Talking about Italy our conversations are always going to the amazing region of Trentino. Some of the best travel memories are linked to our escape in summer in Trentino, last year. Before visiting this region in northern Italy we didn’t know about so many incredible things to do in Trentino. Trento, the largest city and the surrounding area is rich in amazing adventures, hidden paths and incredible gems.

Talking about Trentino, most people will think about mountains, the amazing lake Garda, the Dolomites and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. People also think about Trentino for small, cute and remote villages, natural valleys and incredible scenarios.

If you stop yourself to think that Trentino is just that you will realize that there are some incredible adventures that you can do just here. We have tried to highlight the best things to do in Trento and Trentino for everyone, families, couples or just friends. This region has a lot to offer in every season, from summer sports to winter hikes.


  • 1 Visit Trento Old Town
  • 2 Enjoy the landscape from Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento
  • 3 Enjoy the frescos in Piazza Duomo
  • 4 Cable Car and view of Trento
  • 5 Enjoy a Spritz or a Hugo as Aperitif
  • 6 Visit the Muse
  • 7 Climb the Gorge
  • 8 Kayak in Santa Giustina Lake and Canyon Rio Sass
  • 9 Castle of Cles
  • 10 Up to the Dolomites on E-bike
  • 11 Picnic by the river
  • 12 Bees and sweet honey
  • 13 Enjoy a Spa treatment
  • 14 Hit the slopes in winter
  • 15 Try the amazing food
  • 16 Sip Trento Doc
  • 17 Visit the National Park Adamello
  • 18 Pass the suspension bridge “Ragaiolo”
  • 19 Barefoot in the meadows
  • 20 Tree hugging
  • 21 Reach the chalet up the mountain
  • 22 Rafting on river Noce
  • 23 Enjoy Riva del Garda
  • 24 Enjoy the view from Monte Bondone
  • 25 Coffee Taste in a Typical torrefazione
  • 26 Visit the Lake of Toblino at sunset
  • 27 Stroll Around Lake Tovel
  • 28 Hike to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
  • 29 The best view from Lake of Bries
  • 30 Stroll around the little old town of Rovereto

Things to do in Trento City

Stroll around the Old Town of Trento - Things to do in Trentino
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Trento is seen just as a transport hub, a point where it arrives to discover the Dolomites. Tourists arriving in Trento are mostly not that interested in discovering the city, which instead is really fascinating and rich in arts, culture and architecture.

Said that it is nice to walk around the city, discover the amazing Piazza Duomo with the ancient frescos on the side of the square. Being Italian we are used to this kind of architecture, but honestly, Trento has impressed us. Most of the city centre is walkable and traffic-free, the ideal to enjoy the city. Trento is in a valley and although there are some steep slopes, the whole city is mostly flat. 

After spending over a week in the city we are happy to say that Trento is worth visiting. Below are some of the reasons why you should visit Trento if you have the chance.

If you are willing to spend at least 2 days in Trentino, you are eligible to receive a Trentino Guest Card for free. This special card will allow you to access for free in some of the touristic points mentioned, free transport around Trento and the surrounding area. Check more information on the local website.

Visit Trento Old Town

Trento is a really old city, cute and compact. Thanks to a traffic-free city centre you will enjoy a walk around the main landmarks. The old town has been developed around the main square, Piazza Duomo.

This is the location where is the Cathedral of Trento and some of the noble palaces of the city. The Old Town of Trento is extended on one side to the other big square Piazza Dante, where is the train station and on the other side the Buonconsiglio Castle. The border of the city is marked with “Via Dietro le Mura”, which is the street with the old city wall. You can still see a section of the old wall in Piazza Fiera.

All around the old town you will find amazing cafes, boutiques, cute squares and little gardens. If you are visiting Trento in summer don’t miss the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants with outdoor seating.

As all the old towns in Italy, the magic is in the narrow alleys. This known as vicoli, sometimes tight, will take you from main streets to hidden gems passing by cross passages.

Enjoy the landscape from Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento

This place could have taken the number one position on our list of things to do in Trento easily. Anyway, you can’t miss the Buonconsiglio Castle. This amazing building is dated back to the 13th century, which has been renowned, abolished and expanded over the years. This palace was the residence of the Prince Bishops of Trento, offering a large view over the valley and safe shelter against invasions.

The building is a mix of many styles, from the main medieval part, Castelvecchio (Old Castle), to the Renaissance addition of the Magno Palazzo (Great Palace). The last upgrade of the castle was the Giunta Albertiana, which can be dated back to the 17th century and is decorated in Baroque style.

Over than just the incredible view and the photographic spots you can admire in the Buonconsiglio Castle, this awesome structure is hosting some of the best frescos in Italy. The side of Torre Aquila has got a cycle of frescoes inspired by the seasons and the months of the year. Being a rural place, far away from a big metropolis is really nice to understand how life was back in time. 

Location | Museo Castello Buonconsiglio
Opening Hours | From Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
Cost | FREE with Trentino Guest Card – 10€ Normal Access + 2€ for Torre Aquila

Enjoy the frescos in Piazza Duomo

Frescos of Piazza Duomo in Trento - Trentino things to do
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We have already mentioned that the Frescoes are one of the main attractions in Trento. We can’t avoid including those in our list of best things to do in Trentino. Admiring the frescos in Piazza Duomo is for free. You will be surprised at how beautiful those are. Even if you are just walking by Piazza Duomo you will recognize the Fresco.

Those are just in front of the Cathedral of the city, on the facade of the Cazuffi Rella Houses. The scenes painted on the walls are coming from the Greek mythological scenes, and are the perfect match with the fountain dedicated to Neptune in the centre of the square.

The frescoes are showing allegories of love, abundance and fate.

Cable Car and view of Trento

Trento is surrounded by mountains and so you understand that the view from above is stunning. There is a way that you can enjoy the panorama. Taking a cable car is an unmissable thing to do in Trento. From the riverside of the Adige, you can take the cable car all the way up to the Sardagna on Mount Bondone. You will reach 600 metres above sea level within less than five minutes.

From the top of the Sardagna, you will enjoy the view over Trento, with the river above and a stunning landscape over the mountains and the valley. Our experience on the top of Trento was unique. Grab your spritz at a local bar and enjoy the view. This place is the ideal to see the sunset in Trento and maybe the sunrise. 

Location | Cable Car Station of Valle – Trento
Cost |  Ticket cost 5€ return – Free with Trentino Guest Card
Opening Time | Every day from 7 am to 10.30 pm

Enjoy a Spritz or a Hugo as Aperitif

Best viewpoint in trento - Trentino
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We have started to mention the spritz already before, it is not Italy without the local traditional aperitif. In Trento it is common to make their own products, coming from tradition with organic procedures.

We enjoyed our stay in Trento so much, which made us almost go from a bar to bar for an entire afternoon. When you order an aperitif, which is mostly a pre-lunch or pre-dinner, you will get a glass of wine, spritz or mixed drink. This will be accompanied by small tasty portions like snacks, olives, nuts or focaccia and pizza. In Trento, you can try the local variation of Spritz. The Hugo is a typical drink of Trentino, made with local products. Inside the Hugo are well-mixed elderflower syrup, soda water and prosecco with mint.

Despite my initial reluctance, I have to admit that is so good and refreshing. We have enjoyed it well done in Piazza Duomo at the Cafe’ 34 and VINOM Enoteca & Wine Bar.

Even that there are many other places serving an awesome aperitif all over Trento.

Visit the Muse

Muse Science Museum of Trento - Most interesting places to see in Trentino
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Just about 20 minutes walking from the city centre there is the MUSE, the Museum of Natural Science. This place is completely customized for kids, with learning paths, live experiments and amazing activities.

Consisting of 4 floors, divided into sections which are mostly dedicated to the Alps, flora and fauna. The Muse is amazing to discover how things work from the chemistry and physics side.

Location | MUSE Science Museum of Trento
Opening Hours | Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm – Sat and Sun open until 7 pm, The Muse is closed on Monday
Cost | Entrance fee is 10€ – Free with Trentino Guest Card

Climb the Gorges of Ponte Alto

Gorges of Ponte Alto - Climb a gorge in Trentino - Adventures to do in Trentino
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Speaking of climbing, which is not secondary in Trentino, all surrounded by the dolomites, we have to include the powerful adrenaline to climb a gorge with a water stream on your side. It was the first time for me and was incredible. After visiting the amazing internal path of the gorges of Ponte Alto, ideal for photography and incredible to understand how many gallons of water are pumped down by the mountain every day.

We ended in the wild, climbing a steep rock, down the gorges. It was like in a funnel, where we were at an inch from the water, and I was too brave to reach it and touch it. (Assisted by a local experienced guide).

Over than just this incredible experience, the gorge of Ponte Alto, often associated with the name of “Orrido di Ponte Alto” in the local language, is wonderful engineering work. To prevent the flooding of Trento, in the 16th century the course of the river was altered.

This created two amazing waterfalls, unimaginable for that time. For security reasons, you can visit the gorge only with a guided tour which you don’t need to pre-book online.

Location | Gorge of Ponte Alto Guidate Entrance
Cost | Free with Trentino Guest Card or €5 euro for adults, and €3 euro for children between 6 and 12 years old.
Opening Time | Winter Time from 10 AM to 4 PM and Summer Time from 10 AM to 6 PM

Things to do in Trentino Val di Non

Kayak in Santa Giustina Lake and visit the unique Parco Fluviale Novella

Kayaking in Trentino - Summer activities in Trentino
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Many people associate Trentino with winter sports, which is a mistaken assumption. This amazing region in Northern Italy has a lot to offer also in spring and summer when the temperatures are mild and ideal for outdoor activities.

Renting a Kayak in Santa Giustina Lake will be one of the best things to do in Trentino. This place is in the heart of Val di Non, a part of Trentino well known for the production of tasty and fine apples. The lake of Santa Giustina is an artificial dam, very large and surrounded by meadows and vineyard.

Take a guide with you which will explain the surrounding area. Be aware that the lake is windy and accordingly with your fitness, you should go far or stay close to the bank.

While going on a kayak on the water surface of the lake, you can get inside the narrow walls of an ancient canyon. The Canyons of Santa Giustina Lake has been carved in the rocks for ages, forming part of the Fluvial Park of Novella Santa Giustina.

Location | Lake of Santa Giustina – Val di non
Tours | Fluvial Park Novella Santa Giustina Activities

Castle of Cles

This side of Trentino is rich with incredible attractions and insane beauty. Apart from the Buonconsiglio Castle, please note down the Castle of Cles as a thing to do in Trentino. This incredible fortification overlooking Santa Giustina Lake is the perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

Unfortunately is not permitted to visit the intern of this Royal Palace, but already the facades and the surrounding scenario will give you happiness. In summer, from time to time, the castle will be open to the public for special events.

Things to do in Trentino Val di Sole

Paul Farrugia resting while riding an ebike on the Dolomites
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Our mate Paul Farrugia resting while riding an e-bike in the Dolomites

10 – On the Dolomites on an E-bike

This could be the most adrenaline thing to do in Trentino. Was incredible to hike up the Dolomites on two wheels. We have reached 2000 metres, through a rough path up to the Malga Monte Sole. This place is also an amazing Hotel and Restaurant where you can taste the local cuisine.

The view from the top is insane, and even in summer, you can see the glacier of Adamello. To give you some direction, you are just above Madonna di Campiglio and Dimaro, location of some of the best ski chalets in Italy.

Location | Malga Monte Sole Chalet

11 – Picnic by the river

Trentino Instagrammable - Pic nic on the riverside
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One of the main reasons to visit Trentino is for sure the direct contact with nature, the surrounding and the hearth elements. This part of Italy has got everything you need for a relaxing holiday. Part of the relax is to be free to walk barefoot by the river, enjoy a glass of Trento Doc with some snacks on the side.

More than just an activity, this suggestion is the heart of the many things to do in Trentino, even if your holiday is short. The sounds of the river stream, without cars of human sounds around, will relax the body but mostly the mind.

12 – Bees and sweet honey

Immersed in the pristine nature of Val di Rabbi, there are a small windmill and museum dedicated to our little friends, bees. The MMape is a small world that will take the visitors to the sweet corner of bee culture.

The experience is incredible, while I (Toti) have a phobia of bees, Alessia did this activity alone and was incredibly surprised back in the hotel.

For her, it was an incredible journey across the five senses, with direct contact with nature. A trained instructor will assist guests on the extraction of the honey, daily care and obviously the later sweet taste of the nectar.

Location | Via al Molin, 3, 38027 Croviana TN, Italy
Cost | Free with Trentino Guest Card or 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children up to 14 years old
Opening Hours | Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Enjoy a Spa treatment

If you are willing to have a relaxing holiday you can see that Trentino has got a lot of things to offer. While exploring the amazing Val di Sole we have been to the Monroc Hotel.

A superb 4-star hotel close to the ski lift. The hotel has got some of the best features, so you can enjoy an incredible SPA just inside the building. The Spa Treatment, steam room, Jacuzzi and chrome and aromatherapy paths will take your holidays to the next level.

Are you looking where to stay in Val di Sole? Here you can book the right hotel for you.

Hit the slopes in winter

You can’t visit Trentino without thinking about hitting the slopes. This region has some of the best ski chalets and huts in the whole country. The high summits of Dolomites are a dream come true for every ski enthusiast.

If you are willing to visit Trentino in winter, it is best that you check your next accommodation in Madonna di Campiglio, Dimaro, Folgarida or Bormio.

Try the local cuisine

Best Traditional food of Trentino
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We have been surprised by the local cuisine of Trentino. While Italian we know that the bel paese has a culinary tradition well-rooted in modern cuisine, but this region has been a blast for us. If you don’t know the local dishes change from region to region in Italy, and in Trentino is mostly influenced by the close border with Austria and so German cuisine.

Something that we have tried before, but has been a totally new taste are the local pasta, the Strangolapreti. Translated “strangle the priest” are served in all kinds of ways but mostly with the game or local sausage. Another amazing dish to try is the dumplings, those are filled with spinach and melted cheese and butter.

What Toti loved at most is the speck. This is a traditional smoked ham, which is tasty and can be enriched in many ways, some also include the use of honey. Obviously to try the local cheese, mushrooms and the meat of deer.

Sip Trento Doc

After the dish tips, you have to accompany your lunch or dinner with an amazing wine or spumante. The Trento Doc is a local answer to the spumante. Don’t associate it with the traditional brut and dry you can find in the supermarket. The Trento Doc is a high-level sparkly wine which can be found just in Trentino.

The aromatic taste is unique and is worth trying also for aperitif or dinner in style.

Visit the National Park Adamello

The best view point of Dolomites - Trentino, Italy
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In part we have covered the Adamello National Park already before, but it is good to mention this amazing natural area once again.

We bet that you have seen some photos from the incredible picks of the Dolomites, mostly those that are shot from here. The Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello glacier are the favourites of tourists and photographers. On a clear day, the picks of Brenta Dolomites burn at sunset, turning the shadows colours in red. This natural park is 620.51 sq Km and is the largest protected area in Trentino.

The top picks reach over 3500 metres, while the smallest altitude is 477 metres. The Adamello Glacier is one of the largest existing in Europe, it can be seen also in summer.

Pass the suspension bridge “Ragaiolo”

Best bridges in Trentino, Italy
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The fairytale Tibetan Suspended Bridge on the Rigaiolo, a few steps away from the awesome waterfall in the Dolomites.

Inside the National Park Adamello, there is a fairytales bridge passing side to side, across a fascinating and powerful waterfall.

The suspension bridge Ragaiolo is also known as the Tibetan Bridge. It is a 100 metres-long rope bridge, suspended 60 metres over the Ragaiolo waterfall. If you are afraid of heights, don’t cross the bridge, despite crossing it is really safe and incredible.

From the top of the bridge, you will feel some water splashes, which testifies to the power of the waterfall.

Did you fall in love with Trentino? See our latest itinerary of all the pictures that will make you book your next trip to this amazing place.

19 – Barefoot in the meadows

Being in a protected natural area will also leave you just surrounded by nature. Our guide was insisting that only getting an intimate touch with nature will help you to breath free. We don’t think of that, but taking off your shoes and being free to walk on the meadows has got a powerful stimulation for the whole body and for blood circulation.

Also, take the chance to put your feet in a fresh stream directly from the highest summit. It is so amazing.

20 – Tree hugging

Talking about intimate contact with nature, you can also go Tree Hugging. Leaving your mind apart for a minute, you will go in a peaceful moment of relaxation away from time and space.

That was our experience tree-hugging in the Adamello Brenta National Park. It was the ideal after a long train on the paths of the inside natural reserve.

21 – Reach the chalet on the mountain peak

The best places are the one away from the crowds, where the products are fresh, the air is good and pristine and the animals can graze free.

Reaching the chalet up the mountain will give you another dimension of fresh products and a freedom feeling. Like the one we have got after the long trail from Val di Rabbi inside the Adamello National Park.

22- Rafting on river Noce

rafting in Trentino - River Noce - Summer activities in Trentino
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The amazing experience, rafting on the River Noce in Val di Sole, with fellow bloggers Teresa of Brogan Abroad and Paul of Global Help Swap.

If you have still a little space for incredible adventures, why not go for a rafting activity on the river Noce. Early birds come with us. At the sunrise when the air is fresh and the daylights still young, you can take a raft and enjoy the energy of the water in Trentino.

There are different paths and the average session is about 2 hours long. When we experienced the rafting, it was really hard because until the night before the river was overflowing, making it impossible to go for this activity. While the day after the water level was reasonable to go rafting.

The prices are also cheap compared to many other places we have been before, from 20€ to higher depending on the path and length.

Some Rafting Booking you can make in advance:
River Rafting for Families
Rafting Extreme
Rafting in the River (a group of 6)

23 – Enjoy Riva del Garda

If you are enjoying the calm of Trentino you should experience the unwind by the lake. This region is well known for the impressive lakes, one of the most important is Lake Garda. Location of fabulous scenario all around the banks of the river there are small and medium villages.

Riva del Garda is one of the most famous places around the homonyms lake, on the northern shores, just an hour away, driving from Trento. You can reach it also by bus from Piazza Dante, which takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, passing by amazing landscapes.

Things to do in Riva del Garda |
Enjoy a MiniCruise or a thermal park entry for a day.
Book here your full day tour of Lake Garda!

24 – Enjoy the view from Monte Bondone

We have already mentioned Monte Bondone or Mount Bondone talking about the cable car of Trento. This area is pretty awesome for winter enthusiasts looking for incredible slopes. Monte Bondone, in fact, has got more than 20km slopes for every level and is just half an hour away driving from Trento. The roads are pretty easy and can be reached even with heavy snow.

While we visited the summit of Mount Bondone in summer we enjoyed the landscape and the amazing sunset over the dolomites. This place is ideal for summer hikes or e-bike cycling paths. If you love climbing, this place is ideal with many routes to practice. If you are brave you can go to Mount Bondone Adventure Park and try the circuits, like the zip lines.

Check here the details and book your spot!

25 – Coffee Taste in a Typical torrefazione

Knowing the local traditions is the first step to get an intimate approach with your next trip. If you are willing to visit this amazing region, it is well to know that you should write down in your list of things to do in Trentino to visit a local roastery.

The roastery is known in Italian as Torrefazione, and the recipes are coming from the ancient traditions. In Italy we taste coffee in one shot, incredible but true. We know well when a coffee is good or tastes really bad. In Trentino there are many roasteries really well, most of them are surrounding the area of Trento.

The local roastery we have visited and highly recommend you is in Rovereto. Look for Caffè Bontadi.

Visit the Lake of Toblino at sunset

That has been one of the most magical moments in our whole trip in Trentino. The amazing Lake of Toblino is a fairytale place with an awesome castle right in the middle and the summit of the dolomites at the back.

The purpose of our trip to the lake was a photographic session, which ended up becoming the best experience for both, but especially for Alessia.

27 – Stroll Around Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel in Val di Non - Trentino Italy
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Remaining on the lake topic, why don’t mention the Lake of Tovel and the incredible legends related to it.

Often associated as the red lake, this amazing water mirror is surrounded by forest and snowy mountains even in summer. It is awesome to follow the trail along the lake and enjoy the light games on the water. The Lake Tovel has got an incredible legend that wants the water becoming completely Red.

This strange phenomena even if associated with myths and legends is because of the strong concentration of an alga, the “glenodium sanguineum“. Unfortunately it’s been over 50 years that it is not happening anymore because of the weak concentration.

28 The best view from Lake of Bries

View of Lake Bries and the mountains in the afternoon
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This is one of the most interesting places in Trentino, Lake Bries is becoming so popular among tourists because of the incredible scenario. The blue turquoise water, uncommon for a lake, makes the perfect reflection mirror for the snowy alps surrounding the basin. The lake of Bries is one of the most instagrammable places in Trentino and a must-visit in the region.

While discovering the lake you can rent a boat and go right in the middle of it, from there you will enjoy an incredible view. If you want to follow the trail along the lakeside, the path is quite narrow in some points and often too crowded. Because of that we suggest visiting the spot early in the morning to enjoy the quiet and wild nature.

29 – Hike to the Tre cime di Lavaredo

Mountain Trentino Three Peaks Of Lavaredo Sky Italy
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Mountain Trentino Three Peaks Of Lavaredo Sky Italy

If we have to talk about photographic spots in Trentino it is impossible not to mention the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. This is an iconic hike path up the Dolomites, becoming a symbol of Italian Alps. Often associated with the name of “tre cime” or by the German “Drei Zinnen”, it’s a mass consisting of three peaks. The highest one, Cima Grande is 2,999 metres, the Cima Ovest is 2,973 and the Cima Piccola is 2,857 metres above sea level.

Once the Tre Cime di Lavaredo were the border with Austria, today those are just part of Italy South Tyrol, and still facing a double language-speaking split. You can reach the viewpoint of the peaks easily, following local guides even in winter.

30 Stroll around the little old town of Rovereto

Rovereto is a cute town a few minutes away from Trento. From many it is seen as a version of Trento in a more modern way. The presence of the MART, the modern and contemporary art museum is giving to this place more appeal among tourists. This fascinating museum is hosting over 20,000 artworks from artists from all over the world.

You can enjoy the part with the permanent collection, but also take advantage of exclusive Exhibitions. Even if you are not keen to visit the Mart, you can still enjoy the architecture of Rovereto. This city is so romantic and unique, which gives you the best at night.

How to get to Trento

Reach Trento by Car

It is maybe the best way to reach Trento. Through the highway A22, you can reach the city and go forward to the border with Austria and Germany. The A22 is connecting Trento with the nearest Verona, which is served by an international airport. From there you can rent a car or start your journey with a guide.

To Trento by Plane

As said the nearest airport to Trento is Verona, there are no airports in the city, but just a heliport mostly used for military and emergency purposes. Verona is away just one-hour driving, but closest by there are also opportunities to find bargain landing in Bergamo and Venice airport. The last two airports are away just 2 hours driving.

From Verona, you can reach Trento by train from the main station in the city centre, Verona Porta Nuova. If you want to reach Trento from Bergamo or Venice you can also book with Flixibus, which is cheap and comfy. There are also opportunities to reach Madonna di Campiglio and the slopes through Flixbus. (Hey… Check out our post about how to spend a weekend in Venice)

Trentino Lakes - Best things to do in Trentino - Lake of Toblino at sunrise
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By Train

The train station in Trento is right in the city centre, it’s also a hub for the trains going through the border with Austria. There is a regular connection to Verona, Innsbruck and Munich. We took the train from Bologna to Trento, with final destination Munich, without any change in Verona.

Travel to Trento by Bus

As said before there are a lot of connections by bus to Trento. Flixbus is the main company which serves the route with many departures and destinations all over Italy. You can also plan a trip by bus to Trento starting or going to Germany and Austria.

Where to Stay in Trento

Trento is not a big city but is fully functional to attract and host tourists. It is a welcoming city with a wide range of places to stay. From luxurious hotels with a view over the mountains surrounding the city to a more budget-friendly option. Trento is the ideal for all tastes, with hostels and Airbnb going very well especially in summer.

During our stay in Trentino, we have been in an Airbnb which was the ideal to reach the city centre and the top attractions of Trento. Later, while exploring the valleys we have been in luxurious hotels with views over the valley and the alps, or just surrounded by nature in a local “Agriturismo”. Obviously depending on your plans to visit Trentino, you should choose your accommodation. Below are our suggestions on where to stay in Trento.

Compare the prices of the best hotels in Trento

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