26 Incredible places to spend autumn in Europe

When it comes to picking the right season to travel, we usually prefer autumn. Late summer escapes and early autumn trips are always the best to enjoy a new destination. Well, Europe in autumn is magical and one of the best ways to explore this beautiful continent. There are so many places to visit in autumn in Europe, and below you will find our ultimate guide of the best places to visit in Europe and escape the crowds. Be ready to find some ideas for European city breaks in October and even destinations that offer warm weather during the fall season. 

Gorgeous autumn colours in Europe
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Escape the crowds and visit Europe in the fall

If travelling during the summer months is not your cup of tea, an autumn escape in Europe instead could be ideal for you. European cities are beautiful all year long, but I think there is something special when autumn is approaching. The colours start to change, the leaves start leaning on the streets and the sky starts to bring clouds over the sun. 

Pretty much that’s the description ofLondon in the fallbut remember that not all the places are like this. For example, autumn in Italy is great as the temperature is still warm and you can easily go out just in a light jacket. With this little debrief about some reasons why you should consider autumn in Europe, let’s go and check all our suggestions on where to spend autumn destinations in Europe.

  • The French Riviera
  • The Dolomites
  • London
  • Lake District 
  • Prague
  • Munich
  • Bruges
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen 
  • Barcelona
  • Florence
  • Paris
  • Brussels
  • Lisbon
  • Seville
  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Greece
  • Douro Valley
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Andalucia
  • Canary Island
  • Balearic Island
  • Malta

Reasons why you should visit Europe in the autumn months

When it comes to autumn escapes in Europe, we are always in search of a new trendy location and love to vary from a warm location, like Southern Europe to a more cuddly autumnal one.

The months of September, October, and November are usually the busiest ones for us. During these months, fewer people are travelling, and you have a better chance to find good flight bargains and hotel deals. So, let’s put in this basket of reasons why you should consider autumn to visit Europe, the inviting excuse that there are less crowded places. Yes, it is, in fact, is not a secret that for many a way to skip the queue to visit incredible European landmarks, such as Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Eiffel Tower is to discover the places in a shoulder season.

The vibrant and autumnal colours adorn every city in Europe, and this should be one of the reasons why you should visit Europe in autumn.

Another great reason why you should visit Europe in Autumn is because of the deal on holiday packages and hotel accommodation. For example, visiting Paris in winter can be very expensive, however, you can have the best of the France Capital in Autumn, enjoying some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower crowds free.

Weather in Europe in Autumn

With the weather, you never know what to expect. If you’re planning autumn in Italy or Spain you might find temperatures around 20° during the day, which are not bad at all considering that those countries are usually hot during summer.

Instead, if you’re moving further north or east, it’s where the weather is unpredictable. Especially looking at East Europe, or Northern France and Great Britain, you might have sunny but windy days or heavy rains.

Nevertheless, thanks to its beautiful scenarios and plenty of ready autumnal spots, autumn in Europe is just magical and some cities are very romantic too!

Autumn Destinations Map

Autumn in Europe best places to visit

The French Riviera | Romantic Autumn in Europe

If after summer, you’re still looking for a nice destination, the French Riviera is the ideal place for you. Known as the Côte d’Azur, the coastline that goes from Menton to Cassis is one of the most breathless scenarios, with some incredible romantic spots for couples.

This stretch of coast, looking at the Mediterranean Sea has some top autumn destinations, places that we highly suggest considering.

From St. Tropez to Nice, the French Riviera is one of the best places to spend autumn in Europe. Less crowded than the summer months, this gorgeous coastline is perfect for an autumn escape in Europe. 

You should consider basing yourself in the French Riviera in Nice, the beautiful biggest city on the coast. Finding accommodation for the right price in summer is pretty impossible, but in Autumn or Winter, you can find unique hotels for cheap. During the shoulder season, Nice can give you about 15 degrees, a few days of rain, and a nice stroll along the 24 Kilometres promenade.

If this is not your sign to visit Europe in the fall, not sure which one it can be

The Nambino Lake it's an hidden gem in the Dolomites, nearby Madonna di Campiglio
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The Dolomites

Italy in autumn is gorgeous, there are so many places worth visiting that it’s hard to pick just one. The Dolomites are beautiful any time of the year, it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting in winter or summer, its beauty will always leave you speechless. 

Prepare yourself to admire the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites in autumn, as it’s one of the best times to go there. From mid to late October, you have the gorgeous autumn colours around the Dolomites that are just worth visiting. For many, the shoulder season is the best time to go hiking on the Dolomites, because in winter some mountain passes are closed for avalanche danger.

Spending Autumn in the Dolomites can take you to some of the best lakes in South Tyrol and Trentino Region. This part of Northern Italy is one of the most suggestive and beautiful, with some of the best Ski Chalets in Italy.

Fall in London | Sloane Square autumn colours in London
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London, England

For the very first time, after seven years in the UK, we fully experienced London in the fall. It’s true! It was our first time, as during this period of the year we travel a lot. I didn’t expect it, but I must say that autumn in London has been one of my favourites so far. 

Together with the Halloween decorations, colourful leaves on the streets, the entire City of London starts to change, going toward the Christmas period. Walk around the beautiful London’s streets and find autumn leaves all around the city. From its beautiful parks to the famous Kynance Mews, London is the perfect place to spend autumn in Europe.

Best places to enjoy the Fall in London:

Lake District in Autumn
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Lake District, England

Lake District National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017 is today one of the most visited National parks in the UK. During summer the Lake District becomes a popular place especially for those who are planning a staycation, but we suggest you visit it during autumn foliage. 

You can admire the entire valley with absolutely stunning autumn colours. From mid to late October you have the opportunity to hike up and enjoy the gorgeous view with autumn colours from the top of the mountains.

Pack your bag for some of the greatest walks in the UK, Lake District can offer the best circuits with incredible and breathless landscapes (no jokes).

We suggest you check out the beautiful walk up to Helvellyn via Thirlmere, around the Tarn Hows lake on the Circular walk. Check out also some picturesque villages in the lake district and the traditional steamboat on the Windermere Lake.

Best places to visit in Europe in October 

Top European cities in Europe - Prague
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Prague, Czech Republic

October is usually a busy month for us as we are always travelling around and discovering new autumn places. In the list of the best autumn destinations in Europe, we can’t miss adding Prague. With its beautiful autumn vibes and Christmas lights as a preview of a traditional period, Prague is one of those cities that you need to visit in the fall. 

Imagine yourself exploring the city, walking around and admiring the pretty colours that this season has to offer. Well, Prague is the city that you need to visit on your next trip to Europe.

We have also included Prague in our guide to introduce you to the surrounding area. Autumn is the harvest season and all around the Czech Capital, there are incredible picturesque towns, traditionally known for their production of wine and grapes. Explore the Moravia Region, South to the Capital, and nearby Brno and the German Border.

Munich, Germany

In all autumn lists, you will find Munich, well this beautiful German city is fantastic any time of the year. This popular Southern city is famous for its traditional Oktoberfest, which takes place the last week of September and the first week of October. 

You have an extra excuse to visit Munich in the fall.  This incredible festival is one of the best places to party in Europe in October, and it’s a unique experience that you need to do!

Along with the Oktoberfest, you will be able to enjoy the city of Munich and its amazing autumn spots. Be considerate that the weather is unpredictable, so you never know what temperature you will find.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is like a fairytale town in Belgium that everyone should visit at least once. Considered one of the best places to visit in Europe in autumn, Bruges is perfect for a short break before winter approaches. 

Visit the beautiful Minneswater (Lake of Love) and admire the beautiful autumn colours in Bruges mirroring into the calm water. Follow the windmill path and enjoy the stunning views of the old windmill city, which highlights even better the beautiful autumn vibes.

Just to give you some highlights about Bruges, the Original Gothic construction gives a unique distinctive identity to the old town protected by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Are you dreaming about Bruges right now, isn’t it? Well, can’t blame you! Plan your next trip to Europe in autumn and discover the small and cute city of Bruges. 

Bruges in Autumn
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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Considered one of the most instagrammable lakes in Europe, Lake Bled is one of those places that you have to visit in autumn. From mid-October, this stunning lake is surrounded by yellow, red and orange foliage. Those incredible autumn colours make this lake even more beautiful than usual. 

During summer, this place tends to get really busy but after September you will see how less crowded this place becomes.

If you haven’t been to Slovenia yet, consider this destination for your next European escape in autumn.

Lake Bled in Slovenia in autumn
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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Walk-in nature, surrounded by nothing more than the wild. The Plitvice Lakes National Park has been a reserve since 1949. This is today Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction, but still a hidden gem in Croatia for many. This location has been protected by Unesco since 1979 and is the ideal spot in Europe for Autumn.

Plitvice Lakes is in the middle of Croatia, halfway between Zagreb and Zandar on the Adriatic Coast. The whole National Park counts sixteen lakes, interconnected by a series of waterfalls. Rich in flora and fauna with species of deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. This unique national park is awesome in Autumn, thanks to the many activities that will keep you busy.

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has got a special place in our hearts. From the first moment we stepped into the city, we completely fell in love with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Budapest in winter or autumn, this city will be on top of your favourite European destinations. Home of the most famous landmarks in Europe, Budapest is perfect if you want to plan a short trip during the autumn months. 

Stroll around the beautiful city centre and admire the gorgeous foliage that makes even more glamorous the urban centre and the River Banks. Take some time to explore many of Budapest’s spas but remember to go up to the Fisherman’s Bastion and check out the city from above. The stunning orange/red trees are adorning the city, and it’s something that you can’t miss!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our first flight together was to Copenhagen and from there Italian Trip Abroad started. It doesn’t matter how many times we’re going back to Copenhagen, we will always love it. Even if you’re planning one day in Copenhagen we suggest you keep in mind this city during the autumn months.

Copenhagen is considered one of the best places to visit in autumn in Europe. Less crowded than the summer months, an autumn escape to Copenhagen is ideal for you. September is still a good month in terms of temperature but is ready for October and November, and it can be really chilly and maybe snowing. Apart from the cold, Copenhagen is rich in art and culture, so make sure you stroll around the city centre and spot all the cute autumn spots in the city.

The major city sightseeing attractions are well known, but it is always better to shortlist some of them. The Little Mermaid at the entrance of the Harbour, the Amalienborg Palace, The Round Tower, Tivoli Amusement Park and many more.

Seaport of Copenhagen in winter
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Best European city breaks in October

Barcelona, Spain

We all know that Spain is a great country to visit all year round. Barcelona is a great combination of incredible art, delicious food and great weather conditions. Yes, even if you’re visiting Barcelona in autumn, you’ll have this all. This beautiful Spanish city is well known for its art, culture and stunning architecture. Let’s not forget the incredible Gaudi artwork that this city has to offer.

Treat yourself to an escape in Europe in autumn and visit the beautiful city of Barcelona. If autumn is not really for you, try a spring break in Barcelona and admire the beautiful cherry blossoms around the city.

Florence, Italy 

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy is for sure Florence and without any doubt, Florence in autumn is splendid. Away from the crowds, Florence has a lot to offer, from the famous Uffizi Gallery to the stunning Piazzale Michelangelo where you can enjoy the view of the city.

Are you dreaming about Florence right now, isn’t it? We spent 2 days in Florence and we enjoyed every single moment, going from one side to another to be able to see everything. If you want to enjoy Florence without the usual crowd, make sure you plan your escape to Europe in autumn. Usually, in October and November, there are so many exhibitions taking place, and you don’t want to miss them!

Paris in autumn - The beautiful Eiffel Tower with autumn leaves
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Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea, it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Paris in winter or summer, this city is always beautiful. Paris is one of these cities that you will never get tired of, regardless of when you are visiting it.

After summer, the weather in Paris can be freezing, so even if you’re planning an escape to Europe in autumn, be prepared with warm clothes. Enjoy the best views of Paris in autumn and admire this beautiful city with its many autumnal colours around the cute narrow streets! Explore Montmartre for the best view of Paris and Autumn vibes, hike up to Sacré-Cœur Basilica for the unique Paris Experience, check out some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower and fall in love with Paris!

October is the right month to visit Paris in the fall, you will avoid the crowds, and you’ll have the amazing opportunity to explore Paris in autumn.

Autumn leaves in Autumn
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Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian Capital is a superb year-round destination, but by the time fall rolls around, the city looks even more magical. The shoulder season is considered by many to be one of the best periods to visit the city, which is always busy, with political and business trippers.

Brussels in the fall is the anticipation for the cooler months, with several festivals to heat the atmosphere. The city feels quieter and very easy to walk around. If you are considering visiting Brussels in Autumn, check out the Brussels Fall fair. In October there is the MegaVino Expo, with the best of Belgium’s wine and the Harvest Season.

If you are not into wine, you can always go for a beer tour in Brussels, the Belgian beers are still the best.

Weatherwise, autumn in Brussels, is still manageable over September, October, and November. The cold weather is arriving later in winter. While in Autumn, you might be lucky to still find a few shiny days, ideal for a walk in the Park of Tervuren.

The view from the alfama miradouro Santa Lucia - Best view of Lisbon Cristo Rei and The 25 Abril Bridge
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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is synonymous with great food, amazing weather and wonderful architecture. Enjoy the beautiful Portuguese life around Lisbon’s famous neighbourhood, walk up Alfama barrio and enjoy one of the best views of Lisbon.

With fewer tourists around, Lisbon is one of the best European city breaks in October to visit. Less hot than the summer months, the temperature in Lisbon is just perfect. With its 20 degrees in October, Lisbon will surprise you with the amazing weather you will get once there. We consider Autumn in Lisbon the best destination for backpackers in Europe. The city, already one of the cheapest in Europe, has become overall even more affordable for broke travellers.

The best quality travel for a bargain price. Lisbon is unmissable in autumn.

 More Lisbon guides

Seville, Spain

Seville is and always will be one of our favourite destinations in Europe. This city basically stole our hearts. If you ever plan a trip to Andalucia, make sure that Seville is on your list. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain , Seville is well known for its impressive architecture, sunny days and for being a perfect autumn destination in Europe. 

Three days in Seville are ideal if you’re looking to visit the entire city without missing anything. The temperature in Seville in autumn is just perfect. During the summer months, this city gets hot, and it tends to reach even 40 degrees but from the end of September onwards, the weather is just getting better and cooler. 

Don’t miss visiting the gorgeous and impressive Plaza de España together with the famous Real Alcazar Palace. Seville will leave you speechless!

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City buildings under blue sky and white clouds

Rome, Italy

In everyone’s Italian bucket list Rome is on it. I mean, Rome is Rome and no one can ever change it. Considered even one of the most romantic cities in Italy,, Rome is a great choice for an autumn getaway in Europe. 

As it is the low season in autumn, you’ll be able to find great deals on flights and accommodations when we travel to Naples, we usually plan an autumn escape in Rome as it’s cheaper than usual. Visit the most famous landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon and grab a bite along your way. Remember, you can’t say no to Italian food.

One of the best ways to explore Rome in autumn is while strolling around its beautiful parks, so walk up to the Pincio terrace and admire one of the best views of Rome.

Landscape of Berlin with view of the Economical District and the TV Tower
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Berlin, Germany

After being in Berlin in spring, we decided that we wanted to explore this city even more. There are so many things that you can do in Berlin in winter but autumn in Berlin is even better. Not cold as in winter, Berlin in autumn is a must if you’re travelling around Europe. Across the city and its streets, you will see autumn leaves crawling on the floors and marking the start of this beautiful season.

The German Capital has got a vibrant nightlife that will give you happy days in Berlin, walk around the street art open-air Eastside Gallery, or enjoy the streets of Berlin. We have to suggest you also have a look at the coffee scene of Berlin, with some of the best coffee shops in Europe.

For all photography lovers, there are so many photo spots in Berlin that you might want to check out.

Best European destinations to visit in the fall for warmer weather


I bet that everyone, when it comes to autumn and winter, would love to escape somewhere warm and nicer. Greece for example is the perfect holiday destination to visit in autumn in Europe. Less crowded than the summer months, Greece is considered the best destination to visit in autumn in Europe.

Thanks to its beautiful landscape, Greece is perfect for a romantic getaway in Europe and due to its very warm temperature, during fall you can still enjoy a bit of summer breeze. Make sure you visit the most picturesque places in Greece, from Rhodes to Corfu and Syros, other than well-known locations such as Santorini and Paros. For sure, you will not fail to plan a trip to Greece in autumn.

From its warm and pleasant weather to its incredible sightseeing, beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife, Greece is the ideal destination to visit in the fall in Europe.

The gorgeous Greece during sunset perfect for an autumn in Europe
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Douro Valley, Portugal

Although the best time to visit the Douro Valley is in spring, from April to May, without doubt, a very attractive period can also be Autumn.

The Douro Valley is well-known for the fine production of local wine. That’s the best reason why we wish you to consider the Douro Valley as your next destination for an Autumnal Retreat in Portugal. The Region offers many great activities including hikes, boat trips and, of course, visiting local wineries.

The Douro Valley is surrounding Oporto, one of the greatest cities of Portugal. You can take short trips from the main city, or base yourself in the countryside surrounded by nature and vineyards.

The view of the cliffs of Positano - This frame it's Furore an insanely beautiful seashore in the Amalfi Coast
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Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast

With the many places that we have in Europe, Amalfi Coast needs to be on your bucket list. I mean, the beautiful coastline of Sorrento towards Amalfi is something that you need to see.

Busy from June till the beginning of September, the Amalfi Coast needs to be seen in autumn. Less touristy and quieter than usual, autumn in Italy is a great choice to consider when planning your next trip. With its temperatures going from 18 to 20 degrees, the Amalfi Coast is beautiful to visit in autumn, plus remember that, as it’s low season, you’ll find so many cheaper deals. If you’re a hiking lover, this period of the year is perfect for you. 

Follow the path and enjoy the stunning Gods walk “Il cammino degli Dei” and admire the incredible views that Amalfi has to offer.


We always say that the mid-seasons are the best. Starting from Spring and ending in Autumn, the beautiful region of Andalucia is perfect for an escape in autumn in Europe. 

We have already introduced you to this region, but Andalusia is not only Seville. The Southern Region is one of the most beautiful in Spain, cheap as well to attract digital nomads all year round. 

Admire the pretty architecture of Seville, the stunning Alhambra in Granada and the incredible nightlife in Malaga, Andalucia will be your next favourite travel destination in Europe. This incredible part of southern Spain is well known for its amazing temperatures, in fact, for great autumn in Europe, Andalusia offers good weather conditions between 18-21 degrees.

Canary Island

We spent our first anniversary strolling around the beautiful Canary Island. I mean, it was such a great time, and we would love to come back soon. For us, spring and autumn were the two best seasons to enjoy every single moment on Canary Island. 

With the temperature around 20 degrees, we were able to do many things, including taking part in water sports activities. Who doesn’t love them?! Rent a car and explore the main city, Las Palmas, or drive toward the south to the incredible dunes of Maspalomas. Explore the white villages of Puerto de Mogan and Puerto Rico and discover some unique picturesque towns on the island.

For all the adventure lovers, Canary Island offers amazing hikes around the volcanic mountains of Tenerife. Are you ready to plan your autumn in Europe? Canary Island is calling! 

Balearic Island

We recently got back from Balearic Island and I must say, it was a blast. It was the most amazing trip ever after one year at home. Being in Spain again was great for us, and we couldn’t ask for more. All the Balearic Islands are amazing if you’re planning autumn in Europe, from Palma to Ibiza, all the locations are perfect to spend Europe in the fall. With its 19 to 25 degrees in autumn, you can’t say no to spending autumn in Palma or Ibiza. 

For sure, all these tourist locations like Ibiza are less crowded, and you’ll be able to explore every single corner without thinking about tourists being on your way. If Ibiza is on your Spain bucket list, you should read our ultimate guide for Ibiza off the beaten path.

Malta in autumn a must-see in Europe
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Last but not least in our list of the best European destinations in October to visit, we got Malta. Every fall we’re dreaming about Malta and its mild temperature that goes from the 20th to the 23rd degrees. 

Visiting Malta off-season is the perfect way to enjoy every single part of the city. Take a stroll around the historical city centre, put your feet in the beautiful sandy beaches and plan a boat trip to admire the stunning Blue Grotto.

Well, if you have never been to Malta before, this is your call to book a flight to Malta and stay there for a couple of days. Or even more. 

More reasons why you should spend autumn in Europe

Autumn in Europe is less crowded 

One of the things that we enjoy the most when we are travelling is having the locations all for ourselves. This is even one of the main reasons why we prefer to visit Europe in autumn. Well, before we used to work during the summer months, so we were taking our holidays in autumn and loved it.

The majority of European destinations are less crowded during autumn months and even if you’re planning a last-minute visit to a museum, you’ll be most likely to get in.

Places like Rome, Florence, Paris, London are less crowded in the shoulder season, allowing you to get into attractions for a visit quicker and at your peace. Also, accommodations are cheaper compared to more busy seasons, and you can get a premium location for a few bucks.

Kynance Mews | Autumn colours in London
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Places to visit in London in autumn
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Fall travel deals to Europe

We’ve already mentioned this before, but it’s always good to highlight this part. During summer the prices are going up, especially in August, when it comes to mid-September until November, most companies are offering great deals for all the travellers that wish to plan a trip to autumn.

These are the seasons when group travels are just reorganizing for winter and springtime. So it is the best season to travel around without crowds, with places at half capacity than normal.

You can also find deals on restaurants and activities, paying less for the same experience.

Autumn Ski Resorts in Europe

With the cold approaching some of the most attractive destinations in Europe, the snow comes along. Some of the best locations for skiing in Autumn are France, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. The first snow is arriving in October, and some slopes in Europe can be skied already from September.

Ski-in the Alps in Italy and France or head to Andorra with some of the most incredible ski resorts in Europe. The area of the Hintertux Glacier in Austria has got incredible slopes, opening its doors in September.

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Autumn in Europe - All the best destinations to visit in Europe in the fall
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Incredible places to visit in Europe in autumn
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Q&A About Autumn in Europe

What months are autumn in Europe?

September, October, and November are the perfect months if you are planning an autumn escape in Europe. From September on, you can start finding autumn colours in Europe.

What is the best European country to visit in October?

The best European destinations to visit in autumn are the following:

Which country has the best autumn?

Best autumn destinations:
Ontario, Canada
Tuscany, Italy

Is Europe cold in October?

The weather is unpredictable and varies across Europe. Depending on the location, the temperature goes from 4 to 21 degrees. In some countries, you might find the temperature even below 0, especially in Northern Europe by November.

Is October a good time to go to Europe?

The first couple of weeks of October are always a great time to visit Europe. The majority of European destinations are not busy and if you’re lucky you can even get a bit of warmth throughout the month.

Where to go in Europe in October for sun?

October is a good month to explore Southern Europe and some islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
Places like Canary Islands, Tenerife, Lanzarote, or the Portuguese Azores are ideal for the autumn sun in Europe.

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