11 Reasons why is Puglia worth visiting

Why is Puglia worth visiting? Yes! We want to inspire you to visit Puglia, an amazing region in Southern Italy. Visit Polignano, Alberobello and Ostuni.

Last Update: March 25, 2024

There are so many reasons why you should visit Puglia, and it’s not the simple sea, sun and beaches. This is the right place if you are looking for an answer to a common question: “Is Puglia worth visiting?”.

YES! It is!. This beautiful region in the south-east of Italy is absolutely worth visiting. Not many know that beautiful part of Italy, however, it is becoming popular especially in summer. The turquoise water and sandy beaches are becoming the last paradise in Europe for summer lovers.

A land stretch of 7,474 sq miles, compressed between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Puglia is the ultimate place to visit in Italy. There are many reasons why you should visit Puglia, and add it to your next Italy travel itinerary.

Some of those reasons are related to the natural beauty of this Region, some others to the people, the landscapes, the taste and flavours of an incredible place.

Are you ready? Those are our 11 reasons why visit Puglia Italy.

Reasons why is Puglia worth visiting

Reasons why visit Puglia Italy

During our road trip in Puglia, we were scared that something could go wrong. Despite the adventure planned to be just using public transport, our thoughts were toward the bad reputation of it in Southern Italy. It was a challenge, and the hardest one. We didn’t have any problems with public transport and either with the ongoing situation. 

Instead, everyone was super helpful and their welcome made us feel home again. You might think that as we are locals while travelling in Italy it’s easy for us. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Even if we pass the language barrier, it still makes it difficult to get in empathy with locals in some parts of Italy. 

When we were in Alberobello there were so many tourists, but the local economy is based on tourism, and they are happy to have people from everywhere around.

Locals are happy when you appreciate their land and their home town and that’s why everyone will be always welcome in Italy. Well, this is one of the main reasons why Puglia is worth visiting. Now, let’s discover the rest!

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Check out the 11 Reason to visit Puglia, quick and easy

11 Best reasons to visit Puglia

  • Admire unique UNESCO site
  • Visit the historical treasure of Ostuni
  • Get lost around fairy-tale towns
  • Taste the rustic and delicious food
  • Swim in crystal blue water
  • Make homemade pasta
  • Famous for its scenarios
  • Amazing weather
  • Friendly people
  • Puglian excellent wine
  • Famous for the production of olive oil

Are you wondering why visit Puglia?

Is Puglia worth visiting | Alberobello UNESCO World Heritage Site

Admire unique UNESCO sites

One of the most picturesque and touristy places in Puglia is Alberobello. In this cute and white town, you will find the famous Trulli with their roof conical shape. The whole city was declared in 1996 a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the ancient building technique. Discovering the ancient site of Alberobello is one of the main reasons why is Puglia worth visiting.

If you want to have an incredible experience in Alberobello, you can book a one-night accommodation in a Trullo. Yes, you can sleep in a real Trullo. This will be the best experience to do in Alberobello, it’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

Check our latest post about all the things to do in Alberobello!

Visit the historical treasure of Ostuni

Ostuni White city | Reasons why Puglia is worth to visit

We bet that you have already seen some photos of Ostuni somewhere, loved it and started to look at where it was shot. Nowadays Ostuni has become really popular, especially on Instagram. After visiting this fairy-tale town we understood why this popular tourist destination in Puglia is a real treasure.

This picturesque white town in Valle D’Itria, the internal part of Puglia, is well known as the door of Salento. From the high hills of its historic city centre, you can clearly see the coast side.

The atmosphere and the beautiful view from the top of the city, it’s something that not many towns have in Puglia. If you are looking for a reason why Ostuni is worth visiting, our answer will be because there are no other cities like this one! However, if you are willing to find the most unknown pretty cities in Puglia, Ostuni is beautiful and pretty, but every year is becoming more mainstream.

Are you dreaming about Ostuni? Check our top 10 things to do in Ostuni and discover this gorgeous white town!

Get lost around fairy-tale towns

One of the reasons why Puglia is worth visiting is because all the places around the region are like fairy-tale towns. From Ostuni to Cisternino, all the cute and white villages are worth visiting. During our Puglia photography itinerary, we got lost so many times while looking for the right spots.

Looking for inspiration and getting lost is one of the best things to do as, in this way, you will discover less-known places. Go off the beaten path with us and let’s discover together some of the most incredible landscapes in Puglia.

Some of the pretty towns in Valle D’Itria you can write down are Martina Franca, Cisternino, which is just a little dot on the map between Ostuni and Alberobello. You can also visit San Vito dei Normanni, with its pretty Salentino Architecture Style is unique and a proper hidden gem in Puglia. We will give you more other suggestions looking at the best photos that will make you visit Puglia.

Taste the rusting and delicious food

Traditional Italian food in Puglia, Italy

The local cuisine is one of the top notches on our list. This might be the very reason why Puglia is worth visiting. I mean, the food is the best and just thinking about it, I’m hungry and I wish I could come back there anytime soon. Very proud of their cuisine, Puglia is very famous for the production of olive oil and wine. The incredible wide and different range of this product makes us want to suggest you go for a wine tour in Puglia, or a “Frantoio Tasting” to try some local olive oil. Read our Puglia food guide to know more about the delicious food of this region.

Those are the thing you must-eat in Puglia:

  • Focaccia Pugliese
  • Puccia
  • Potatoes, rice and Mussels (Typical called patate, riso and cozze)
  • Orecchiette homemade pasta

We made you hungry, isn’t it? Check the pasta making class here and try the local Puglian cuisine!

Polignano beautiful crystal water | One of the reasons why is Puglia worth visiting

Swim in crystal blue water

If the Amalfi Coast is for you a wow place, wait to see the beautiful beaches in Puglia.

You will be impressed by the beautiful Puglian coastline and the crystal blue water.

If you are thinking only about Polignano a Mare, you are going in the wrong way. Along the beautiful region of Puglia, you will find so many breathtaking places where to swim and all of them have got different shades of blue.

As soon as we saw Monopoli sea we were like:” Wooow, I want to be here for the rest of my life.” The sea, the stunning beaches and particular caves like Grotta Della Poesia will make you book your next flight to Puglia. Check also out the best beaches in the Gargano or the beautiful beaches of Salento for a full insight of Puglia seaside.

Are you planning a week in Puglia? Check our ultimate Puglia itinerary 7 days!

Best beaches in Puglia

Amazing beach of Monopoli under the city walls - Blue turquaise water of Puglia, Italy - Best beaches in Puglia

If you are planning a week or two in Puglia, we suggest you check those beaches as are the best ones. You will find the most popular ones like Lama Monachile in Polignano but even the less-known ones like Marina di Ginosa and Marina di Pescoluse. Sandy beaches which will make you enjoy even more the Salento peninsula.

What is Puglia known for? On top of the list for sure are some of the most underrated beaches in Europe, but there are so many other things which you will discover in this post.

Read more about Monopoli here and discover all the things to do!

Make homemade pasta

Learn how to make pasta in Italy. Cook traditional dishes such as orecchiette in Bari or bombette in Cisternino - Puglia Cooking Class

A very typical way to enjoy the essence of Puglia is to make homemade pasta or even bread. In many villages around the region, you can book a homemade cooking class with a local. If you are lucky enough and you got a friend from Puglia, you can ask them to be your teacher! 

In Italy, we got so many different kinds of pasta and in Puglia, one of the famous ones is “Orecchiette” which literally means “Small ears”.

Book your Pasta Making Class in Puglia, come back home with some great skills and impress your guests.

Famous for its scenarios

Locorotorndo Best scenarios in Puglia | Why is Puglia worth visiting

The best part of our Puglia road trip was going from one place to another by public transport and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It was like reliving our Andalusia road trip around the beautiful South of Spain.

You will be amazed by the stunning landscapes of Valle D’Itria while strolling around this southern part of Italy. While looking for the Cisternino Train Station, which was on the opposite side of the bus stop from San Vito dei Normanni, we arrived at a beautiful Terrazza.

The insane landscape showed us some of the most incredible places. Alberobello and Martina Franca were welcoming us to the Valle d’Itria. Another insane scenario was just a few minutes away. While riding the train to Martina Franca, the old-fashioned wagon took us back on time.

The sunniest days in Italy | Puglia’s Amazing weather

Ostuni view | Best views of Puglia | Reasons why Puglia is worth to visit

We’ve been in Puglia at the beginning of September and the weather was still amazing, some days even too hot.

Considered one of the driest and hottest areas in Italy, the summer months in Puglia from May to September can reach up to 30 degrees and sometimes even over 35 degrees. The temperature during winter can vary from zone to zone but the minimum will be 8 degrees with a maximum of 18 degrees. 

Even if the temperature is lower most of the time, even during winter months, you will always see the sun. It’s one of the sunniest parts of Italy, preferred for the production of some of the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

However, travelling from the coast side of Puglia to the internal part might vary the temperature a lot. The temperature range at night can drop a lot.

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Reasons why is Puglia worth visiting

Friendly people

Italians are friendly but southern people are even more! We are not saying this only because we are from Naples, but also because we could see with our eyes how people were helping us and other tourists too. Just to give you an example of what happened to us. 

We arrived in Cisterino from Ostuni and after Alessia got sick, we decided to get off from the bus and find another way. After walking a bit and trying to find the train station, we crossed paths with a lovely gentleman which helped us to find the station. 

He saw us with the backpacks and he started to ask us the classical questions for travellers. One of these was if it was our first time in Cisternino. When we said yes, his eyes started to sparkle and he said to us: ”You can’t go to the station without seeing the city centre. Come with me I will show you around.”

This was only one of the amazing welcome we received from a local, and we know that many other travellers have got positive experiences like this in Puglia before us. Be ready to be surrounded by amazing and friendly people, and give back a smile, it can mean the world for them.

We’ve spent a week in Puglia and we were able to enjoy all those experiences. Are you planning 1 week in Puglia? Check our ultimate itinerary!

Best wine tours in Puglia - Taste amazing wine in a vineyeard in Puglia

Puglian excellent wine

You might don’t know that Puglia is one of the largest wine producers in Europe and this means that you have to try the local wine. If you are having dinner with seafood a bottle of Primitivo Rosato will go perfectly with your food. If you want to know more about wine’s production, you can always book a wine tasting tour where locals will be more than happy to share the history with you. Know more about Puglia traditional food and wine in our latest Puglia food tour guide.

Famous for the production of olive oil

Vineyard and hills in Puglia, Italy - Visit Apulia olive oil production

Same as the wine, Puglia is famous for the excellent production of olive oil? While exploring the beautiful landscapes around the region, you will see many olive trees along your journey. 

The region of Puglia supplies 40% of olive oil production in Italy and 12% of production in the world. It means that this olive oil is one of the best ones.

Grab the chance to get the perfect souvenir from Puglia, buy a local bottle of olive oil which you can put in your check-in bag! It’s better if you opt for an Olive Oil Tasting Tour, which will introduce you to this amazing product.


How to get to Puglia Italy 

Puglia has got two main airports, Bari and Brindisi. Both of them have got flights from almost all around Europe. When we organized our Puglia road trip, we planned both very carefully airports. From London Stansted, we flew to Brindisi and on the way back we flew from Bari to London. 

Depending on your itinerary, you can easily choose from which airport you want to fly. Below you will find all the information on how to reach each airport. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday on the beach, we suggest you check out Brindisi, which is smaller but close to the beaches in Salento. Instead, if you are looking to visit the cultural heritage of the Region, visiting Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Matera, Bari is the airport you have to look for.

To know more about Bari, check our ultimate itinerary on things to do in Bari!

Bari Airport

BY BUS | If you are travelling to Puglia on a budget, the cheapest way to reach the airport or the city centre is with the bus 16. With only €1.00 (the regular ticket fee) you can make it to the airport or Bari main station. The travel time is about 50 minutes, depending on traffic but at least is one of the cheapest ways to travel in Puglia.

BY TRAIN | Another way to reach the airport is by train. There are two ways: the normal train or the tube. The train (Ferrovia Regionale FR2, grey) will take less than a bus but sometimes you have to change trains before reaching Bari train station. The same is for the tube (Ferrovia Metropolitana FM2, yellow) and the price is the same for both, €5,00.

BY TAXI | If you have a few luggage and you don’t want to stress yourself with public transport, you can book your transfer from the airport to the city centre here.

Brindisi Airport

BY BUS | Our journey by bus from Brindisi Airport to the city centre was the quickest and cheapest one ever. The AP bus will take a maximum of 20 minutes and the cost is €1,00 per adult. You can purchase your tickets at the bar just in front of the exit but remember to have spare change. This is one of the disadvantages of travelling in Puglia by public transport. Take always cash with you, Credit or Debit cards are not always accepted, and often there is a minimum amount. If you see that you are losing the bus, you can purchase the tickets on board for €1,50.

From Brindisi Airport, you can also take the couch to Lecce, to enjoy the beaches of Salento. The ride will take about two hours, and the fee is about 2,50 euro.

BY TAXI | Do you want an easy way to travel to Brindisi city centre without thinking about public transport? Check here the availability and book your private transfer.

Where is Puglia Italy

Reasons why is Puglia worth visiting

We know that sometimes the names of amazing places come by mouth sprout, so we don’t know where they are located really. If you are wondering where Puglia is located on the map, saying it is in the south is not enough. Puglia is a long stretch of land in the far south-east side of Italy. The Region is the location facing Greece, that’s why is the main port departure for locals to the beautiful country.

This region is mainly flat, with some high hills that host incredible and unique villages. The main city of the Region and Capital is Bari. There are some other big cities, Lecce, Brindisi, Otranto, Taranto and Foggia.

You can easily reach Puglia from Naples, which is the main city of the neighbouring Region, Campania. Being in the middle of the conjunction of two seas, there is a scenic place which shows you the different colours and shapes gradient. Santa Maria di Leuca is the farthest southern point of Puglia and is also one of the best places to visit in Puglia.

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Puglia province highlighted red on Italy map vector. Gray background.

Why you should consider adding Puglia to your Italy travel itinerary

Beautiful cities in Puglia | Reasons why is Puglia worth to visit

When thinking about Italy many associates this word to Milan, Florence and Venice. However, Italy has got so many beautiful places not common for tourists and this is one of the main answers on why we decided to share with you all the reasons why you should put Puglia in your Italian bucket list.

The gorgeous land of Puglia has become Italians new favourite place, thanks to its weather, amazing food and breathtaking views. Not less, Puglia is cheap, and despite high differences between the transport links in northern Italy, we didn’t find much trouble travelling around.

Many tourists also love to drive on the awesome roads, with cultivated fields on both sides. Visiting Puglia is meaning to get in close contact with nature, with yourself and the desire to relax as much as you can. Italy is beautiful and we all know that but, exploring less-known places like Puglia, will make your trip one of the best ones!

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Q&A about Puglia worth to visit

Is Puglia Italy worth visiting?

Definitely Yes! We hope we gave you all the reasons why you should consider to visit Puglia for your next Italy trip. We knew that Puglia was a beautiful region, but we were amazed even more. We discovered that it has got some of the best picturesque towns, and some of the most beautiful cities in Italy.
We’ve included all the reasons that made us fall in love with this southern region and we hope you will be amazed in the same way it happened to us! If you are not sure yet, check our Puglia photography itinerary where we share all the beautiful places where to take pictures around Puglia.

How many days do you need in Puglia?

Arrived at this point of our convincing post about Puglia, you are wondering about how many days are enough to explore Puglia. If you are planning a Puglia Holiday, you should look at the map and understand which part of this wide land you will discover. The perfect itinerary will take a week, or even better ten days. Two weeks instead will help you to discover more and get in deep into the local traditions.

What is Puglia best known for?

You might be interested to know that Puglia has got the longest coastline in Italy. Before we have also mentioned that Puglia is well known for the production of fine olive oil and amazing wine, thanks to the climate conditions of this part of Italy. Puglia was a colony of the Mycenae Greeks and this is reflected in the local architecture and traditions.

Is Puglia safe for tourists?

Yes, it is. We have seen so many tourists around Puglia, and ourselves as well going up and down the narrow streets and many buses across the country that we have never felt unsafe. Generally speaking, Southern Italy is safer than everyone thought. However, like many places in the world, there are some places to avoid. Apply common sense and be aware of any possible scam. In crowded places like trains or buses take attention.

What is the best time to visit Puglia?

Puglia has got the best Mediterranean climate in Italy. The summer is really hot and dry, and winter is coming mild and not that cold. However, the region is exposed to the wind. We suggest you avoid the pick summer because Puglia is particularly crowded with locals during July and August. Book your holidays in Puglia during June or September, which is acceptable and less hot.

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