Naples Italy has really a lot to offer to visitors. This amazing city in the Southern part of Italy has been underrated for years, under the pressure of the question about is Naples safe? This is the list of the best beaches in Naples Italy. As locals, we know all the secret beaches in Naples, discovering the city from a different point of view. The ancient Greek city is just amazing, the tradition, the food, the funny locals will make your stay the best holidays ever.

Wasn’t too hard to plan a list of top beaches in Naples Italy. Naples Italy Beaches is something that you have to try. If you are not looking to stay in the city, but fancy to discover the surrounded cities, below you will see a list of best beaches around Naples Italy as well.

Visiting Sorrento, Ischia, Capri and the Amalfi Coast from Naples.

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Best beaches of Naples - Italy

The top Naples Italy beaches will include all the best places to visit chasing the sun in Italy. This is a list made by locals, is not easy to reach some places. Most of the beaches could be down the cliff and you have to walk a lot to reach.

Naples is not the perfect city for a summer on the beach, but we will assure you that swim in the best Gulf in the World could be one of the most emotional experiences in your life. However, are you staying in the city, even for two days in Naples you have to visit those beaches.

  • La Gaiola Beach
  • Baia di Trentaremi
  • Marechiaro
  • Il Gabbiano a Marechiaro
  • Bagno Elena
  • Lido Rocce Verdi
  • Salotto La Veronica

Other beaches near Naples:

Lido Virgilio
Seaside of Pozzuoli

Ischia the green Island near Naples


We couldn’t leave you without a clear direction on how to reach the best beaches in Naples. We made this map to get a perfect location for each place. There are different ways to reach the places, but below in the description of any of that, you will find a way to reach it easily. Rent a car in Naples will help you a lot commuting, but it is not really easy to drive in this crazy city.

The Gaiola Beach Naples Italy

12 Best Beaches in Naples Italy choose by Locals (with Map) 1

The first beach on our list is absolutely La Gaiola. This is not just a beach but is a protected area too. We highly advise you to visit this place in your stay in Naples, due is a restricted area, they don’t allow many people to get in. Wake up early in order to don’t be disappointed.

The Gaiola beach is situated in the Gulf of Naples just below the Posillipo Borough one of the cosiest and fancy of Naples.

To enter in the Underwater Park of Gaiola you have to show an ID. The entrance is free but is really popular among locals. There are many water activities in place, like kayaking, paddling and snorkelling. Visit the Roman Ruins underwater for a unique experience in Naples Italy.

Location: Discesa Gaiola – Q5RP+XX Napoli, NA, Italia

Naples Beaches Italy Map

Baia di Trentaremi

This little creek into the beautiful area of Pausilypon Archeological Park is one of the gems of our list of best beaches in Naples Italy. This place is really down the cliff and reachable just from the sea. The Bay of Trentaremi is definitely one of the most enchanting and suggestive places in the Gulf of Naples. On the top of the cliff, the Park dedicate to Virgilio, who narrated the past of this amazing city.

You can visit it just by boat or by kayak, but for sure you will enjoy the clear blue water. A place out of the loud noises of the city, for an extraordinary experience in Italy.

Location: Q5WM+J5 Napoli, NA, Italia

The Scoglione of Marechiaro (The big cliff of Marechiaro)

Best beaches in Naples Italy

There are many songs addressed to this place. For the Neapolitan people, this is the place where the water is the cleanest. Translating Marechiaro, it is meaning clear water. Really here the Gulf of Naples is clear blue and crystalline. This is one of the best Naples beaches, pay a visit the window on the Gulf, you can get the best photos of Naples from here. You can reach Lido Marechiaro going down to Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro, or going to the most equipped area from Via Marechiaro, where you can find the Lido Delle Rose. On the second option, you can have a full day on a platform on the sea, enjoying a fresh relaxing day on the Naples Italy Beaches.

Location: Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro, 33 – Q5VR+WJ Napoli, NA, Italia

Bagno Elena Naples Italy

In the amazing location of Posillipo, there is Bagno Elena one of the most popular among locals. Posillipo if you don’t know is one of the poshest areas of Naples, rich houses and amazing villas are built up to the hill that looks at the Gulf.

Bagno Elena is really crowded during summer is becoming popular among tourists as well because of Palazzo Donna Anna, an awesome landmark of Naples that you have to don’t miss in your visit.

This beach has a lot of services like cafè, bars and restaurants. You can hire sunbed, umbrellas and director chairs in Bagno Elena to be more comfortable on your beach day in Naples. Just close to Bagno Elena there is the yacht club of Naples that restrict the entrance to the area just to members.

Location: Via Posillipo, 14 – R6C8+R8 Napoli, NA, Italia


Il Gabbiano a Marechiaro beach Napoli

Just behind the most popular beach of Marechiaro, there is private beach Il Gabbiano a Marechiaro. Managed by locals this place offer complete beach services as sunbeds, umbrellas and others over than a restaurant and bar. Visiting this place you will have a unique experience to spend a day on the rocks of the Gulf of Naples. A different way to spend a day on the beaches of Naples, just in one of the poshest areas of Naples. It is not difficult to reach this place and the presence of parking space and cheap prices make it the first choice for locals. This is also one of the most romantic locations in Naples for eating an amazing pizza.

Location: Via Marechiaro, 115, Q5WV+JH Napoli, NA, Italia

Lido Rocce Verdi

This place is another private beach that offers services. The prices are not expensive and you can enjoy a relaxing day out of the craziness of the city. Lido Rocce Verdi has got a big pool filled with seawater, and a beach on the rocks where it is taking the name. This is another beach resort in Naples, in the area of Posillipo. This cosy area has got some of the best beaches hotels in Naples Italy

Location:  Via Posillipo, 68 – Q5WX+X8 Napoli, NA, Italia

Salotto La Veronica

This is not just one of the best beaches in Naples but is also one of the things to do in Naples at night. For many Salotto La Veronica is the place where enjoy a drink at night, or where spend an afternoon for an aperitif with friends. But this place is also a nice beach in the area between Bagnoli and Pozzuoli. It is really busy during the summer, especially on the weekends. Salotto La Veronica offers a structure on three different levels, with a sun solarium, a platform serviced with showers, bars and restaurants and a great rocks beach.

Location:  Via Napoli, 16, 80078 Pozzuoli NA – R592+2J Pozzuoli, NA, Italia

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Best beaches in Italy near Naples

The best beaches hotels in naples italy

Lido Virgilio

Following the Coast path of the Naples Gulf you can reach Miseno and Miliscola, those are two places near Naples with sandy gold beaches. This beach near Naples is different compared to the first two because of the services. Here you can enjoy a quiet day on the beach with bars, restaurants or snack area. Find the parking here is easy, there are a lot of parking spaces available on the main road with prices for the ticket that goes from 2 euro per hour.


In the western part of Naples, near the city of Pozzuoli, rich in history and traditions, there is Lucrino. There are many resorts and beaches in the area of Lucrino. As always you will find areas for free and private beaches. Lucrino is well connected from Pozzuoli and is an easy spot for cheap accommodation near Naples. This is not just a day relaxing on the beach, but also a night centre for locals.

Bacoli – The house of Pinocchio

Near Lucrino there is Bacoli, that is following the coastline of Naples. This is nothing compared to the Amalfi Coast but is close to the city and affordable for cheap. There are many places that offer sunbeds and umbrellas over many services on the beach. This is another place for the nightlife of Naples with many clubs that offer the beach services in the morning. This area has got some of the best beach clubs in Naples Italy.

While you are visiting Bacoli, you might be interested in Pinocchio’s House. Yes, you are reading well. On the lake of Bacoli, there is an old amazing house in Vanvitellian style. This blue building was used by the kings of Naples as hunting house, then rebuilt as a guest house. This place is well known among the locals as the “Casina Vanvitelliana” or as the “house of Pinocchio” by mistake. This is because it seems the same film location of an old Italian movie about Pinocchio.

Take a ferry to Ischia

Procida from Naples - Napoli day trips

There are three main islands close to Naples, that are reachable by ferry from the city centre. Ischia is one of the wildest one, with many unforgettable viewpoints and some of the best beaches in Italy. You can have pebbles or sand beaches, renting here in summer could be expensive, but less compared to the closest Capri.

Ischia is really popular among the locals, despite Capri is crowded with tourists during summer. Some of the best beaches of Ischia are the Spiaggia dei Maronti, Spiaggia degli Inglesi, Citara e dei Pescatori. If you are also a hiking lover we suggest you plan your holidays in Ischia. Easily on this island, you can go from hiking boots to a swimming suit.

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Beaches of Amalfi Coast

View on the Gulf of Naples - Best resorts in Naples Italy

Visiting the Amalfi Coast from Naples you will see some of the best beaches in Italy, and even some of the top beaches in the World. The Amalfi Coast is well known, for that reason we suggest you to plan to stay in Sorrento during your holiday for an affordable price. Picturesque landscapes, high cliffs, small beaches are waiting for you. In Positano, you can go to the Fornillo Beach, Spiaggia Grande or Spiaggia dei Pescatori (The fisherman beach).

On the way to Amalfi, you can visit the beaches of Cetara, Furore, Maiori and Minori, Sorrento and enjoy the amazing landscapes. Those are just some of the best beach towns near Naples Italy.

Check out our blog post about the Top 10 Beaches in Amalfi Coast!

Free beaches in Napoli you have to pay a visit this summer

As you can see there are many beaches in Naples to visit. As we are local we have visited some of the most hidden gems of Naples in our childhood. If you want to be like a local and know the very traditional place where the inhabitant of Naples spend their summer you need to know Mappatella Beach. This is not the first choice for a refreshing swim in the Gulf of Naples, but still a folkloristic place in the city. It is near the seaside of Mergellina, a tiny beach close to the Rotonda Diaz. Borgo dei Marinari has got another tiny beach in Naples, in a fairytale location near the ancient Castel de l’Ovo.

The Casa degli spiriti is the right place for a dive in the blue water of Naples. Jump down from an ancient Roman structure. The Scoglione a Marechiaro is only reachable by boat from the near boat place of Don Ciro a Marechiaro, hire a boat and reach the undiscovered Naples. Riva Fiorita is the last in our list, but not most suggestive. Known by locals as Giuseppone a Mare has got a tiny beach in a large cliff, with picturesque coloured houses on the seaside.

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