Ibiza, a Couple discovering the beaches. Ibiza is not just for Friends fun, clubbing and alcohol.

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Who told you Ibiza is just for friend fun, disco and alcohol, also sex on the beach, drugs and sometimes beach. It’s not true at all.

I tried it and I was surprised about the magnificent nature of the Island.

All of you know already where is Ibiza, for who don’t know it, is a Balearic Island in the Mediterranean sea. Is in Spain and close there are some other Islands, the two most known are Mallorca and Menorca.

Mallorca is the largest one, but all of them are not too far and you can go everywhere with ferries.

The climate is too nice, like all the south of Spain, but a bit drier.

You can pay in Euro, but in some shop, you can buy in Sterling or Dollar, almost all the shops have the contactless and card payment.

Ibiza Playa Comte

The biggest city of the Island is Ibiza Town, in the south. Almost all the city centre is located close to the sea in two parts.

The first one is the most fun and rich of club and restaurant, devoted just to the clubbing and nightlife, this the part of Playa D’ En Bossa.

In this part of the city, you can find quickly most of the best club in Europe, the Ushuaia, The Bora Bora, Nassau Beach, Hard Rock Hotel and the HI Ibiza, not too far there is also the DC10 an icon of old Ibiza nightlife.

The other part of Ibiza Town is the Port and seaport. Here there are the Buddha Bar and other famous location.

You can go head and entry in the centre of the city where are a lot of bars, restaurants and shop for your shopping.

Ibiza is not just the town and the south, there are some nice small city in the north as well, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

The first, San Antonio is almost popular for the young American and British. Santa Eulalia is a lovely place where stay with the Family, organized beach with a lot of sea fun and family with babies.

All the seaport of Santa Eulalia is full of restaurant, bar and Hotels, in San Antonio is almost full of clubs, hotel as well and restaurant. 

During the Day San Antonio wakes up really late, due the people come from the club and until 1 pm all the beach are almost empty.

A lot of people before fly to Ibiza asked me why I want to go over there with my girlfriend.

Ibiza in the mind scenario of everyone is almost the same: Beach, Bitch, Alcohol, Drugs and Club, nothing else. If you are not a couple addict to it, the people look at you so strange.

We going on holiday to have a look at the beauty and discover some new marvellous places.

In our Agenda of discovering Ibiza was a nice place to visit and also we were thinking about a future move to.

We find a part of the aisle, no one ever told me about it. Ibiza is a marvellous place of ancestry beach. In this travel, I understand “If you get lost, but you feel something, is the right direction and you find the Paradise”.

In Ibiza was exactly like this, we get lost a couple of times, and a lot of time we drive the car on the side of the carriage and try to find the right direction, but always we didn’t feel lost.

Ibiza best hide beach !!!

If you want to get in “La Isla” with your partner, is clear you can and should have the same fun like you were with your friends. There are a lot of funny activities to do here with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Of course, if you come here with another couple could be better and funnier.

One of the best moment I keep in my mind is to see the sunset in the North of the Island “Puerta del Sol”.

Up of San Antonio, going to the north you can find a lot of road signs showing you the right way, if not, keep going in direction of “Cala Salada”.

If you want to enjoy a bit more, I can advise you to take a spritz in the Mambo Cafè e watch the sunset.

If you want you can take a break to drive and stop the car in one of the thousand “cale”, small hidden beach, often cave or rocks giving you access to the sea.

Do you have enough of sea and beach and want to spend a day out, just to walk, shopping and relax? Unfortunately, I am so sorry but on the Island, there are no shopping centre like we know.

There are some brand shop but nothing really big where you can go in and out just to have a look.

But, alternatively, there are so many markets in all part of the island. The Hippy Market are small aggregate individual marketers.

You can find everything from clothes to food, from souvenirs to beach and party dress. This kind of market is a tribute to the hippies’ story of this island.

A Cala Benirras every Sunday at the sunset there is the “Feast of drums”, a tribute of the old soul of the island, known as the hippy Island by the first adventurer came here. Come and see more about it!

And now after this magic holiday in Ibiza, I can replay sure, you can go here with your partner.

The island is completely safe, but you need to be always careful, especially in summer when there are so many people and some of it comes just for a steal.

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