Best beaches in Malaga | Beach tour of Andalusia

The Costa del Sol is one of the best coastlines in Europe. This is a list of the top 10 best beaches in Malaga and around. Andalusia will count around 300 days of sun per year, the opposite amount you have in London. That’s why you will call this part of Spain the Sun Coast. The Malaga coastline is blessed with some of the best beaches in Spain, with the finest sand and long beaches. Discover the beaches of Andalusia, travelling to Torremolinos, Marbella, and Fuengirola from Malaga.

It is worth to visit Malaga, even just for a weekend. Some of the best Costa del Sol beaches are in Malaga, and around. Discover the best Malaga beach Resorts on Playa la Malagueta or La Misericordia Beach. Travel easily from Malaga to Nerja beach, enjoy the waterfall in the sea and the nature of Southern Spain. Those are the best beaches in Costa del Sol.

The list of the top 10 beaches in Malaga and around

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Discover the beaches of Andalusia, travelling to Torremolinos, Marbella, and Fuengirola from Malaga. Spend your spring break in Malaga. Some of the best Costa del Sol beaches are in Malaga, and around. Take your drink and run to the beach. The temperature in Costa del Sol is really high, especially in the summertime.

This is the top list of the best cities in Andalusia. If you love Spain, you will also love our personal list of the best beaches in Ibiza and the off the beaten track itinerary of Ibiza. We tried to fill a full list of the best nightclub in the Spanish Isla Bonita.

In the list of the top 10 beaches in Malaga, there is Playa la Malagueta, Playa la Misericordia, and the area of El Palo. Around Malaga, you can visit Torremolinos, Marbella or even Puerto Banus, all easily reachable by train from the city centre of Malaga. The station is Maria Zambrano.

It’s your first time to Malaga? Book you free walking tour here.

Malaga has some of the best beaches of Andalusia

We are always talking with our friends about our best road trip in Spain. This one was absolutely epic and rich memories. It has made us want to come back to Andalusia, and we did it. We’re now living in Spain, acting like local and stay on the beach. So this list is a way to share with you our life abroad, and see the best beaches of Malaga with the eyes of the locals and not anymore like tourists. Answering quite often questions like “Which are the best beaches in Malaga?”.

We always answer with two of them, Playa Malagueta and La Misericordia. Even if in Malaga there are some other beaches that are awesome such as El Palo or La Caleta. Few kilometres away from Malaga there’s Nerja, where you can see one of the best natural phenomena. A river that’s ending in the Sea, creating a marvellous cascade.

In deep guide of the best beaches in Malaga

  • Playa la Malagueta – Closest beach to Malaga centre
  • La Caleta
  • Playa la Misericordia – The oldest beach of Malaga
  • Playa de Huelin
  • Puerto Banus Beach – The posh area in Costa del Sol
  • De Chullera Beach
  • Fuengirola beach
  • Cabopino
  • Torremolinos – The preferred beach of British Expatriate
  • Bil-Bil
  • Estepona
  • Nerja Beach – The natural beaches around Malaga

If you want to contribute to this guide, send us an email. Give us your personal reviews on some beach or upgrade this list. We are always open and also we are really happy to help you to plan your trip there.

It has been really hard to choose the 12 best beaches in Malaga for us. All the Costa del Sol is amazing and has some of the best beaches in Europe for us.

Now is time for a drink. Do you know how to ask for a beer in Spanish? Una Cerveza porfavor!

Malaga Best Beaches Map



Playa la malagueta - Spain
Best beaches in Malaga - Southern Spain - Costa del Sol
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Playa la Malagueta, the Malaga city beach close to the centre. La Playa de la Malagueta is in the list of the best beaches in Malaga and on the top of your Tour Andalusia.

Playa la Malagueta is the nearest beach to the city centre. It is the first beach on our list because when you are talking about Malaga in Summer, you are meaning to the main beach of the city. Malagueta beach in Malaga is the main coastline of the city. La Malagueta is the most beloved Malaga beach where all the people going after work. It is really crowded in the summer. Planning your Andalusia Itinerary you need to include this beach. It could be your first place to visit especially in the summertime when the temperatures go over 30 degrees.

Walking through the white seaport of Malaga, Muelle 2, then head over the lighthouse and find the amazing beach of La Malagueta. Even if you are planning a weekend in Malaga, visit la Malagueta will be the best way to enjoy your short holidays.

The closest beach to the city centre of Malaga

La Malagueta is close to the city centre. In just 10 minutes, going through the seaport and the harbour you will find the finest sand. The locals love this beach, a strip of sand of over 1Km length. If you don’t like to be too many hours under the sun. You can find a spot under the palm trees. Just on the side of the beach, there are few spots like an oasis in the desert. Malagueta is the first in our list of top 10 beaches in Malaga. It is looking like a South America beach and is the rich of beach bars. Just one minute away from houses, restaurants, and resorts.

How to reach Playa La Malagueta from the City Centre?

As we said before, Playa La Malagueta is really easy to reach from the city centre. You don’t need to rent a car or taking public transport. From Plaza de la Constitucion, the main square of Malaga, follow the main street, towards the seaport. Once you see the Lighthouse, you have to follow the harbour shopping way. Enjoy the view.

If you rent a car and want to park it close to the beach, try to go just in the direction of the Gibralfaro. Here you can find a spot for your car in the many tiny streets. It’s easy to understand the directions, just point yourself behind the buildings on the seaside. The parking cost just 1 euro but is not easy to find a spot. The parking is until 8 pm after you can park for free everywhere. From 2 to 4 the parking is free as well.

For a lot of people, Malaga is comparable to Barcelona. It is a paradise for expatriate.

PLAYA PUERTO BANÚS | Best beaches Spain

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The beach of Puerto Banus in really close to Malaga. Situated in the city of Marbella, is one of the reach parts of Andalusia. As the local call the beach, it is playa Puerto Banus. Here you will find a lot of yachts, and it seems to be the Montecarlo of Spain for the concentration of millionaires. Puerto Banus is amazing and needs to be on the list of the top 10 beaches in Malaga. The beaches are really organised with all kind of water sports. Stroll around the coastline and visit it at the sunset for the best landscape ever.

Stop by one of the dozens of chiringuitos on the promenade. Be ready to pay a little more, the prices are a bit inflated due to the reputation of the area and the visitors.


In your Andalusia itinerary, you need to plan a visit in Puerto Banus because it has some of the best beaches in Andalucia.

It is easy to arrive in Puerto Banus from Malaga. By car, it will take you just 15 minutes from the city centre. You can reach Marbella with public transport as well. One way with the bus will cost you just 1 euro and 50 cents. If you are on a budget, we advise you to visit just Purto Banus for a nice swim and a great walking on the promenade. Come back to Malaga for lunch or dinner, it could be really dangerous for your wallet.

Best Spain beaches


Malaga Park - Amazing Garden close to the Harbour of Malaga - Best beaches in Malaga
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Between Baños del Carmen and La Malagueta, it is another beach awarded with the blue flag. It is not really away from the city centre of Malaga and rich in beach bars and restaurants. This beach is also not that far from Malagueta, the first beach on our list. All around the sandy beach, there is the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Promenade, over the years it has been regenerated. It is a long beach of dark sand. The beach is around 1 Km long.

La Caleta beach Malaga is really close to the city centre. Just a few minutes away from the old quarter of the city. The beach is equipped with sunbeds and some watersports. All around the beach you will find luxury villas and mansions and amazing resorts. It is on the list of quiet beaches near Malaga and you will find a lot of families.

Every summer on this side of Malaga there is a kind of Sea Theme Park, with water games open to everybody, adults as well. If you are looking for a fun way to spend your summer in Malaga, Playa la Caleta has some unusual activities for you.

PLAYA MISERICORDIA | Malaga Spain Beaches

Malaga Harbor one of the best Cruises stops in the mediterranean
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The Misericordia beach Malaga is 10 minutes away from the city centre, it is on the Carretera de Cádiz in Malaga. If you follow Playa de Guadalhorce you will find it between the Playa de Huelin. Playa Misericordia is another blue flag beach in Spain, it is a really long beach with a small width, just 30 meters and has quite often swell tide. Because this beach is close to the Malaga Seaport, it has been known by locals for the big waves as “La ola del Melillero”.

Head at the Misericordia beach Malaga if you want to try the watersports and enjoy the rental services for hammocks and parasols.

PLAYA DE HUELIN | Also called as Playa de San Andrès

This is a really tiny beach compared to the closest beach of La Misericordia. The Playa de Huelin, located in the named Quarter of Malaga, is also called as Playa de San Andrès. This strap of the beach is the closest one to the seaport of Malaga, and because of that, the water is not always as good. In the late afternoon in summer, is commonly see the people start to build a beach volley pitch. Along this beach, that is around 200 metres of Coast, there are many bars and restaurants. Check some information more on the official website of the beaches of Malaga.


The Playa de Guadalmar is a local beach that just local know. It is really hard to find tourists in this area, due is across an industrial and commercial district of Malaga. It is just on the coast of the Airport, so it is so easy to get an aircraft flying over your head while you are on the beach. The Playa de Guadalmar is also one of the wildest beaches in Malaga. If you are willing to discover some of the best secret beaches of Malaga and Costa del Sol, visit Playa de Guadalmar.

In this area, you will find also two other zones over the regular beach. There is a nudist area, that indicates before the entrance. The other area is reserved to Kitesurfing, on a windy day this area will be perfect for photographing landscapes. Did you read about our guide on Kitesurfing in Tarifa?

PLAYA DE CHULLERA | Best Spanish beaches

Blue clear water in Malaga - Top 10 best beaches in Malaga
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This amazing beach is in Manilva municipality, in the provinces of Cadiz, just between this city and Malaga. It is not a long beach, mainly stony and amongst rocky outcrops.

This is in the list of the Top beaches Spain, because of the clear waters ideal for snorkelling and spearfishing. Really well known by locals because really quiet and without tourists. It is an ideal spot for relaxing especially during the weekdays, on the weekend, in summer, it could be loads of locals and families. Put this place on your Malaga beaches map and visit it as soon. It has just one chiringuito, serving as restaurants as well.

FUENGIROLA BEACH | Beaches near Malaga Spain

30 minutes away from Malaga there is the small town of Fuengirola. This little town becomes very popular during the summertime, on the planned holiday time in the months of July and August. Fuengirola has the best beaches in Southern Spain and has one of the best beach towns in Spain. Over 7 Kilometers of sand divided into 7 beaches.

It has similar amenities to South America beaches with a lot of Chiringuitos, shops, and restaurants. You will find all kinds of water sports and do a lot of activities. The promenade of Fuengirola is one of the longest in Spain, and it has the best beach in front of the region. Try also to find the best beaches Marbella, are really nice and if Fuengirola beaches are crowded you can find your spot just a few minutes away.

CABOPINO | Best beach in Spain

Marbella best beaches in Costa del Sol
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The new five-star beach on the Malaga coastline. Cabopino beach is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Spain, in Summer it is overcrowded and the beach is just 1.5 Km long. Fine sand and awesome dunes give the sensation to be away from Spain. The dunes of Cabopino has been declared a national monument, and we suggest you check it out as soon. On the dune section, there is a nudist beach. Less than one hour divide Malaga to this beach, you can reach Cabopino from Marbella or Fuengirola in just 15 minutes, also by bus.

We know is really hard to find this beach on the touristic guide of Andalucia, plan carefully your Andalusia itinerary, this is in the list of the best beaches in Andalucia and not all the Tour Operator are working on this area because of the lowest amount of accommodations. Give space to Cabopino on your Tour Andalusia bucket list.

TORREMOLINOS | Best beaches in Malaga

Landscapes of Pueblos Blancos in Costa del Sol - Best beaches in Costa del Sol
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We invite you to visit Torremolinos, not just the beach, but also the town as well. It has one of the beautiful landscapes in the South of Spain. The beach in Torremolinos is a stretch of Sand of 7 Km divided into 6 beaches.

Torremolinos is a town-resort, it is also one of the oldest and really well-known towns favourite by Americans and English tourists. On the promenade of Torremolinos and all around the rocks there is a wide range of hotels and restaurants with a beautiful sea view. In the hottest months of July and August, it is overcrowded, the price is going up and find park space is really difficult. If you are planning to spend a day trip here, be ready. Torremolinos need to be on your list of day trips, walking through the paseo marítimo or take just a minute walk.

TIPS | If you are renting a car and plan to head to Torremolinos driving, parking is really hard. Try to find a parking space on the top of the hill.

The best coast line in Spain

There are some small streets, close to the residential area where find parking is quite easy (not in summer, obviously), and somewhere you need to pay the ticket, just 1 euro for an hour until 9 pm. In some other streets, there are the white stripes on the surface where the parking is free of charge all the time.

Plan to go to Torremolinos by bus, it will take just a bit longer but you don’t need to think about parking space and ticket fee and you will enjoy all the amazing seaside landscape along the Malaga coastline.

The bus ticket will cost you just 1.50 euro and will pick you up from the main train station and bus station, close to Malaga city. The bus is running until 11 pm, with some changes just at the weekend where they will run until late at night.

MARO BEACH | Beaches in Spain

Malaga best beaches - Top beaches in Malaga
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This amazing beach is close to the town of Nerja, is the favourite among locals. If you like to do snorkelling this is the place for you, but be careful, fishing in this area is banned, and thanks to this law the area is abounding of marine sea life, ideal for discovering the deep Mediterranean water.

If you want to dedicate your holiday to water sport, the beach of Maro has a lot of opportunities. Kayaks available to rent, ready to take you around the alluring craggy coastline. It is considered one of the best beaches in Malaga, even if it is like 1 hour away from Malaga city.

You can plan to visit Maro on a day trip from Malaga to the coastline in direction of Almeria. Maro beach is just a few minutes away from Nerja Malaga beaches. The tour Andalusia could have here a couple of days off because it is one of the quiet places on the Malaga side.

BURRIANA BEACH | Best beaches in the South of Spain

Amazing beaches landscapes of Malaga
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Just a few minutes away from Maro beach there is Nerja, plan it in a day trip of the best beaches in South Spain. The little town of Nerja has some of the best beaches in the Malaga province. Burriana beach is one of the most popular and it is just less than 1 km long with an amazing landscape looking at the sea and at the back on a mountainous backdrop.

Burriana beach is also one of the most equipped Andalusia beaches, with a big range of watersports available. You can easily rent pedalos, Kayaks and also Jet skis. You can rent even boat visits and guided travel from here. There is a big range of choice on the promenade, where also you can find a wide selection of restaurants, bars and tapas places.

Stop in Burian Beach, one of the Best Beaches in the South of Spain. Eat the best paella with Sangria and, relax an hour on the sandy beach.

BIL-BIL | Malaga beaches photos

Malaga lighthouse - La Malagueta the best beaches in Malaga
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It is just 12 km away from Malaga city, it has a recognizable Arabic-style. That’s why the strange name of this beach. Bil-Bil has a dark sand beach and is really small. On the rock, you will find the Arabic Castle where the beach takes its name.

BIL- BIL is located in the town of Benalmádena

Bil-Bil is around 20 minutes away from Malaga and is the quietest even in summertime, where beaches as Torremolinos or Marbella are overcrowded. You have some good options of where to eat, there are a few many good restaurants with Spanish specialities.

This place is also not on the Tour Operators list, but you need to put it in your bucket to experience the best of this part of Southern Coast of Spain has to offer. It is inevitably on the list of best beaches in Andalucia and on your Tour Andalusia pathway. Take your beach chairs and enjoy the sun.

ESTEPONA | Best beaches in Malaga

Benalmadena - Best resorts in Malaga
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This place answers you the most common question about “which is the best beach in Malaga”. Estepona Beach is absolutely the best and most organized. Estepona Beach is a really long beach a few minutes away from Malaga city. It is a sandy beach with some part of it full of shingle. Estepona is not just an amazing beach, but also one of the prettiest towns on the Malaga Coast.

The wide range of fish and prepared seafood dishes make it the best option for fine palates.

All the chiringuitos on the beach will cook fresh fish and seafood, the popular dish is the barbecued sardines, served fresh fished by locals fishermen. Estepona beach is really popular among locals, it has been known by travel tourists as well as people coming from the internal area of Granada. You can get here by car from Malaga city in about an hour, or using public transport with a direct bus from the city centre.

Nerja beach | Waterfall into the Sea

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This is one of the most suggestive beaches near Malaga. The Waterfall into the sea close to Nerja Beach is a must do in your Costa del Sol visit. It is a proper waterfall, going directly into the Sea. A spectacular natural landscape, unique and awesome. You can reach the Waterfall of Nerja, renting a Kayak to the near beach. In the summertime, this place is crowded but worth to be visited. Take your go pro, or camera with you.

If you think this list is not complete enough, we are on the same vision, there are always new places can take their part in the list of the best beaches in Malaga. Cut some of the best beaches in Malaga was hard, but we have tried to give some direction to who is planning the first trip in Andalusia.

It could be really cheap if you don’t plan to rent a car, there is an efficient public transport, taking you just from Malaga city bus station. The price of the bus ticket is really cheap, some of it just cost 1,50 euro. The food is also really cheap. If you don’t plan to eat in an exclusive restaurant in Marbella or Torremolinos or more worst Puerto Banùs. Feel free to ask advice and suggestions about planning your road trip, and don’t forgot to read our guide on how to organise your road trip.


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    I have only spent 1.5 days in Spain (in Barcelona), so I have never had the pleasure of visiting what appears to be some truly amazing beaches! They all look like an amazing place to relax and play in the water. My kids would really enjoy this area.

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    I can’t believe I haven’t explored much of Spain, especially with it being so close to the UK. Just a hop, skip and a jump! The long stretch of sandy beaches are beautiful and so accessible too. 300 days of sun … did I read that correctly! What’s incredible about these beaches, is that they’re not even crowded and look so relaxing. I can just imagine finding a quiet spot by the beach with a cocktail and watching the sun go down. 🙂

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    I vote for my favorite local beach, in La Cala! 🙂 Even if I live near Fuengirola, I have actually never been to the beach here, only to the cafes along the promenade. Malagueta is the beach to go to in Malaga. 🙂

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    I love Spain and went there last Dec, simply stunning and was fascinated by the food and the culture and the buildings. However, one thing I didn’t really explore are the beaches, what a shame. Only been to a beach called Peniscola. Would very much love to explore Malaga. Probably another time as I feel I will certainly go back for another slower pace visit.

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    La Carihuela is also very nice in Torremolinos, but really busy.

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