An authentic Ibiza off the beaten track itinerary

In our ultimate travel guide of Ibiza itinerary, we will share with you all the best of Ibiza off the beaten track.
Most of you, when thinking about Ibiza, compare this lovely island to clubs and night fun.
For sure, we are not saying is not true but we want to help you to see as well hidden gems Ibiza.

A paradise where you can relax and discover nature. Going off the beaten path you will go to the best non touristy things to do in Ibiza Spain. In this lovely island, there are a lot of activities to do to discover the hidden gems in Ibiza, like the Ibiza Hippy Markets and the hidden beaches of Ibiza.

Ibiza off the beaten track
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 Ibiza off the beaten path places

Our personal Ibiza Itinerary will take you to the natural paradise in the Mediterranean sea.
It is so strange that people associate Ibiza just with fun and nightlife when instead this Island has got so many natural hidden gems.

This itinerary is the same that we have followed in our trip to Ibiza, the best affordable way to enjoy the Spain Isla Bonita. Mismatch of fun and adventure that will take everybody in the mood of Ibiza off the beaten track.

Sunset in San Antonio
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Sunset in San Antonio – Off the beaten path Ibiza

Who doesn’t love the sunset? I think is the best part when the day is finishing. When we were in Ibiza we had the amazing opportunity to enjoy the sunset in San Antonio. San Antonio is one of the hidden gems Ibiza and it is the port side of the island.

Most of the people know this area for its nightlife and super clubs, but if you want to explore off the beaten track Ibiza, you will love it.

There are a lot of bars in San Antonio where you can enjoy the sunset with a beer in your hand. If you are with your partner bear in mind this is a romantic idea to do.

Off the beaten track Ibiza
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Off the beaten track Ibiza – Explore the island from the ocean

Kayaking around Ibiza

It is maybe the best way to enjoy the ssland from a different perspective. Kayaking around Ibiza will take you to amazing landscapes, hidden places behind the popular beaches. We have discovered so many places, just going behind the rocks formation, swimming around.

Why don’t you rent a kayak and explore the island from the ocean?

Ibiza has got plenty of hidden gems which you can only see them if you explore the island from the ocean.
In most of the beaches, you’ll find a few kayak or tours which we highly recommend to do as you will get to see Ibiza from a whole new perspective.
There is one company really good, based in San Antonio, which is Kayak Ibiza where takes you on an adventure along the coast to explore better what does off the beaten track Ibiza means.

Top Tips: The best part of kayaking around Ibiza is during the sunset.

If you want to discover more sunset spots in Ibiza check our here.

Non touristy things to do in Ibiza - Cliff jumping at Cala Tarida
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Non touristy things to do in Ibiza – Cliff jumping at Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is a famous beach in Ibiza. But not everyone knows that cliff jumping in Cala Tarida is one of the best non-touristy things to do in Ibiza.
Usually, people prefer to lay down on the beach and swim, but the fun and the adventure is jumping from the cliff in Cala Tarida.

Don’t worry the rocks are not too high, otherwise, Alessia wouldn’t do it. So be ready to jump into the cool Mediterranean clear water.

Top tips: Don’t forget your GoPro as you want to remember this amazing moment.

Go off the beaten path in Ibiza – Rent a scooter and discover Ibiza

Ibiza is really hot during summertime. Some people prefer to rent a car and others prefer a scooter. The best for us is to rent a scooter and go off the beaten path in Ibiza.
You don’t need to have a scheduled plan, just ride around the island, enjoy the sun and the lovely weather and be careful as well.

If you want to rent a scooter and discover Ibiza there are a lot of companies which are not expensive at all.
Otherwise, renting a car will allow you to discover more hidden places in Ibiza, go up to steep hills and in hard drive roads.
Wherever you are looking to rent, do it in advance. In this way, you will save money in Ibiza and disavow surprise.

hidden gems of ibiza
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Scuba Diving in Ibiza – Hidden gems Ibiza

Ibiza is not just clubs and alcohol, there is a lot of other activities which you should consider in your Ibiza itinerary.
One of those activities you should try is Scuba Diving in Ibiza. It’s cool and the seabed in Ibiza it’s spectacular.
Most of people know Ibiza for its amazing landscapes but, the best is also just above the water. In-depth the seascape it’s just stunning.
One of the most popular Ibiza dive sites is the Light Cave where you can enter a large cave with interesting rock formations.

Book here your Air Balloon ride over Ibiza!

Explore hidden caves along Ibiza Coastline

If you are considering to do Scuba Diving in Ibiza, your stay will be really more interesting if you associate it with other activities.
You can explore hidden caves along Ibiza Coastline, some of that are really awesome and unique.

Plan your Ibiza Adventure with some of the greatest natural attraction of this Island, you will have good memories and fun.

Don’t miss the experience of Es Vedra Cruise. The best part of an Ibiza off the beaten track itinerary.

Visit the Ibiza Hippy Market – Ibiza Itinerary

Along your journey in Ibiza, you will see a lot of Hippy market. It’s Alessia perfect place where to spend almost half a day.
Las Dalias is the best-known hippy market on the island due to its very inviting and picturesque atmosphere.
This market, during summer, it’s open after 7 pm. It offers a more relaxed market during the summer nights. Perfect to enjoy a live music dinner in a cosy environment. It is absolutely one of the best picturesque places in Ibiza. For many people, this will be an unusual things to do in Ibiza.

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Playa d'en Bossa Artisan street market
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Playa d’en Bossa Artisan street market – Ibiza off the beaten track

In your Ibiza itinerary, for sure, you will visit Playa d’en Bossa.
A really cool area where all the restaurants, pubs, clubs are located. It’s the perfect place for a stopover after the beach.
Street pantomimes and musicians charm are often seen alongside the artisan products on offer.
We have spent here our last day in Ibiza, strolling around the clubs and the beach.
La playa of Ibiza is amazing. You will see the Aircraft just passing on your head while you are chasing the sun.

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Hidden Gems Ibiza – Visit Ibiza Old Town

In all the cities we have ever been, the old part is always the best one.
During your walk through the old town, you will find tons of hidden gems and narrow alleyways filled with lovely restaurants and shops.

Believe it or not, you will learn a lot about Ibiza’s ancient history during your visit to Ibiza town.
The hidden gems of Ibiza are just behind the common and popular scene.

You will not find an Ibiza off the beaten path that gives you touristic scenarios as Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza Town.
But, in the city centre, just behind the main and luxurious harbour of the city there is the most Hidden Gems Ibiza, the Old Town of the city.

Some of our tips discovering the best hidden Beaches of Ibiza
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Some of our tips discovering the best hidden Beaches of Ibiza

We have to point you where the crowd is not going. Non-touristy places in Ibiza, where to find the perfect balance between, easy reach and nature. Our tips to discover some of the best-hidden beaches in Ibiza will take you to some uncovered Ibiza parts. Here we found just Locals.

Here we go, we will take you to some of the places where locals stay in Ibiza. It is not easy, but you have to bear in your mind, Ibiza is an adventurous island, you have to hike, get lost and find the beauty behind the rocks.

Hidden beaches Ibiza - Get lost and discover Punta Galera
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Hidden beaches Ibiza – Get lost and discover Punta Galera

Punta Galera was for us one of the best secret beaches in Ibiza we have discovered. We were going around trying to find the perfect spot in Ibiza and we discovered Cala Galera.

Punta Galera is an amazing bay surrounded by stone formations jutting out from the cliffs like large, flat shelves.
It is one of the best-hidden beaches Ibiza, and we are a bit jealous to share it. We don’t want it to become crowded and popular, breaking the natural balance of this cute hidden beach of Ibiza.

I think it was the best part of the all trip as you can explore hidden caves along Ibiza Coastline. A truly unique Ibiza experience that shouldn’t be missed.

 Hidden beaches Ibiza North

Cala Xarraca

Located in the north of Ibiza, Cala Xarraca is one of the best-hidden beaches in Ibiza north.
A perfect place where to relax and enjoy a nice day out on the beach.
The beautiful bay of Cala Xarraca with its crystalline water is perfect for snorkelers and a favourite with photographers.
Cala Xarraca is divided into three areas: the middle is the busiest and most popular.

The two smaller areas to either side being more secluded and tending to attract nudists.
This hidden beach is reachable only by car. There is a parking space as well but the spaces are limited so wake up early and plan your journey in advance. It is really close to San Juan or Portinatx, only 5 minutes drive, find here your alternative things to do in Ibiza

Off the beaten track Ibiza - Unusual things to do in ibiza
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Alternative things to do in Ibiza off the beaten path

For us, Ibiza was the perfect summer holiday. We really enjoyed a lot our time in Ibiza even if we are a couple. But you can also visit Ibiza with kids and have fun, enjoying the incredible beaches with many water activities
In our Ibiza itinerary, we wanted to show all our friends that Ibiza apart to be the perfect place for clubs, its story, and culture as well.

For us, Ibiza has been perfect for a couple. Perfect for who loves adventure and nature. It is still an Island with primitive paths. We will highly recommend you to give a try to an itinerary of Ibiza off the beaten track.

Are you looking for the best sunset in Ibiza?

Ibiza instagrammable spots and photography places

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