Top 10 Beaches in Amalfi Coast (with Map)

Italy’s beaches are really beautiful, but it is the southern part of the country that has got some of the best landscapes in the World. We are here to inspire you to visit the Best beaches in Amalfi Coast. The Campania Region is the one wished by many travellers. In a longline high cliffs coast side, you can find some of the most beautiful gems of Italy, like Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento.

Visit the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast for a summer in Italy. This part of Italy is worth visiting all year round, but in Summer it will show you the best. In this list of sandy beaches of Amalfi Coast, you will find hidden spots and well-known places. We come from Naples and know this area very well.

Quite often this has been confused with the best beaches of Naples, but the Amalfi Coast is another part of these amazing lands kissed by sun and sea.

Where is the Amalfi Coast

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If you don’t know yet the exact position of the Amalfi Coast, it is in the South. The beaches are on the Mediterranean sea, in a part between the Bay of Naples and Salerno. The Amalfi Coast is a longline seashore side with many cities and little towns that make the landscape varied.

The Amalfi Coast begins at Punta Campanella, then it continues along with the coast passing by Sorrento toward Salerno. Below in this post, you will have information regarding how to reach the Amalfi Coast from Naples.

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Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast

  • Fornillo Beach, Positano
  • Arienzo Beach
  • Maiori
  • Santa Croce, Amalfi
  • Marina di Praia
  • Fiordo di Furore
  • Marina del Cantone, Nerano
  • Spiaggia di Cauco, Baia di Erchie
  • Marina di Cetara
  • Il Duoglio, Amalfi

Two other hidden gem beaches on Amalfi Coast

  • Lo Sgarrupo, Maiori
  • La spiaggia dei Limoni, Erchie

Fornillo Beach, Positano

We are starting our list of the top 10 beaches in Amalfi Coast with a must-do. Fornillo Beach is a more quiet beach compared to the crowded and well known Spiaggia Grande of Positano. A little pathway connects Fornillo Beach with the centre of Positano. This is a beach mainly known by locals and is unlikely to find tourists here.

This little beach is hidden between three different Private Beach Clubs, a little cove is still left free. Here you can relax with blue turquoise seawater. This little stretch away just 10 minutes from the city centre was used as a hidden spot for nudists, and today you can still find people go topless here, not the perfect spot for families.

You will reach Fornillo Beach, follow the signals for Hotel Covo dei Saraceni, pass it and go up the natural staircase of cobbled steps.

Arienzo Beach – Positano

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This beach is another cute spot in the Amalfi Coast, ideal also for photography. The Arienzo beach is a hidden stretch down the cliff. To reach this Spiaggia you have to descend a 300 steps stone staircase. The landscape you will see from the top is insane, the view of the shoreline and this little piece of beach is something memorable. Despite the large portion of this shoreline being owned by a private club, the Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club, you can still enjoy a piece of free beach.

This beach is also reachable by boat from Positano. The same is worth the return. If going down the cliff is easy and spectacular, we know that going up to 300 steps will be hard. Take a boat ride back to Positano on a wooden-boat ferry. It is a unique experience to do in the Amalfi Coast.


Sorrento Seaside of Amalfi Coast
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If small hidden beaches and cliffs descending staircases are not what you are looking for, check out for Maiori.

This is one of the few sandy beaches on the coast. This little town is a cocoon for peace lovers. This is the perfect place to take it slow and relax on the beach away from stress.

This is one of the best beaches in Campania, the region of Amalfi Coast. There are many water sports here, and also many ferry opportunities starting the journey from Maiori.

If you are looking for unique experiences in the Amalfi Coast, we suggest you check for Cala Bellavaia. Not far from Maiori there is a little beach, accessible just by boat. This horseshoe-shaped beach is ideal for snorkelling thanks to the natural beauties of this corner. Check out for the Pandora Caves for a day snorkelling in the Amalfi Coast.

Santa Croce, Amalfi

Another rocky beach on the Amalfi Coast. This is a little cove hidden and well visible just by the sea. Santa Croce beach is away from the Spiaggia Grande of Positano, and so not that crowded. On this little shore, there are two amazing restaurants and beach clubs, the Santa Croce and Da Teresa. This is the proper Italian Style shore, the one you have dreamed of and is worth visiting. Both restaurants do the boat taxi if you want to stay with them.

Marina di Praia, Praiano

This beach is in one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi Coast. The beach of Praia is in Praiano. Well known as the dock for the departures of mini cruises and boat trips to Capri, Marina di Praia of Praiano is one of the Top Beaches in the Amalfi Coast. It is another longline beach, mostly made of a stone platform. This place is ideal also for watersports like snorkelling.

This place is preserving its spirit as a fisherman village, it is common to find people going early in the morning fishing. The restaurants in the area are specialized in seafood as you can clearly understand. If you don’t want to stay here for a swim, wander about lunch or dinner in a local restaurant on the sea.

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Fiordo di Furore

This is an iconic bridge in Italy. It is close to Positano and offers the best view of the sea. The Fiordo of Furore is a Fjord, is unique, there are no more fjords in Italy and it was used as a fishing hamlet. In the video above you can clearly recognize this site.

The emerald-blue cove of Furore is difficult to reach. There are quite a few small tight steps, over 300, with rock walls. The light hours are not that many because of the position and the rock at the back but are absolutely something to visit in your Amalfi Coast beach itinerary. Every year this little corner of paradise is taking place the Mar Meeting, an international high-diving spectacle.

Marina del Cantone, Nerano

I have been all summer in my childhood in this little old fishing town. Marina del Cantone isn’t easy to reach. Among locals is very popular, but is a hidden gem for tourists. You can get access to Marina del Cantone just by one main road, going down the cliffs.

This corner of paradise in the Amalfi Coast is actually still in the Bay of Sorrento, half an hour away driving from that city. This beach is rocky and so is not the one tourists love, but many beaches on the coastline of Naples are like that. This is a more exclusive place, not really cheap and accessible, starting from the parking. But, if you are looking for a place on a budget there is local camping that can be good to check out.

Spiaggia di Cauco, Baia di Erchie

Spiaggia del Cauco in Amalfi Coast - Best Beaches of Amalfi Coast
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You might know that this part of southern Italy has seen many conquerors through the ages. The history behind this beach of Amalfi Coast goes back to the Greek time. Naples, not far away from that was once a Greek city, Neapolis.

The Baia of Erchie following the legend was found by Hercules, a tiny village surrounded by nature. This place is today located between Maiori and Cetara, in a stretch of coastline unique and pretty. Still talking about history you can clearly recognize on your way to the Spiaggia del Cauco two old medieval Saracen Towers.

Those are the Torre of Cerniola and Torre of Tummolo. Those two had the mission to protect the shore in the ancient time. Erchie today is one of the best places for nightlife in pretty Italian Style, over than just a place where to lie on the beach.

If you are visiting the Amalfi coast you can’t miss exploring the beautiful city of Naples.

Marina di Cetara

Up there you have already seen this name Cetara. Continuing from the Beach of Cauco in Erchie, following the coastline you will arrive at Marina di Cetara. This little village has got one of the most sudden and picturesque seaports in the whole shoreline. This place is growing so much in tourism, becoming more crowded summer after summer. The main beach of Cetara is stunning, a few steps away you have the harbour that connects you with the whole coast.

This fisherman town is ideal for who is looking for a pretty Italian style holiday on the Amalfi coast. Visit the local Cathedral, filled with majolica-tiled typical of this part of Italy. Take your own souvenir at one of the craft shops on the main road, and enjoy the seaside and the amazing restaurants.

Il Duoglio, Amalfi

This is the last place on our list of the Top 10 beaches in Amalfi Coast. Duoglio Beach is close to Amalfi, where the coast is ending. Still, down below you can find many other amazing beaches until Salerno. Here you will spot more sandy beaches and the coast is opening more, with the amazing coastline of Cilento.

The Duoglio Beach of Amalfi is a hidden beach down the cliff. To reach the seaside you have to go down about 250 stairs, looking at an amazing seascape. This beach is well known among locals, but not that much for foreign visitors. This place has remained intact over time. This is another snorkelling point in the Amalfi Coast, thanks to the clearwater and the shoreline compact.

Are you planning a trip to Naples? See the best places where you need to eat pizza in Napoli.

Lo Sgarrupo, Maiori

This beach is another hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast. You can reach the white cobblestone shore beach just by boat from a close beach. You will find many locals here more than tourists. Lo Sgarrupo is out of the common guide about the best beaches of Amalfi Coast. The name of this place is coming from the dialect, that is meaning dangerous rock. This is the place that is coming from the picture-perfect part of Italy. There is also an old man on a bar-boat. Yes, he will offer refreshment to the adventurers on the beach. You can get a boat ride to Lo Sgarrupo beach from “La Spiaggia dei limoni” or from “Spiaggia del Cauco”.

Spiaggia dei Limoni, Erchie

Lemon threes in Amalfi Coast and Sorrento
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This is the most hidden and almost impossible to reach. As we know recently this little stretch of coast has been closed especially in winter because it is too dangerous. The rock cliff collapses because of the rains. The local authorities are constantly trying to reopen it in the summertime, for the few adventurers. The Spiaggia dei Limoni takes its name from the natural path you have to go through before reaching the beach. Limoni means Lemons.

If you are adventurous and want to visit this place, you can rent a little boat or a Kayak on the close beach of Erchie and reach this place. The stairs are now closed because they are too dangerous.

How to reach the best beaches in Amalfi Coast from Naples

Down below you will find a map of the best beaches of Amalfi Coast. To reach this beautiful stretch of Coast Line from Naples, you will need to go on the highway by car, or take a train and arrive in Sorrento, then start to explore by bus or taxi. For us, this is one of the best Italian’s Road Trip to make once in life.

There are many organized tours of the Amalfi Coast, starting the journey from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi or Sorrento. What we suggest is to plan at least a week in the Amalfi Coast and start to explore day by day the little towns.

For more information on how to reach Positano and the Amalfi Coast, check out our blog post dedicated to that here.

The Map of Amalfi Coast best beaches

How much time do I need to explore the best beaches of Amalfi Coast?

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To answer this question we should know which is your budget. The Amalfi Coast is really expensive. Some places of the Amalfi Coast have got some really prohibitive prices. Positano, Amalfi or even Sorrento have got high prices but also some of the best landscapes in the World.

There are two ways to explore better and try to lower the costs of the trip. The first is to touch base in Naples and move to Sorrento through the Vesuviana. From Sorrento is easy to reach all the little towns of the Amalfi Coast through public transport. Check out our post about day trips from Sorrento!

The accommodation in Sorrento is not cheap, but organizing your trip within time, you will be able to find bargains. 

The second opportunity we offer to you is more adventurous. This will be a long trip that will take at least a week on the Amalfi Coast. You will need to organize this trip ahead of time and book your accommodations in advance. We suggest you see every place we have recommended you in this post and watch out for visiting each one for a day, moving across two or three accommodations.

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