Naples to Capri by ferry the easy guide

Thinking to visit the Southern gems of Italy, without point your bucket list on Capri is not the best things you can do in a trip to Naples. If you are thinking about possible day trips from Naples, Capri is one of them for sure, along with Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. From Naples to Capri by ferry will be a win-win for your next holiday in Italy. Naples has some of the best day trips in Italy to start from. The island of the bay was really popular during the years of the golden age of Italy, is still in vogue nowadays.

You can go from Naples to Capri on a private boat, or check for a ferry from the Molo Beverello. If you feel fancy and can afford to show up in Capri in a posh way, you can hire a helicopter and reach the island flying. Capri is really posh, due to that can be really expensive, so plan your trip plenty of time in advance, will be the best way to save money and time.

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How to go from Naples to Capri Italy

In order to reach Capri from Naples, you have just a few options. First of all, Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples, so it is easy to reach by boat. The good news is that if you want you can take the car with you on the ferries to Capri. But of that, we will talk later because is strictly forbidden to bring vehicles on the Island in Summertime.

From Naples to Anacapri by fast ferry is the easy way to reach Capri. The Naples to Capri high-speed ferry will take you from a bank to another in a matter of an hour.

The best way to go from Naples to Capri:

From Naples to Capri by Ferry
Naples to Capri by private boat
A Helicopter from Naples to Capri

Is not allowed to bring vehicles on the Island in Summer

Capri is an authentic gem, and we love when towns take this kind of decision in order to increase tourism. In the summertime is not allowed to bring vehicles with you on the ferry from Naples to Capri. You can enjoy better the Island walking through the narrow street and using public transport. To be clear is forbidden to take vehicles along with you from Easter (That is around March or April) till November. 

Capri has got excellent public transport and in summer they try to upgrade the service because of the high presence of Tourists.

Naples to Capri Ferry

As you can understand, going from Naples to Capri by ferry will be the easy way to reach the Island. Naples to Capri by boat get for you a relaxing mini-cruise in the Bay of Naples, enjoying the breathtaking scenario.

If you are just arriving in Naples at the airport of Capodichino “Pino Daniele”, you have to reach the seaside of the city. From the maritime centre of the City, you have two option, a fast one or the slowest one.

If you don’t mind about the time, the cheapest option to reach Capri from Naples is by boat (Look for the latest bargain). If you want to enjoy the blue sea of Capri in a fast way, the hydrofoil is your choice. Below you will find complete timetables of the transport to Island. A Naples to Capri ferry schedule plan that will help you to organize better your trip.

Capri, Italy - View from the top the rocks - Faraglioni of Capri
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The Faraglioni of Capri is the main attraction of the Island in the Bay of Naples

From Molo Beverello to Capri

If you have been already in Naples a few days, you have seen already the port of Naples, and for sure came across the Molo Beverello without know that is. This docking point of Naples is in front of the Castel Maschio Angioino. Planning a day trip to Capri from Naples, you are looking for the fastest option to reach the Island. The Molo Beverello is so the place that you have to reach and from Molo Beverello, you can catch your jetfoil from Naples to Capri. 

This is the fast way to get the best of your day in Capri. You can reach the Molo Beverello directly from the airport of Naples, by bus. Take the Alibus, a shuttle bus from the arrivals exit of the Airport. The Alibus will cost you 5 euro, and the ride will take around 50 minutes to reach the city centre. The departures are every 30 minutes and can drop you off to many stops in the city centre, including the Molo Beverello. For a cheap private taxi, have a look for a bargain here!

Alibus timetable from airport to molo beverello - Naples to Capri by ferry
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If you are already in Naples, the nearest Metro station to the docking point is Municipio. Here you will see the Maschio Angioino on the Side, and you have just to walk through the sea.

Calata Porta di Massa – From Naples to Capri on a budget

Calata Porta di Massa is the docking point closer to the Industrial seaport of Naples. This is the budget way to reach Capri from Naples. Calata Porta di Massa is on Via Nuova Marina. If you are coming directly from the Airport of Naples, the Alibus, the same that will take you to Molo Beverello can drop you off here for the same price. If you are already in Naples, you can take the Metro and stop at Università, than pass the University Federico Secondo in front of you and reach the seaside.

From Naples Mergellina to Capri

There is another way to reach Capri from Naples in the weekend, taking a fast boat from the dock in Mergellina. The most scenic panorama of Naples is also a fast track to reach one of the best islands in the bay of Naples.

Not everybody knows that from Mergellina is departing the fast hydrofoil of Alilauro, this company will take you to Capri in 50 minutes more or less, for 23 euro one way and 20 euro from Capri to Naples. You can also buy a return ticket for 43 euro. Check the company prices and timetable update 2019.

There is just one ride from Naples to Capri from Mergellina, at 14.40 every weekend. The service runs only on Saturday and Sunday in the summertime.

Naples to Capri Ferry Price

There are four different companies that serve the route from Naples to Capri by ferry, and two way to reach the blue island. The prices may vary from 14 euro to 25 euro each way, but there are some bargain, if you get your ticket in advance, that will cost you just 8 euro each way. The four companies that serve the route are the Caremar, AliLauro, SNAV and NLG. The two ways by ferry are by regular boat and hydrofoil. You can easily understand which is the fastest way.

You can buy the tickets on-line (Grab your ticket here with a tour!), or at the regular ticket office. You can also take a ticket at one of the automatic machines outside the Molo Beverello, this is the case that you want to pay by Card. Remember to carry with you some cash. Remember that in summertime the route is so busy, so buying a ticket in advance will be highly advised.

The ferry rides go from 5.30 until 22.00 in the summertime, and from 5.40 until 20.00 from September on.

Naples to Capri Ferry Timetable

This is the time table from Naples to Capri, from the Docking of Molo Beverello and Porta di Massa. Check it!

Naples to Capri Day Trip

Naples Ferry from Molo Beverello
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As you can understand the close distance between Naples and Capri, make it the perfect day trip from the busy city. Same as Positano, Capri is an authentic gem in the Bay of Naples. This is a unique experience to do, and you can’t miss a visit to Capri. For the perfect day trip to Capri from Naples, you can follow our tips. Start your day really early taking your boat ride from the seaport of Naples. I will say that you have to be at Molo Beverello around 8.30 and take the ferry to Capri at 9.00.

Get a Blue Grotto Tour and discover one of the most magical places of the Bay of Naples. Book your place on a tour that will show you all the suggestive cliffs of Capri and the amazing landscape over the “Faraglioni of Capri”. You will pass by the Villa of Tiberio, the Roman Emperor that was firstly bewitched by the beauty of this island. The afternoon can be everything you love more. If you want to hike, you can get up to the Mount Solaro, and enjoy the amazing view. There is also a lift that will take you on the pick. If you are fancy for a posh afternoon, head to the Piazzetta of Capri, one of the most elegant places of the island. The seaport is really close to this last landmarks for your return to Naples.

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How to get from Naples to Capri for day trip Private Tour

As we said before there are many private tours that will take you from Naples to Capri for a day trip. You can find many full-day Capri Tours from Naples or trips that will include the lunch on the best Italian Island. We have highlighted some of the best tours for us.

Naples to Capri Tour – Naples to Capri day Tour

Those are some of our best highlights for your Tours of Capri. If you are in lack of time go for a private tour that will show you all the best and you and you will regret anything on your return.

A helicopter from Naples to Capri

There are many ways to reach Naples to Capri, but most posh will be by helicopter. It will be a luxurious alternative to visit Capri. For sure it is not an on a budget choice to afford travels, but if your wallet wants, you can catch the next helicopter from Capodichino and discover Capri from another viewpoint, landing in just 20 minutes.

From Capodichino, you can also take a ride on the Helicopter to the Amalfi Coast and Ischia too. The Helicopter transfer from Naples to Sorrento or Ravello in the Amalfi Coast will take the same time, 20 minutes. The view from the top is breathtaking and you can’t miss this option if you can afford it.

Naples to Capri helicopter price

Now you are curious to know how much coast the trip from Naples to Capri by Helicopter. The trip may vary about the persons, luggage and distance. You can get a helicopter transfer from Rome to Capri as well. To check better the routes you can visit the website of the main company. 

The Helicopter will be your chance also for an excursion of the area from the ski or rented for filming and Aereal Works.

What to expect when you arrive in Capri

First of all, try to focus on the spectacular landscapes you can see from the boat. If you are lucky and will be able to return to Naples at sunset, you will be able to enjoy something unique.

The ferries arrive at Marina Grande, the main seaport of Capri. From the Port Area of Capri, you can get a taxi to the town of Capri, or just stroll around the seaside called Anacapri. From the seaport you can get public transport as well that will take you all around the island.

Look for the typical mini taxi of Capri, suggestive and traditional, will take you also in the narrow streets of the Island.

Posh beaches of Capri Italy Napoli Bay
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The seascapes from your boat from Naples to Capri

This is something that we have said already before. The seascape from your ferry from Naples to Capri is absolutely breathtaking. A unique view on the Bay of Naples that will be in your memories forever. If you are going from Naples to Capri by ferry, you can get the chance to have a view of 360 on the bay and enjoy it even more.

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A boat tour of the Island of Capri

While you are in Capri, why not grab the opportunity to see the beautiful island from the sea perspective. With a deep dive into the blue water around the magic island in the Napoli’s Bay, you will remember forever your holiday in Italy.

This is the right opportunity to snorkel below the cliffs of Capri and discover the underwater world. This Capri Boat Tour, include also a pick up from your hotel, that makes it a win-win, check our suggestion. For just 18 euro you can enjoy a full day on a boat surrounded by nature and turquoise water. This is the bargain we found!

Best Capri boat tours

Have a look at those amazing Boat Trip in Capri

Day Trips from Rome to Capri

This is something most requested. It is possible to do a day trips from Rome to Capri, but you have to wake up early and take the first train from the Italian Capital to Naples. There are fast trains departing from Rome to Naples from the Station of Tiburtina and Rome Termini.

You have to take the train toward Piazza Garibaldi the main train station of Naples, also close to Porta di Massa and Molo Beverello, docking ports of the ferries for Capri.

The distance between Rome and Naples is approximately 200 kilometres, that will means 1 hour by faster train. Two are the companies that service the route in Italy, Trenitalia and Italo. The ride from Naples to Capri will take from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 25 minutes. All that means, from Rome to Capri day trips will take around 2 hours and a half at least one way.

Day Tour from Rome to Capri

If you are not happy to organize a day tour from Rome to Capri by yourself, you can go for a planned one. For less than 200 euros, you can have a planned day trip to Capri from Rome, with all the transfers included. Check this bargain here!

Those are some of the best highlights we have from Capri for you!

Q&A Naples to Capri by Ferry Boat

Naples to Capri, How long it takes?

Depending on the way you want to reach Capri from Naples, the route will take from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 25 minutes. Taking a ferry from Molo Beverello, with NLG, that means “Navigazione Libera del Golfo” – “Free Navigation in the Bay”, will take 50 minutes with a fast boat. Taking a slow ferry with Caremar can take from 1 hour to 1 hour and 25 minutes. The NLG and SNAV Aliscafi service the route up to 8 times per day. This may vary due to weather conditions and the sea.

Can I take my car to Capri?

Yes, you can. But for almost all the year is forbidden to embark the car to the Island, except for residents.

Does Capri have an airport?

The nearest airport to Capri is Capodichino, the airport of Naples. Despite that, you can reach Capri from Naples by helicopter. Book your private transport from 20 Euro.

How long does it take to get from Rome to Capri?

A nice trip from Rome to Capri could take up to 3 hours. You need at least 2 hours by car to reach Naples from Rome and then a fast boat to Capri that will take 45 minutes. The fast way to reach Capri from Rome is taking a fast train at Termini Station, Italo or Trenitalia serve the route. You can get to Naples from Rome by train in less than 1 hour and than head to Molo Beverello.

When should I visit Capri in Italy?

Capri is always nice, even if we consider the best time of the year to visit Capri Italy in spring. The high season in Capri, start usually in Easter. From that time the Island starts to be busy. The end of the season is around the last week of October. April to mid-June will be the perfect time to visit the Island and enjoy it. If it is not your case, start to think about, from mid-September on.

Can you drive from Naples to Capri?

No. It is impossible. Capri is an Island and isn’t connected to the land. The only ways to reach Capri from Naples is by ferry or by Helicopter.

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