Sometimes the border between a country and another may cause a conflict, where take the population to not to be in one neither in another country. So, those places can become independent and get up their own flag. This is the case that makes us happy to do a list of the smallest countries in Europe, and you have to visit them once in life. Over 50 Countries compose the continent of Europe.

There are even some territories that are part of Europe and another in Asia. Tiny nations are coming as the smallest countries in Europe. City-States, Principate, Religious tiny countries, become easily a full list of smallest cities in Europe as well.

Top 10 tiny countries in Europe - Vatican City is the smallest country in the World
Top 10 tiny countries in Europe – Vatican City is the smallest country in the World


  • 1. Vatican City
  • 2. Principato of Monaco
  • 3. Gibraltar
  • 4. San Marino
  • 5. Liechtenstein
  • 6. Malta
  • 7 Andorra
  • 8 Luxemburg
  • 9 Cyprus
  • 10 Kosovo
  • 11 Montenegro

There are other two countries listed by the most important institution that is worth to be mentioned in this list. Azerbaijan and Georgia, are not fully in Europe. Just part of their territory is in Europe, most of it, in some cases around 75% is in Asia. Those countries are coming from the split of old URSS.
The list of the top 11 tiniest countries in Europe revealed in this guide.

The smallest country in Europe

1. Vatican City | 0,44km²

Rome 2 days itinerary-1
Top 10 tiny countries in Europe – Vatican City is the smallest country in the World

The first on our list of smallest countries in Europe is Vatican City. In the earth of Italy, there is a really tiny country inside the Capital City of the Country. Vatican City is more than just a place. It is the seat of the Catholic Church, where the Pope lives and celebrate the rituals. The Pope is the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.

This is also one of the most visited places in the World, thanks to ancient history and the popular masterpieces secured into the walls of the smallest city in the World. Visit Vatican City from the inside, enjoy the view of the Sistine Chapel and the magical gardens. No passport or Visa is needed to get in.

Citta’ del Vaticano has also some of the most charming landmarks in Europe, in such a tiny portion. You should consider visiting the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo and the beautiful architecture of St. Peter’s church.

2. Principato of Monaco | 1,95 km²

Monaco is a principality of Grimaldi, on the French Riviera - Is in the top 10 of Smallest Countries in Europe
Monaco is a principality of Grimaldi, on the French Riviera – Is in the top 10 of Smallest Countries in Europe

The second country in our guide about the Europe smallest countries there is Monaco. The little famous country on the Mediterranean French coastline, along the Côte d’Azur, just seems to be out of a fairytale.

The clear blue sea, the rock of Monte Carlo and the luxurious atmosphere of the tiny streets make it the top places to visit in Europe.

Monaco and the Capital, Montecarlo, are well known because of plenty of Casinos, Boutique Hotels and the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix that take place every year along the streets of the city.

If you are visiting the French Riviera, the stretch of coastline that goes along Southern France, you can visit Montecarlo and nearby places like Nice, Menton, Cannes and Provence. Ideally especially in Spring and Summer. Monaco is a former state with own flag, but you don’t need any Visa or passport to get in and out.

3. Gibraltar | 6,4km² | Not stated as Smallest country in Europe

Gibraltar is a tiny country in Europe - Gibraltar landscape on the sea and harbour
Gibraltar is a tiny country in Europe

This tiny Country on southern Europe is in this list of Smallest Countries in Europe but is an outsider. Not considered a proper Country because regulated by the United Kingdom, Gibraltar has been listed by the United Nation as a self-governing British Overseas Territory.

It is located to the north of the Strait of Gibraltar on the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar is a small stretch of land in the Andalusia territory.

Despite the common belief that there is nothing to visit in Gibraltar, we can say that Gibraltar is really nice. Climb the rocks and visit the apes, swim in the clear blue sea of the best beaches of Andalucia with a British touch.

We suggest visiting also the near little town of Tarifa, heaven for passionate of Kitesurfing.

4. San Marino | 61km²

The oldest state on our list, San Marino has its own flag winding inside the heart of Italy. The amazing and suggestive wild landscapes make it one of the best places to relax and enjoy good Italian food.

Yes, you understand well, San Marino in Italy, but is an own State of 33,000 residents founded in the late 301 AC

The main city is San Marino, which has its own version of the Euro Coin, some unique and forged inside the city. Visit this place if you are heading to Emilia Romagna, nearby Airport could be even if you are visiting Florence.

5. Liechtenstein | 160 km²

This is another tiny state on the board of two big countries. Between Switzerland and Austria, there is Liechtenstein, with a population of 37,000 people is also one of the richest countries in the World.

Liechtenstein is also rich in history, with medieval architecture and winter sports thanks to the position on the top of the Alps. This tiny country is in the earth of Europe, head here for tasty food and relaxing winter holidays.

The most beautiful in the list of top 11 tiny countries in Europe

6. Malta | 316 km²

The first island on our list of smallest countries in Europe is Malta. Three tiny islands in the Mediterranean sea compose the Republic of Malta, related to the United Kingdom.

This small country in Europe has over 400,000 people and has got its own currency and language. Most of the population speak English and most of the people living here are half British as well.

The Republic of Malta is one of the World’s most densely populated countries. You can reach Malta by flight or ferry, most of the Cruises that goes in the Mediterranean moor here. Malta is an Island and has got just sea border, but it is close to the North African Coast and Italy, nearest Sicily.

Finest gold sand beach and clear blue water make Malta a good destination for summer holidays. Many English people are travelling during summer to Malta, enjoying the great food and sailboats.

7. Andorra | 468 km²

Since kid I was fascinated by this tiny country in Europe, don’t know why. Andorra is a principality split between Spain and France. With its own flag, Andorra counts on 77,000 people and is ruled by two figures. Yes, this is strange.

Andorra has got two co-princes, one is elected directly by the President of France, the second is chosen by Spain and is the Spanish Catholic Bishop of Urgell.

This cosy country in Europe is well known for the Architecture and the nice food, but also for the winter escapes. Fine resorts and slopes make Andorra a great venue for your next holiday in a ski resort.

8. Luxemburg | 2,586 km²

A unique place that is the financial heart of Europe. Luxemburg is one of the last remaining Grand Duchy in the World, it is located between France, Belgium and Germany and thanks to that has got 3 official languages. In Luxemburg is also spoken Luxembourgish by the population of just 600,000.

Visit Luxemburg will take you to a fairytales place, visiting breathtaking Castles and old little medieval towns. This is an underrated place in Europe, not many people take this trip into consideration due to the tiny dimension of the nation.

Despite it is a little country, Luxemburg has got many attractions and day adventures that you have to experience once in life.

Visit Luxemburg City is possible from many main airports in Europe, from London there are always bargains even for 5 euro each way with Ryanair. The expenses to visit this place are high just for accommodation.

The most populated smallest countries in Europe

9. Cyprus | 9251 km²

Another amazing island in the mediterranean sea, the third most populated. The Republic of Cyprus is a tiny island rich in history and culture. This place is really in the middle between the Oriental and the European Culture.

Good food and happy inhabitants are ready to welcome you in this little paradise in Europe. This is our top in the list of smallest countries in Europe you have to visit.

This tiny island in the Mediterranean was populated over 1000 years ago, making it one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean. The capital of the Republic of Cyprus in Nicosia, but worth to be visited are also Limisso and Pafo, full of Greek Ruins.

The north part of the island is under the Turkish government, which split the tiny island into two different nations. Two languages are spoken in Cyprus, Greek, Turkish, but English is widely spoken. Cyprus is also on our list of best winter sun destinations to visit in Europe.

Newest in the list of top smallest countries in Europe

10. Kosovo | 10,887 km²

Definitely one of the newest state in Europe. This little tiny country in Europe is born in 2008, self-declared Republic counts on 2 million people. Like many countries in the Balkans, it has got ancient Byzantine history.

The Capital Pristina has many mosques and vibrant markets. Recently the Tourism of this place is taking amazing marketing campaigns, promoting the great ski resorts in the Balkans area. This is a great way to spend cheap winter holidays in Europe.

11. Montenegro | 13,812 km²

The last on our list is the biggest in the top 10 smallest countries in Europe. Montenegro is situated in the suggestive Balkan Area. Facing the Adriatic Coast has got some of the tiniest and magical fisherman towns.

The folklore of this land will make you comfortable enjoying the landscapes and the developing touristic sector.

Not just beaches and sea, but also awesome landscapes, forests, lakes, rivers and mountains. This is the newest skiing area in Europe, the most popular is Kolašin.

Why there are so tiny countries in Europe

Top 11 smallest Countries in Europe - Gibraltar is the third tiny country in Europe in our list
Top 11 smallest Countries in Europe – Gibraltar is the third tiny country in Europe in our list

This is a good question, those countries are coming from the old split. Many reasons take this tiny country to become independent from a major state. Politic, Economic, Language, Religous or just aggregate minorities take part in the decision to go for its own way.

Luxemburg is well known for the Banks, that have their own regulation. Vatican City has a recent history, it is independent for religious motivation.

But there are other places like Cyprus that is half and half split, for ideological motivation, language and minorities in two parts of the island.

Those countries could be small if compared to the rest of Europe, but for sure those tiny countries in Europe are worth to be visited.

What is the Smallest Country in the world?

Piazza San Pietro - Vatican at night - San Peter's Church at Night - Vatican City at night

Vatican City is not just a tiny country in Europe, but it is also the smallest country in the World. Vatican city is in the heart of Rome, you can discover this tiny religious city landing in Fiumicino or Ciampino the two airports of Rome.

Take a break in Italy, discover the ruins of Rome and the architecture of Vatican City. There are many other countries in the World so small, with their own flag and currency as well.

The top 10 of the smallest countries in the World will contain Narau, the smallest island country in the World in the East of Australia. Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Maldives are on this amazing list.

Curious facts about the small countries in Europe

The Principality of Monaco, on the coastline of the French Riviera, is ruled by the House of Grimaldi since the 13th century.
Cyprus is divided into 6 administrative regions, each named for its administrative capital.

The Microstates are small independent states recognized by larger states, like Liechtenstein, unlike micronations, which are only self-declared and not recognized.

Only Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, and Monaco qualify as “microstates”.

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