the food and the stunning Milan Cathedral.

Duomo di Milano is one of the most impressive landmarks in Italy and we couldn’t miss it in our guide. With its particular architecture which is a  mosaic of different types of designs.

Make sure you visit the inside of the Cathedral and grab your rooftop ticket as the view from the top is breathtaking!


Castello Sforzesco | Milan

For years, Sforzesco Castle has been home to the Sforza family where the duke of Milan used to live. Built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, it has been renovated and became one of the largest citadels in Europe during the years it has been renovated.

Today this castle is a cultural building hosting museums, cultural hubs and private collections. For sure, it’s one of the top things to do in Milan in 2 days and that’s why it is a famous Italian landmark. Stroll around the royal courtyard, Parco Sempione, where you can chill a bit before continuing your day out in Milan. 

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Mountain Trentino Three Peaks Of Lavaredo Sky Italy
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Mountain Trentino Three Peaks Of Lavaredo Sky Italy

Tre Cime di Lavaredo | Dolomites

Coming down to one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites, Tre Cime di Lavaredo is an incredible natural scene. Known as the Three Pearls, those three massive mountains offer breathtaking scenery to visit at least once in your life. 

Hiking Tre Cime di Lavaredo is not easy but at least the view at the end is worth it. From east to west the three peaks are Cima Piccola, Cima Grande and Cima Ovest and are the best-known mountain groups in the Alps and certainly, one of the most remarkable places in Italy!

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Lake Braies Trentino a famous lake in the Dolomites
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Lago di Braies | Dolomites

Talking about lakes in the Dolomites, Lago di Braies is an incredible lake famous on the gram. It’s one of the most loved lakes for a reason. The entire surroundings with the dolomites and the spectacular clear water of the lake will leave you speechless. 

Be ready with your camera to snap some of the best shots ever. Being a famous landmark inside Italy, Lago di Braies can be busy if you go on the wrong day and time. Make sure you plan it to be able to enjoy every single corner otherwise you won’t be able to see the real beauty of this lake.

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Q&A Famous landmarks in Italy 

What are two famous landmarks in Italy?

There are so many famous landmarks in Italy but the top two are:
Milan cathedral
Ponte Vecchio

What are some national landmarks in Italy?

Colosseum, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome
Vatican Museum, Rome
Sistine Chapel, Rome
Piazza Navona, Rome
Mount Etna
Mount Vesuvio

What is the oldest structure in Italy?

Located in Sardinia, Monte d’Accoddi is the oldest structure in Italy and you can’t miss visiting.

What is famous in Italy?

Italy is famous for many things, for its stunning architecture, art, movies, fashion and food. Everyone loves Italy and there is always a good reason to come back to this beautiful country.

What foods are famous in Italy?

When thinking about Italy the second thing that comes to our mind is the food. 
Here is the food you need to try while in Italy:

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Most famous landmarks in Italy
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Famous Landmarks in Italy
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