What to do and see in Malaga. Discover Andalusia and South Spain.

Do you think is easy to do a proper guide on about what to do and see in Malaga, and crop it in a short blog post?

Discover Malaga was on our bucket list, everyone was telling us to go there for our holidays and we finally did it. It was our first time going around the South of Spain and we didn’t know what to expect. The South of Spain is completely different so be ready because it will be spectacular.


We organized an amazing road trip to Spain, our main city was Malaga, because of the closest airport to the city centre and the beautiful beach, Miami style. We have always been attracted to Spain, so we decided to organize a road trip and start it from Malaga. This will be not just a suggestion for a summer trip in Andalusia, but you can also visit this part of Spain in winter, for a weekend break.

We have been working really hard and we deserved a good holiday, where the main attraction was just the sun, nice food and finally the beach. Malaga is a really beautiful city, you can visit it walking, by car or using public transport.

From Malaga to airport

malaga sunset

Malaga airport is named Pablo Picasso, in honour of the famous artist. Going around the city you will see a lot about Picasso if you get a chance try to visit the museum dedicate to him.

Ok, maybe now is already the time to give you some right suggestions.

Just at the exit of the airport, there is the bust shuttle terminal. The buses connect you straight to the city centre, it will cost you just 3 euro. You don’t need to book in advance, you can pay on the bus to the driver. Remember, the drivers accept only cash, is not possible in any way to pay on the bus by card, but there are many cash machine around the airport, and it is easy to find one.

Like always we suggest don’t change your money to the cash exchange inside the airport and avoid huge fees and tax (spend it on food and shopping). Before starting your trip ask your bank for the details and the fee to pay with your card abroad.

If it is your first time in Spain, don’t worry is not too difficult to find the way to go to the city centre. As soon as you leave the arrivals hall and you exit from the airport you will see the bar Gambrinus (a Spanish traditional bar where you can find the local Cruzcampo) and walk straight in that direction on your left-hand side you will see the bus stop, A ( Line A Express Malaga Airport – Malaga city).

The ride will take around 20-30 minutes it always depends on the traffic. There is a bus every 20-25 minutes from 7 am until midnight from the airport. By bus, you will see all the neighbourhood of Malaga and part of the city centre, but you will miss the sea areas and the heart of the city.

pablo picasso airport malaga spain

When is the best time to visit Malaga

Malaga is always beautiful, winter, summer or even springtime. If you want to enjoy every single moment may be the best time is around April and May, is not too hot and not cold and you have to opportunity to go to the beach as well. For us, it was very difficult because we are currently living in the UK, where the weather is not the best one so we always want to go somewhere where there are sun and beach. We have been in May and it was hot, but really acceptable, good weather for enjoy the city and don’t sweat and go to the seaside to swim. Check out all the best dishes Spain has to offer.

What to see and what you can’t miss in Malaga.

The most important thing that you can’t miss is the Picasso Museum. It has been always my favourite artist, and when I discovered that there was a museum in Malaga I booked the ticket as soon as I could.

The ticket is not expensive, for people over 65, student or under 26 the cost is 6 euro, (poor Toti), otherwise, the “full” price is 8 euro. It is open every day from 10 am and is it closed on the 25th of December, the 1st of January and the 6th. Remember as in Malaga there are always a lot of tourists it is better to book the ticket online and jump the queue. It is easy to reach and to find it, is just close to the Roman Theatre. 

For more information about opening and closing time, you can find everything you might need here —> Visit Picasso Museum <—

roman theatre malaga

Alcazaba – Tour Andalusia

Built during Arab domination of Spain in the 11th country, it’s a unique example of its kind of architecture. The only comparable fortress is the Krak des Chevaliers in Syria, also built during the same period. The name “Alcazaba” means “citadel”, translated from Arabic. Its current 15000 square meters are not even half of the size that it reached during its greatest time.

In the same way, there is a legend that during the Arabic domination if a Christian soldier was captured and taken as a prisoner into the Alcazaba, the conditions were so horrendous that the only desire that the prisoner could have is to be taken to the Torre de los Deseos to die, so he would finally be free. On the top of the tower, for the chosen one, a girl from the Khalifa’s personal harmer would be inviting for the prisoner to satisfy his most ardent desires, just before being executed and, consequently, reaching that freedom.

The ticket it will cost 3.50 euro or you can join the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro and it will cost you 5.50 euro, and for the audio guide, the cost is 5 euro. During summertime ( 1st April till 31st of October) it opens at 9 am till 8 pm

anfitatro romano malaga spagna italiantripabroad

Roman Theatre of Malaga

As we said before, you can see Malaga walking, everything is so close to each other, so be ready to walk a lot. The Roman Theatre is one of the oldest monuments in the city. It’s very close to the Cathedral and the Picasso Museum.

If you want to visit it, is completely free, but be careful about the scheduled time, it always changes. From Tuesday to Sunday it is open from 10 am to 6 pm and it is closed on Monday and on Sunday it will be possible to visit between 10 am and 4 pm. If you are not interested to visit the amphitheatre from the outside is it still very nice to see and to make good pictures, or if you are like my boyfriend and love to explore on the left-hand side there are some stairs where you can go till the top and enjoy the view on Malaga.

malaga ladscape city center

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Did you ever hear about Corrida? Spain is really famous for it. Do you know we are talking about bulls, Toros and Toreros? I know it could hurt some of you, but it still attracts a lot of tourists and a lot of people are really addicted.

The Arena of Malaga is not the famous one, respect the most touristic of Sevilla in Andalusia. If you are interested to see the show, the best period is between April and September, where, in those months, there are the most important shows. Look on the website before, because those events are prepared in advance of 4-5 months and you can even buy the tickets online.

malagueta spain spagna malaga

Malagueta Costa del Sol. 

Are you ready for the beach? This post is made for driving you into what to do and see in Malaga. So, prepare your swimming suit and go to the beach. It’s time to enjoy the sun. This is the best side of Malaga for me. Malagueta beach is really famous.

If you are planning your trip to Malaga during the summer time it will be always busy. In may the beach was already almost full, especially on the weekend when even the shops shout on Sunday. The beach is enormous and you will find your place even if it is crowded.

Where to stay around Malaga

The Andalusia region is one of the most beautiful of Spain, with the strokes of North Africa, mixed to the European Style. At Malaga airport, you will find also the bus to get and stay around Malaga.

Some of the most known places where to stay around Malaga is Torremolinos, Marbella, Algeciras, on the way to Cadiz. On the opposite direction, you will find Torre del Mar ( enormous beach and amazing seaside landscape), Nerja and El Morche or Almuñécar (directly under the Sierra Nevada mountains)

If you are planning to rent a car, there is no better idea to enjoy the Andalucia coast. Renting a car, you will be free to visit any place around and schedule your own time, drive in Spain is easy and following the correct standards, you will not find any problems at all. We didn’t want to miss the nice opportunity to drive along Costa del Sol.

malaga rent a bike

If you are not renting a car you have the option to use the bus. The first and important thing is you need to buy the ticket in advance or in the Ticket Office which is outside the arrivals hall. This is so important because the drivers don’t do any exceptions and if you are without your own ticket, they will ask you to get off the bus and attend the next.

Planning to go to Marbella? Here you go with some tips.

It is so easy, think to go to Marbella because it is worth it. During the summer period when the city is busy, with thousands of tourists visiting it every day, the local authorities disposed of a bus every 20-25 minutes. The bus terminated at Marbella, remember always to buy your ticket for the return in advance.

harbor malaga italiantripabroad

Are you planning to go to Torremolinos? Don’t worry there is a bus as well

Torremolinos is another diamond in the “Costa del Sol”. It is one of the richest part of the coast, the favourite harbour of yacht and V.I.P. It is easy to reach the town from Malaga, it is just one straightway on the seaside. There is a bus to Torremolinos from the Airport and from the city centre,  but during winter time there is no bus from the airport to Torremolinos. To reach the little rich town you can get the train instead.

In summer the Costa del Sol will be busy everywhere. Torremolinos in this period of the year, July and August at the top, become so crowded, the cheap bus route, make it the easy way to reach the town but also the busiest one. The ticket is 3.80 euro and remembers always to buy the ticket in advance. The bus stop is just outside the arrivals hall. If you feel lost don’t worry, ask anyone they will be more than happy to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go, it’s time for the holidays!!

If you have any question or just suggest any route, we will be happy to help you! Get in touch!

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What to do and see in Malaga

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