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Wherever you go, go with all your heart. We really push you to discover Sevilla. We have been exploring a lot of cities and Seville is one of our favourite.

We discover Sevilla in just two days and we loved it. When you disover a new city is always difficult to compare with other places as well but when we discover Sevilla we realize, there is no other city like Seville.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Plaza de Espana - Spain Square sevilla

Things to see in Seville – Seville Itinerary plan your Andalucia Tour

Here we go when we will push you to discover Sevilla. It is a very nice city, you can see everything just by walking around.

All the main attraction are located in the city centre and even if your accommodation is a bit far away from the centre don’t worry you can reach it very easily with the tube.

There are a lot of things to see in Seville, once you will reach the centre you will understand why we love this city. You will be surrounded by the beauty of Seville and you will understand why we call it “Magic city”.

Tore de l'oro - Sevilla - Andalucia Tour

Why is Seville Spain Famous? How to discover Seville

The city of Seville is famous worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage.

This is the birthplace of the Flamenco and the city where the most amazing Easter processions take place. But Seville is also the neuralgic centre of the South of Spain, a city full of life and possibilities.

Sevilla is also known for “La Feria de Sevilla”.

The Seville Fair traditionally starts two clear weeks after Semana Santa, in a huge area in Los Remedios, next to the river. This is a week of serious dancing, drinking, eating and socialising, with late nights or even all night long.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Plaza de Toros

Seville itinerary – Discover Seville and Feria de Abril, what you need to know

La Feria de Sevilla or Feria de Abril is a celebration that takes place every year during spring.

The local Sevillan folklore is a very special event, the inhabitant prepares it for months before it starts. The origin of the Feria de Sevilla dates back to the 13th century, and as most of the Spanish ferias, it has a commercial background.

The feria became more urban and social than trade-focused, eventually becoming the party that it is nowadays.

If you want to visit the feria as a traveller from outside of the region, you must be aware of certain aspects before rushing to pack your Sevillana dress and those dancing shoes that you bought specifically for a good session of flamenco, hydrated afterwards with a cold “rebujito”.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla

The Ferias is not a tourists attraction, it is mostly a traditional time of the year for the inhabitant of Andalusia. It is most suitable for the Sevillans, so if you plan to visit it, try to act like a local.

 This is because most of the “casetas” are private: A bunch of people will contribute with a certain amount of money throughout the year to set up their tent during the feria, and they will enjoy food, drink and music for free or reasonably cheap price.

If you don’t have contacts in Sevilla that can get you in one of them, you certainly lost most of your chances, as you won’t be allowed into the private casetas.

There are however some free casetas, so you still have your chance: These are the ones that belong to the political parties: PP, PSOE, IU, PCE, C’s, UGT, etc.

Also, there are some free ones from certain districts, you might get in for free in the same way. However, these ones are ready for overpriced food, drinks and not the best samples of Sevillian society.

On the other side, not everything is the tents, just walk around the area from lunchtime until late night, and you will be impressed by the outfits that men wear, and the beauty of the Sevillian girls wearing the traditional and world-known traditional dresses.

Enjoy this during the typical sunny days of the region. All this topped with stunning Andalusian “Pura Sangre” horses pulling richly designed coaches. And, being Sevilla, the atmosphere will certainly be friendly.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Cathedral

Be aware in the same way that finding accommodation during these days might be challenging and expensive.

Also, the feria is the centre of the city during the celebration, so expect the rest of the city to be slightly “dead”. As a conclusion: if you are in Sevilla during the feria, it’s worth passing by and enjoying the atmosphere.

However, if you want to come specifically for this event without local contacts, there are many chances that you’ll be disappointed.

The best places to enjoy social life in Sevilla are the “Terrazas”, there are thousands of them in the city and they are open the whole year, so don’t think at any point that the feria is unmissable.

If you really want to enjoy the concept of feria, consider the possibility of going to the ferias of Córdoba or Málaga.

They are much more open to outsiders and although not so famous, they are as good as this one.

Out of the Feria, we suggest visiting Granada and the amazing markets they do during the year.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla

What should I do when I travel to Sevilla? What to plan in your Andalucia Tour

First and very important thing is Sevilla is really hot during summertime and really cold during winter, so if you are planning your trip in Seville choose between April ( which is really nice during April Fair) and May, September or October even in this year in September there were 38°.

Plan your journey so you won’t miss anything, book your Alcázar tickets online and enjoy every moment.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Plaza de Espana - Spain Square

Plaza de Espana – Discover Sevilla

This it will be the best part of your Seville Itinerary. When we arrive in Plaza de Espana we were without words. We discover Seville like this, just walking around and finding the best spot to take pictures. This is one of the best places ever.

This massive building is Seville’s most impressive after the cathedral, for its sheer scale and grandeur.

The Plaza is situated inside Maria Luisa Park, next to Avenida Isabella La Catolica, a pedestrianised avenue with ice-cream sellers and bike rental stands.

This is the best way to reach the park, entering near the Teatro Lope de Vega and Fabrica de Tabaco. You also can reach the park from the Prado de San Sebastián on one side, or the river on the other.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Plaza de Toros - Sevilla Bullring

Plaza de Toros – Discover Sevilla

We were so surprised to see this amazing Plaza de Toros, as when we have been in Malaga it was not really nice, but this one in Sevilla is really worth it.

La Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is the name of the bullring of Sevilla. The exact construction date is unknown, as it went through wars, crises and different architects took over the project.

The building was partially destroyed in 1805 by a hurricane, an incredibly uncommon phenomenon in this part of the world. This is one of the most important plazas in Spain, it has appeared in many movies and of course, it is one of the main buildings in Sevilla.

One characteristic that makes this plaza unique is its shape: The arena is not a perfect circle like most of the other plazas, this one is elliptical.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Plaza de Toros - Sevilla Bullring - Instagram spots sevilla

The reason for this is that when it was being built, the location of some neighbouring houses prevented the construction of a perfect circle.

Walk around the plaza and imagine the place full of people getting ready for a “Tarde de Toros”. Get inside the arena and witness the sand where bulls and bullfighters spilt their blood and gave their lives, while the crowd screamed “olé”.

This design of the Spanish square is inspired by the Roman amphitheatres, and you can see this inspiration even in modern plazas everywhere in Spain, probably being the best example the plaza of Valencia.

The importance of bullfighting in Spanish culture is incredibly deep, having exported this culture to America and even to other countries, including non-Spanish speaking ones.

The unofficial symbol of Spain is the Toro de Osborne, and you can even see giant bull banners in some Spanish highways. In spite of all we mentioned above, bullfighting is nowadays facing a very strong opposition, mainly among young Spanish people.

So do not think at any point that everyone in Spain dreams of being a “matador”!

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Royal Alcazar Sevilla - Alcazaba Andalusia
The Royal Alcazar is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites of Sevilla. It is on the same style of the Alhambra Palace of Granada. It must be in your list of sightseeing Seville.

Real Alcázar – Seville Itinerary

Suggestion: Book your tickets online so you can jump the queue and you don’t have to wait a lot.  The ticket is not expensive it’s only 9 euro and 50 cents. For those under 16 years old the access is free and for the student between 17 and 25, the ticket is just 2 euro.

Located in the heart of Seville, the Real Alcazar is one of the oldest palaces still in use in the world.

This palace-fortress was commissioned by Abd Al Raman III, it is intricately formed of exquisite rooms decorated with plasterwork, tiling and coffered ceilings, which combine perfectly with the magnificent gardens and use of water to create an unforgettable impression.

Be ready to take some nice pictures as you will be inspired by this beauty.  Everything in Seville is close by, so in this way, we were able to discover Seville in just two days.


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Torre de Oro

It’s not far away from Plaza de Toros, you can reach very easily even from the Cathedral as is close to the riverside.

Walking around and while you want to discover Seville for sure you can’t miss this amazing monument.

Torre del Oro is a defensive tower dating from the 13th century, from which a thick chain extended to the far bank of the river, cutting off access to enemy ships.

The tower defended the river entrance to the Barcas bridge and land access to the Arenal, home of industrial activity. The tower was linked to the Torre de la Plata through sections of wall known as “coracha”, which also stretched to Seville’s Alcazar.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Cathedral Sevilla - Visit sevilla - Andalusia itinerary

Cathedral de Sevilla

Seville’s cathedral, Santa Maria de la Sede, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage.

It’s located close to the Real Alcazar and the Flamenco Museum which I highly recommend and Seville is known as well for the Flamenco shows

Did you know: La Giralda is the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral but used to be a minaret, as it was built when Seville was part of Al-Andalusm, that is, Muslim Spain.

The ticket is not so expensive 9 € for adults, for Pensioners and Students 4 € and for Seville residents, under 14yrs, disabled, unemployed are free.


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Metropol Parasol – Andalucia Tour

The structure consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms, whose design is inspired by the vaults of the Cathedral of Seville.  Metropol Parasol is organized in four levels.

The underground level (Level 0) houses the Antiquarium, where Roman and Moorish remains discovered on site are displayed in a museum.

Level 1 which is the street level, is the Central Market. The roof of Level 1 is the surface of the open-air public plaza, shaded by the wooden parasols above and designed for public events.

Levels 2 and 3 are the two stages of the panoramic terraces, offering one of the best views of the city centre and an amazing restaurant. 

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - Instagram photo sevilla - Universidad Sevilla

Museo de Bellas Artes – Discover Seville

The Museo de Bellas Artes is one of the most important art museums in Spain, probably the second one after El Museo del Prado in Madrid.

It is built around three patios which are decorated with flowers, trees and the distinctive Seville tile work.

The museum’s impressive collection of Spanish art and sculpture extends from the medieval to the modern, focusing on the work of Seville School artists, such as Bartolome, Esteban Murillo, Juan de Vales Leal.

The entrance is really really cheap 1.50 € and free for EU citizens and students.

Free admission to the Museo de Bellas Artes is included with the Sevilla Card. (The Sevilla Card is a city pass or tourist card. As soon as you start planning your trip to Seville you should get this city pass before you leave home.)


The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:30 and Sundays from 9:00 to 14:30. The only day which is close is Monday.

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - where eat and drink in Sevilla
Discover Sevilla without visit a Tapas Bar is absolutely unacceptable. Go and check for the best Sevilla Tapas Bar.

What are the best places to visit in Spain?

Seville for sure was our favourite one, there is something magic which is impossible to describe. You need to discover the city by yourself to feel involved like us.

Ibiza one of the most natural landscapes in Spain. If you skip the night Vida loca places, you will see the real essence of the Island. It could be really cheap and nice, out of the touristic places.

Cadiz promenade and beachfront

Cadiz, because is a city look like a little town. You will feel involved in the real local life since you put your feet in the city. The seaside is awesome and in summer it is really crowded, with just one way going in and out of the city, it seems to be a little island.

Barcelona is the first city Toti visited in Spain. It is one of the places he loves and we need to return. We feel to be at home there, it is looking like our home city, Napoli, and some of the streets are perfectly the same.

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About this post, we will say a big thank you to Andres, our Spanish friend, currently living in London, for the huge amount of information about Sevilla and the right directions to how to discover Sevilla at the best. Also, we will say a big thank you to an Italian Instagram Friend, Irene Palmieri for the amazing videos about Sevilla.

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