One day in Naples Itinerary | What to see in Naples in 24 hours

This is not just a one day in Naples Itinerary, but a trip into masterpieces and hidden gems of this amazing formerly greek settlement. Through this full Naples Itinerary in one day, we will discover some of the best masterpieces hidden in this big city in Southern Italy. Naples is becoming so popular among tourists recently, attracting people from everywhere in the world.

The third Italian city for inhabitant has been hidden behind more tourist Italian cities like Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice for ages. A guide that will take you through a full one-day itinerary in Naples.

The sign of the ancient past of this city, with many different conquerors, are still pretty visible in the traditions, language and walls of the city. Naples has been a Greek Neapolis, a new city, then has passed as Roman City, with many connections thanks to the position in the Mediterranean.

Then the gems of this strip of land have been in the hands of the French Crown, Danish Dynasty and Spanish Conqueror that have left a big mark in the memories.

How to spend one day in Naples

We have wrapped an easy and enjoyable trip to the city in a full Naples One Day walking itinerary. This guide will help you to find detailed information about the streets and main landmarks, with a map to follow step by step.

Naples is full of amazing sightseeing, picturesque markets and cheap street food. Naples, It’s an underrated gem you just can’t skip. For ages this city has been out of the tourist’s radars because of reasonable fear, we are proud to say that our home town is safe and is happy to welcome foreigners to enjoy a little time there.

With our little tour in Naples you will enjoy the most beautiful Metro in the World, The Maschio Angioino an amazing Castle, the masterpiece of Cristo Velato, The view from Castel Sant’Elmo, enjoy the night around the little bars of Chiaia, stroll on the Riverside of Via Partenope and enjoy fresh seafood at Borgo dei Marinari.

After have been travelling all around the world for years, we are happy to say that Naples is one of the most fascinating cities. The cutest streets are peculiar and beautiful. We bet that you can’t compare it with other cities in Europe.

From Naples you can enjoy many day trips, visiting the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum or Hiking Mount Vesuvius
. The Amalfi Coast is just one hour away from Naples and is easiest to reach it from here compared to Rome.

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Why Naples is worth visiting

Naples in Christmas

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 Detailed Naples 1 day itinerary

Morning itinerary in Naples in one day

  • Arrive at the Main Train Station “Piazza Garibaldi”
  • Breakfast at “Attanasio”
  • Take the metro and get out at Toledo
  • Stroll around the shopping area of Via Roma and Via Toledo
  • Visit the Galleria Umberto Iº
  • Coffee Break at Caffe’ Gambrinus
  • Admire the Majestic Theatre San Carlo
  • Take a selfie at Piazza del Plebiscito
  • Visit the Royal Palace of Naples
  • Go underground in Naples
Naples extraordinary and goulf of Naples - gianluca acampora - italian trip abroad
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Photo by Gianluca Acampora

One day in Naples

– Lunchtime with a fried fish “Cuoppo”
– Walk on the seaside of Naples
– Seat for an aperitif on the seaside at Borgo Marinari
– Enjoy a visit at Castel dell’ Ovo

Naples in the afternoon change its face and become even more romantic. That’s why we planned for you a typical lunchtime with local street food. Nothing it’s better than a walk on the seaside, via Partenope after lunch, enjoying the landscape and the gorgeous Architectonic gems.

Naples in one day
Evening Itinerary

Naples enjoys an excellent Mediterranean microclimate, this allows locals and tourists to enjoy the evening outdoor. Many bars and restaurants are open and serve until late at night.

– Stroll around the night clubs area of Chiaia
– Eat the best pizza in the world
– A beer in Piazza Bellini with locals

Naples Free Walking Tour
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 What to do in Naples Italy for one day – Morning

Travel to Capri from Naples by ferry
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Photo by Gianluca Acampora

The morning Naples one day itinerary will start slowly, as the Italian way to begin a new day. Naples is an amazing city, and it seems that the Sun never dies. The southern Capital of Italy is always associated as the “City of Sun”, and is famous for the song “O’ Sole Mio”.

Depending on the way you are travelling to Naples, you will arrive at the main train station in the city, “Piazza Garibaldi”. Just outside of the station there is one of the most popular “pasticceria”, the Italian Bakery. Sip a nice coffee, with the traditional Italian roster way, and eat a typical Neapolitan product.

Those suggested by us are the classic “Babà”, a “Sfogliatella” that will be “Riccia or “Frolla”. The fine patisserie “sfogliatella” you can easily recognize by the strange shape of the shell, originally from the Region, filled with tasty cream.

Take the metro, that has been named one of the most beautiful in the World and get out at Via Toledo. This is the main shopping way, with well-known brands. From here you can visit the main sightseeing of the city.

Visit the Galleria Umberto I°

The Old Gallery in the city centre of Naples is named after an old King of Italy and is a must to see in you Naples one day tour. A majesty example of Architecture is similar to the Galleria Vittorio in Milan. We have visited the Northern city, check our itinerary of Milan in one day.

Admire the Majestic Theatre San Carlo

Naples, Piazza San Nazzaro - San Carlo's Piazza
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Naples, Piazza San Nazzaro – San Carlo’s Piazza

The Teatro San Carlo is one of the oldest theatres in Europe and in the World still active. It still performing masterpieces on the stage and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the centre of Naples. The San Carlo Theatre is close to the Royal Palace of Naples and Piazza Plebiscito.

Piazza del Plebiscito – The main square of Naples

This is one of the biggest squares in the World. Piazza Plebiscito is where are taking place the most important events of the city, from concerts to marathons. Every Neapolitan is proud of this square and is the first thing they will show you once arrived in Naples for one day.

Visit Naples Royal Palace in one day in Naples

How to spend one day in Naples Italy
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The Reign of Naples was one of the most powerful in Italy in the past century. This old Royal Place, placed at one step from the city centre and another to the sea, has been the home of many dynasties, from French to Spanish, Swedish and Italian. Inside the walls of the Royal Palace of Naples, there are treasures worthless. Discover this hidden gem of Naples needs to be on your list of places to visit in Naples in one day.

Go underground in Naples

The underground of the city is a treasure to discover. A proper Neaples itinerary in one day will be nothing without a planned visit to the underground of the city. There are many guided tours to the gems left by Romans, greeks and other populations passed by Naples in its underground.

Naples Italy in one day, Afternoon itinerary

After a stomach filling lunchtime on the side of the streets of Naples, in typical Italian style you are ready to explore more in deep the city. The Cuoppo, what we suggested for your lunch is a typical cone shape filled with fried seafood. Squids, baby squids, shrimp and seabass are the main pieces of the portions. After this heavy lunch, you need a walk around.

The seaside of Naples is one of the most romantic places in Europe, especially in the evening. From here you can admire one of the most beautiful castles in the city, Castel dell’ Ovo. The entire building is on a kind of peninsula, with three sides on the sea. This area is called “Borgo dei Marinari”, translated it is “The Sailor’s borough”. Borgo dei Marinari is your stop for an aperitif with a view over the Vesuvius.

Lights of Naples in the Evening Itinerary

How to spend 24 hours in Naples - Activities to do in one day in Naples, Italy
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Napoli in 1 day is possible – The big cut in the middle is the historic centre of the city, Spaccanapoli – Focus there your energies for a 1-day itinerary in Naples

Naples in the evening is even more magical. We suggest you stroll around the Chiaia Area. This is where most of the trendiest clubs of the city are open after the sunset and locals love to meetup. During the weekend this area is full of young and not only. Get a drink in a small bar, and be ready for a culinary adventure.

Naples is a world-known birthplace of Pizza, so why not go end eat the original pizza in Naples. We wrote a full list of the best pizzerias in Naples Italy, go and check it.

We know that your one day in Naples was too short, so we planned an amazing end of the day. Visit Piazza Bellini and drink a beer for 1 euro at one of the local bars, like the people of Naples. The local beer here is the Peroni, and you will have for a cheap. Piazza Bellini is a trendy square in the heart of the historic centre of Naples, two steps away from Piazza Dante, but also a historic place with an open-air Roman ruins museum free in the middle of the square.


Italy is always associate with good food, traditions and summer holidays. But in the whole range of destinations in Italy, Naples is a location worth to be visited all year. A winter break in Naples is a must-do for hidden gems scouts. If you want to enjoy mild climate weather, typical of Southern Italy, Naples is the perfect destination for winter for you.

The sunny days during winter, especially Christmas give to this destination a plus advantage on the others. Despite all the good words that we can give to Naples in winter, this city is best to visit during the spring break. This period will be crowded, that’s why we suggest visiting Naples in the wintertime if you want to skip the tourist crowd pick.


The old spanish quarter of Naples is one of the popular attractions of the city - Visit Naples in one day
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The old Spanish quarter of Naples is one of the popular attractions of the city – Visit Naples in one day

Naples is one of the biggest cities in Italy, the number of inhabitants place it as the third-largest city in the country. For many Naples is one of the oldest cities in the World, with many archaeological finds that testify the importance already in ancient times.

The historic centre of Naples is listed as Unesco World Heritage Site, same is for the Pizza that is an intangible cultural heritage of humanity for UNESCO. In Naples inhabitant speaks Italian that is the main language, but also Neapolitan, born as dialect and became a proper language with own grammatic.

The last has got in the years the influence of French, Spanish, Italian and Latin.
For ages, Naples has been a cultural hub in Italy. The main theatre of the city, San Carlo, is one of the first in Europe and is the oldest still active.

The nearest archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplonti, the natural beautiful cliffs of Amalfi Coast, the Vesuvio landscape and the volcanic site of Pozzuoli, make Naples an often called open-air museum, unique in the world.

Is Naples safe for tourists?

Naples has been always associated with violence images, organized crime. The recent Tv Series about Naples Mafia hasn’t helped so much to rise up the reputation of a beautiful city on the seaside.

Until a few years ago, neither Italian tourists want to visit Naples because of its bad reputation. Naples wasn’t the ideal bucket list destination in Italy.

But things have changed, in a good way. Today Naples is associated with the traditional products, for the pizza, the amazing Christmas alleys, the Old historic Centre, the beautiful landscape with the Vesuvius on the scenario. Naples is the closest city to the Amalfi Coast, where you can get an escape in the history visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Statistically, Naples is today just as safe as any other large metropolis in Europe. For many, the city is safer than the major US cities. The Numbeo Crime Index, for 2019, place Naples as the third Italian city, but only 89 in the World.

Protected Tourists Sites to visit in one day in Naples

Naples, inhabitant and institutions know how important is tourism for them. All the important sites are well protected, with policeman visible. Some of the most touristic attractions and logistic places, like train stations and squares have even soldiers in a routine check.

The only tips that we feel to give you are to be careful when carrying your belongings. Like any touristic city, pickpocketers are behind the corner. Don’t wear expensive watches and jewels, you don’t need it travelling. You don’t have to show your richness to anybody, travelling will make your culture-rich.

If you want to visit the real parts of Naples, like small alleys and narrow streets, we suggest you avoid it if not accompanied by a local. The streets of the city are like a maze and you could end up in a non-safe place. Stay on the main roads, follow the crowd, or book a guided tour. Those are some that we suggest for fist timers in Naples.

Where to stay in Naples

Naples has seen an insane expansion of accommodation in the last five years. Air BnB apartments are now filling old empty buildings. The city centre seems like a big Airbnb, which is amazing. To be honest we are locals and never needed accommodations in Naples. But as inhabitants of Naples, we know where is the best location to stay in Naples in order to explore the city.

Below are some suggestions from us, the location where you have to look for is around the Main Train Station. Piazza Garibaldi and alleys around are full of hotels and accommodation. It is not the best area of the city in terms of cleanness and safest but is central and near the transports facilities. It will be great for one day in Naples without spending a fortune but pretending just the basics.

The new accommodation area of Piazza Dante is the ideal for comfort and safeness, it is near the main sightseeing of the city and good for the prices.

Check the list below of the best hotels where to stay in Naples for one day.

Hostels in Naples

If you are in Naples for a quick stay, we suggest you go to a Hostel. Those are real travellers friendly and welcoming. You will enjoy a stay with other travellers like you, make new friends and maybe explore the city together.
Below are some suggestions for good hostels in Naples:

Backpacking in Naples

This is always our choice when travelling, despite we love slow travels, staying in a location for a week or more, we understand that sometimes you need to move fast around a trip. We have done it basically everywhere and in many countries. Backpacking in Naples is the ideal for who will travel all southern Italy. From Naples, you can reach the Amalfi Coast Beaches in about one hour and cheap. This is our guide on how to reach Positano from Naples for a few bucks.

Go backpacking in Naples is becoming popular among young people, attract to the city by the low prices and cheap lifestyle.

What to pack for Naples

Naples is beautiful and you need to pack good to don’t be outside of the box. The fashion culture in Italy is important and doesn’t matter where are you going, you have to dress to impress. Naples is not the last fashion city in Italy and accepts a casual look. If you are looking to spend a fancy night in Naples, in one of the many posh restaurants in Naples, you should consider wearing smart.

Think about what to pack in Naples regarding seasons

Best beaches of Naples - Italy
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For a Winter in Naples, place in your suitcase an umbrella just in case, the weather is typically not wet, but if it is a raining day, be ready. Spring in Naples is the season ideal to pack a lightweight jacket, the warm day is contrasting the lower temperatures at evening and night. Summer in Naples is pretty hot, with temperature in August around 30-35 degrees, make space in the bag for a swimsuit, the beaches in Naples are awesome. Naples in Autumn is amazing, sunny and dry. But be ready because October is always a guess, so we suggest packing a waterproof jacket just in case.

Naples is an old city, and if you are planning to follow our Naples Itinerary in one day, wear comfortable shoes. The streets of Naples are not the best in the world, and the cobblestones narrow street in the city centre are amazing but really hard if you are not used to walking on it. Avoid heels in your suitcase for Naples.

If you are planning to visit churches and sacred places, remember to dress modestly and cover your shoulders for the woman, no shorts, and no skirts up the knee.

Day trips from Naples

best photo spots in Amalfi Coast
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As we had the chance to said on many occasion, Naples is the ideal location where to plan a proper tour of Southern Italy. Some of the most popular locations in Italy are located around Naples, or at least reachable easily. Naples is just 2 hours away by car and bus from Rome, and one hour by fast train.

Planning a week in Italy, and landing in Rome or Naples you can organize a quick escape. Many tourists are requesting us many times tips on how to plan better an escape to Italy cheap but unique. Below are some of our suggestion for some day trips from Naples.

Visit Rome from Naples

Spanish steps of Rome - What to see in Rome in 2 days
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Rome is the top on our list of Day trips from Naples, it is away just one hour by train and worth a visit.

This was the first suggestion of this chapter and is worth to be done in the opposite way, so visiting Naples from Rome. The quick transports link between the two cities is amazing. With a cheap ticket if booked in advance on the Train company Italo you can go from one city to another in one-hour spending from 10 euro each way.

The train to Naples is from the main Train station of Rome, “Stazione Termini” or “Roma Tiburtina. Many people that don’t know how easy is to reach Naples from Rome, book a night in the Campania Capital City, but you can easily do a visit in a day.

Sorrento from Naples

From Naples, you can reach Sorrento in one hour by train. This is our suggested way to visit the city, due to the difficult ride to Sorrento. The high cliffs road of the Napoli’s Bay are hard for a non-expert driver and the Italian way to drive is hard to understand as well.

If you want to explore Sorrento on a day trip from Naples, you can take the Vesuviana. Take it from the main train station of Napoli Piazza Garibaldi. This special train will take you on a ride in the inland of Naples, around the towns on the foot of the volcano, for a suggestive scenario.

There are two kinds of trains direct from Naples to Sorrento. One is regular and will stop at any station on the track, the second is direct and is signed with DD on the tab. The price between the two doesn’t change, but you will spend less time on the train with the second.

Sorrento is an awesome city on the coast, with an amazing seaport. From here you can reach even the bay islands of Capri and Ischia. From Sorrento, you can also take the bus to every city of the Amalfi Coast for a suggestive itinerary.

Check our post about Day Trips from Sorrento.

Visit the ancient Romans Ruins of Pompeii

pompeii ruins napoli itinerary in 2 days
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On your ride to Pompei in the Vesuviana, you will spot the stop at Pompei Scavi. This is the stop if you want to visit the Roman Ruins of Pompeii for a cultural day around Naples.

Pompeii is a 45 minutes train ride from Naples and the ticket price is around 3 euro each way. This is the case where we suggest to book in advance a Tour guide from Naples to Pompeii that is worth the price.

From Naples to Capri by Ferry

The beautiful island of Capri is direct in front of the city of Naples. From the seaside of the city, there are many ferry rides departing every day. Capri is an expensive Island in the Napoli’s Bay, so if you are on a budget we suggest you avoid it in Summer, especially in August when the prices rise the stars. For a full guide on how to reach Capri from Naples by Ferry, check our blog post dedicated, it will help you also with times and prices.

If you are on a budget and Capri seems too expensive for you, check out Ischia. This is the cheapest Island compared to Capri, but beautiful as well and really suggestive. For many Ischia is more real than the sister in the Bay and more natural and old fashioned.

Day excursions from Naples

Naples is rich inexperience. If you are planning to spend some time in the city, that will go from one day in Naples, to two days in Naples and over you will never be bored. In the list of day excursions from Naples you can note those:

  • Vesuvio Hiking to 1000 metre looking into the Volcano
  • Roman Ruins of Herculaneum
  • History of Oplonti a hidden Historic gem near Naples
  • The Solfatara of Pozzuoli, the underground activity of a volcano
  • A swim in the blue sea of “La Gaiola”
  • Visit Positano from Naples
  • The Christmas Lights of Salerno

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