Why you should go for Pizza cooking classes in Naples Italy

Going to Napoli you have to experience the food! Naples is heaven for food lovers. You can eat a lot in just a week in Naples. Take the chance to join one of our suggested pizza cooking classes in Naples Italy. Going up and down the hills discovering the city, your track will be stopped every 10 metres to eat some delicious food.

If you want to discover the best this city has to offer in terms of food and tradition you have to go for a Pizza making class. In the place where pizza born, there are no other things to do. Pizza Makers from everywhere are coming to Naples to enjoy the art of making pizza following the traditional way.

Pizza Making school Naples Italy

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If you are planning to visit Naples, Italy, why don’t go for a food tour of Naples and join one of the following Pizza cooking class? It will be fun, and obviously delicious.

Pizza cooking Classes in Naples, Italy

If you want to discover all the secrets of Naples you have to go to pizza cooking classes in Naples Italy. This is the better way to understand the tradition and why locals love the art of making pizza. The pizzaiolo in Naples is an artist, not just a job.

Like the pizza is not just a dish, but is a piece of art. So, those are just some of the reason why cooking classes in Naples need to be on your list of things to do in Italy. The atmosphere of a typical and traditional Neapolitan pizzeria is unique. We have selected the best pizzeria in Naples, chosen by locals.

Pizza making lessons in Naples

In your pizza making lessons in Naples, you will learn how to prepare the best dough, the sauce, cooking time and serving. It is not easy as you expect, but once you learn you will be back at home and start to prepare your own pizza for your family. A pizza making course in Naples is not expensive, and also, more than other places where you will learn the real art of making pizza.

Naples street food and guide with a local

Sorrento’s Pizza cooking Class for a romantic way to discover Italy

cooking classes in naples italy

Everyone knows that Sorrento is really romantic, so here we are trying to share with you the reasons why you should go for a pizza-making class in Naples. Sorrento’s pizza making class could be so romantic, an authentic getaway between tasty flavours and colours with your partner. Your pizza Course could be with the best master pizzaiolo in Italy, in the born place of pizza. Did you know that recently Unesco promoted pizza as Intangible World Heritage. No, now you know.

How will be your Pizza making Lessons

The master pizzaiolo will introduce your Pizza making lessons with the foundation to the story of pizza. Later on, we will explain how everything started. Your pizza making course in Naples will than take you through every step of the process of making pizza.

The atmosphere of your lessons will be friendly in respect of the old Neapolitan tradition. Making pizza is easier than you expect. But like all old arts need the steps in the process and the correct way to make it happen. After the pizza cooking lessons in Naples, you will be able to come back home and make it on your own amaze your guests.

Private pizza making lessons – Cooking class in Naples Italy

If you feel uncomfortable to be in the same place with others while learning the old art of making pizza in Naples. You can have the chance to learn on your own. Take the chance to understand how to make the perfect dough, arrange the sauce and mix the perfect ingredients, at your own time and maybe at your own place. Pizza making lessons are suitable for everybody. Your kids will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and play with flour and tomato sauce.

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Experience the local cuisine with Master Chefs

You can’t say that you have visited a place fully if you haven’t tried their local cuisine. Taking part in a cooking class in Naples, or go for a food tour in the street of the Southern city of Italy will be an extraordinary experience to do. Those tours are generally cheap, and also an experience that not everybody does. You will be the first among your friends to do this kind of experience. Coming back home able to make pizza and pasta on your own.

Taking just a few hours out of discovering the city. Go in deep into the tradition of the local dishes will get you memories incomparable. Your chefs will teach you the importance of fresh ingredients, the timing, the real secrets behind the Neapolitan gastronomy, all of that with a fun environment with your family.

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Learn how to make Pizza Fritta on your own

pizza making lessons - naples italy

Just high-quality products are great to make pizza. The best pizzaiolo will teach you how to recognize a good product from a bad one. Some of the Pizza cooking classes in Naples Italy we are suggesting here. You can be able to go with the pizza maker in the local market and choose wisely your own products.

You will learn how to choose the correct ingredients, mixing the flavours and consistency. The most known is the Pizza Margherita. But one of the tasty ones is the Fried Pizza, and now you will be able to learn it as well. They will also teach you how to accompany a great pizza with a nice glass of wine. If you are fancy to try even a beer could fit in your meal.

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