25 Best beaches in Puglia + hidden spots ideal for summer

The incredible southern Region of Italy, Puglia, offers some of the best beaches in the whole country. This guide will design an itinerary through the best beaches in Puglia. A route for any traveller about the most beautiful beach towns in Puglia and places to spend your next summer holidays.

However, Puglia is nice not only in summer and you should see why Puglia is worth visiting all year round.

Be ready to get all the insider tips about famous locations like Polignano a Mare, Grotta della Poesia, Monopoli, Bari and Ostuni, but also read about hidden gems of Puglia. You will discover some places you didn’t know existed like the Maldives of Puglia, Torre dell’Orso, the meeting point between two seas in Santa Maria di Leuca and many more.

Featuring the best beach resorts in Puglia and the simple best beaches of Puglia we have listed some incredible locations you should place in your Italy bucket list. Perhaps this is not possible, think about an unbelievable Road trip in Puglia.

Beautiful view of Torre Sant'Andrea beaches
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 25 Incredible best Beaches in Puglia to dive in

  • Pugnochiuso | Foggia
  • Peschici | Foggia
  • Rodi Garganico | Foggia
  • Lama Monachile | Polignano a Mare
  • Cala Porta Vecchia | Monopoli
  • Cala del Diavolo | Monopoli
  • Grotta della Poesia | Roca Vecchia
  • Torre dell’ Orso | Lecce
  • Baia dei Turchi | Lecce
  • Spiaggia degli Scaloni | Otranto
  • Porto Badisco | Otranto
  • Piscina naturale Marina di Serra | Tricase
  • Spiaggia della Purità | Gallipoli
  • Santa Maria al Bagno
  • Spiaggia degli Alimini | Otranto
  • Punta Prosciutto
  • Pescoluse | The Maldives of Puglia
  • Torre Guaceto
  • Porto Cesareo
  • Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Torre San Giovanni
  • Punta della Suina
  • Santa Cesarea Terme
  • San Foca
  • Costa Merlata

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When to visit Puglia Italy

Our heart will say it’s always a good time to visit Puglia, however, we know that there are some parts of the year when Italy is overcrowded by tourists, or even too hot to be properly discovered.

The heel of the boots is famous for its beaches, and in this post, we will enhance the best months to travel to Puglia in summer. Start to take off of your list July and August, this is the time of the year when locals get on holiday, and Puglia is a favourite and affordable destination in Italy.

The warmer months start from May to early October, this is the perfect time to enjoy Puglia’s best beaches. There is a large window to visit Puglia outside of the peak summer. The ideal time to enjoy the beaches of Puglia is definitely from May to mid-June, or if you skip this short period you should plan the trip during September or October. That’s not to say you shouldn’t plan a trip to Puglia during the picking season, however, you have to be prepared for hot and busier beaches, higher prices for accommodations and activities.

 The best deals for a trip to the best Puglia Beaches

Where to Stay to Enjoy Puglia’s Best Beaches

Before getting into that, we will introduce you to our guide to the best accommodations in Puglia. This post was made to give a perfect overview of the typical accommodations, with some tips and suggestions on where to stay in Puglia near the beaches.

If your ideal vacation is close to the seaside, enjoying a cocktail by the promenade, you should plan something around the Salento beaches. The southern part of Puglia has plenty of cute villages and towns. Staying in a local house will help you to get into the skin of this country, enjoy the traditions and meet locals.

They know the best-secluded beaches more than others, and some open the doors of their villas, away from the chaos of the cities, way closer to the seaside, but surrounded by nature.

The beautiful view of Trani
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How to visit the beaches of Puglia, Italy

Most people will say that you can’t visit Puglia without renting a car. That’s only partially true. We discovered the beautiful places surrounding Bari, visiting the fabulous Valle d’Itria, with it Polignano, Monopoli, Alberobello and many more places using public transport.

Unfortunately, the Salento coastline is not that reliable within trains and buses. If you are spending a long time in Puglia, this might be a good option, with buses running all around from Lecce to Gallipoli and Taranto. If you are visiting Puglia for a week the best option is renting a car.

This will also allow you to enjoy the little cute white towns, picturesque fisherman villages and discover hidden beaches in Puglia. Some are included in our guide to the Best Beaches in Puglia. You can rent a car directly at the Brindisi Airport, or book your rental car in advance.

Best beaches in Puglia Map

 25 Unmissable Best Beaches Puglia

Pugnochiuso – Baia delle Zagare | Foggia

Within the north of Puglia, Pugnochiuso features some of the most petite beaches in Puglia. The most beautiful place that you should visit is Baia delle Zagare. The whole shoreline is insanely beautiful, with blue turquoise water and sandy beaches. Recently Baia delle Zagare and the Gargano area has been included in the list of best beaches in the world.

Two stacks are coming out of the water, which is becoming the symbol of the Gargano, this part of Puglia. One of the best beaches of Gargano is Spiaggia di Baia dei Mergoli.

Another great experience to do in Pugnochiuso is a trip to the “Grotta del Purgatorio”, the Purgatory Grotto.

LOCATION | Baia delle Zagare

A beautiful view of Peschici at sunset - Puglia, Italy
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Peschici | Foggia | Apulia Beaches

This beautiful town in the Gargano National Park is famous for its beautiful beaches and quiet places to stay in Puglia.

This is the closest point to Croatia, facing the Island of Palagruza. One of the closest landscapes to the Amalfi Coast, Peschici is on the route of the Puglia Road Trip, one of the best travel ideas in Italy.

The small town, full of resorts and vacation accommodations, gets busy and crammed in summer. This is the easy point to reach the beautiful Tremiti Island, even in the high season. From Peschici you can enjoy a trip to Vieste, another beautiful town in the Gargano. The bay of Peschici features a long strip of sand mainly free with some parts occupied by the nearby resorts. Other interesting beaches around Peschici town are the secluded Baia di San Nicola and Spiaggia Cala del Turco.

LOCATION | Cala del Turco

Rodi Garganico | Foggia

Not so far from Peschici, just 14 kilometres away, there is Rodi Garganico. Just 14 Kilometres from Peschici. This is a very small town in Puglia, featuring a charming touristic port. We have included Rodi Garganico in this list of the best beaches in Puglia because of the town’s sandy shores of Levante Beach (nearby the Touristic Port) and Ponente Beach. East and West beaches.

This is a quiet town to spend summer in Puglia, ideal for families and couples.

LOCATION | Rodi Garganico

 Best beaches of Puglia

Terrazza Santo Stefano - Polignano a Mare things to do
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Lama Monachile | Polignano a Mare

This is the most famous beach of Polignano a mare, and maybe the name doesn’t say anything without a photo. The most instagrammable beach in Puglia is one of the top destinations to explore landing in Italy. The dramatic scenery of Lama Monachile is one of the best we have ever seen. You can stay forever to admire the sunset over this spot, with the whitewashed hanging houses and the perfect blue turquoise water crashing on the monumental cliffs.

The pebble beach is not our favourite beach in Puglia, because of the stones which make your way to the sea hard, and on a day with the rough sea, it’s hard to stay standing while getting into the water. But the Polignano a Mare beach is something you have to experience while in Puglia.

LOCATION | Polignano a Mare beach

Best beaches in Puglia | Puglia one week itinerary
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Cala Porta Vecchia | Monopoli

We loved this beach more than others while exploring Puglia. The beach is in the city centre of Monopoli and it’s just below the old town walls.

We place the Cala Porta Vecchia Beach above the Polignano a Mare Beach. This is mainly frequented by locals, with just a few tourists around, despite the city being very touristy. If you don’t like the in-town beaches, you walk along the promenade and discover the secluded inlets., like Spiaggia Cala Cozze and Lido Bianco, and a bit faraway Porto Rosso. Two of the best inlets in Monopoli are the Grotta dello Stambecco and Grotta Cala Paradiso.

Because this beach is in town, you will find many restaurants, bars and shops all around. We discovered a few places selling freshly fried food (Read our Puglia food guide for tips), and selling drinks and eating on the rocks, in proper Italian style. Friendly locals, and incredible refreshing water it’s just as icy-sugar on a cake.

LOCATION | Cala Porta Vecchia

Monopoli beautiful beaches
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Cala del Diavolo | Monopoli

Cala del Diavolo is not far from the town centre of Monopoli, south to the Santo Stefano Castle. This natural area features some of the cosy beaches for basking and swimming and secluded inlets ideal for snorkelling.

Cala Diavolo is a small inlet that hosts a beautiful beach club with many features. However, if you are more on free entrance beaches you can always reach the Spiaggia di Porto Ghiacciolo or Spiaggia di Porto Marzano.

LOCATION | Puglia Beach Cala del Diavolo

A beautiful view of the Grotta della Poesia - The Poetry Grotto in Puglia, Italy
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Grotta della Poesia | Roca Vecchia

“Who needs to go to the Blue Grotto when you can visit the Grotta della Poesia instead?

This natural pool is located in Roca Vecchia and is a convenient 30-minute drive away from Lecce. The grotto is often touted as “the Cave of Poetry”. Legend has it that a beautiful princess used to bathe in the salubrious water of the grotto. Word got out and poets from the nearby areas began frequenting the cave to churn out poetic verses about her admirable beauty.

Of course, the deep blue, calm waters of the grotto do complete justice to the title.

It is an amazing place for a swim, surrounded by an impressive rocky landscape and in the water channelled from the Adriatic Sea. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can join tens of hundreds of swimmers and jump off the cliff straight into the crystal clear water. If not, you can take the steps on the side and enter the pool.

There is also a tour available to learn more about the grotto and the Rocca ruins, which can be followed by visiting the cave chapel nearby.”

LOCATION | Grotta della Poesia Puglia

Written by Tanya Bindra – Myrightsock.com

Torre dell’ Orso | Best beaches in Puglia for Families

Not often in the travel guides, Torre dell’Orso is just about 40 minutes away from Lecce, the main city in Salento. The seaside is a beautiful shoreline of about 1Km long of white sand. Mainly known by locals, Torre dell’Orso is one of the most popular beaches in Puglia.

During July and August, the town of Torre dell’Orso is lively with locals coming to enjoy the beaches and the nightlife, thanks to the beach clubs and nice bars. However, the shoreline is just partially covered by beach services and is mainly close to Torre dell’Orso Town. You can rent chairs and umbrellas at the nearby bars. From May to early June you will enjoy most of the beaches for yourself and a few locals.

The awesome Baia dei Turchi nearby Otranto
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Wait until the sunset to admire the sun going down, with the view over the “Due Sorelle”, a rock formation which is very famous in Salento.

LOCATION | Torre dell’Orso Beach

The awesome beach of Baia dei Turchi - Best beaches in Puglia, Italy
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Baia dei Turchi | Best lidos Puglia

Baia dei Turchi is gaining popularity nowadays. The spectacular rock formation of Baia dei Turchi is something you don’t see every day. This is because it is a beautiful spot to swim in Puglia and because you have to walk to get to the beach. There is a road that is narrow and hard to drive in, but a trekking path might be the best option to enjoy a bit of nature as well.

The pine forest surrounding Baia dei Turchi makes it a bit less accessible, but worth a visit. The name of the beach comes from a legend, it is said that on this shoreline the Ottomans landed to conquer Otranto in the 15th century.

LOCATION | Puglian Beach of Cala dei Turchi

Otranto Bay nearby the beach of steps
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This is a nearby narrow beach just below the old city wall – The Spiaggia degli scaloni is right in front of this inlet.

Spiaggia degli Scaloni | Otranto

Otranto is one of my favourite cities in Puglia. The beautiful white town is incredible and welcomes you to the southern part, rich in history, culture and magnificent beaches.

The Spiaggia degli Scaloni is one of the best-known beaches in Puglia, and the main one of Otranto. Walking along the promenade you can enjoy the sea view over the seaport and the beautiful sandy beach. The seaside is crowded in summer and the beach too. Spiaggia degli Scaloni in particular is full of locals from May to October.

LOCATION | Beach of Scaloni

Castro Marina Rocky Formations
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Porto Badisco | Otranto

Staying in Otranto you should discover Porto Badisco, one of the coolest places in Salento. The emerald waters secluded in a narrow bay are unique compared to other beaches in Puglia in this guide. Access to the beach is free, however, you have the option to rent umbrellas and chairs at the bars on the beach.

The narrow shoreline is sandy with rock formations on both sides. Locals used to stay on the rocks, finding shades below the pine trees by the walking path. The beach of Porto Badisco is very popular among locals and will be less crowded by tourists in the busiest months.

Porto Badisco is, without doubt, one of the prettiest places nearby Otranto, with cool restaurants, nice cafes and boutiques is a proper holiday spot that you should consider to stay in Puglia.

LOCATION | Inlets of Porto Badisco

Piscina naturale Marina di Serra | Best beaches in Salento

From one bay to another, the Piscina naturale of Marina di Serra is an incredible spot in Puglia. Unmissable beach on our guide of Puglia, the piscina naturale is what the name suggests, a natural seawater pool. The crystal clear water is compressed in a small bay, protected by rocks. The sea is incredibly crystalline, which makes you see your steps below water.

It’s a very popular place and it is not easy to find a parking spot nearby. If you decide to visit one of the best beaches in Puglia, it is better to wake up early. For the braves, you can join locals jumping from the high cliffs. You can reach the Natural Pools of Marina Serra in about 50 minutes from Otranto.

LOCATION | Beach and natural pool of Martina di Serra

Spiaggia della Purità | Gallipoli

The most famous beach of Gallipoli, the city of summer fun in Salento, is the Spiaggia della Purità, the beach of purity.

The sandy beach is just behind the walls of Gallipoli’s old town. A long shoreline of sand below the main road Riviera Sauro, filled with restaurants and bars. If you are staying in Gallipoli, you can’t miss the Spiaggia della Purità, this is the place to unwind after a wild night at a local beach club. Gallipoli itself is a lively place ideal for nightlife, and even for couples. Talking about places to stay, Gallipoli is one of the best beach towns in Puglia, you should consider.

LOCATION | Gallipoli’s main beach

Beach of Santa Maria al Bagno

Another beach in the town, just about 20 minutes driving from Gallipoli. The picturesque town is washed by the Ionian sea and is often overshadowed by the most popular Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo. The beach of Santa Maria al Bagno is right in the city centre, which also features one of the most beautiful WWII museums in Italy.

The beach of Santa Maria al Bagno is surrounded by cliffs and nice houses all around, with crystal clear water and a nice spot for snorkelling. This beach is not very popular and is mainly visited by locals. This is the ideal sandy beach in Puglia to stay quiet and enjoy a few days of sea and sun.

LOCATION | Santa Maria al Bagno Beach

Spiaggia degli Alimini | Otranto

Back to the Otranto side, you should discover the Alimini Lakes. This natural spot in Puglia is famous among locals and less so for tourists. The natural reserve protects a central lake surrounded by thick forest, with a sandy beach that continues over the shoreline. The sand stretches for more than 5 kilometres, and it’s just minutes away from the beautiful Baia dei Turchi.

Thanks to the long, but not a wide beach, the Alimini Area is ideal for spending a few days. Despite the popularity, there is enough room even in the summer pick. It’s also a nice area to enjoy a picnic in nature, spot birds, have a walk around the lake and the thick pine forest. Remember that there is the lake of Alimini which has got a beach, but there is also the seaside with the long shoreline.

LOCATION | Alimini Beach Salento

 Where are the best Beaches in Puglia?

Punta Prosciutto

One of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia, increasing its popularity nowadays. Punta prosciutto is located about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Gallipoli and it’s one of the most pristine beaches in Puglia.

Thanks to the unbelievable landscape and rock formations that become the perfect diving board for the bravest tourists, Punta Prosciutto is one of the best beaches in Puglia. There are many parts of this beautiful promenade occupied by beach clubs, but also free spots are available.

This beach is serviced by bars, water sports and amenities. Check out the Dunes for some snacks and drinks. Yes, all around Punta Prosciutto some dunes make this beach even more wild and unspoilt. At the entrance of the bars, you can also rent umbrellas and sunbeds, however, as said before the beach is entrance free.

LOCATION | Punta Prosciutto

Natual reserve beach of San Andrea
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Pescoluse | The Maldives of Puglia

Puglia in southern Italy is famously known as Italy’s boot. The magnificent Mediterranean Sea borders the place on one side and hills on the other. Among the many beaches, the Pescoluse beach of Salve town is a popular holiday destination.

Pescoluse is well connected by roads. Palese Airport at 118 miles away, is the closest airport. The low coast is filled with golden sand. The beach is characterized by its dunes standing tall. These dunes add to the beauty of the place. The water here is crystal clear till sunset. 

The marina is divided into two beaches. One side is named “le cinque vele”, meaning the five sails. The other side is dubbed as The Maldives of Salento for its extraordinary beauty. Besides natural beauty, the marina has been a part of history through several archaeological excavations.

Chiesa di Giovanni XXIII is a beautiful Italian church near the beach. Many beaches, clubs and restaurants provide authentic Italian seafood dishes. Do visit these restaurants to have a complete beach experience.

LOCATION | Le Maldive del Salento

Written by Ruma – Travel with The holiday Story

Torre Guaceto | Nature Reserve

A Nature reserve with a protected marine area, Torre Guaceto is heaven for every nature lover. One of the most pristine beaches is located about 30 minutes away from Brindisi (Main Salento Airport – Check for more about Puglia Airports).

Compared to other beaches in Puglia, this has been left out of the development of bars, restaurants and hotels, thanks to the status of the marine reserve. You have to be mindful of visiting Torre Guaceto and leave your space clean as you get in.

The area of Torre Guaceto offers many nice beaches, the most famous is located a few metres by the 16th- century Tower that gives the name to the area, others are “Spiaggia delle Conchiglie” “Shells’ beach”, and Torre Guaceto South beach.

The reefs of this area are incredible, offering the best to avid snorkelers and divers.

LOCATION | Spiaggia delle Conchiglie – Torre Guaceto

Best beach towns in Puglia

Porto Cesareo

Between Gallipoli and Taranto, there is Porto Cesareo, one of the most amazing areas of Salento with the best beaches in Puglia. We spoke already before about some of the Salento Beaches around Porto Cesareo, places like Punta Prosciutto and Santa Maria al Bagno.

Porto Cesareo is a lively town in Puglia at a fair distance from the major towns, 30 minutes from Lecce, about 1 hour from Taranto and less than 1 hour from Brindisi. Some of the best beaches are in the Lagoon of Porto Cesareo, but you can also explore the surrounding area and enjoy a trip to Torre Lapillo. These beautiful strips of sand are some of the best in Salento.

A 4-kilometre long bay delimited by two bordering towers, these are Torre Lapillo and Torre Chianca. All around the sandy beach, only dunes, nature and white houses. The crystal blue water, the palms of the beach clubs make you dreaming it is the Maldives. Definitely, Porto Cesareo secluded some of the best beaches in Puglia.

LOCATION | Beach of Scalo di Furno

Santa Maria di Leuca

This is the extreme southern point of Puglia, and also one of the most suggestive of the whole of southern Italy. Santa Maria di Leuca is where the two seas meet, Ionian and Adriatic. The spectacular landscape is unique, with the colours of the sea changing and well recognizable on a clear day. (Check the viewpoint of Punta Ristola).

Santa Maria di Leuca is also one of the most charming summer locations in Italy, featuring the best beaches in Puglia. The little town features pretty beaches ideal for families. However, if you want to find unique experiences you have to hop on a boat tour and discover the caves. The most famous and beautiful are for sure the “Three Doors Grotto”, “the lover’s grotto”, Grotta Porcinara and a bit far the Dragon Caves. Another way to explore the caves is by renting a kayak from the nearby beach. Santa Maria di Leuca is among the best beach towns in Puglia.

LOCATION | Leuca Promenade

Torre San Giovanni

Between Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli there is Torre San Giovanni, heaven for clubbers. This place is well known for the many disco and beach clubs and is very popular among young Italians. The most famous clubs in the area are the “Lido Bora Bora” and “Cocoloco” which offer the best nightlife in Salento.

The strip of sand starts from the little town going up and down the area, offering one of the widest beaches reserves in Puglia. This is the nicest area to stay in Puglia, featuring many kinds of accommodations, from camping to luxury hotels, also closest to major cities. It’s worth mentioning that the beaches of Torre San Giovanni are part of the Promenade Natural Area of Ugento, and features an incredibly cute island reachable from the main beach.

LOCATION | Torre San Giovanni beach

Punta della Suina

Staying in Gallipoli Bay, Punta della Suina is one of the best beaches in Puglia. This rocky beach is unique and worth a visit. Punta della Suina is growing in popularity because it features a mix of rocky parts with a light strip of sand. The area is partially serviced offering sunbeds and umbrellas but at high prices. However, you can use the free entrance beach to enjoy the area as well, using the nearby bars for refreshment.

To reach the beach you have to park the car about 20 minutes away, going through a pine forest. In the high season the beach is chaotic, so think of reaching Punta Suina early in the morning for the chance to get a free spot. This is also one of the best beaches at sunset in Puglia.

LOCATION | Punta della Suina – Apulia Beaches

The nice beach town of Santa Cesarea Terme ideal for families
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Santa Cesarea Terme | Ideal families beach town

Santa Cesarea Terme is a charming town full of paradisiac beaches near Porto Badisco and Otranto. This is one of the largest centres for thermal baths in Salento and is located on the coast of the entrance of the strait of Otranto.

The town features two main beaches “Riparo gli Archi” and the Caicco, which is mainly linked to the thermal bath and the Sulfur Cave. For a beach experience in Santa Cesarea Terme head to Torre di Porto Miggiano which features rocky formations and awesome blue turquoise water.

Not far away from this, there is a hidden beach, the Porto Miggiano Beach. This is a small inlet with a beautiful cave and cliffs with mixed sand and rocky beach. Definitely, Santa Cesarea Terme is the best beach town in Puglia on our list.

LOCATION | Santa Cesarea Riparo degli Antichi

Emerald water in San Foca Meledugno
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San Foca | Melendugno, Lecce

Not so far from Lecce, San Foca is one of the less popular beach locations in Puglia among tourists, but well-known amidst locals. Within just 27 minutes from Lecce, San Foca is one of the beaches chosen by Salentinos to spend their summer. Not so far from San Foca, you can discover the Grotta della Poesia, one of the best places in Puglia. You might understand how beautiful this area is, featuring about 6 Kilometres of endless beaches between rocks and sand.

LOCATION | San Foca Beaches – Melendugno

Costa Merlata | Brindisi

This is the closest beach from the white town of Ostuni, the door to the Salento.

Costa Merlata is among the best beaches in the world and it’s completely surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and endless meadow and fields. The scenery is insane with a wide coastline that can be explored walking from north to south. So, it doesn’t matter where you park the car, you can always explore the rest of the serrated coastline from one point. We suggest you park nearby Santa Lucia, which offers many opportunities to park for free or on a fee and is easy to reach from the highway.

The best way to explore the Costa Merlata is definitely going through the “Calette”, narrow rocky beaches in the settlement, featuring the best crystal clear water in a tight basin. Head here to find some of the finest and best beach resorts in Puglia.

LOCATION | Costa Merlata Beach

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Best Beaches near Bari

If you are landing in Bari you should know that the city features beautiful beaches too, and you don’t need to travel far to find a fine stretch of sandy beach. Bari is one of the main airports of Puglia with international flights landing every day, it is also the capital of the Region, with superb seaside and lively nightlife. Explore the best things to do in Bari for us.

Within 20 minutes from the main train station of Bari, you can reach Polignano a Mare and enjoy the rocky Lama Monachile, with the dramatic cliffs landscape and refreshing water. Just ten minutes more of the train ride and you can arrive in Monopoli. This white city is enchanting and features an incredible promenade, walking on the top of the old city walls. If you have a bit of time, explore the narrow old town of Monopoli The main beach here is Cala Porta Vecchia, but walking south you can find many secluded inlets worth exploring.

Best Beaches near Brindisi

We landed in Brindisi, and our first thought was to explore the beaches. Coming from the harsh weather of London this was an essential prerogative of our trip to Puglia.

Brindisi is just the open door to the marvellous Salento Coast, highlighting some of the best beach towns in Puglia. Close to Brindisi city, there is the natural area of Punta Penne, rocky formation and crystal clear water will welcome you to Puglia. This is reachable by bus from the city centre. If you are renting a car, within 20 minutes from Brindisi there is the Natural Protected area of Torre Guaceto, unique and unmissable.

Best beaches near Ostuni

The white-washed houses of Ostuni are internal and offer the best viewpoint over the Puglia coastline. However, Ostuni is often chosen as a place to Stay in Puglia in summer because it is near the seaside, but away from crowds and most refreshing because of the hilltop.

The best Apulia Beach near Ostuni is the Costa Merlata, featured in this article about Puglia best beaches. Going more indeep in the suggestions you can check for Spiaggia Torre Pozzelle, Baia Camerini, Spiaggia Gorgognolo, Costa Smeralda and Spiaggia Lamaforca or Torre Canne. From Ostuni to the beach it will take about 20 minutes by car. Renting a Car is essential in this case.

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Where to stay in Puglia for Beaches

If you are looking forward to your next summer holiday in Puglia, you should consider the below locations as places to stay. Our experience comes in handy to choose the best resorts in Puglia near the beaches, avoid traffic gams and discover places at slow peace. For a unique review of the best places to stay in Puglia, check our guide.

Tenuta Ferraro Hotel Gallipoli
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Tenuta Ferraro

$30 | £25 | €79

Gallipoli | Farm Stay – Affordable and close to the beaches
Free Breakfast
The sea view from Oikia Hotel in Porto Badisco
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Oikia Vacanze Hotel

$30 | £25 | €30

Porto Badisco | At a walkable distance from the sea
Free Cancellation

Q&A Best Beaches Puglia, Italy


In a few words, Best crystal seawater. This is an award for the best beaches or marinas which feature high standards in water, facilities, safety and environmental management. A beach passing all those steps is awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certification by the “FEE” – Foundation for Environmental Education.

Best sandy beaches in Puglia?

We give the top tree – Baia dei Turchi, Pescoluse and Cala Porta Vecchia

Best beaches in Puglia for Families?

Definitely nearby Santa Cesarea Terme, Santa Maria di Leuca, Porto Cesareo and Porto Badisco

Best beaches near Bari?

Polignano a Mare and Monopoli beaches are reachable from Bari within 30 minutes by train. The best beach in Bari is Pane e Pomodoro beach.

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Best beaches in Puglia Italy
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Best beaches in Puglia Italy
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