18 Absolute stunning places to enjoy Autumn in Italy

Thinking about a nice destination to visit in Europe in Autumn, you should consider Italy. The beautiful country offers a wide diversity in terms of temperatures, traditions, and places to visit that leave you speechless. Visiting Italy in Autumn should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The Mediterranean country is ideal to visit in Autumn because of fewer tourists around, the beautiful foliage and colours.it

Autumn in Italy also means the harvest season, with many festivals taking place, the smallest village vibes and a lot of wine. Italy is very cool in Aeuroputumn even because the temperatures are better than other countries and can be comparable just to Greece Islands or Southern Spain.

Let’s check what it looks like in Italy in Autumn and how to make the best of your trip.

Piazzale Michelangelo - Best photo spots in Florence - Best view of Florence

Places to visit in Italy in the fall

  • Tuscany in Autumn
  • Florence
  • Pisa
  • Siena
  • The Amalfi Coast
  • Naples in Autumn
  • Rome
  • Dolomites Region
  • Trentino
  • Venice in Autumn
  • Cinque Terre
  • Sicily
  • Palermo
  • Catania
  • Milan
  • Valle d’Itria, Puglia
  • Perugia
  • Parma

Autumn Weather in Italy

This might be the first question to ask an Italian friend, that’s why we want the first things you should know before booking a flight to Italy.

The weather in Italy in Autumn is just lovely. The period that goes through September, October, and November is never too cold, with all the vibes of the fall season in Italy. September is always an odd month, with heavy rains and extremely hot weather, especially at the beginning. Temperatures in September often go over 30 degrees during the day in the south, and around 22-25 in the north.

October instead is the proper autumnal month, with temperatures falling below average. This is the season where you can enjoy the foliage at its best because it is often sunny, but with the autumn touch. November is the rainy month, and we suggest you don’t plan things like a road trip to Italy, because you will not enjoy it that much. Instead, in Northern Italy, you can visit some of the best lakes in the dolomites with the orange, red, and brown colours surrounding you.

While preparing your luggage bear in mind that the weather might vary a lot during your stay. Never leave the sunglasses at home in September, and be ready to switch to a warm jacket in October or a rainproof one in November.

Reasons to Visit Italy in Autumn

There will be many other reasons to visit Italy in autumn, we have tried our best to attract you to the beautiful country, listing some amazing ones for us.

Since living abroad for a while, we haven’t missed autumn back home. This is the best period to enjoy some hidden gems in Italy, but also crowded places that you will not enjoy in summer.

Being photography passionate we enjoy places for ourselves, and in Autumn Italy is just more enjoyable. You can even plan a late summer retreat in Puglia or Sicily to enjoy the stunning beaches in Italy.

Check just a few reasons to visit Italy in Autumn.

Fantastic Weather!

The fantastic weather in Autumn in Italy makes it one of the top destinations in the world for the period. We have already introduced the average temperatures in Italy for Autumn, but it is better to give you more insights.

Italy in September

This period is still warm and sunny with temperatures still around 22°-25°, and even warmer in Southern Italy with up to 30°. This is the reason why Italy is often referred to as the perfect winter sun destination in Europe.

October in Italy

This is the proper fall in Italy, starting from late September with heavy rainfall. Temperatures decrease a lot, with big drops at night. The average temperatures in October are about 15°-20°.

Italy in November

Say bye-bye to the sunshine and sunny days. In November the temperatures drop even more with a full day of rainfall and sometimes storms. The average temperatures are about 10°-15°, in Northern Italy, this might vary from 5°-10° with the first snow on the Dolomites and Alps.

Fewer Tourists

This is another great reason why visit Italy in autumn. The months between late September to November is the low season in Italy. This means that you can visit Venice without the usual crowds that will make your stay less enjoyable.

In September also the school restarts in Italy and you will have locals staying around the cities at a slow pace. We highly suggest visiting Italy in autumn if you want a more intimate, relaxing holiday.

However, the largest cities like Rome, Milan, or Florence are always crowded. You might think about less popular places like Trentino, Puglia or the Amalfi Coast, most popular in summer.

Vendemmia and Food Festivals

If you are a wine lover, this part of our guide to the best places to visit in Autumn in Italy might be the most interesting for you. Autumn means grape harvest season and so wine festivals.

Food and wine are two of the predominant arguments in a conversation about Italy, so why don’t you plan a trip to the beautiful country next fall?

Late September is the beginning of the grape harvest (Vendemmia in Italian).  This is mainly happening around small villages, which also organize proper festivals to celebrate the recurrence. The Vendemmia Festivals are not only about wine, but also delicious food, especially organic products. From North to South, is always a good excuse for a wine fest, just check the nearby one to your designated location.

Truffles Season

Not only harvest grapes, but also truffles. This hunting is more traditional in central and northern Italy, with regions like Piedmont, Marche or Emilia Romagna on the top.

As per the Vendemmia, also for the Truffle Season in Autumn some Festivals. The most important Truffle Festival is from October until December in Alba. Check out the International Alba white truffle festival.

Apples in Val di Non

In Autumn, there is also the Apple harvest season. This is mainly in Northern Italy through the regions of Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Piedmont, and Aosta. We have been in the Val di Non, an amazing valley in Trentino where some of the highest quality apples in the world are produced. In this part of the country grows the renowned Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta Canada apples which enjoy a Protected Designation of Origin status.

This is for sure one of the reasons why visit Italy in Autumn, surrounded by the Dolomites and apple trees thriving in the deep valleys of Val di Non. In the Val di Non in Trentino, 

Amazing Photo Opportunities

Autumn is one of the best seasons for photography enthusiasts, and Italy is just the perfect backdrop for your photos. If you are into landscape photography, head to the valleys of Trentino or Aosta and Veneto to enjoy the best scenario.

In autumn the colours are unique, and the Italian landscape just becomes more magical. The foliage in Italy is an incredible occasion to get some shots of the bel paese without crowds around and with less stress, focusing just on the details enjoying your trip.

Fall in Love with Foliage

If you love Photos in the Fall like Alessia does, you can’t miss visiting Italy in the fall. The foliage and crisp colours just give the landscapes more vibes. We have to be honest, even if we come from the south, you should know that the best landscapes in Autumn in Italy are in the northern part of the country.

The south is beautiful for late summer, early autumn retreat, but for full foliage, experience heading to the north. Less known places like Varese, a short distance from the Alps, or the Lake Bries surrounded by the dolomites are just incredible places to be discovered in Autumn for foliage photos. Lake Garda, near Como at a short distance from Milan, is also a great location to consider in autumn.

What to pack for autumn in Italy?

Planning a trip to Italy in mid-seasons like Autumn is never easy. If you don’t know what to wear in Italy in autumn, we have some tips to share with you.

Depending on the location of your trip, if it is North, South or Central Italy, your luggage should change. In the South, it is fairly warmer compared to North and Center. If visiting early September, expect the temperatures to be around 20 degrees and more in the south, and a bit chilly in the North.

Also, don’t forget that Italians know how to dress, it is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Pack your bikini or swimsuit if heading to the Amalfi Coast, Puglia or Sicily. Take a light jacket with you if visiting Tuscany or Umbria. Pack an umbrella and a waterproof jacket if visiting the north of Italy, and maybe a jumper if heading to the dolomites. In November, it is almost everywhere cold, so prepare your winter clothes, and be ready to take off some Layers if it is warmer.

Where to spend Autumn in Italy

Amalfi Coast in Autumn - View of Positano

The Amalfi Coast

Although the best period to enjoy the Amalfi Coast is just after Easter time to Mid-June, another great period is also Autumn. Unfortunately, the only good period to enjoy the beaches might be just September, instead, October and November will be cold and rainy.

Naples, the Amalfi Coast and all the Sorrento Cliffside villages are the best retreat destination when in other parts of Europe it is already cold and winter is approaching.

Autumn on the Amalfi Coast is a very low season and prices for hotels, restaurants, and activities are much more affordable. You will walk along the narrow alleys of Positano with a few other brave tourists, stop by that “Limoneto” Lemon groves alley that you admired on Instagram. This might be the best time to get some of the best photos of the Amalfi Coast ever.

September and October are also the right time to still enjoy some hikes. This part of Italy is known for the breathless scenario and the high cliffs looking at the blue, turquoise sea. We suggest you check out for the Gods walk, “Il cammino Degli Dei”.

Palazzo Donna Anna - Or Villa Donn'Anna

Naples in Autumn

We have already introduced you to the best places in Southern Italy already, and Naples is the Capital of the Campania Region.

Naples in autumn is fascinating, with orange, red, and brown colours all around but with the vibes of a seaside town. The city is busy even in the low season and is one of the most picturesque in Italy.

One of the biggest cities in Southern Italy has a lot to offer to a visitor, even if you spend just two days in Naples this allows you to enjoy the trip a lot. The seaside, Via Partenope is one of the best landscapes on the coast, showing the islands of Capri and Ischia on a clear day. Spend a day eating traditional food and walking around Naples old town. Check our guide on why Naples is worth a visit.

Tuscany in Autumn

Simply awesome. The gorgeous hills of Tuscany are the perfect scenario for a quiet, relaxing holiday away from the chaos of big cities. Tuscany is beautiful all year round, but because it is mainly a wine region, this is the perfect period to enjoy the atmosphere.

Ideal for late September beach hopping, but also for relaxing days surrounded by nature in a typical “Agriturismo” Countryside guest house. Taste the organic food produced by local farms, walk through wine groves and admire the beautiful sunset in Tuscany. Below we present you what looks like Autumn in Tuscany, mainly suggesting you the cities to visit, but easily organizing a proper road trip in Tuscany, touching every single location.

Best photo spots in Florence - River Arno photography Spots Florence


Florence in Autumn is magnificent. The city is quieter like no other time, away from the usual crowds. The streets are so enjoyable that you can walk without slaloming around people. What to say about the Uffizi Gallery? The main attraction of Florence in autumn offers you no queue at all to get inside. The wings of the Uffizi Gallery are a unique place to enjoy, at least for a full day, almost impossible in high season.

Locals know well that Autumn in Florence means culture. There are many exhibitions taking place in Florence during October and November, and some of them are definitely unmissable. The lights of Florence in this period of the year are incredible, and we highly suggest waking up early for the sunrise. Put this on your bucket list, even if visiting Florence in one day.


Famous for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the beautiful Tuscan city is an authentic gem also in Autumn and Winter.

Walk through the cobblestone streets of the old town, falling in love with the stunning architecture and timeless monuments. The most famous monument of Pisa is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which includes Piazza del Duomo. The construction of the Tower took over 200 years, in three stages, and has been there since 1172. 

Not far away from the monument, there is another beautiful building in the same style, the Baptistery and the thousand years old Romanesque Old Cathedral. For the best atmosphere, you should walk along the Arno River, passing by the North Bank, you can admire the University of Pisa, Piazza Reale and the Medici Arsenal. Visiting Italy in Autumn, Pisa should be on your list, and why not a road trip through the countryside toward Florence.


Less popular than Pisa and Florence, Siena is a beautiful city in the Tuscan Countryside. Visiting Tuscany in Autumn, you should check out some of the best Wine festivals around the Siena countryside and places like San Gimignano.

This part of Italy is well known for the production of fine wine, and the harvesting season is ideal to have a fully local experience. From Siena, you can go on the “Via Chiantigiana”, a picturesque wine road trip in Tuscany.

This is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Italy, through the Chianti vineyards. Often referred to as the “Chianti wine road”, it is an ideal trip for autumn in Italy. If you just want to relax, stay in Siena and roam around Piazza del Campo, admiring the beautiful gothic Town Hall, Palazzo Pubblico and the 14th-century tower, Torre del Mangia, sipping a glass of wine.

 Chianti Region

We have introduced you to the Chianti Region already, opening this section of our guide to the best places to visit in Autumn in Italy. However, in Tuscany, there is not only the Chianti Region but also the Barolo’s places to consider for the scope of tasting nice wine and participating in the harvest season.

Visiting the Chianti Region in Autumn is awesome, observing or taking part in the harvest is a lifetime experience. A great outdoor adventure that can be even more exciting, staying in Chianti during the autumn.

Think about staying in comfortable accommodation, on the top hill, surrounded by nature, vineyards and that advantage point to enjoy the sunset sipping a nice glass of wine. This is the synthesis of what is Autumn in Tuscany, or better the Chianti Region in Autumn.

Campidoglio Square Rome


Might this be one of the obvious choices as an autumn gateway in Italy? Rome is the capital of this beautiful nation, a fascinating romantic city in Europe, difficult to forget. Head to Rome in Autumn for a proper Italian experience. The eternal city in Autumn is less crowded and so more enjoyable. Walk along the cobblestone Roman streets, visiting some of the most incredible World Heritage sites.

Staying in Rome for a week, we suggest planning a few day trips from the Capital. By doing so, you will enjoy the picturesque villages outside the city walls and explore the part called “Castelli Romani”, a paradise for foodies.

Explore Rome in autumn roaming around the beautiful parks, or walking up to the Pincio Terrace to admire the best panoramic view in Rome.

September is the best month, but you will still find Rome a bit overcrowded, however if you don’t mind the rain, head to the city in October. In late November the city will start to show the first glamorous Christmas Markets, which are so beautiful, the best is in Piazza Navona.

Lakes in the Dolomites

Out of all of the beaten destinations on this guide, visiting the Dolomites and discovering some of the best Italian lakes is something we highly suggest.

The Dolomites are a large mountain range in northeastern Italy, which belong to three Regions, Trentino Alto Adige / Sudtirol, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

You might already know some dreamy lakes, like Lake Braies, Carezza Lake and Lake Garda. There are also many other smaller lakes, but no less beautiful. Most of them are at high altitudes, making it super freezing in Autumn but unbelievably real.

The lights in Autumn are completely different, this makes the trees, all strictly coloured in tones of orange, green, brown and yellow, reflecting on the lake. If you like photography you will get a memorable scenario and a few personalized postcards. Check our guide to the best photos in the Dolomites!

However, bear in mind that due to the position of these lakes, in late Autumn you can find some of them not reachable with roads closed because of the snow. This doesn’t need to stop you from planning this amazing adventure in Italy in Autumn.

18 Absolute stunning places to enjoy Autumn in Italy 1

Italy in Autumn - Most instagrammable lakes in Trentino


We have introduced you to Trentino above, this piece of Italy was a fabulous surprise for us too.  Trentino is a good idea for a trip to Europe in Autumn. The peace of its valleys, the calm of the infinite lakes mirroring the snowy peaks of the Dolomites, is a dream come true.

This region also offers some of the best ski chalets in Italy, check out Cortina d’Ampezzo, a beautiful mountain town 30 minutes away from Trento, the Region Capital.

Trento itself is the centre of the Region, an incredible stunning little city on top of the mountains with an incredible heritage. The landscapes of Trentino are just magical, and you will love your photos back home. Take time to visit Lake Tovel, a small lake surrounded by mountains and forests, which in Autumn become glamorous. A breathtaking natural place, filled with sporting opportunities, mainly located in Val di Sole.

Hike up to the Malga Campo at 2,500 Mt, or just ride an e-bike to make it easier. Wake up early to get your dose of adrenaline, rafting on the river Noce. This and many other unique experiences are just waiting for you in Trentino in Autumn.

The Grand Canal of Venice - A romantic weekend in Venice, Italy

Venice in Autumn

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy is Venice. The city on the water, a unique gem in Northern Italy, envied all over the world is the right place to visit in Autumn.

Venice is also known as “La Serenissima”, a nickname which derives from the “Serene Highness Republic of Venice”, one of the most powerful maritime powers in the Medieval Era. Take a gondola and experience a ride on the Canal Grande, starting from Rialto Bridge, all the way down to the Lagoon, passing by the Accademia Bridge and arriving at St. Mark Square.

Venice in autumn means fewer tourists around, which is much better to walk around the narrow alleys, passing across the fabulous bridges. We have to be honest, Venice in its peak season is very hard to manage. The city is home to just 60,000 and hosts over 300,000 per week. You can understand how crowded it is in high season. Also in Autumn Venice hosts the famous “Biennale”, an unmissable event which covers the entire city, a celebration going on for over 120 years.

Visiting Venice in September, you can attend one of the most traditional races in Italy. The historical Regatta takes place on the 1st September on the Canal Grande and is part of the “Voga alla Veneta” races. The usual parade follows millennia of tradition with dozens of typical sixteenth-century boats, gondoliers, carrying the Doge (main figure in Venice) in a faithful reconstruction of the glorious powerful past.

Riomaggiore, Italy - Cinque Terre most famous landmarks in Italy

Cinque Terre

A long strip of coast in Northwestern Italy, a romantic series of cities ideal for a couple’s retreat in Autumn. Cinque Terre is just magical, and from the photos, you can already tell, don’t you?

However, Cinque Terre is very busy in peak season, like Venice, and is suffering from overcrowding that can truly spoil your experience. Instead, book your trip to Cinque Terre in Autumn and enjoy all five magical villages on the Ligurian Coast.

The best way to explore all five villages is to be based in Levanto, and we suggest booking the trip in October. This is easy to reach, landing in Genoa or Pisa, which are cheap as well. Autumn is a great time to visit Cinque Terre, enjoy the traditional local food and live an incredible adventure on the Italian Coast.

Where to spend autumn in Italy for warm weather | Sicily

Calling all the people who don’t know how to say bye-bye to summer. Sicily is the perfect way to feel the summer atmosphere in Autumn. This is also one of our accommodations for the best destination to explore in Europe in winter, and just flying into Catania or Palermo will let you understand why we are saying that.

The temperatures are just great with less precipitation, in fact, the Island often suffers from low rain during autumn. This part of Italy is the southern Region and while the Alps are already covered in snow, Sicily will see people on the beach even in November.

For many, October and November are a great time to visit Sicily. The Region still has warm weather, at least enough to visit the beach and enjoy a few cocktails by the sea. Also, you can enjoy some great activities, such as wine tasting, very good in the Region, and hiking the Volcano Etna, which after the last eruptions is growing.


Let’s be specific and talk about Palermo in Autumn. Sicily city is very famous among travellers. Thanks to the great history and the architectural details, it is one of the most popular.

Palermo is very hot in summer, but will see temperatures be around 20-22 degrees in Autumn and few days of rain.


With some of the highest temperatures in Autumn, Catania is an easy choice for travellers. The beautiful Sicily city is nothing less than Palermo and is the economic hub of the region.

Visiting Italy in Autumn you can’t miss thinking about Catania, rich in history, heritage, traditions and with a beautiful view similar to Naples, suspended between the sea and the volcano.

The active Volcano, the Etna, watches the city from the highness of its over 3000 Mt asl. Often, especially in winter months, the cone is snow-covered, giving that nice feeling. Expect more by the end of November, but I’m not sure. If not, plan another trip to Italy in winter.

Get one of the best holiday weeks, visiting the stunning Cathedral in the central square “Piazza del Duomo ” which features the eccentric Fontana dell’Elefante Statue. 

Autumn in Italy - Milan Parco Sempione the amazing park in central Milan - Milan in Autumn


Milan is often more buzzing and lively in autumn than ever. The city’s glamorous events start in late September with the Milan Fashion Week, attracting curiosity to watch the open-air catwalk through the streets of the northern Italian City. In this period the Capital of Fashion is full of models, journalists, photographers, bloggers, and designers showcasing the best of the fashion world.

Milan in autumn is beautiful, it seems that the city is made for it. On a clear day from some parts of the city, you can even see the high peaks of the Alps, which is the border with Switzerland. We suggest you spend autumn in Milan, more than summer, which sees high temperatures in the city and the humidity make the walks not very enjoyable.

October is the best month to visit Milan, the city is quiet with fewer tourists around, and you can spend more time walking around and visiting museums. Check out at Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church for the unique masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, “The Last Supper”, “L’ultima Cena” in Italian, or head to Teatro alla Scala, one of the most popular in the world. You can do many activities, even visiting Milan in one day, just have to be organized and live a great experience in autumn.

A less popular spot for Autumn in Italy

Belvedere of Alberobello and beautiful landscape of Trulli's of Monti District - Thing to do in Alberobello, Puglia

Valle d’Itria, Puglia

The Mediterranean smells of unbelievable landscapes, yummy traditional food, smiling people and low budget prices. This is Puglia, and more specifically this is Valle d’Itria. In Italian, Valle is meaning Valley, and this special place holds an incredible heritage. From the Trulli of Alberobello to the Salentino architecture of Cisternino, Locorotondo, San Vito dei Normanni and the whitewashed houses of Ostuni, the door to the Salento Coast. Puglia is unbelievably beautiful, and luckily the world is recognizing it as one of the must-go destinations in Europe. Lately, tourism is growing annually.

We loved our trip to Puglia, and always want to come back to this part of Italy. You should consider visiting Puglia in Autumn. If you are thinking about this destination, check our guides about Puglia.

Perugia city - Most beautifu cities in Italy to visit


EuroChocolate Festival might be the keyword to make you book a trip to Perugia in Autumn. The beautiful city in Umbria, a central region in Italy, is buzzing in Autumn, but still well known by locals and less by international tourism.

During the year, the small city hosts international events that attract tourists from everywhere. The International Journalism Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Euro Chocolate are just a few of the many.

Perugia has got incredible landscapes, and you will be surrounded by heritage and nature for the whole time. Taking the stairs to the old town, you will pass by coves that are more like a free open-air museum.


Another off the beaten destination in Autumn in Italy could be Parma, in Emilia Romagna. The city is just 30 minutes away from the most popular Bologna, easy to reach by public transport because central. In fact, from Parma, you can reach Milan, Florence, Turin, Venice in a short time.

The city itself is very small but rich in history and heritage. The calm and peacefulness of the place will give you the relaxation you deserve. Walk around the old town, eat some traditional local food, like the Parmesan and the Prosciutto. Meet locals at the central square and sip with them the traditional Aperol Spritz. Take the best of your annual leave, staying in Parma in Autumn.

Q&A Autumn in Italy

What months are autumn in Italy?

September to November. Consider mid-September as late summer thanks to the high temperatures, and the proper Autumn vibes in October.

What is autumn Italy like?

Beautiful. The incredible temperatures during autumn in Italy make it the perfect sun destination in Europe.

What celebrations are there in Italy in autumn?

Rome Film Festival | Rome | October
The White Truffle Festival | Alba, Piedmont | October to December
Eurochocolate | Perugia | October
Festival Of Chestnut | Summonte, Campania | October

Does Italy have fall colours?

Yes, and beautiful ones. Italy is a charming country that gets special in Autumn. The nice and fresh air, with calm and quiet places, make it the country where to spend Autumn in Europe.

What months are best in Italy?

The best time to visit Italy is in September or during Spring. This is for various reasons but mainly because price-wise it is cheaper and with fewer people around. Avoid the months from mid-June to late August, or across Christmas time, which are beautiful but not the best to enjoy places at a slow pace.

Is Italy cold in October?

Yes. October is when the temperatures start to change and in some parts of Italy sometimes these can drop below 5°. Also, the temperatures are warmer during the day and cooler at night. Remember to place in your luggage an umbrella and a raincoat jacket while visiting Italy in October.

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