Best views of Rome | 20+ incredible panoramic places in Rome

For us, Rome is one of the most charming, romantic and beautiful cities in ItalyWith its culinary cuisine, photo spots, friendly locals and breath-taking views, Rome has it all. Home of incredible and famous landmarks, Rome is the perfect place for a romantic escape in Italy.

With a bit of romance and beautiful surroundings, today we’ll share with you all the best views of Rome. Those views will leave you speechless nonetheless the busy environment that you might find.

This unique list will guide you through 16 of the most gorgeous panoramic views of Rome. An itinerary of free places in Rome to enjoy the view, but also incredible places that you might don’t know that they exist.

We will walk you through the incredible best rooftops in Rome, and instagrammable spots to get your own memories of the ancient city. With facts about Rome that will make you curious to explore the city now more than ever.

Enjoying one of the best views in Rome Italy
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Best views in Rome 

  • Pincio
  • Il Vittoriano
  • The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Orange Gardens on Aventine Hill
  • Gianicolo Hill
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Via della Conciliazione
  • Lo Zodiaco
  • Terrazza Caffarelli
  • Colle Oppio Park 
  • Trinità dei Monti Terrace
  • Belvedere Terrace
  • The rooftop of Eitch Borromini
  • Piazza del Campidoglio
  • Quirinale Square
  • Rooftop Terrace at Hotel Raphael
  • Hotel Indigo Rooftop Terrace
  • La Rinascente Rooftop Bar and Café
  • Hotel Minerva Rome Roof top bar
  • Court Terrace Bar
  • Frascati | Best view over Rome

Best time to visit Rome

The best time to visit Rome is definitely from October to mid-December and January to March, avoiding Easter Week, when it is too crowded with shops and restaurants mostly shut. These two-time frames are ideal to visit Rome without crowds, and when the rates for the accommodations are lower.

This is also the time when Rome is colder but beautiful and if you are lucky enough will experience some snowfall. To get the unusual snow vibes in Rome, the best months are January and February. The temperatures in Rome are well balanced with the thermometer never going below freezing.

If you are looking for a quiet time to visit Rome, Christmas is one to avoid. The city becomes too crowded with tourists and locals. However, the atmosphere is magical, especially around the Christmas market of Piazza Navona.

How many days should I visit Rome for the first time?

From 2 to 7 days. If you ask us, we will stay in Rome forever. The city is wide and certainly, you have to decide the activities you want to do ahead of time to make it happen. Ideally, you will prepare a 7 day trip in Italy, giving Rome at least 3 full days, and scheduling a few days trips from Rome.

Rome offers many possibilities to reach other locations like the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pompeii or the island retreats in Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Best panoramas of Rome Map

Rome free walking tour
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The best views in Rome you need to visit 

Pincio Terrace

One of the most typical and famous views in Rome is the Pincio terrace. From here you can enjoy seeing the city during golden hour. Considered one of the best views of Rome, below Pincio you will see Piazza del Popolo and beyond that the Prati district. This is often referred to as Pincio Promenade and is across the romantic passeggiata del Pincio.

Once you reach this beautiful terrace you will see the dominating St. Peter Basilica. After enjoying this beautiful view in Rome, remember to snap some pictures as this is considered one of the best photo spots in Rome.

Location |  Pincio Terrace in Villa Borghese
How to get there | From Piazza del Popolo hike up the park on the terrace, this is Passeggiata del Pincio.
Entrance | Free

Il Vittoriano known as Altare della Patria one of the best views in Rome
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Il Vittoriano

When talking about the best views of Rome, for sure you’re not thinking about Il Vittoriano. This monument, located in Piazza Venezia offers a panoramic platform that will leave you speechless. Known as Altare Della Patria (Altar of Fatherland), the construction of this monument started in the 19th century and today is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy.

To reach the platform you need to take an elevator that costs 7€ but from here you can look straight down to the popular Via del Corso and through Piazza del Popolo. 

Enjoy this beautiful view of Rome and make the most of it. 

As il Vittoriano is one of the most famous monuments in Rome, we suggest you plan your itinerary in advance and maybe book a guided tour with access to the terrace.

Location | Piazza Venezia
How to get there | Reach Piazza Venezia – By walk or by bus from Via Dei Fori Imperiali or from the shopping street Via del Corso. By bus with the C3, 30, H, 40, 44, 64, 70,81, 87, 492, 628
Entrance | Free, Close or partially close during national holidays – 2 June Celebration of the Republic of Italy – Get the ticket for the glass panoramic elevator with access to the very top!

Orange Gardens

One of the most popular places where locals love to hang out is Giardino Degli Aranci or better known as Orange’s Garden which sits on the top of one of the seven hills in Rome, Aventine Hill. 

This spot is popular for a reason as it perfectly frames the St. Peter’s cupola and it’s ideal if you are a photography lover. This lovely spot is surrounded by a garden and trees where you can relax a bit if you’re visiting Rome during summer. 

It’s called Orange Gardens for a reason. Legend says that Spanish Saint Dominic planted the first orange tree in Rome and this garden offers plenty of orange trees alongside several statues, fountains and ancient ruins. On the Aventino hill, in the Orange Garden is hosted the True mouth, which is part of the legends of Rome.

Thanks to its view and the romantic atmosphere, for us, this is one of the best views of Rome! 

Location | Aventino Hill
How to get there | Line B to Circo Massimo 
Entrance | Free

Panoramic views of Rome

Rome itinerary 2 days
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This view of Rome will never get us bored. Definitely, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Any traveller at any point of their life, visiting Europe, should come to Rome.

Gianicolo | Janiculum Terrace

Considered by many the eight hills of Rome, Ganicolo is located outside the ancient city and it’s one of the greatest places to enjoy the view of Rome.

Located behind the iconic Trastevere area, Gianicolo hill is the ideal terrace on the top offer one of the best views in Rome and you can’t miss visiting it. Some interesting sights to enjoy on the Janiculum terrace are the beautiful fountain (Fontana dell’Acqua Paola) and the Renaissance Temple, built by Bramante.

Going back to the panorama from Gianicolo Hill, this will leave you speechless and is free, open every day to visitors. Rome Gianicolo is still off the radar of many tourists, however, it is one of the favourite Rome hills by locals.

We suggest visiting Gianicolo Hill around sunset where you can grab a drink at the local bar and enjoy the end of the day with some peace and a great view! 

Location | Belvedere Gianicolo
How to get there | You can reach Gianicolo from Trastevere or the Vatican. If you wish to take the bus you can use the following: 115, 710, 870 and 984.
Entrance | Free

Castel Sant'Angelo views in Rome Italy
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Castel Sant’Angelo | Rome View

This is one of the places we love most in Rome, incredible at day and unique at night. Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the many symbols of Rome and you might have seen it in many photos.

This stunning castle is in the city centre and just goes through the river Tevere, making it the perfect background for your photos of Rome. The best view is the bridge leading to the entrance of the castle, walking on the bridge of Angels by Bernini.

You might don’t know that there is a secret passage from the nearby Vatican City to Castel Sant’Angelo, and this is to the exclusive use of the Pope. This is called the passetto, or the passage, you might have seen it in the movie Angels and Demons, sequel of the Da Vinci Code.

Castel Sant’Angelo is a massive building wanted by Hadrian, one of the greatest Emperors of ancient Rome. This was intended to be his mausoleum, however, it was then turned into a fortress, becoming the private residence of the Pope.

The amazing panoramic view from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo is for sure one of the best views of Rome. At a short distance from the fortress, you can enjoy the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica, which welcomes you to the tiniest country in Europe, Vatican City.

Location | Lungotevere Castello
How to get there | From Piazza Navona you can walk to Castel Sant’Angelo for about 10 minutes or take the bus 30, 70, 81 and 87.
Entrance | Around 10 euros. The ticket will give you access to the castle and the rooftop. You can book a skip the line ticket here.

St. Peter Basilica in Rome | Rome Cathedral | Rome bucket list
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Via della Conciliazione at night is just gorgeous, with less people around, the ambience is so silent. The light game is just insane and will drive crazy any photography enthusiast. Don’t miss Via della Conciliazione while Visiting Rome!

Via della Conciliazione

Walking from Castel Sant’Angelo toward Vatican City, you have to pass by Via Della Concilazione. This spot is the best at night because of the beautiful lights of St. Peter’s Church. This acts as Vatican City’s front yard and is a curated neighbourhood very popular worldwide.

We love the view of Via Della Conciliazione, and it’s a good excuse to roam around Vatican City and Trastevere. This is an impressive wide street that connects Castel Sant’Angelo to Saint Peter’s Church, on the side of the street there are Religious shops and cafes, but you better skip them, those are very expensive.

Location | Vatican City
How to get there | From Castel Sant’Angelo just go straight toward St. Peter’s Basilica 
Entrance | Free to walk

Bucket list in Rome
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This is the view from the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica – One of the best view of Rome from Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica Dome | Vatican Top View

You might don’t know that the Basilica Dome is one of the places with the best view of Rome. More than the others, the symbol of Vatican City can become the ideal place to enjoy the panorama.

You can’t miss roaming around the column of St. Peter’s Square, the main place in Vatican City. Climbing up the dome is definitely worth the effort, however, there is also a way to cheat the fatigue of climbing up 531 steps, cutting the edges. Taking the lift (which cost a bit extra, check the tickets) will leave just about 320 steps to the top.

One of the tallest domes in the world, what makes this one particular is that it was designed by Michelangelo himself.

You can’t leave Rome without visiting the famous St. Peter’s Basilica, if you do, it means that you need to come back and add it to your Rome bucket list.

The view from the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica is the best in Rome. A 360 view over the whole St. Peter’s Square, Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant’Angelo. Easily from the top, you can spot some of the most important sightseeing of Rome, like the Fatherland Altar, the Tiber River, Romans ruins and the whole Trastevere District.

Location | Vatican City
How to get there | By train you can take line A and get off at the Ottaviano stop. From there it will be just a 10-minute walk down Via Ottaviano.  
Entrance | 5 euros if you wish to take the stairs, otherwise 7 euros will take you to the first 320 steps of the 551. Check for your tickets!

Best views in Rome

Rome at night - The best from Italian Trip Abroad
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Some of the most charming panoramic views of Rome are from the hilltop at night, or just roaming around the many bridges of the city

Lo Zodiaco | Rome Secret Views

This might be one of the most hidden spots in Rome, however, Lo Zodiaco is well known among locals. The secret is now unveiled, as Lo Zodiaco has undoubtedly one of the best views of Rome. Locals refer to this place as the Viale degli Innamorati, the lovers’ road.

The viewpoint is on the hilltop, overlooking the city and the beautiful scenario of Castelli Romani in the distance. This is a kind of small hike while reaching the top is a real conquest especially in the summertime when the city is super hot.

Monte Mario is the highest hilltop of Rome but is also one of the most picturesque areas of Rome. At the top of the hill, you can find bars and snack points to enjoy the moment overlooking the city. The park surrounding you offers shadows and benches to appreciate the view.

Location | Viale del Parco Mellini
How to get there | Take bus 913 from the Vatican Museum and get off at Medaglie D’Oro. From here you have to walk approximately 15 minutes, following the signs for Monte Mario.
Entrance | Free

Terrazza Caffarelli

From one hidden spot of Rome to another. Terrazza Caffarelli is another secret kept by locals. This unique balcony overlooks the beautiful landscape of Rome. You might understand how magical it is at night.

From the Terrazza Caffarelli, you can easily spot some of the most famous domes in the Italian Capital, but also the ruins, the Jewish Ghetto and the Vittoriano. Because it is on Capitoline Hill, one of the central points in the capital, you have the whole of Rome under your feet. The Terrazza Caffarelli is on the 2nd floor of the Capitoline Museum, however, you don’t need the entrance ticket to visit the terrace. The internal cafeteria serves the bar, but you will have full waiter service on the outside beautiful terrace.

Not many tourists around make Terrazza Caffarelli a must-do experience in Rome.

Location | Piazzale Caffarelli
How to get there | Reach the Capitoline Hill and go to the 2nd floor
Entrance | Free for the Terrace – Check for the Capitoline Museum Tickets

Colle Oppio Park

This is an interesting site in Rome, hosting many monumental remains like the pavilion of the Domus Aurea, the baths of Tito and Trajan.

Also, Colle Oppio is an awesome spot for tourists. This park, located just behind the Colosseum, offers one of the best views of Rome.

As you might understand the most beautiful panoramic view of the Colosseum in Rome is from Colle Oppio and you can’t skip it.

Colle Oppio Park Rome - Things to do in Rome | Rome bucket list places to see
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Location | Colle Oppio Park
How to get there | Just behind the entrance of the Metro Colosseum, go uphill following the park entrance 
Entrance | Free

Best views of Rome Italy

Trinità dei Monti Terrace

This name might say something to you, Trinita’ dei Monti is the location of the famous Spanish Steps of Rome. If you are always looking for the greatest photo spots in Italy, from the top of Trinita’ Dei Monti you can have the best one.

This is right in the city centre, so expect to see many tourists around. However, not many are brave enough to climb all the steps up to the Trinita’ Dei Monti Church. At the top of the beautiful Spanish Steps, there is a beautiful terrace overlooking the roofs of Rome.

Rome itinerary in 2 days
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Location | Trinità dei Monti Square
How to get there | Arrive in Spagna Square, where are the famous Spanish Steps, walk up the stairs toward the church, this is Trinità dei Monti. 
Entrance | Free

Belvedere Terrace

Just about 5 minutes away from the Pincio Terrace there is the Belvedere Terrace. This small Terrazza has one of the best views of Rome, a beautiful unspoiled landscape over the Italian Capital that will leave you breathless. Because the Belvedere Terrace is very close to the famous Pincio Terrace, this is often skipped by tourists. However, because it is smaller and away from the crowds you might have this all for yourself.

The terrace is close to the car park, easy to be reached. A great tip is to rent a bike and discover the beautiful park.

Campidoglio Square Rome
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The view from the top of Campidoglio Square in Rome

Piazza del Campidoglio

Right in the heart of Rome, there is Piazza del Campidoglio. This amazing piazza is also known as the Capitoline Square, completely designed by Michelangelo. This masterpiece space has at its centre a statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and on a side the Ara Coeli Catholic Church.

The Renaissance Square has been ever since the core of Rome and is also an awesome panoramic spot in the city. On the hilltop of Campidoglio in ancient Rome, there was the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, one of the most important Roman deities.

You have to climb up the stairs to reach the top, but from above the view is just insane, with the Roman Forum at your foot. Piazza del Campidoglio is a balcony overlooking Rome, with many institutional buildings having their headquarters there.

Location | Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome
Entrance | Free

Quirinale Square - one  of the most charming terrace in Rome
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Quirinale Square | Piazza del Quirinale

Often left behind in the guide of the city, Piazza del Quirinale is not only an incredible panoramic spot in Rome but also one of the three current official residences of the President of the Italian Republic. This historic building is minutes away from the main sightseeing of Rome, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.

In front of the beautiful Palace, there is a terrace overlooking the roofs of Rome. From here you can spot a few sightseeing and domes of Rome, but the most beautiful remain the St. Peter’s Basilica Dome right in the centre of the frame .

All around the main terrace, Piazza del Quirinale, you can walk through some of the most charming gardens in Rome. These are “the Quirinale Gardens”, The Gardens of Montecavallo, Villa Aldobrandini and the Villa Carlo Alberto al Quirinale, some of them is not allowed to enter without authorization.

Best rooftop bar Rome

Rooftop Terrace at Hotel Raphael

Another incredible view in one of the most beautiful hotels in Rome. You might recognize the Hotel Raphael, which was the setting for the famous “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts. On the 5th floor of the Vicolo Della Pace hotel, a roof terrace will open the window to the best panorama of Rome.

The bar on the rooftop of the Hotel Raphael is a nice sky bar with a 360-degree view of Rome. This awesome space is a hidden spot of Rome, however, it is always good to book your table in advance, and enjoy a cocktail with a view.

Location | Bio Hotel Raphaël – Relais & Châteaux
Entrance | A glass of prosecco costs from £17

The best of Rome - The view on Rome - San Pietro
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Trastevere is one of the suggestive areas of Rome. Passing by the riverside you will have an amazing view of the sightseeing of Rome. That make for us the difference and ready to be part of our list of Best photo spots in Rome.

The rooftop of Hotel Eitch Borromini

There are so many beautiful hotels in Rome that making a shortlist of the ones with the best view is not enough. The central hotel Eitch Borromini is very popular. This was the set of the famous movie “La Grande Bellezza” – “The great beauty” of Paolo Sorrentino, which won an Oscar in 2014.

The 360 view from the Borromini hotel is the best view in Rome for a fee in our opinion. However, the 20 euro per person, which includes a drink, might be a high price for a budget traveller, the view is worth every penny.

The Hotel often holds private events and it’s not accessible or just partially. Be aware when you book it. If not overcrowded you will enjoy the best view of Rome from an exclusive rooftop terrace in Rome with a drink in your hands.

Location | Eitch Borromini Hotel
How to get there | From Piazza Navona reach the entrance at Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima.
Entrance | The bar is open every day from 6.30 pm and you have to book your spot in advance. The cost is about 20 euros per person which includes a drink.

Hotel Indigo Rooftop Terrace

The hotel Indigo is one of our favourite Rooftop Terrace with a view of Rome. We love this hotel, because of its central location, the very friendly staff and the comfy rooms.

The magic is not yet to the end, on the top floor of this building in the centre of Rome there is a beautiful view over the city. This space is used as a restaurant, and booking a night at the Hotel Indigo will give you access to breakfast.

Treat yourself to staying at the Hotel Indigo of Rome, enjoying the internal SPA and relaxing with their facilities.

La Rinascente Rooftop Bar and Café

Let’s talk about unwind and magic moments in Rome. Who said that you can’t go sightseeing while enjoying a drink? You can do both and spot some of the most important landmarks in Italy and in Rome, just staying on a sofa on the top of the Rinascente, one of the most iconic shopping centres in Rome.

The Up Sunset Bar is a rooftop terrace in the historical centre of Rome. The last floor of the shopping mall La Rinascente is totally occupied by this beautiful bar, ideal for an afternoon drink after sightseeing and some shopping. Ideal for the sunset as per his name, this offers one of the best views of Rome and is one of the best rooftop bars in Rome.

Location | Via del Tritone

Minerva Roof Garden

With an amazing view over the Pantheon, the Hotel Minerva of Rome make his way to our special list of best panoramic places in Rome. This unique Hotel in the historic city centre of the Italian Capital offers to visitors and guests the best view over one of the symbols of the eternal city.

A memorable landscape will open in front of you once reach the top. An unforgettable experience to do in Rome, will be enriched booking a room at the hotel Minerva, roaming freely around the narrow cobblestone streets of Rome, feeling the atmosphere vibes.

Court Terrace Rome - One of the best views of Rome in front of the Colosseum
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Court Terrace Bar

Best view of Colosseum in Rome

Location | The Court, Rome

This fancy bar has the most incredible view of Rome, however, it is not a rooftop, but it’s a court with an unspoiled view over the Colosseum.

The Court Terrace Bar is for many still a secret thing to do in Rome. Part of the cosy Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, the court is hosted in an outdoor space, a proper terrace overlooking one of the most envied monuments and considered of the seven wonders of the world. The court offers only drinks, brunch and aperitif allow you, however, the rooftop terrace gives you a better view of the Colosseum.

Frascati | Best view over Rome

Staying in Rome for two days or more, you can find the time to discover the surrounding area with a day trip outside of the ancient Roman walls. Visiting Frascati you will get a glimpse of the real local life outside of the eternal city.

Frascati is a city about 20 minutes away from Rome, very popular among locals. This area around the Italian Capital is called “Castelli Romani”, “Roman Castles”.  

Where to stay in Rome for the best view

If you are looking for accommodations in Rome to enjoy the panorama from the rooftop, this is our shortlist of places where to stay in Rome with rooftops.

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

5-star | Awarded Small Luxury Hotels of the World

✔️ Best Location Close to Colosseum
🚘 Airport Transfer
💳 Free Cancellation
🛎️ Front Desk 24-hour
🍹 Outdoor terrace Bar and Restaurant

Hotel Indigo St. George Rome

5-Star Hotel with Wellness Facilities

✔️ Best Location Close to Piazza Navona
❤️ Spa Facilities Included
💳 Free Cancellation
🏋️‍♀️ Fitness Centre
🍽️ Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

Q&A Best views of Rome

Where is the best view of Rome?

These are the most beautiful panoramic views in Rome:
Il Pincio
Il Vittoriano
The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica
Lo Zodiaco

What is the highest point in Rome?

Rome’s highest point is Monte Mario which is 139 meters.

How do I see Rome in 3 days?

There are so many things that you can do in Rome in 3 days, here is what you can do:
Take a free walking tour of Rome
Visit the Colosseum
Climb up on Palatine Hill
Watch sunset from Piazza del Campidoglio
Admire the Sistine Chapel and visit the Vatican Museum
Step inside the Pantheon
Eat Rome in a local restaurant

Can you go to the Colosseum at night?

You can only visit the Colosseum at night only if you book a private tour as the gates close after dark.

Is Rome a walkable city?

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Rome is by walking. The entire historic centre of Rome is walkable which will give you the opportunity to get lost around the cute and narrow streets of the city. Take a free walking tour of Rome to get more confident about the city!

What should you not miss in Rome Italy?

Below you will find a couple of things that you can’t miss visiting in Rome, Italy:
The Colosseum
The Sistine Chapel
The Pantheon
Trevi Fountain
Roman Forum
Villa Borghese Gardens

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