How to spend One Day in Sorrento on your own

In the Sorrento One day itinerary you will find some of the most cultural experiences in the city. From visiting ancient churches to eating the best gelato in Italy. Sorrento is underrated, compared to Positano and Amalfi. Not many know that Sorrento could be the perfect hub where you stay and from where to start your day trips.

The Amalfi Coast is on the bucket list of many travellers. Nowadays with the pulling of photos on Instagram from Positano, Amalfi and other little hidden gems of Napoli coast, many don’t know a lot about Sorrento. This is one of the best places to spend holidays in Italy. We have tidied up a full plan on how to spend one day in Sorrento.

The city on the coast a few kilometres away from Naples, the middle way from Amalfi, is an authentic stop you have to make on your trip around the Amalfi Coast. The seaside of this part of Southern Italy is named after this city and recognized as Sorrentino Coast. The high cliffs and sandy beaches give an awesome landscape to the bay of Naples scenario.

One day in Sorrento Itinerary

  • Breakfast in Sorrento
  • Shopping in the narrow old town
  • Marina Grande the beach of Sorrento
  • Lunch on the beach
  • The best lemon gelato
  • Cultural experience at the Art Gallery of Villa Fiorentino
  • Aperitif in the main square
best photo spots in Amalfi Coast

Why you should visit Sorrento in one day?

Sorrento is a tourist city, very expensive in summer but very affordable in Spring and Autumn. It is on the top of our list for a romantic day trip to Italy. Despite being on the radar map of the Amalfi coast we can consider it less crowded and touristic compared to Amalfi and Positano. Although, you can still live here experience like a local and less like a tourist. Compared to the other two well-known cities in the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is easy to reach by public transport from Naples.

From Napoli to Sorrento will take you an hour by train. You have to take the “Vesuviana” and will cost you around 4 euros for a single ticket. From the train station of Sorrento, it is easy to reach the centre, just walking.

Sorrento in one day is worth a visit. You will find yourself speechless, strolling around the little alleys of the old town. This city is full of cultural spaces and galleries. The city centre is also an amazing place to go shopping. Famous boutiques and restaurants will attract you to get in for sure.

Piazza Tasso is the centre of the city, where the locals meet in bars and watch the panorama.

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This post may contain affiliate links or Sponsored Links (read our Cookie Policy), and useful experiences that we love to suggest to you. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are really grateful) at no extra cost to you. Click on it will help us run this website for you, for FREE, funding our project and continuing to travel, informing curious explorers.

Is it worth one day in Sorrento?

Yes. Sorrento is under shadowed by the popular location on the Amalfi Coast, like Positano and Amalfi itself. But, the Sorrentino Peninsula is an underrated gem of Naples. Within 30 minutes from the Regional Capital and well-known cultural hub, you can appreciate the sun and beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Not only that, but Sorrento is also culture, art and architecture timeless. The high cliffs and the amazing terraces are the perfect way to enjoy a time out of the madness of the city.

Sorrento is a city with the shape of a little sea town. Everybody knows each other and the squares are the meeting point of locals.

Let’s go for the perfect Sorrento one day Itinerary

If you have got just one day in Sorrento, you have to plan it as better as possible. This guide will help you maximize your 24 hours in Sorrento and don’t regret anything back home. Sorrento is not big, and going in the vibe and breath like a local is easy. A full 1-day itinerary to Sorrento, Italy, the perfect combination of relaxing in the Italian way and sightseeing like a tourist.

Bar D’Anton – Early breakfast in Sorrento

What is the best way to start a day exploring a new city? The right breakfast and cool place is the best way. Bar D’Anton is an institution in Sorrento. It is the perfect spot to start well a day discovering Sorrento. Bar D’Anton is a typical Italian bar, full of locals more than tourists.

The local bar will serve early in the morning, freshly baked croissants fresh orange juice, and lemonade made by local fruit. Sip a strong Italian coffee or go for a classic Cappuccino with chocolate on top. A classic way to enjoy a typical Neapolitan breakfast is to enjoy local cakes.

Ask for a Graffa, a kind of sweet rounded sponge handmade product really tasty. A typical Neapolitan product is also the frolla and riccia.

Shopping around the narrow street of old Sorrento

I know that is too early to start to spend money, but you can have a look around just walking through the city centre, and watching the windows of the trendy boutiques of Sorrento.

Point your GPS to Via S.Cesareo, and visit the shops around the old part of Sorrento. Just going down this hallway, you will face the Sedil Dominova. This stunning building in the Centre of Sorrento is now a Restaurant. Up to the street, there is Sorrento Cathedral, visit this church and get into Italian life. The entrance is free.

Sorrento Beach Time at Marina Grande

If you are in Sorrento from mid-April, or in Summer your mind is already to the beach. Sorrento has many beaches, but the well-known is just down below Piazza Tasso, the main square. It is easily reachable by the main train station in about 15 minutes walk. 

The main beach and harbour of Sorrento are the most tourist in the city. There are small stairs, really suggestive that will take you down. This is also an instagrammable spot of Sorrento. When you Arrive at Marina Grande, you will find a lot of restaurants and bars. This is the right place also for many tours of the coast or for the speedy boat to Capri.

Lunch at one of the many restaurants in Marina Grande

If you didn’t provide a panini for lunch in typical Italian Style at Marina Grande, you will find your spot anyway. The area is full of restaurants, that in our opinion are expensive but worth it. The restaurants in that area are specialized in seafood, with ichthyic products delivered daily.

Everywhere the fish dishes are fresh and made following the Italian recipes. If you are not keen to stay at Marina Grande for lunch, you can hike up again toward the city centre and find the right spot behind Piazza Tasso.

Italians don’t like to eat heavily while staying on the beach. Instead, they love stick-on kind of street food or quick lunch.  For an on-a-budget local experience entry in an Italian Bar and watch at the counter, many offers snacks tasty and cheap. Try out the “Parigina” a double sliced pizza filled with tomato and mozzarella, or in an alternative way with aubergine. 

Best Gelato in Sorrento

Best gelato in Italy- Gelateria Primavera in Sorrento

Looking for a gelato spot in Sorrento, for an instagrammable photo in Sorrento you have many opportunities. But, if you are looking for the best gelato in Sorrento, you will get many different opinions about it. And this is because everywhere is good.

For us, The Gelateria Primavera is a must-do in your Sorrento Itinerary. You can’t miss a nice gelato in Sorrento. This Gelateria is one of the top gelato makers in Italy. The shop is in Corso Italia, the main shopping road, a few minutes walk from Piazza Tasso.

If you think about a one day in Sorrento, your mind doesn’t go directly to art and galleries. 

In Sorrento, there are many Arts Galleries, and also special events taking place during the year. This coastal city has inspired a lot of artists, from painters to singers and musicians. It Would be nice to include a cultural event or attend a gallery in an iconic building in your Sorrento one day itinerary. 

If you are keen on that, Villa Fiorentino is what you are looking for. It is best known for the many interactive galleries. Just two minutes walking from the Cathedral of Sorrento there is this stunning building. Check the scheduled events that are taking place soon.

Lemon Tree experience in Sorrento

Did you know that the best lemons are coming from Sorrento? The city is well known for that. You will love to get into a secret garden full of yellow natural lemons and green leaves. Chill in the Cafè Latino, a beautiful lemon tree-lined courtyard where you can enjoy an aperitif or a dinner out. This is recommended by locals and tourists, attracted by the romantic atmosphere and the beautiful location. We will suggest you book in advance for your visit to this place, it tends to be busy.

Sip a limoncello shot | The typical lemon liquor

Lemon of Sorrento are popular and most juicy and tasty

This is my favourite part of the blog post about Sorrento in one day. The city is well known for the lemons, and so for the derivatives products like the limoncello. It is a popular liquor produced in the Amalfi Coast, you can sip the best in Sorrento. Locals like to get a shot after lunch or dinner. It is an alcoholic drink, so don’t drink it before driving.

Limoncello is also a unique souvenir from the Amalfi coast, you can find this product in many boutiques in the old town.

Experiences you must-do in Sorrento

A complete guide of the best experiences in Sorrento. A must-do plan for everybody visiting Southern Italy for the first time. Despite being less known compared to the other cities of Amalfi Coast, Sorrento could be the best escape where spend a few days lying on the beaches. From Sorrento, you can also reach Capri by ferry and enjoy the islands of the Napoli’s Bay.

Sorrento in one day walking tour

A walking tour of a new place is for us a must-do for travellers. It will give you an idea of the place you are visiting quickly. The Sorrento walking tour will take you around the main landmarks of the city and less known places like the Cloister of San Francesco or the inlaid woodworks boutiques of Sandals, typicals of the area.

Amalfi Coast Experiences visiting Positano and Ravello

Stroll through the winding cobblestone paths of Positano. Wander in the little boutiques full of souvenirs and artisanal products. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Amalfi Coast that has served as an inspiration to some of the greatest artists. Head up the mountains to explore the hilltop village of Ravello. Here, enjoy the panoramic views over the dramatic high cliff coastline, surrounded by colourful villages of Amalfi Coast.

Learn cooking secrets of Italian Cuisine in Sorrento

If you want to fully explore the Italian culture, why not go for a cooking class in Sorrento. Discover the art of Italian cuisine with an interactive cooking class.

Do you want to learn how to make pizza in Sorrento?

Pizza Making school Naples Italy

If you want to get in deeper in the Southern Italy traditions, you can go for a pizza-making class in Sorrento.

You will come back home with incredible skills on how to make your own pizza at home. This will be the best way to understand secrets and join locals in choosing fresh products at the local market.

Day Trip tour to Capri from Sorrento

Take a boat ride to Capri from the port of Marina Piccola in Sorrento. Reaching Capri you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Sorrento coastline. The Capri trip will take you wandering around the best natural landmarks of the city like the green and the White Grotto, the Faraglioni Rocks, the Natural Arch, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, and much more.

Hike the Path of the Gods

This is a hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast, breathtaking hiking up the scenic cliffs.

If you want to see the Amalfi Coast from another point of view, Path of the Gods presents one of the most striking panoramas on Earth. Beside the path, you will see caves and natural terraces hanging on the cliffs.  The picturesque scenario is something you will place in your memories lifetime. You can do the entire walking hike with a local guide, that will take you from Sorrento to Nocelle.

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Best places to stay in Sorrento

Where to stay in Sorrento


One of the best stays ever in Sorrento, with incredible views and amazing comfy rooms. Villa Silvana offers an incredible view of Sorrento Gulf and Marina. The perfect place to book your stay while in Sorrento!

Rooms at Miravalle Hotel in Val Gardena
Rooms at Miravalle Hotel in Val Gardena
Miravalle Hotel Val Gardena Dolomites background hotel in Italy
Hotel Miravalle Val Gardena - Dolomites, Italy

Close to the train station

If you’re looking to stay more central, Hotel Sorrento City is the right place for you. Close to the city centre, this hotel offers comfortable rooms!

How to reach Sorrento from Naples airport

Sorrento is not that far away from Naples Airport. Using public transport is not always the easiest way to go from point a to b. Sorrento is 50 Kilometres away from Naples, and the journey through public transport will take around 2 hours.

In the order, you have to get a bus (Alibus, 5 euro each ticket) from the Airport toward the main train station, Piazza Garibaldi. The bus will take you straight to the station without middle stops.

From the Train Station of Naples, take the Vesuviana. It is an internal train through the suburbs of Naples and the Metropolitan area toward the Amalfi Coast. The ticket cost 2 euro. Check the train you have to catch, that is Sorrento direction, it should be always from platform 3.

If you are not willing to take this long journey, you can catch a private transfer from Naples to Sorrento. It will take you from outside of the arrival gate to the hotel door. It is an easy way and not expensive at all. Reaching Sorrento through private car hire will help you to see the amazing scenario of the cliffs toward Sorrento.

Q&A Sorrento in one day

Is it expensive to eat out in Sorrento?

Sorrento is overall cheaper compared with the rest of the coast. You can still have a traditional breakfast for 2 or 3 euro. A single espresso will cost 1 to 2 euro. The meals, like pasta, will be about 7 to 12 Euro, everywhere.

You can still enjoy a beer in a local bar for cheap, two or three euro. The Gelato in Sorrento is from 3 euro onward, but is one of the best in Italy. Eating out at a lovely mid restaurant will be around 25 to 30 euro per person. There are some restaurants, offering daily meals for 15 euro at lunch and dinner.

Is Sorrento worth visiting?

Yes. Sorrento is not worth visiting just in summer when the city is obviously more crowded with many tourists. Sorrento is a great city to visit all year, with many activities. Even if you want to use it as a base for your day trips from Sorrento.

Within a reasonable distance, there are biggest cities like Castellammare di Stabia, or you can roam in the Roman ruins of Pompeii. You can also hike Mount Vesuvius. Definitely, Sorrento is worth a visit.

What are some fun things to do in Sorrento Italy

Boat cruise along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento
Sorrento Cooking Class
Swim Tour in the Turquoise water of Amalfi Coast
Pizza making Course
Wine tasting on the hills
Parasailing and Boat Experience in Sorrento
Sunset Experience Cruise in Sorrento

Things to do in Sorrento in one day
How to spend one day in Sorrento, Italy

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