Granada off the beaten path | Granada hidden gems

A full itinerary of Granada off the beaten path. How to find the best route to avoid touristic traps. Skip the queue and visit amazing places, finding the Granada hidden gems, enjoy the great landscapes and act like local.
It is not easy to visit a place and be out of the common route. Plan in advance your tour off the beaten path of Granada and discover the withhold secrets spots of Granada. Go up to the hills and see the best views of Granada.

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The Alhambra is the Symbol of Granada. It is the most iconic place to visit in Andalusia, but buy a ticket could be really difficult.

An itinerary off the beaten path in Granada

  • Carrera del Darro
  • Lost yourself in the Albaicín
  • House of Federico García Lorca
  • Relax at Hammam Spa
  • Visit El Huerto de Carlos
  • The Miradores of El Carmen de los Mártires
  • Banuelo Arab Bath
  • Tapas and Flamenco

The best off the beaten path tour of Granada

Granada is an authentic gem in Andalusia. Ideal for your winter holiday and your summer relax. Not that far from ski slopes or from unbelievable dreaming beaches.

The city of Granada is one of the best places to visit in Andalusia. Is also one of the most mysterious places. With romance and poetry inside the narrow streets and the amazing landscapes. Granada is that place where the European culture met the Muslim World, it is a bridge between two continents.
This old Moorish place is not just a city in Spain, but it is one of the most suggestive in the South. In the middle of an amazing land, Andalusia.

Ancient past and great conquerors have changed this part of Spain, making it awesome

Granada place has nothing less than the other great cities of Andalusia, Sevilla, Malaga, Cordoba and Cadiz. It is common to visit this city on a road trip around Andalusia, visiting great cities or small villages on the top of the hills.

This is the place where the Sierra Nevada gives a spectacular background, with snow even in late May. Granada is the perfect day trip, doesn’t matter if is summer or winter.

Start a tour of Granada off the beaten path, is the best way to understand this city. The city is on the foot of the Sierra Nevada, a huge mountain complex really crowded in winter. Alhambra place is a city of secrets, really well preserved and hidden, that’s the main reason why we will take you on a Granada off the beaten path tour.

Book here your ticket to see the Alhambra in Granada.

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Granada Hidden Gems

Hidden Spots on the Carrera del Darro – The most romantic place in Granada

Carrera del Darro is not just a Granada hidden Gems, but it is also one of the most romantic places in Granada. The amazing Carrera del Darro is a street that starts on Plaza Nueva towards Albacin, one of the most traditional boroughs of Granada.

This is a long street which follows the river, we will assure this is one of the most romantic streets in Granada, it is completely walkable and close to the traffic, making this place also one of the most charming at night.
The Carrera del Darro is the first Granada hidden gem in our list. Are you ready to go forward with our Off the beaten path itinerary of Granada?

The Darro, the river you are following is crossed by two amazing stones bridge. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the area. it could be really crowded at the weekend, but we assure it is really worth to be visited.
Pop into one of the dozen shops along the streets, here you can clearly see the bridge between the European and the Arabic culture.

The mix mash of cultures, the Moorish and European, made this land just unreal.

If you cross the first bridge, on the side there are a couple of Bars, where you can seat, drink a glass of tinto de verano, the amazing and famous Spanish wine and tapas. Check for the best food tips in Granada.
To be a proper tour about Granada off the beaten path we don’t want to advise you to take the classic Sangria. It is a common touristic thing. To be a real Spanish, you have to order a local tinto de verano, ask for “una copa de vino tinto”.

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To act like a local, acting like a Spanish and leave away the touristy things, you have to follow the Spanish way since you are ordering.
Across the river, you will find a lot of bars and café.
Choose the ones that you like, you can even find lovely terraces, ideal in Summer when the temperature could go over 40°.

We will advise, this is out of the book of non touristy things to do in Granada. Be in a café with a terrace on the Darro is a classic tourist hotspot.
These are surrounded by bars and cafes with lovely terraces, but they are tourist hotspots.

Get lost in the streets of Albaicín – Granada hidden gems

This is the best advice we can give you. How to find hidden Gems in Granada just getting lost in one of the most iconic spots in the city of the Alhambra. From the Albaicín, a hill on the top of the city, you can admire the amazing landscapes. The view is directly on the Alhambra within the background of Sierra Nevada. A spectacular landscape to take amazing pictures.

The city of Sierra Nevada is a safe city, so don’t be silly and get lost in the narrow streets. If you hike the Albacin, you will enjoy the view. This place is on the top list of the top things to do in Granada. For us, this place is also one of the most instagrammable places in Granada, and one of the top photo spots in Granada. Go around the small streets, made of cobblestones with terraces directly on the Alhambra and on the Sierra Nevada. If you feel like being more involved, there are a lot of photo experience guided tour for a reasonable price.

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Free things to do in Granada

Visit the house of Federico García Lorca – Granada hidden gems

Not everyone knows that Granada is the home city of one of the most famous Spanish poet in the World. Federico Garcia Lorca was born here, in Granada, and here now there is a park named to the famous poet.

At the centre of the Federico Garcia Lorca Park, there is the house of the poet, a building of the 20th century, where Lorca spends the summers until 1936. Give a chance and visit this place, where are some of the manuscripts of the writer.

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Visit the Arab bazaar in the city centre

The Area around the city centre, just behind the city Cathedral is the Bazar of the city. Here you can admire the coexistence between two completely different Worlds. Give a relaxing afternoon strolling around the shop stands, like in an oriental bazaar.

It is a colour party, with smells far away from the common European way and more close to the Oriental style.
We have been here, and we were kidnapped by the colours and the atmosphere. Be careful in the area, often there are pickpockets in action, ready to take your value away.

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Non-touristy things to do in Granada

Hammam Spa – Relax in Granada

Few tips on how to Relax in Granada. We discovered this Spa complex for a pure coincidence. While we were strolling on the opposite side of the Carrera del Darro, getting lost through the narrow street made of cobblestone and sand. The Hammam Spa is a traditional Arab bath, while here in Granada it takes a completely different meaning.

You can book here your ticket to experience the fabulous world of the Hammam.

The Hammam Spa is made in the rock just below the Alhambra, where is coming thermal fresh and pure water from the rocks. It is an oasis of pleasure and relaxes. It is open even at night, and the prices are not that high, just 30 euro for 90 minutes in heaven. Pay a visit to the Arab bath is absolutely the top of the Granada top of the beaten path.

Secret places Granada – Granada off the beaten path

El Huerto de Carlos – Granada off the beaten path

On top of the Albaycín, there is “El Huerto de Carlos”. It is an awesome hidden gem of Granada, a real secret place known just by the locals. It is really hard to find this secret spot of Granada, and thanks to that it is out of the touristic guide, and so, is really difficult to find tourists in the area.

The locals used to stay at El Huerto de Carlos in the afternoon and evening, play and listen to music, drinking a “cerveza” a beer. It is a little square with an awesome view of the Alhambra in the background, a small fountain and a playground make it the perfect place where relax and chill.

El Carmen de los Mártires – Secret places Granada

The El Carmen de Los Mártires is another Miradores, a point where enjoy the view and admire the landscapes. It is also one of the greenest places in Granada, really close to the Alhambra, which makes it the best place to stay after the visit to the Moorish fortress.

From here you can have an amazing view of the city, and on the Moorish architecture around. The area is free to enter, but during the traditional festivity, it could be close or partial opened. In the weekdays the park will be close in the afternoon.

Top Photo Spots Granada

Granada is not just the Alhambra, it is the Symbol of this city it is true. But the old town is rich in culture and amazing landscapes. On the list of Top Photo Spots Granada, you have to put the Albacin and the Sacromonte.

About the Albacin we have talked a lot up to this post, but it is not the only place where snap your next Instagram story from Granada. To enjoy some of the best views of Granada, the Alhambra and the landscapes of the Sierra Nevada, the best off the beaten path place is absolutely the Sacromonte.

The hills above Sacromonte is one of the top photo spots in Granada, it is also really hard to hike, that make this place quite sometimes, without crowd and ideal to shot some amazing landscapes. For that reason carry a tripod with you, especially at night, ready to shot with the long exposure. To access to the hill, you can go through the Caves Museum on the Camino del Sacromonte. On the other side of the hill, you can enjoy the landscape above the valley, with the great Spanish countryside.

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Best Area to stay in Granada

The Albaicín is one of the best areas where find an Airbnb in Granada. Staying here it is meaning to be in the centre of the historic Granada. As we have said already before, the Albaicín is one of the most instagrammable spots in Granada, is one of the best places where shot your personal postcard of Granada, so why don’t try to find accommodation here.

Accommodation on a budget in Granada

To stay on a budget in Granada is not difficult at all, the city has a lot to offer and the public transport is working really well. Also, the city is walkable, with the main shopping street completely traffic-free. If you take an AirBnb outside of the city centre, in 10 minutes walk you will be in the middle of the party.
You will find other solutions than Airbnb, there are a lot of hostels and hotels for cheap.

Must see in Granada Spain

The Bañuelo – An ancient Arab Bath

This is not a commonplace where find a tourist, it is perfect for our guide of Granada off the beaten path. The Banuelo is an ancient thermal Bath complex of the 11th century. It is one of the oldest and best-preserved Arab baths in Spain. The complex is on the Carrera del Darro below a small house. The establishment was saved from destruction by the Catholic Monarchs because, in the common Christian thinking, it was a commonplace where meet prostitute.

In 1918, The Banuelo has declared a National Monument and was restored. It is in a complete Arab Style and while is old thousand it still fascinating the visitors.

Things to do in Granada at night

Tapas, tinto, jamon and Flamenco – Where to eat in Granada

Visit one of the dozens of tapas bars in Granada could be not off of the beaten path, but taste what is meaning the Flamengo for Spain it could be the real attraction. As we have already suggested in our Seville itinerary, even in Granada we suggest booking your table. There is a lot of choices and you cannot miss it.

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Visit the Alhambra at night

Avoid the queue, the crowded places and take a proper Granada off the beaten path itinerary. There are not that many visits at night of the Alhambra in the year, but be ready to spot it when the chance is coming.
Check here if there are any tickets available for visiting the Alhambra by night. Visiting the Alhambra at night, or the Gardens, you cannot use the flash.

If you don’t have the chance to visit the World Heritage monument Symbol of Granada, we suggest you visit the Royal Alcazar of Seville, which is on the same path as the Architecture of the Alhambra, but it is really easy to find the tickets. Book here your day trip from Granada to Seville.

Where to stay in Granada

If you are looking for the perfect place where to stay in Granada we might know what you are looking for. We have been to Spain, especially Granada so many times and we always stayed in different places and we ended up loving all the places that we have been.

Here there are our suggestions which we highly recommend you to book it in advance as Granada can be very busy at any time of the year.

Eurostar Catedral located in the heart of the city centre right next to Granada’s Cathedral. It’s the perfect location if you want to be in the city centre and without using any public transport.

Hotel Granada Center is located only 10 minutes away from Granada Old Town and it’s a beautiful hotel which has got all the amenities you might need during your stay.

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