Top 10 Best Sunset in Ibiza (with map)

As we always said Ibiza is not only a place for fun but, it can be even a romantic place. I know, it’s hard to believe that Ibiza can be a romantic place as well, but we hope that after this post you will change your mind. We put together all the best sunset in Ibiza which you need to discover. In our ultimate guide, you will find the best place for sunset in Ibiza, without missing having fun. A natural show on one of the best island in the Mediterranean sea.

Are you sure you know everything about Ibiza? Maybe yes or, maybe not. After spotting all the best photo spots in Ibiza here you will have a list of all the places where you have the best Ibiza sunset.

Our experience in Ibiza is memorable and still coming up years later in the conversation with our friends. Ibiza is like that, never goes away from your mind. If you are planning a trip to the Isla bonita, make sure to scroll down this post and check where to watch the sunset in Ibiza, an ultimate guide to the Balearic Island.

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Where to watch the sunset in Ibiza – Top Ibiza Sunset 

There are many places where you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous sunset in Ibiza. Those are the right place to put on your list and you can’t miss them if you are planning a true Ibiza itinerary. We spot 10 of the best places where to watch the Sunset in Ibiza, from lovely cafes to cool restaurants and cocktails bar. Those are the perfect places where you can have a fresh drink enjoying a magical sunset on the beach of Ibiza

 10 Incredible Sunset in Ibiza Spots

  • Ibiza sunset boat party
  • Cala Tarida
  • Punta Galera
  • Benirras Beach 
  • Sunset Ashram Ibiza
  • San Antonio Kumharas 
  • Cafe del Mar
  • Cafe Mambo 
  • Na Xamena Cliffs
  • Es Vedra

Ibiza sunset boat party

One of the coolest places where you can plan to have the best view of the sunset is on a boat. Why we put it on our list of the top 10 best sunsets in Ibiza? Well, do we really need to explain it? Being in the middle of the sea, on a boat, with friends and why not with some drinks while the sun is going down, I think is one of the most beautiful things to do, at least once in your life.

Here there are few ideas which you can consider if you really want to get the most of your Ibiza itinerary.

Cala Tarida

I always thought that being on the beach while the sunset is happening is one of the most wonderful things to do. Why? Because, when I was young I was staying with my family on the beach until 8 pm or even later just watching the sun going down and enjoying the most relaxed moment of the day. During summer the sunset time is later than usual and what’s better than appreciating it on the beach? 

Cala Tarida is one of the best beaches in Ibiza where you can sit, relax, having a little drink and admiring the gorgeous colours of the sea and the sky. 

Punta Galera

This is one of the best-hidden beaches on the island and the perfect place for the best sunset in Ibiza. We spot it by mistake and we didn’t regret it as that was one of the best Ibiza sunset ever. Be able to enjoy the lovely water of Punta Galera with the sun going down and the colours of the sky changing from blue to orange and pink.

Benirras Beach – A sunset on the beach

Why this beach is famous? Because the sound of the drums is one of the main attractions in Cala Benirras Ibiza. This is one of the most famous traditions on the island along with Las Dalias Hippy Market. Usually, on Sundays, this beach is plenty of hundreds of hippies which plays the drums during sunset. But even if you are going during the week you will always find this lovely sound of drums while enjoying the sunset.

Did you know that Ibiza has become famous around the World as the Island where enjoy freedom, thanks to the nomads and hippies who use to live here wildest as possible?

Sunset Ashram Ibiza

Are you looking for a fancy place where to have a lovely aperitif while watching the sunset?
Sunset Ashram Ibiza, located close to Cala Comte, is the ideal location that you are looking for. This area is considered one of the most famous sunset place in Ibiza. 

Ibiza sunset San Antonio Kumharas – Ibiza sunset restaurant

As you might know, the sunset time in Ibiza is very late, during summer is around 9 pm, which is amazing as you don’t feel that it’s already late. One of the most famous sunset restaurant and cocktail bar where to enjoy a lovely view and a gorgeous sunset is the Kumharas in San Antonio. This area needs to be on your list of the beautiful sunset in the world. 

Cafe del Mar

Are you looking for a place where to enjoy a gorgeous view and sunset? You are in the right area, as Cafe del Mar is the ideal. When we reached it we thought that this place was open only during the night, but actually, it opens at 4 pm and closes at 12 am. The perfect time for watching the sunset and why not, enjoying a couple of drinks. 

Ibiza sunset Cafe Mambo – Sunset Cafe Ibiza

This Cafe was the first place that we found when we arrived in Ibiza and it is one of the most famous Ibiza sunset bars, where sometimes you can’t find a place to sit. When we arrived, the place was full but we were lucky to find a spot. I must say it, we had the best time, we met a lot of people and we were able to experience one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.

Na Xamena Cliffs

One of the five stars resorts in Ibiza and even one of the best place where to enjoy a gorgeous sunset with a stunning view of the cliff. If you book this hotel, during your stay on the Spanish Island, as a guest you can enjoy all the facilities, especially during the sunset. Check our guide to the 20 best locations to stay in Ibiza.

We know that it can be a bit expensive but if you don’t want to stay there you can book dinner during the sunset at the Eden Restaurant. You will have the chance to try the delicious typical food of the island and have a stunning view. Romantic and unforgettable.

Es Vedrà Sunset Ibiza

The most enchanting point of this island where to watch the sunset is from Torre des Savinar and Cala d’Hort, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Es Vedra

It is one of the most beautiful sunsets we saw in Ibiza and even the most romantic. The island of Es Vedra is not only one of the most instagrammable places to see, but even the best spot where to watch the sunset in Ibiza.

Best Sunset Beach Clubs in Ibiza

A guide to the best Ibiza Sunset Beach Clubs

We have already mentioned some of the best Ibiza Sunset Beach Clubs, however, we believe that is worth to mention some others. You know, just to give you a couple of options more for your next holidays to Ibiza.

It’s worth to say that the sunset in Ibiza is something incredible, on top of our list we definitely place Nikki Beach, in Santa Eulària des Riu. This spot is alone worth the whole trip. Another gorgeous location where experience an incredible sunset in Ibiza is the El Chiringuito at Es Cavallet beach. The area is still very natural and you feel the island vibes, without the extreme chaos of the other locations.

Also Element Beach Club in the extreme north of the Island and Cotton Beach Club are awesome spot for an afternoon aperitif with a spectacular landscape. We have mentioned already Ashram, which has got a bar and restaurant and it’s no second to anyone else. Actually the Sunset Ashram in unique, thanks to the rock formations around the sandy beach. However this stretch of sand is often busy and you should book in advance your tiny spot.

Tips for Sunset in Ibiza

  • Plan it in advance, make sure you know already where you want to go
  • Rent a car or a scooter, to make your life easier while strolling around the island
  • If you are going with your partner you can organise a surprise as well without telling him/her where are you going
  • Photography lovers? Bring your camera with you and a tripod to help you to shot
  • If you will follow our guide, check it out before to make sure you dress up accordingly to the place. You can check out our latest post on the best photo spots in Ibiza, where you can get some ideas.
  • Remember that every sunset will be magic. 

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Sunset times in Ibiza

If you arrive here, this means that you are really focused on have the best scenarios in Ibiza. Accordingly, with it, you need to know the best time to visit those places, when the sunset is happening.

As you know depending on the month that you are visiting the island, the sunset times will change. In winter the sun goes up late and go to sleep early, in the summer is perfect the opposite. But below you will find a detailed list, of the time of sunset in Ibiza during the year.
For better information, and the current time of the sunset in Ibiza, check here.

January to March | Sunset from 17.42 to 20.17
April to June
| Sunset from 20.18 to 20.46
| Sunset from 21.14 to 21.24
August to September
| Sunset from 19.39 to 21.17
October to December
| Sunset from 17.41 to 19.38

So the best period to enjoy the longest daylights it from late June to the whole of July. At the end of August, the daylight starts to be tights, with the lightless months as from December to February, but we are sure that you are not planning to visit Ibiza in wintertime.

Sunset in Ibiza – Best place for sunset in Ibiza

Ibiza is a gorgeous island where you can find everything you want, from fun and alcohol to romantic, instagrammable and best places for sunset. Of course, if you just want to have fun with your friends we recommend you to check our list of the top 10 Clubs in Ibiza but if you want to check out few sunsets in Ibiza you should definitely follow our ultimate guide.

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Q&A Where to watch sunset in Ibiza

Where is the sunset in Ibiza?

San Antonio. Checkout for San Antonio Sunset Strip. We enjoyed the best sunset in San Antonio in the North of Ibiza. On the Seafront of San Antonio you can have your aperitif with sunset, enjoying a few drinks and some food. However the best will be to grab a drink and just go to the beach with the sunset going down the horizon.

Why is Ibiza Sunset so special?

We don’t have the exact answer to this question, however we found the sunset in Ibiza one of the most magical moments of the day, and much powerful compared to other places. Maybe the vibes of the Island, which starts to be alive at that time of the day contribute to the special moment.

Where can I watch sunset Es Vedra?

The best view of Es Vedrà is Cala d’Hort. However, over time this spot is becoming famous as one of the most instagrammable spots in Ibiza. You can also check the view of Es Vedra at sunset from Torre des Savinar.

Is Ibiza really expensive?

Yes! however you can visit Ibiza on a budget if you stay low on nightclubs. Having one or two fun night at the major clubs like Pacha, Ushuaïa, Amnesia rise up the total costs. Instead plan a few drinks in the beach clubs, more fun and less pricey.

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