How to Spend 2 days in Granada Spain | 13 things you can’t miss visiting

Granada Landscape - How to spend 2 days in Granada Itinerary
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Granada is another pearl of Andalucia and with our detailed itinerary of how to spend 2 days in Granada, you will be able to see the most important sightseeing. With its own charm and differences from the other Andalusia’s cities, Granada is an amazing city worth visiting in Spain.

If you have been in Spain already you will see how Granada is different from the other cities. The city is perfectly mixed with stunning architecture on one side and on the other, you got the beautiful charm of a classic Spanish town.

Spending 2 days in Granada is the perfect way to escape from your routine and discover another beautiful gem of Europe. We are sure that the glorious past of this part of Spain will drag you along the narrow streets of Albecin discovering the past of Granada, from the Romans to the Moorish.

The perfect Granada Itinerary 

  • Alhambra
  • Mirador de San Nicolas
  • Paseo de los Tristes
  • El Carmen de los Mártires
  • Alcazaba
  • Granada Cathedral
  • Royal Chapel of Granada
  • Generalife
  • Nasrid Palaces
  • Sacromonte
  • Enjoy a free tapas
  • Visit Arab Bazaar
  • Watch a Flamenco Show

Don’t miss the Alhambra in your 2 days in Granada

Spain- Alhambra-Granada - Architecture
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One of the first things that you will associate Granada to is the Alhambra. The most important landmark of the city and a very touristic place. If you are planning 2 days in Granada we highly recommend you to book very in advance if you want to have your ticket to visit the Alhambra.

The Alhambra is a fortress on top of the hills of Granada, the old mansion of the King, looks up the whole valley and the city since it was known as the Granada Emirate. Today it is considered one of the top attractions in the city.

Try to pre-book your Alhambra tickets here to save your spot for your visit.

If you are looking for an off the beaten path itinerary you might like this.

Mirador de San Nicolas

Alhambra of Granada from the Mirador de San Nicolas
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Considered one of the most scenic viewpoints in Granada, the Mirador de San Nicolas is the perfect spot to see the gorgeous Alhambra in all its beauty. This is a popular spot, especially for passionate photographers. You will face an amazing scenario of the Alhambra and the Generalife, with the stunning mountains of Sierra Nevada at the back.

The Mirador is located in the Albayzin, a famous neighbourhood surrounded by tapas bars, local restaurants, street artists playing music and cosy streets. We will advise you which is the best time to visit Mirador de San Nicolas. For sure it is at sunset, it is when you will watch the amazing colours changing of the Alhambra. On top of the Mirador de San Nicolas you will enjoy one of the best places to watch the sunset in Granada.

Paseo de los Tristes

Paseo de los Tristed of Granada - 2 days in Graada
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We didn’t know how gorgeous it was until we reached it. Believe us when we say that is not easy, especially during Spring, and late May when we have visited it. The weather was extremely hot, making us sweat to reach the top. If you are visiting Granada at the end of winter/beginning of spring you might be able to walk through without being challenged by the hot weather. 

But, why is it called Paseo de Los Tristes? Actually, it’s officially called Andres Manjon and it’s known by this name because of the funeral procession on the way to the cemetery. The translation of Paseo de Los Tristes from Spanish is the walking path of sad people.

Paseo de Los Triste is another gorgeous point where you can admire the stunning view of the Alhambra. There is not a direct bus, so you have to hike up a bit. You can reach Paseo de Los Tristes, stopping at the nearby bus stop and then walk.

You can go to Plaza Nueva taking a bus (C31, C32, C34 or take 4, 8, 11, 21 and 33 to Gran Via).

El Carmen de Los Mártires

Located in the surrounding area of the Alhambra, Carmenes are the traditional houses of Granada which are also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the two Carmenes that you can visit for free is Carmen de Los Martines, very close to the Alhambra with its huge and beautiful garden. We highly recommend you visiting this place as it’s something that you really don’t see every day.

Insider Tips: The history of Carmenes goes back to the 17th century when the Muslin were expelled from Granada and Christians took their houses in the Albayzin which were abandoned. 


Granada in 2 days - Visit the Alcazaba of Granada
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If you have already been around the Southern part of Spain you might know what Alcazaba means. It’s a fortress and it is one of the oldest parts of the Alhambra.

This section of Granada is the perfect one to visit if you are looking for the right spot to enjoy the view of the city.

If you want to explore the Alcazaba you need to purchase a ticket for this and the Alhambra in advance. Allowing a discrete amount of time before your arrival at Granada, will help you to reserve your ticket. Usually, people book it in advance of 2 months. Don’t expect to show up at the ticket office for a spare ticket, you have to miss it.

You can book your tickets for the Alhambra and Alcazaba guided tour.

Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral - What to visit in 48 hours in Granada
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The Cathedral of Granada is something that you can’t miss visiting during your 2 days in Granada. Its stunning facade and beautiful interiors are unmissable sightseeing of your Granada itinerary.

The Cathedral is located in the heart of the city. If you wish to visit the inside of the Cathedral the general admission is only 5 euros but it’s worth it to spend that money.

We know that it’s a touristic place but you have to visit it otherwise, you will regret it. 

TopTips: You can either reach the cathedral by walking, by bus or by taxi but remember that by car you are not allowed to circulate in the city centre. 

Royal Chapel of Granada

The Royal Chapel of Granada is located between the Cathedral, Sagrario Church and the old fish market. Despite what you think it’s very easy to find. With its Gothic and Renaissance architecture, the Royal Chapel is a stop that you need to have in your two days in Granada.

It is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6.30 PM and Sundays from 11 AM to 6.30 PM. Remember that in Spain the siesta is a must-do so the majority of the times or even always monuments are closed from 1.30/2 PM to 4 PM. You need to make sure you check the time of your visit in advance.

If you wish to visit the Royal Chapel of Granada the price is 5 euros and it includes the audio guide as well.

Generalife – 2 Days in Granada

Generalife of Granada - Granada itinerary in 2 days
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Visiting the Generalife Garden is a must-see in Granada. You will end up loving this insane paradise on top of the hills of Granada. The beautiful gardens, space and surroundings will make your two days in Granada Spain memorable.

But, what is Generalife and where the name comes from?

The name “Generalife” means “Garden of the architect” and if you plan your visit you will understand why. Those gardens are the example of Arab art which gives the idea of how those gardens used to be. The Generalife is made of a series of large gardens where every corner hides a pleasant surprise for the eyes. 

You need to see it with your own perceptions as it’s something really hard to describe. Be ready with your camera to shoot around this amazing place.

Buy your tickets for Generalife here or a combined ticket with Alhambra tours and Generalife.

Nasrid Palaces

The Nasrid Palace, as they said,  is a stunning lounge to tranquillise the conscience as it has got perfect proportioned courtyards and rooms. It’s the perfect model of Moorish architecture and from the first moment you will step in, you will be transported back to the days of Spanish royalty and Moorish influence. The tickets to visit Nasrid Palaces are really hard to get and you need to make sure to have them before arriving in Granada. Book here your ticket.

If you already have your tickets remember to arrive on time or at least 10-15 minutes earlier as they won’t let you enter if you are late. 

If you want to visit the Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces book here your combined ticket.

The Nasrid Palaces are a magnificent complex formed by three buildings: The Meuzuar which is the oldest hall; the Palace of Comares, house built around Patio de Los Arrayanes and then the Palace of the Lions which is also a royal residence composed by a central courtyard and halls along each side.


Granada off the beaten path - Alhambra granada - Time in Granada - Weekend in Granada-58
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Sacromonte is famous for the gypsy caves. Usually, people don’t really consider visiting Sacromonte, but we really advise you to do it. Let’s say that Sacromonte is an off the beaten path Granada itinerary for adventurers. It is not easy to reach the top, that makes it plus if you are looking for special places without crowds.

If you are looking for non-touristy things to do in Granada you might be interested in this post. On top of Sacromonte, you can visit the caves museum. You can book here your ticket to visit the Sacromonte Caves Museum. This lovely museum is situated at the top of the hill and offers visitors the opportunity to look around ten caves and the chance to enjoy the lovely view around.

Enjoy a free tapas

Granada food tour - Free tapas with a beer
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Who doesn’t love a cold beer with free tapas? When you visit Granada, after a long day of exploring around, the ideal way to relax and enjoy yourself is with a cold and delicious Alhambra beer. There are so many tapas bars in the heart of the city. All are good, it is really hard to choose the best. We prefer to go off the stream of touristic paths, and find the local hidden gems. In these restaurants you can enjoy a taste of the Spanish tapas with a fresh drink. 

If you order a beer, it is coming with a few little plates of local tapas. The beer will cost you around 2 to 3 euro each.

Enjoying free tapas is one of the things which needs to be in your list of free things to do in Granada Spain.

Visit Arab Bazaar – 2 Days in Granada

During your Granada itinerary, you will understand how the Moorish influence impacts the city. The Arab Bazaar or Alcaicería, today is home of the Granada’s souvenir stalls where they sell a variety of Arabic craftwork. This is the ideal place if you are looking to buy something for yourself or someone back home. This area can become really crowded so be careful when walking around as popular pickpockets and local gipsy offer to tell your future or read your pal in exchange for money, or steal your wallet.

Have a relaxing evening in Hammam Al Andalus

One of the best ways to end your trip in Granada is to have an evening session into the Hammam Al Andalus. An amazing Arab Baths where you will come out as a rejuvenated person.

We discovered this place by mistake, just walking through the narrow alley. At the very first moment that Alessia found out what it was, she googled it and booked the ticket for an evening session. They have amazing night sessions until midnight, and we went to sleep later so peaceful after a unique Arab bath in thermal pools.

Book here an amazing experience into the Hammam during your 2 days in Granada.

Watch a Flamenco Show

You can’t leave Granada without seeing a Flamenco Show. It’s really one of the best things to do in Granada Spain. The traditional Flamenco show is really popular in Spain, but especially in Andalusia. Sometimes it is really hard to find tickets.

If after a delicious dinner you feel curious, you can book your Flamenco shows with a drink of tapas.

There are so many places around Granada to watch the Flamenco dancers and the only thing you need to do is say “Yes”.

Best time to visit Granada in 2 days

Granada is always beautiful even during winter when the Sierra Nevada Mountains picks are snowy. As the city is in the heart of Spain, without the influence of the sea, Granada during summer can be extremely hot. The locals are migrating on the coast side, that is away just hundreds of kilometres to enjoy summer. 

The city results to be just a vacation place full of tourists, on Sunday instead everything is closed, due to the shops in the whole of Spain being closed on that day. If you are planning your Granada itinerary in summer the city will be all for yourself while locals enjoy the beaches of Malaga in Southern Spain.

In our opinion, the best time to visit Granada in 2 days was during spring and early autumn where the weather is still nice, not too hot and not too cold.

Getting around Granada

Getting around Granada is very easy as public transports work really well. It’s very simple to walk around the city centre and be able to see the most important sightseeing. 

If you are reaching Granada by car keep in mind that you will need to find a parking space as cars are not allowed inside the city centre. 

This is the reason why buses are operating great and thanks to them you can reach any place you want. If you purchase in advance your Granada Tourist Card, you will get free transports and discount on restaurants and museums.

Tours to do in Granada in 2 days

Alhambra and Generalife Tour
Free Walking Tour of Granada
Albacin and Sacromonte Guided Tour
Segway Tour of Granada 
Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel Tour
Combined Tour: Alhambra, Albacin and Sacromonte
Night Tour and Tapas Tasting
Granada Food Walking Tour
Alhambra Night Tour
Bike Tour Granada

Where to eat in Granada

Spanish food is delicious everywhere you go. We must say that there are a couple of places which you can’t miss to go and try the delicious food.

Los Manueles

Considered one of the most popular tapas bars in Granada and one of our favourites, Los Manueles is a stop that you can’t miss.  

You get a free tapas with a drink order and if you feel hungry you have a delicious list to choose from.

Los Manueles is divided between a restaurant part and bar. Remember that you won’t be able to order tapas if you are sitting in the restaurant part. This place is the best for Croquetas, keep in mind this. They are well known for that and the special paella. Try and let us know in the comments.

Bar Provincias

Another lovely place to eat in the historical city centre. Famous during lunchtime, the place we suggest is the Bar Provincias. Known for their seafood and gummy tapas with each drink order.

This bar can get very busy and if you really don’t want to miss the delicious seafood, try to be there earlier to avoid any queue or standing. It is out of the popular tourist map, and you will find just locals in this bar.

Los Diamantes

Like Bar Provincias, Los Diamantes is another excellent place where they serve seafood. When a bar gets busy it means that it’s good and waiting or standing and eating makes the experience worth it. 

Bodegas Castañeda

Located in the busiest part of the Albaicín, this lovely place gets very very busy but this means that the food is exceptional. It’s divided in between restaurant and bar so it’s up to you what part do you prefer. Keep in mind that if you sit on the restaurant side you won’t be able to order from the tapas menu. 

Things to know before travelling to Granada

Granada is a beautiful city but we recommend you to plan your trip in advance. 

  • Make sure that you have all your tickets ready before arriving in Granada
  • If you want to visit the Alhambra book your ticket in advance here
  • Granada can be very hot so check the weather before packing
  • If you are visiting the city during spring/summer always carry with you a bottle of water
  • Comfortable shoes are a must 
  • Most of the restaurants/bars accept cards but have with you some change just in case

Day trips from Granada

Granada is well connected with the rest of Andalucia and even if you want to reach Madrid or Valencia you won’t have any problems. Thanks to the good public transport you can reach most of the Spanish cities and enjoy a small day trip outside Granada.

From Granada to Seville

Sevilla from Granada is the perfect day trip
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There are few ways to reach Seville from Granada and you just need to pick the most suitable for you.

By Car, we think that is the cheapest and most beautiful one. We did a road trip to Andalucia and the panorama you get it’s breathtaking. One of the privileges is that you can stop as you want to take pictures. 

Remember that if you want to rent a car in Spain it is really cheap. If you are not into road trips or driving you can choose a high-speed train (RENFE) to reach Seville and it will cost you around 30-40 euros which depends on the date and the time.

But, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money there is a good option with the bus (ALSA) where with only 3 hours and less than 20 euros you can reach Seville. Don’t miss visiting this wonderful city otherwise, you will regret it. 

Day trips from Granada to Malaga

Malaga is completely different from Granada and if you want to enjoy a different day out while enjoying Malaga’s breaches you should book your day trip from Granada to Malaga. By bus, less than 2 hours and less than 15 euros you can reach Malaga bus station and enjoy a lovely day trip while exploring the city.

If you are not sure yet, see our reasons why Malaga is worth visiting.

From Granada to Cordoba

Cordoba from Granada as day trip
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Cordoba is one of those cities that you can’t miss visiting. From Granada, there is a high-speed train where if you are looking in advance you can find fabulous offers. The journey with the train will take around 1h and 30 minutes and if you know when to book the tickets you can have deals like 20 euros. 

The bus journey will take a bit longer, around 2h and 30 minutes and sometimes 3 hours, depending on the traffic but the price is way cheaper than the train. 

Visit the Spanish Capital – Madrid from Granada

If you are thinking of visiting Madrid from Granada you will need to check in advance your journey and tickets. The high-speed train, which will take only 3 hours, can be a bit expensive. The bus, like the majority of the time, is cheaper than the train, and the trip is only 5 hours. 

Day trip from Granada to Valencia 

Valencia at the sunset
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It might sound crazy but a journey from Granada to Valencia by bus might take around 9 hours. We went from Valencia to Malaga with an 11 hours bus but to be honest, it wasn’t really bad. The driver stops very often to let everyone have a short break. It’s a cheap way to reach Valencia and enjoy the beautiful city. 

Of course, after all those hours on a bus, we suggest you stay overnight in the city. Try to spend 2 to 5 days in Valencia as the city is quite big and there are a lot of things to do and see.

If you haven’t been to Valencia yet see our related posts:

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Enjoy your Granada itinerary 

In your Granada travel guide itinerary, you will see that there are so many things to do in 48 hours in Granada. As you will understand during your visit, Granada is a particular and special city where the emotions will drive you to the history and stunning architecture of this amazing place.

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