What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days

Napoli is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In your itinerary of what to do in Naples Italy in 2 days, you will discover all the best things to see in Naples Italy. Napoli is the city of love, food, and good weather. If you are planning a honeymoon, our local guide, we will show you the most romantic things to do in Naples Italy.

1 day in Naples Italy is your excuse to stop by and explore this charming city which you will love. Going up and down the narrow streets, you will discover the most instagrammable places in Naples Italy. This southern Italy, completely different from the north part of the country, rich in history and amazing landscapes, hope you are ready for the unique things to do in Naples.

What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days
The view from the top of the hill of Naples is just Stunning. Posillipo and Vomero are two of the best area to stay in Naples and enjoy the view.

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The perfect place to find the cool photo spot in Napoli

  • Piazza Plebiscito – Plebiscito Square
  • The Royal Palace of Naples
  • Umberto I Gallery – 2 days in Naples
  • Cathedral of Naples and San Severo Chapel
  • Sea Side – Via Caracciolo
  • Pompeii Ruins – Day Trips from Naples
  • Explore the Islands of Capri and Ischia
  • Archeological Museum of Naples Italy
  • Napoli Underground – Discover Naples in 2 days
  • A day trip to Amalfi Coast
  • Food Tour in the narrow streets of Naples

 2 days in Naples Map

Naples 2 days walking map

Naples Free Walking Tour with a local guide

What to see in Naples Italy in 2 days

Not just a list, but a full itinerary of the best things to do in Naples. We hope you will enjoy our guide, helping us to improve it if necessary with your suggestion. If you haven’t planned yet what to see in Naples in 2 days, this is the perfect place where find tips offered by locals.

We come from this amazing city, now expatriate, are trying to help travellers to discover the best our city has to give. Enjoy Napoli in a weekend or stay more, as we suggest stay at least in Naples for 2 days.

Piazza Plebiscito | Napoli itinerary 2 days

Piazza Plebiscito is one of the most instagrammable places in Naples Italy and you can’t miss it. It is the main square in Napoli situated in the middle of the city centre. The best time of the day to visit Piazza Plebiscito is during the sunrise.

The colours around are just stunning. At the sunrise, nobody is around so you can take the best shots and improve your gallery of most instagrammable picture of Naples Italy. Let the imagination work and you will see how many photos you can take in just one place.

This is one of the reasons why Piazza Plebiscito is one of the romantic things to do in Naples Italy. Explore all day Naples, but make sure to come back here when the lights are down, at night it is so awesome.

Palazzo Reale – Most instagrammable places in Naples Italy

Naples’ Royal Palace is a stellar reminder of this city’s royal history. This stunning Royal Palace holds the centre of attention in the Piazza del Plebiscito and sits opposite the Basilica Reale.

A rounded square seems to hug the Royal Palace, on one side the Umberto I Gallery and on the other a slice of the Golf and the Mount Vesuvius. The history of Naples’ Royal Palace is complicated.

The region itself was ruled by so many different countries and families in the years before Italy’s unification. Set on Piazza del Plebiscito, and near Teatro San Carlo, it is more than worth a detour to this corner of Naples to discover another side to the city.

Galleria Umberto I What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days

Galleria Umberto I is a public shopping gallery in Naples, Southern Italy. It is located close to Piazza Plebiscito, only 5 minutes away by walk. One of the best things about Galleria Umberto I, is that during Xmas time there is a huge Christmas Tree.

On top of it, everyone can put on a letter addressed to Santa Clause. (See our post about Christmas in Naples). During your visit to Galleria Umberto I, you can’t miss the famous sfogliatella break. We indeed love to eat at any time of the day. During your walk and between one picture and another you need energy, so you have to try the lovely sfogliatella.

A day in Naples Italy will be full of emotions and creativity. If you will spend just a day in Naples you should get up early and explore this amazing city.

This is one of the best architectonic masterpieces in Naples the Gallery Umberto 1 - Full of bars, boutiques and shops

Naples Old Town free walking tour - Discover legendary stories of Ancient Greeks and Romans

Napoli Cathedral – 2 days in Naples Italy

Located on Via Duomo, the cathedral is accessible via the Museo metro stop but also has a regular bus service. This religious building combines a myriad of styles including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

In your itinerary of what to do in Naples Italy in 2 days, you can’t miss visiting the famous Cathedral, one of the most important monuments in Napoli. If you are heading to Naples on the 19th of September, it is well you know that all the city stops for the Patron Saint of the city.

The Cathedral of Napoli is close to Spaccanapoli, the street that cut in two half the city. This is the place where the tastiest pizzerias are, go ahead and try the best pizza in Naples discovered by locals.

Visit Cappella San Severo – The Veiled Christ

Find the space to visit Cappella San Severo. It is becoming a must-do in Naples, one of the masterpieces of Italian Art. It is a white marble statue of Jesus Christ with a veil on top. The Church of Gesù Nuovo is in the old town, close to the Cathedral. It is the heart of Napoli, placed in the middle of SpaccaNapoli, where was the ancient city centre of the town.

napoli via caracciolo view  What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days Posillipo photos of napoli
This is the view of Naples from Posillipo – From the high hill of Naples you can see the Bay and the Islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida – Naples in 2 days the best itinerary

What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days 1

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Via Caracciolo – Romantic things to do in Naples Italy

This is the main seaside road, here you can see many landmarks. Some of that is far, on the hill, like the Castel Sant’Elmo, some others nearby, like the Castel dell’ Ovo. During your visit to Napoli one of the romantic things to do in Naples Italy, for sure, is walking through Via Caracciolo.

This is one of the most stunning views of the city. The Vesuvius and Castel dell’ Ovo. If you plan to visit Napoli is during summer or spring, the best time to have this enjoyable walk is during the sunset. After 6 pm, you can enjoy this walking, as it won’t be so hot.

Napoli is a romantic city – The Perfect Italian Couples getaway

It is perfect for a honeymoon as well, especially if you plan to stay for more than a week. If you stay more than 2 days in Naples, this allowance will take you to discover the neighbourhood, such as Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Positano, Pompei, Ischia or Capri, and Procida.

pompeii ruins napoli itinerary in 2 days
48 hours itinerary in Napoli, place a day trip to Pompeii Ruins or Herculaneum Ruins

Mount Vesuvius - Day trips from Sorrento

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Visit the ruins of Pompeii – Napoli best places to visit

Pompei was an ancient city that sat in the shadow of the iconic Mount Vesuvius. Today you can visit Pompeii and walk through the extensive ruins. Particularly interesting sights include the Amphitheatre, the case del Fauno, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Jupiter.

Napoli to Pompei is not too far, you have to take a train at Napoli Centrale. Have a look about Vesuviana, it is down the main station hall. Your route to Pompei by train will take around half an hour and the price for the ticket is just 3 euro.

We will prefer to address you to another amazing scenario, the Ruins of Herculaneum, the former city under the volcano, that was completely covered by ashes, lapilli, and magma.

A boat to explore the island of Capri or Ischia – Weekend in Naples

Capri, Ischia, and Procida are three amazing islands in the Bay of Naples. Those are just an hour away from Naples by boat. In your Napoli itinerary, you should put on your list to visit that three small gems. Ischia is known for the majestic Aragonese Castle, built on a rock near the island.

There are also beautiful gardens such as Gardens of La Mortella, Gardens of Villa Ravino, and beautiful hikes and nature. It’s about an hour ferry ride from Naples.

procida seaport - harbor of Procida island of Napoli - What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days
This is the seaport of Procida a green island really underrated. This is for us one of the off the beaten path places to visit in Naples

Is Ischia or Capri worth visiting?

If you have enough time then definitely pay a visit. Ischia is different from Capri and is less touristy but the view from the castle is beautiful and it’s pretty empty.

Capri is a charming island that’s off the coast of Sorrento, famous for its gardens and rock formation in the water, and of course the Blue Grotto. Capri is the type of place where you can either spend one day or a few days. Racier is Procida, that have less tourist flow.

The prices are even low and the island is really natural, keeping the status of fisherman’s towns. Take the chance to have a day trip from Naples, exploring the gems on the Coast.

Naples National Archaeological Museum – Naples itinerary 2 days

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is an important Italian Museo Archeologico, particularly for ancient Roman remains. In your trip, you can’t miss exploring Naples Italy most famous museum.

This museum is preserving artefacts found during excavations for the construction of the metro. Artefacts from different ages. It is also the 3rd museum in the World for the importance of the Egyptian’s artefacts collection.

 What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotterranea it’s right in the historic centre of Naples. To visit Napoli Sotterranea you don’t want to go through the maze of catacombs without a guide especially if it is your first time in Naples. You can access to Napoli Sotterranea every day from 10 am until 6 pm. There is a chance to purchase the tickets online or even at the local office.

For adults, the tickets are 10 euro and 8 euro for reduced tickets. There are guided tours in English as well which run every two hours, at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm, and the best thing is that you don’t need a reservation!

From Napoli to Positano easy on a budget - What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days
Amalfi Coast Road Photo by Gianluca Acampora

Amalfi Coast – Day trips from Napoli

The Amalfi Coast has to offer a longline coast coming from Castellammare di Stabia, going through amazing landscapes and awesome beaches, until and over Salerno. The Amalfi Coast is the perfect Italian romantic getaway, a place suitable for couples. Also, along the way you can shot basically everywhere you rest your eyes.

In your day trips from Napoli, Amalfi coast need to be on the top list of the best things to see in Naples Italy. The distance by car, from Napoli to Amalfi Coast is around 1h and a half but keep in mind that usually, the roads get busy during peak time.

Napoli naples italy the best of south sea and sun - gianluca acampora - italian trip abroad
An itinerary of 48h in Napoli

Local Food Tips – Must do Naples Italy

Even if you will spend just one day in Napoli you must eat as much as you can. Starting from breakfast and ending up with an aperitif after dinner. We have a lot of specialities but Napoli in one day won’t be enough to eat everything. One of the most important things you need to do, eat is the best pizza in Naples, Sorbillo. According to Lonely Planet, Napoli is a city for food lovers. We thought of a culinary itinerary for Naples.

Zeppola di San Giuseppe - Things to eat in Naples

Traditional Breakfast in Naples

As you know in Italy, but especially in Naples, the coffee is at the top of the consumer. Start your morning in Naples with an espresso. If you want a bit of milk you can ask for a macchiato, that can be even cold as a macchiato Freddo. If you want just steamed milk, you can ask for a schiumato, that is Alessia favourite. To eat a croissant is the best, you can have it with cream, Nutella, chocolate or jam. There are many other things as Bomba, it is meaning a Chocolate or creamy bomb, so tasty.

Morning Sneak – A good start in Napoli in 2 days

A babà. It is a typical cake with rum. Try and tell us. If you are fancy for a great breakfast to kick start your day out in Naples, go for a sfogliatella. These traditional sweets could be in two different ways, “Riccia” or “Frolla”. Both have cream inside but one is more crispy the other soft like a cake.

Naples street food and guide with a local

Lunchtime – The best seafood in Italy

In Naples is good to eat pasta at first. Tomato sauce, basil and olive oil. Simple and tasty. Put it in a seafood variety and it will be amazing. Try to go in the area of Via Caracciolo or Mergellina, they will serve you the best seafood in town. Especially, check for Borgo dei Marinari, it is down the Castel dell’ Ovo, just discover they are and follow your nose.


Afternoon aperitif – An Italian way to celebrate the day

Is I know you have done a little snack already in the morning, but in Naples, we eat at every time small but rich portions. The best way to enjoy it is to take a Cuoppo. A cone filled with seafood and fried pieces. It will be filled with fish, squid, prawns and many more. Squeeze a lemon on the top for a better taste. A drink is the best in the afternoon, better if it is with a nice landscape. Take a Spritz at Terrazza Calabritto, on the Riviera di Chiaia, the trendy street of Napoli.

A proper Pizza Margherita served in a local pizzeria in Naples, Italy
Pizza is the best in Napoli – You can’t miss a tasty pizza in your 48 hours in Naples

Dinner – The best pizza in Napoli in 2 days

Beer or wine doesn’t matter, in Naples everything’s amazing and most are homemade. At the evening we will go for a queen Pizza. Please, take all the pizza, but don’t ask for a pineapple pizza, or you will be kicked out of the restaurant. Check our full list of best pizzerias in Naples by locals.

If you want really to fell Napoli in 2 days you need to try one of those food tours. Feel like a local, eat like a local and understand, why we do eat so much sometimes, and why we love sharing with everyone the delicious food we have.

Midnight sneak – A full day in Napoli – 24 hours activities

This is a unique thing in Naples. We have been everywhere and this little thing makes the difference. In Naples, you will find something open at any hour, even in the middle of the night, at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. Never, anyone will tell you that the kitchen will be closed. So for the midnight sneak, we will suggest you a Graffa. A kind of sponge cake with sugar on top. The words can’t match the taste. Try it.

A two day trip from Naples – Rome

Just two hours away there is Rome. It will be a chance to find a cheap flight from Italy. Or, if you want Rome will be your day trip from Naples. From Napoli Centrale every half hour, there is a fast speed train that will take you to Rome. The ride to the Capital of Italy will take just 50 minutes and the prices are on average.

Check the offers by Italo Treno, that will be really cheap if you book it in advance.

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What to do in Naples in 2 days

Naples is full of love and all the people are so lovely, always ready to help. In your Napoli itinerary of what to do in Naples Italy in 2 days, you will just need to follow your emotions. Find the spot for the perfect photography of Naples is so easy. Stop everywhere your eyes want, it can be the landscape you will remember forever.

In your travel itinerary, you should consider spending more than 2 days in Naples Italy. You will be so overwhelmed with things to do in Naples and places to don’t miss, that will make your stay over. We will assure you will fall in love with this city. Despite the common sense, that wants Napoli as an unsafe city, we will convince you that Napoli is safe. Naples is safe to visit as solo as well, so don’t be afraid of what the people say, try by yourself.

If you think one day in Naples Italy is not enough you can plan an itinerary about 3 days in Naples, instead.

What to do in Naples Italy in 2 days 2
How to spend 48 hours in Napoli and live like local – Eat, love and repeat!
Best view points of Naples on a free walking tour. Explore the historic vicoli street and panoramic spots of Naples in 2 days

Day Trips from Naples Italy

Get a train from Naples to Milan

If you haven’t been to Milan yet, you should consider a short trip to the Italian Fashion Capital. Within 4 hours with a high-speed train, you can reach Milan from Naples. That’s why Naples is loved by everyone, apart from being open to everything, it’s well connected with the rest of Italy. If it is your time in Italy and you are considering spending two days in Milan, be ready to book your tickets.

Day trips from Naples to Capri

Capri is a small and gorgeous island located close to Naples where, with the high-speed ferry you can reach Capri in 45 minutes. If your plan includes a couple of extra days in Naples, you should definitely organize a day trip from Naples to Capri. There are many ferries departing every day and you can easily get the tickets online or by going to Molo Beverello Port of Naples.

If you want to have everything organize for you, book here your spot for the next trip to Capri

From Naples to Florence

Florence is another beautiful city in Italy which you need to visit at least once in your life. After Naples, Florence is our second favourite cities in Italy, with its charm, romance, culture and architecture you will fall in love with it. You can reach Florence from Naples by train with less than 25 euros one way.

The Italian charm will never end and if you are a photography lover, this city will be your happy places. There are so many wonderful places to see and to photograph and the only thing you need to do is to book a train ticket from Naples to Florence.

Q&A About What to do in Naples in 2 days

How to get from Naples airport to the city centre

There is just one airport in Napoli. The Naples Airport “Capodichino” is easy to reach from the city centre. From Naples Airport you can take the bus “Alibus” going towards the city centre for only 3 euro. The bus will stop you in Napoli Centrale which is the main train station. From there you can reach any destination. You can buy the tickets on board or to the shop inside the airport.
If you are in Naples by Car and want to know how to get from Naples airport to the city centre, we will assure you it is easy as well. Just be careful during peak time you will have a lot of traffic on the highway. Alessia for example lives in Fuorigrotta close to the stadium “San Paolo”. Every time she needs to go to the airport have to allow a bit more time than usual because of the traffic.

What should a tourist not do in Naples Italy

We will suggest you don’t hire a car. You don’t need it to discover Napoli. It is a peaceful city and walking friendly. You can enjoy the views and discover it by public transport. The bus and metro are not the best service system in Europe, but be patient. As we have said before it is safe, but be careful as any city in Europe and in the World. On the bus take your value as close to yourself, they tend to be crowd and pickpocketers are everywhere.
Napoli is cheap, so don’t think you can break the bank. The Quarters of Napoli are the most suggestive, the lights going inside the narrow streets are the best for every photographer, but choose well where to go, not every borough is safe and friendly. If you want to discover more, take a guide with you, it is safest.

How often does it snow in Naples Italy?

If you think to find the snow in Naples, it is unlikely unachievable. In Naples doesn’t snow often. It is rare that it happens. It is easier if you visit Napoli in the coldest months, January or February to the see the Vesuvio white. The Neapolitan will say that the Vesuvio has got the white hat on top. Usually, the best time to visit Napoli in Italy is during springtime, as it is not too hot, neither cold and you can enjoy better your travel.

Is Naples worth going for 2 days?

Napoli is worth to go even for half a day. It is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy. Is worth to visit Napoli for 2 days, but you will miss a lot. Napoli is amazing and two days are making you just want to come back. It is the food, the landscapes, the breeze of the sea, the flow and the vivacity of the city.

What are the good and bad neighbourhood in Naples Italy

If you are planning your trip to Naples Italy, is well to know some places where to stay in Naples and places to skip in your research. Most of the touristic website will suggest you or plan for you to stay in accommodation around the main train station.
Piazza Garibaldi and around are cheap but are places where we will not suggest staying for first-timers. Better to spend a bit more and stay safer. It is not true with all the accommodation, the area is improving a lot, so some places are really hidden gems, but look well and try the best. Stay on the top of the hill of Posillipo is the best, but it is even the most expensive.

Portici is a cheap neighbourhood to stay in Naples

As a neighbourhood, we will suggest staying at Portici. It is just 12 minutes away by train, taking the vesuviana from Piazza Garibaldi. It is cheap and there are many Air Bnb available in the area and Hostel and Bed and Breakfast. In Portici, you can visit the Royal Palace, the first Italian Rail Station and the Borbonic Harbour that will take your breath. We have included that because Toti is really proud of the city where he is coming from. So be ready to send us any request about that, we will help you as much. Portici is nearby Ercolano, the former Herculaneum where you can visit the Roman Ruins and the interactive Museum “The Mav”.

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