20 Amalfi Coast Best Photo Spots | Luxury and charm, our Amalfi Coast photography guide

There are many songs that enhance the beauty of the Amalfi coast. There are also many photos that will give you more than an idea of how beautiful it is. This is a full list of Amalfi Coast best photo spots. We have tried to tidy up a good choice of 20 Photography spots in the Amalfi Coast

Yes, it another list of instagrammable places in Amalfi Coast, but a choice by locals. This beautiful part of Southern Italy has been never enough enhanced for the beautiful landscapes. It is a corner of paradise on the earth. Our selection of the most insta worthy places in Amalfi Coast will make you book your flight to Naples to reach the Amalfi Coast. Just top photo locations in Positano, Amalfi and all the best places to stay in Amalfi Coast. We don’t miss to enhance the amazing spots in Sorrento, Atrani and Furore that make all visitors fall in love.

A song will say “Where the sea shines and the wind pulls strong. On an old terrace. In front of the Gulf of Surriento”

Amazing Amalfi Coast Photo – Amalfi Coast Photography

best photo spots in Amalfi Coast
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Amazing high cliff looking at the blue sea and small white villages on the rocks or down in the cliffs, make this place and unique landscape in the World. This is maybe one of the most visited places in the World, a paradise of colours in a traditional Italian way. Sometimes it seems also that Positano is still back in time, when was the epoque of the Italian Dolce Vita. Luxury and fashion are the keys of the Amalfi Coast, and you can taste it in the following amazing Amalfi Coast photos.

Visit this part of Italy will be the perfect opportunity to take some new photos for your Instagram feed. Check our account for some tips and inspiration for your next Instagram photos.

20 Best Photo Spots in Amalfi Coast

  • Villa Flavio Gioia
  • Atrani Beach
  • Amalfi Cathedral
  • Positano view from the beach
  • Sorrento lemon details
  • Positano landscape
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Villa Rufolo – Ravello
  • Grand hotel Excelsior Sorrento
  • Fiordo di Furore – Furore Fijord
  • Arienzo Beach Club
  • Le Sirenuse Hotel – Best View from a terrace
  • Poseidon Hotel – Positano
  • Chez Black Positano
  • Gelato on Spiaggia Grande – Positano
  • Scalinata Duomo Positano
  • Via Cristoforo Colombo Positano – Franco’s
  • Hotel Tre Ville Arienzo – Positano
  • On the way to the paradise – Little Stands Shops on the rocks
  • Lemon trees in the Amalfi Coast

Villa Flavio Gioia

We are pleased to start this list of the best instagrammable spots in Amalfi Coast with a great photo and a stunning view. The landscape from Villa Flavio Gioia is just amazing. Looking at the blue clear sea will be a dream come true for everybody. Think about breakfast in front of this amazing scenario, it could be not a dream if you book a room in this charming place.

Atrani Beach

How to make a blog post about the Instagrammable Amalfi Coast and don’t mention the Beach of Atrani. The small village close to Positano is one of the best spots to take photo instagrammable of Amalfi Coast. Relax here, sunbathing on the beach, for an amazing day. The photo on the beach of Atrani is a must have, the amazing landscape will give you a lot of solution. Just let your creativity to play with the colours and the light. 

Cattedrale di Amalfi – Amalfi Cathedral

This stunning building will be a perfect photo spot. This kind of photo is a dream, we have also seen many times wedding proposal or wedding photo shot on the stairs of the Amalfi Cathedral. During the afternoon, for the Golden Hours, the sun is giving the best for an amazing photo. This is the best time of the day to photograph the Cathedral of Amalfi and snap you next instagrammable photo in the Amalfi Coast.

Positano from the beach

On Instagram, the beach of Positano is the most Instagrammed. Most of the photos are taken by the end of the beach, where you can get the wider angle. The landscape of Positano from this point of view is amazing, you can have all the little village going up to the rock, full of colours. Obviously, there are many solutions for photos on the beach of Positano. This is even a nice night photo spot in Positano, the lights at the back will play a big role in your composition.

Positano landscape from the beach

Positano View from the beach at night

Sorrento Lemons

Sorrento is not properly the Amalfi Coast, but it is part of the Sorrentino Coast. The gateway to the cliffs of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Conca dei Marini among others. One of the typical products of Sorrento are the lemons. The inspiration coming from this photo is from the tradition to make amazing and tasty ice cream with the local product. This kind of stand could be found along the little alleys of Sorrento, in the Old Town. Play with the symbol of the traditions will be a win-win for your next instagrammable photo of Amalfi Coast.

If you are an adventurous person like us, look at the entrance of any stunning building. You can find a secret garden at the back, and I can bet there is a lemon garden. Ask to take some shots inside, the locals are generally friendly and will let you get in. This will be your best photo location in Amalfi Coast.

Positano Landscape 

Seascape on Positano, a top photo spot in Amalfi Coast

The gorgeous colours of the beautiful houses on the rocks of Positano.

The landscape of Positano looks fantastic, and I think you have seen it many times. Just opening your Instagram App, and searching for Positano, it is coming up with many photos of the seascape. Put your touch in the photo. Work on the composition with a nice background at the back and here we go your personal postcard from Positano.

Vietri Sul Mare

This little town close to Amalfi and Salerno is amazing. We love the colours of this amazing place. Vietri Sul Mare is well known for the production of Majolique and tiles, full of colours and gorgeous textures. Vietri Sul Mare is just behind Salerno, one of the biggest cities in the Region, if you have time pay a visit to this city.

Villa Rufolo – Ravello

This is an authentic gem of the Amalfi Coast. Villa Rufolo is full of perfect photo locations in Amalfi Coast. The rural way this place is made and the details make it an insta-worthy place in Amalfi Coast. The garden with a stunning view is what you need as an Instagram fashion shot in Positano. The entrance to the garden is giving you a great photo location too, but the tales details are what we think is the best for your feed. Villa Rufolo is a hotel, one of the many boutique hotels in the Amalfi Coast. Also, Ravello is a suggestion for you about the best town to stay in Amalfi Coast.

Grand hotel Excelsior Sorrento

This is maybe the best place to wake up in the morning, hanging in the gardens and enjoy the view on the beautiful bay of Naples. The Grand Hotel Excelsior Sorrento is not just one of the best places to stay in the Amalfi Coast, it is obviously the best photo spots in the Amalfi Coast. Luxury hotel with fine details and awesome seascapes, it is offering to the visitors a good location where to start the trip to the Amalfi Coast.

Fiordo di Furore

This place has been for many years a hidden spot in the Amalfi Coast, but nowadays, thanks to the influencers love to hang here, it is a proper instagrammable spot in Amalfi Coast. This is a Fjord, you have to get deep down the cliff in order to reach the tiny beach. Not fancy to get down and hike up again, later on, reach Furore by boat. From the sea, you will get an amazing point of view of the beach Amalfi Coast. The bridge above your head will get your composition to another level. Get inspired by the example below.

Arienzo Beach Club

This place seems back on a time when it was the favourite location of actor and actress, movie stars and artists from everywhere in the World. The Arienzo Beach Club seems to be back in the ‘80, where was still in vogue the jukebox that randomly selected the tracks. Nowadays Arienzo Beach is a crowded shore in the summertime, that still has the charm. But not for that isn’t worth to be in our list of Amalfi Coast best photo spots.

Le Sirenuse Hotel

Have you seen the video above? How stunning it is? The Hotel Sirenuse is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Positano. The view from the windows is just gorgeous.

How many times have you wished to be in a venue like that, even just for an hour? The amazing location will fill your inspiration, make you want to go in Positano and snap everywhere. The view on the tiled dome of Positano gives you the sensation to touch it with your hands. Isn’t it the most beautiful photo spot in Positano?

Take a note of this place when you will plan a trip to the Amalfi Coast. This is your location for the perfect instagrammable Positano Spot.

Poseidon Hotel – Positano

Another family run hotel in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Since 1955 the Hotel Poseidon has given poetry to the breakfast of adventurer. Looking for a relaxing holiday and a stunning view, the Poseidon Hotel is what fits your days. Those are just an inspiration of this amazing Positano photo spot.

Chez Black Positano

The biggest beach of Positano is full of inspiration points where to take amazing instagrammable photos of Amalfi Coast. If you are coming to Positano by ferry, this is the first viewpoint. The Chez Black Positano is a meeting point for travellers, looking for a lunch or dinner place. The location is amazing and to take the best from this top photo spot in Positano, you have to play with composition. The location is always crowded, so think about to blur the background with the subject on focus.

Gelato on Spiaggia Grande – Positano

Still, on the Spiaggia Grande location, you can’t miss eating a gelato. It is a classic Instagram photo that still works. Be ready to make quiet few instastories, while the square is amazing and the seascape is breathtaking, the ice cream is just an excuse to enjoy the panorama. Look at the many artists around, busy drawing the landscape, you can get a unique piece from Positano.

Did you know that you can hire a personal photographer for your next vacation to Positano and Amalfi Coast? You will get the best memories, just relaxing, leading to a professional photographer to do all the job.

Scalinata Duomo Positano

This is one of our favourite places, it seems plain and with no life, but it is for us one of the best places to snap the real story of Positano. If you are lucky enough could be a wedding, and the stairs are full of decoration that will make this Positano photo location more stunning.

Via Cristoforo Colombo Positano – Franco’s

This is the best viewpoint of Positano. Via Cristoforo Colombo is in the Old Town, up to the hill. Some of the best hotels in the city are here, like the Sirenuse that we told you before. Pop in and ask to see the terrace, they will be more than happy to show you the amazing view. Another amazing spot the narrow streets that go into Franco’s. This is a bar, related to Le Sirenuse Hotel, enjoy the Positano good life with a cocktail in your hands. From this spot, you will have a perfect Positano postcard.

Hotel Tre Ville Arienzo – Positano – Amalfi Coast Pictures

Close by Positano, there is an amazing little town where to stay in Amalfi Coast. Arienzo is well known for the cute beach, but also for the amazing hotels with a landscape on Positano. Enjoy the lunch at the Hotel Tre Ville Arienzo, enjoy the view and snap your instagrammable photos of Positano.

On the way to the paradise – Little Stands Shops on the rocks

Reaching the Amalfi coast from Positano, you will come across those cute stands with typical products. All the fruits and vegetable you see on the stands are Km0, no OGM, just local farmers that sell their own products. By the way, this is for us a spot where you can get the best photos of Positano. The spontaneity those cute places will make you laugh, and with a smile everything is amazing.

Lemon Trees – Best photo spots Amalfi Coast

Being able to take a picture in a lemon grove is what we will call the Perfect Amalfi Coast Photo. Lemons are the symbol of this part of paradise on the earth. One of our highlights to make real this shot is Casa Angiolina, is a boutique hotel in the Amalfi Coast. A five stars structure that will make you feel to be in paradise. The stunning patio is used to serve the welcome drink to the guests. On the other side, the terrace has a stunning view of the sea, where you can wake up and have breakfast literally in paradise. The lemon trees grove is what you need for the next best photo of Amalfi Coast.

Best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast as you can see has many amazing spots where leverage your creativity. Above we stated some of the most Insta worthy photo spots on the Amalfi coast and the best photo spots in Positano. The Amalfi Coast has some of the best most beautiful places in Italy. Be ready to snap since you land in Naples, all the way to the Amalfi Coast.

We wrote a nice guide on how to reach Positano from Naples by public transport. If you are not fancy for it, we can suggest you get private transport that will help you to reach in an easy way your location in the Amalfi Coast. It usually doesn’t cost that much and for the group is way cheaper.

If you have any other photo spot in the Amalfi Coast to notify us, we will be really happy to include it in our list.

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