Barcelona hidden gems – Itinerary of Barcelona off the beaten path

We will bet everything that every time somebody is talking about Barcelona, in your mind is coming up Beers, beach and bars. In this guide, we will discover Barcelona hidden gems. The top 10 sites in Barcelona off the beaten track. This is not a touristy post that you can find online easily. We get lost in Barcelona and find some of the best places to visit in the Catalan Capital.

There are few hidden spots in Barcelona worthy to be visited. An average guide will get you just too touristy places, often crowded and out of the real local life. Quite often the hidden gems of Barcelona are out of the regular sightseeing guides tour of Barcelona. 10 secret locations in Barcelona and the top unusual things to do in Barcelona, all in one place.

Barcelona hidden gems - Spain- Montjuic Hill of Barcelona

How to go off the beaten path in Barcelona

It is easy to write a high-level guide to Barcelona. A popular city like the Spanish Catalan capital is easy to find the most known spots, what is not easy is to spot the most non-touristy things to do in Barcelona. So, are you willing how to find the coolest hidden gems in Barcelona? Easy. Get lost in the city!

Locals know where to go avoiding the touristy places of Barcelona. So, here we go with a simple guide to the hidden gems in Barcelona. The Barrio Gothico is an easy way to find some off the beaten path sights of Barcelona. Places like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlò, Park Güell are on the typical guide of Barcelona, but, have you never read of the Kissing Wall, the Grec Gardens Amphitheatre or the Red House. Those are some of the best alternative things to do in Barcelona.

The top hidden spots in Barcelona

  1. Monastery of Pedralbes
  2. Grec Gardens Amphitheatre
  3. Carmel Bunkers
  4. Palo Alto Market
  5. Hotel Pulitzer Rooftop
  1. Mercat dels Encants
  2. Mercat de Sant Antoni
  3. Casa Roja
  4. Gothic Quarter
  5. Kissing Wall

Monastery of Pedralbes – Hidden gems of Barcelona

The Monastery of Pedralbes or as local want to pronounce Monestir de Pedralbes is one of the most beautiful examples of gothic style in Barcelona. The building dated in the early 14th century is just outside the city centre. Is easy to get here with the hop-on-hop-off bus. We suggest to visit the park, just at the back of the monastery, well kept and amazing especially in spring in Barcelona.This will be the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing time in the city, in one of the most uncommon sightseeing of Barcelona.

Grec Gardens Amphitheatre – Non Touristy things to do in Barcelona

Montjuïc hill is well known for many sightseeing, but there is an undiscovered place just behind the common touristic places. The Grec Gardens Amphitheatre is carved into the side of Montjuïc hill, is alive every summer for a spectacular festival. Locals use to head here for a relaxing Sunday out of the touristic areas of Montjuïc. This is not an original and ancient Greek theatre, but it is a replica of it located on Passeig de Santa Madrona, built up for the International Exhibition of 1929.

Grec gardens, Passeig de Santa Madrona, Barcelona

Cactus Garden of Montjiuc – Authentic unusual experience in Barcelona

Non Touristy things to do in Barcelona

The most hidden gems of Barcelona are concentrated on the Montjuïc mountain. This part of Barcellona has got some of the best-hidden gems of the Catalan Capital. One of them is absolutely the Botanic Gardens and Cactus Park. Not many people know that there is an entire park dedicated to the Cactus, a kind of plant that you usually assume to be in a desert. The Cactus Park is not part of the Botanic Garden, and it is absolutely a treasure of Barcelona.

Home of more than 800 cactus species, disposed on the east side of Montjuïc mountain. If you are lucky you will get some good snap of the cactus with bright flowers growing on the top. The unique park need to be a pin on your map of things to do in Barcelona, it is an underrated sightseeing and really worth to be in the list of unusual things to do in Barcelona.

Carmel Bunkers – Unusual things to do in Barcelona

This is for us the best place on this list of Barcelona hidden gems. The Carmel Bunker is becoming top sightseeing of Barcelona but is still difficult to reach. Everybody knows already about the view from Park Guell, but, not many know that Bunkers del Carmel is one of the Top photo spots in Barcelona. A breathtaking views on Barcelona will leave you with some of the best postcards of Barcelona. It was used during the Spanish civil war

Barcelona hidden gems - Bunker del Carmel - Spain-10

To reach the Bunker del Carmel, from Placa Catalunya take the bus 24, the route towards Mühlberg. Here you will enjoy a 360 view on the Catalan Capital.

Hotel Pulitzer Rooftop – Off the beaten path in Barcelona

Talking about the best view of Barcelona, one of them is absolutely from the top of the Hotel Pulitzer. With an award-winning rooftop bar, this is a breathtaking place where enjoy the lively nightlife of Barcelona. The Pulitzer Rooftop bar is just nearby Plaza Catalunya, follow the sight and find the amazing view on the top of Barcelona, with a nice cocktail in the hand and the camera in the other.

Other amazing rooftops of Barcelona

The view from the top is always amazing. Barcelona has got some of the best rooftops in Spain. You will fall in love with the breathtaking views from some of the best hotels and bars of the Catalan Capital. Take a drink and enjoy your time in Barcelona with the best view of the city. Check for Hotel Barcelò Raval, the Hotel Mandarin Oriental with an huge rooftop pool with a 360 view on Barcelona. The nice weather will help you to enjoy an amazing weekend in Barcelona. The view from the Grand Hotel Central is the most envied in  Europe, the Sky Bar is absolutely an unique things to do in Barcelona.

Palo Alto Market – Non touristy things to do in Barcelona

Off the beaten path Barcelona

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Barcelona, out of the typical Tourist Guide, Palo Alto is the Market you must visit in Barcelona. The most known market “La Boqueria” is crowded with tourist every day, but the impressive market of Palo Alto is absolutely off the beaten path of Barcelona. In this market you can find everything you need, there is an huge food hall in a unique atmosphere. If you are looking for uncommon souvenirs from Barcelona, there is the section dedicated to fashion and objects. If you want to visit the Palo Alto Market, the closest station is Selva de Mar.

Mercat de Sant Antoni – Best non touristy things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona hidden gems - Mercat de Sant Antoni - Spain-2

Talking about best markets in Barcelona and places off the beaten track in Barcelona, the Mercat de Sant Antoni need to be on our list. This is the fancy local’s alternative to the most crowded La Boqueria. It is even cheapest than in other markets. This is the right place where relax after a long day walking, eat a snack or grab a quick, nice, tasty and local lunch.

Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1 – Metro Station: Sant Antoni

Mercat dels Encants – Alternative things to do in Barcelona

Another amazing market, but more locals and really more off the beaten path is the Mercat dels Encants. A proper flea market placed just behind the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. This is one of the largest markets in Spain for antiques and trinkets, is taking place just on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. The most known among the locals and is really crowded when open. It is absolutely a Barcelona hidden gems. This is the ideal things to include in your plan if you want to visit Barcelona in 3 days or more.

Casa Roja en Carrer de Padua – Hidden spots in Barcelona

Looking at the best Barcelona hidden gems, the Red House is an amazing place to visit. This stunning building is in Carrer de Padua 75. You can’t miss it, with the amazing vivid red colour in a white facade. This is a top spot away from the Barcelona tourist itineraries, well to head early in the morning and enjoy the vivacity of the lively Barrio.

Kissing Wall – Barcelona alternative guide

A Catalan artist Joan Fontcuberta asked the locals to send him photos of their personal moments of freedom on a local newspaper. The request had more than 4000 photos. A mosaic tile made of all small photos was built up by the artist arranged according to colours fades. The result of the long work was a big wall with a kiss, installed for Barcelona’s Tricentenary celebrations. It is one of the big places in our list of Barcelona alternative guide, really inspiring. On the neighbouring wall the phrase “The sound of a kiss isn’t as loud as a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.” give the sense of the installation meaning.

Gothic Quarter – The best district of Barcelona

Live like a local in Barcelona
A typical day in the Old Town of Barcelona – The Barrio Gotico is part of Barcelona Heritage and absolutely an hidden spots in Barcelona

One of the most suggestive parts of Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter. Amazing and worth to visit all year and every time during the day. In the morning the Gothic Quarter will show all the best places to visit in Barcelona and will be the start point of your itinerary off the beaten path Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter stretches from La Rambla to the seafront of Ronda de Sant Pere. This quarter is the oldest part of Barcelona, it has got Roman ruins, Gothic masterpieces, medieval traces and much more historic sightseeing. One of the top places to visit here is the Jewish quarter, with the Sinagoga Major as the top sightseeing.

Find here your narrow street, it will be the best place to improve your street photography, snapping locals in their regular life.

Jewish Quarter – Hidden gems of Barcelona

As we said before the Jewish Quarter is one of the historical parts of the Barrio Gotico. The architecture of the Jewish neighbourhoods is unique and absolutely worth a visit. Once you visited the most important sightseeing of Barcelona, the Barrio Gotico need to be in your focus.

The old Synagogue is the most important sightseeing of the Jewish quarter, recently opened to the public need to be on your Barcelona alternative guide.

Ruins of Augustus Cesar Temple – Off the beaten track Barcelona

Still strolling around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, you have to visit one of the most important historic monument of the city. We can define it as the oldest hidden gems of Barcelona. The ruins of Augustus Cesar Temple, narrate of an old city called Barcino by Romans. This is not the only track of remains of the Romans Empire in Barcelona, in the city, there are many more. As many people don’t pay attention as Barcelona was in the past, this ancient ruins still in the list off the beaten path in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Cathedral – Discover the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Barcelona hidden gems - Barcelona's Cathedral - Spain-3

Most of the people think that the Cathedral of Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia of Gaudì. They are completely wrong. For an off the beaten path itinerary of Barcelona we have to be clear with you. The Cathedral of Barcelona is in the Gothic Quarter, it is dedicated to the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

In the Catalan language, the locals refer to it as “La Catedral de la Santa Creu y Santa Eulàlia. This a Gothic Masterpiece, it includes the Font de les Oques, the Well of the Geese. You will clearly understand the Gothic style of the church from the facade and for the roof rich in details with notable gargoyles and other figures. The complex was completed in the last 1448 but started several years before.

Get lost and discover unique things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona hidden gems - Food Markets of Barcelona -Spain-12

As you can see Barcelona has more than the people knew. Now you have the good knowledge to discover Barcelona more in deep. We suggest you get lost in the city. Just be brave doing that you will discover unique things to do in Barcelona. If you are looking for things to do in Barcelona we can suggest a few places. But we will suggest you go off the beaten path in Barcelona and understand how the locals act, and where is life. Catalunia is a completely different area to discover compared with the rest of Spain. The culture and the regional identity is something present in the sentiment of the locals. Even the language will be different, they speak Catalan, that is something similar to Spanish but really far away.

Why go visit Barcelona off the beaten path

Barcelona is a unique city full of internal contrasts. The contraposition between to be Spanish and Catalan at the same time. Speak a language that takes everybody together, but distance you from the rest of the nation. Barcelona is more than a city, and just getting lost in the narrow streets, in the alleys of the Barrio Gotico you will understand a bit, how a Catalan think. The artists who expressed themselves with their art tried to impress the spirit of freedom in every work.

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