24 Interesting things to do in Copenhagen in winter

Copenhagen in winter is a dream. It is a cute, curated and enjoyable city with the classic northern European touch. Copenhagen in the winter becomes even more magical, thanks to the Christmas atmosphere, the snowy streets and the vibes. This is not just a guide on the best things to do in winter in Copenhagen, but a proper walk through one of the fairy tale places in Europe.

Even if you are planning to spend 2 days in Copenhagen, the city will surprise you. Think of going Castle hopping, shopping, sipping hot chocolate in a charming café in the centre of Copenhagen, enjoying the priceless museum and having fun in one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

All that is Copenhagen, and we are thrilled to show you around. Don’t be afraid of the low temperatures, there are plenty of activities indoors. This and many other experiences to do in winter in Copenhagen, through Christmas markets, walking tours and boat adventures on the canals of Copenhagen.

  • Copenhagen walking tour
  • Visit the Christmas Markets
  • Have fun at Tivoli Gardens
  • Festive Winter Food
  • Aperitif at sunset on Nyhavn
  • Hop on a Canal Tour
  • Ice Skating
  • Wander in Copenhagen’s Museums
  • Change of Guard
  • Rounded Tower
  • Warm-up in a typical cafe’
  • Visit Rosenborg Castle
  • Enjoy the view from Christiansborg Palace
  • See the Little Mermaid
  • Relax in a hot sauna
  • Visit Carlsberg Brewery
  • Indulge into the food markets of Copenhagen
  • Visit Kongens Nytorov
  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • Wander around Strøget
  • Explore Freetown Christiania
  • Marmorkirken
  • Trip to the Fjords
  • Old Train city tour

Weather in Copenhagen in winter

In the common imagination, the Scandinavian countries are mostly cold, snowy, foggy and very dark. However, this is true for most of the Nordic countries of Europe, but Copenhagen is a little different. The Denmark Capital has mild weather, with nice summers and cold but not freezing winters.

The weather in Copenhagen in winter is moderate like the rest of the year, with frequent snow, especially in January. We were also lucky to find snow in Copenhagen in November, which makes the city a little winter wonderland. Below you will find the temperatures in Copenhagen in the winter months, but just to give you an overview, let’s say that this can go from -3 °C to 4 °C.

We always say that the problem of winter in Copenhagen is not the cold, but the wind that can reach 14 mph (ca. 23 km/h) in January, the windiest month. Also, consider that the coldest month is February, with freezing temperatures.


Average temperature for Copenhagen: 6 °C high and 3 °C low | 45 °F high and 37 °F low


Average temperature for Copenhagen: 4 °C high and 0 °C low | 39 °F high and 32 °F low


Average temperature for Copenhagen: 3 °C high and -2 °C low | 37 °F high and 28 °F low


Average temperature for Copenhagen: 4 °C high and -3 °C low | 39 °F high and 27 °F low

Average Temperatures for Copenhagen in winter

Copenhagen Card for free transports and free museums in the city

How To Get Around Copenhagen In Winter

We must say that Copenhagen is one of the easiest cities to walk through. The city centre and most of the passages nearby the major attractions are close to the vehicles. Not only that, Copenhagen has got one of the best transport services in Europe. The best way to get around Copenhagen in winter is on foot and using public transport.

Buses, trains, and Metro have the heating on board and can take you to any side of the city. The public transport system of Copenhagen runs 24-hours a day, giving you the opportunity to go around the city also at night. Using the Copenhagen Card, you can hop on and hop off the transport without the tickets, which is already included in your card. Check the unlimited access to public transport with the Copenhagen Card.

The alternative way to go around Copenhagen is by bike, an activity much loved by the Danes.

Where to stay in Copenhagen in winter

Copenhagen is an awesome capital in Europe with some of the coolest areas where to stay. As per every city in the world, there are different areas to choose from depending on your needs, style of travel and of course budget.

Visiting Copenhagen for the first time we suggest something around the city centre, or definitely, close to direct public transport to the main sightseeing.

The area of Nyhavn is one of the most attractive but is over the budget of travellers staying in Copenhagen for 2 days or less. Looking for a more on a budget solution, staying in Christianshavn or Nørrebro is ideal for budget travellers and backpackers.

Scandic Palace Hotel in Copenhagen

Scandic Palace Hotel

$175 | £130 | €150

4-Star Hotel in the city centre
Mayfair Hotel in Copenhagen

Hotel Mayfair

$135 | £99 | €116

4-Star Hotel for a fair price close to Tivoli Gardens

What To Pack For Copenhagen In Winter

This is often something that we leave to last planning a new trip because the weather is variable and mostly relying on seasonality. Copenhagen in winter instead is pretty standard, and we suggest you prepare for freezing, even if the city rarely goes below the freezing.

Preparing for a winter escape in Europe, you should think about Layers, and in the case of Copenhagen, a waterproof and wind jacket is always handy.

This is our checklist of clothes to prepare for Copenhagen in winter:

  • Waterproof jacket (if also windproof, even better)
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Comfy shoes (hiking boots might be too much, but consider snowshoes just in case)
  • Scarves
  • Waterproof backpack or purse
  • Warm wool socks

How do you get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen was an easy trip to prepare, starting from booking the flight tickets. Flying from London to Copenhagen cost us as little as £20 return, and this is a very standard fee that you can find on the major on budget companies servicing Europe, Ryanair and EasyJet on top.

The flight from London takes just an hour and a half, and the same more or less is from other major European and International cities.

This makes Copenhagen the best location to travel for a short trip, weekend in winter in Europe or flexible dates during the week. Check the deals!

Copenhagen Central Station - Best time to visit Copenhagen in winter

From Copenhagen Airport to city centre

It is pretty easy to reach the city centre from Copenhagen airport. There are many solutions, which vary from faster and pricey to cheaper but longer.

From the Terminal 3 of the city airport, you can get a train to Central Station. Follow the directions to the train station and go to Platform 2, get on the train to Københavns Hovedbanegården (Central station). The ride costs £3.60, about 38 DKK. Check the ticket correctly at the machine before getting on the train, you should check your final destination, if needed to take a metro ride after the train to reach the location where you are staying. This is in order to avoid paying the ticket double or getting the wrong one.

However, you can go for an easy solution beforehand. Purchasing a Copenhagen Card, or a City Pass before your trip can save you time, money, and stress. But we will talk about that in-depth in the next paragraph.

Why can a Copenhagen Card save you a lot of money?

The Copenhagen Card is life-saving when you are visiting the city and staying for a short time. Most of the time for us has been painful to organize the tickets from the airport and almost never possible to have them beforehand to make the arrival smoother.

Purchasing a Copenhagen Card can save you time, money, and stress. You can buy the card depending on your needs beforehand.

Top Things to do in Copenhagen in Winter

Before getting into any single attraction you should visit in winter in Copenhagen, it is good to have a total overview of the city. 

We visited the Danish Capital just a few days after Alessia’s birthday, and it was the first travel present since we have been together. Absolutely, we didn’t know what to expect. The period was the magical Christmastime, with lights everywhere, shops decorated and fairy vibes.

The Christmas Markets were already filled with products typical of the period and the region. This seems like the perfect Christmas dreamy holiday, right?

You will fall in love with the canals of Nyhavn. The colourful tall and thin buildings, the narrow streets of typical neighbourhoods, the boats sailing the canals and the perfect picture-ready scenario at every corner. This is Copenhagen, an amazing city with stunning architecture and unique heritage to enjoy. Note down the Rounded Tower and the beautiful Observatory, the Extraordinary Rosenborg Palace, the warm coffee shop, and more the free city of Christianiaor the walkable area of Strøget. This and more on our guide to Copenhagen in the winter.

Walking around Copenhagen in winter

Take a walking tour of Copenhagen

This activity is excellent in November and early December, afterwards depending on the day and the frigid winter weather might become impossible. Copenhagen is the ideal city to explore on foot, seeing the sights of the city following a trail and map designed to discover the history, legends, and myths.

There are many tours in Copenhagen worth trying, and sometimes this is the most affordable way to discover the city.

Here are a few options for exploring Copenhagen:

Guided Walking Tour of Copenhagen

A comprehensive overview of Copenhagen on a 2-hour walking tour. This is the ideal tour to discover the main sightseeing such as Christiansborg Palace, Nyhavn, the City Gall and Rådhusplatsen. Check the Availability!

Copenhagen Free walking tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the city for FREE. Go around the historic centre with an experienced guide, discovering the history of the Danish Capital. Book your Free Tour!

Why reserve your Copenhagen Free Walking Tour?

Nowadays, reserves a free walking tour of the city we are exploring is part of our checklist before the trip. You can book a completely Free walking tour of Copenhagen, easy-peasy!

There are two main tours taking place in Copenhagen that are completely free and easy to book in advance. Take a look.

Visit the Christmas Markets

Visiting Copenhagen in December, you will feel the Christmas vibes. The city sees the first Christmas markets since the end of November and there are some very beautiful and worth a visit. The Danish Capital is one of the most beautiful during this period, and it is worth planning a Christmas Market tour of Copenhagen.

While strolling around the adorable stalls filled with Christmas gifts, decorations and little crafts goodies, you can warm up yourself with some typical Danish sweet mulled wine. Ask for a warm, steaming mug of Gløgg.

There are a few Christmas Markets in Copenhagen to add to your list.

  • Christmas Market Tivoli Gardens
  • Nyhavn Christmas Market
  • Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market
  • Julemarked
  • Zoo Christmas Market
  • The Christmas market at Kongens Nytorv

Have fun at Tivoli Gardens

Welcome to the magic world of Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in Copenhagen, a must-see in the Denmark Capital.

Founded in 1843, it offers fun for kids, young and even old people. In winter the Tivoli Gardens become the perfect Winterland in Copenhagen, welcoming you to try some attractions there since opening. Located in the city centre, just at the end of the main shopping road, reachable within a few minutes walking from the City Gall and Copenhagen Central Station. Tivoli Garden has been the first direct inspiration for Walt Disney to build up his own version of Disney World. Hans Christian Andersen, the fairy tale writer, who died in Copenhagen also visited the park many times.

For a full experience of the amusement park, visit the Tivoli Gardens at night for the spectacular light festival. Thousands of coloured lights create an amazing atmosphere, making you feel like you are in a fairy tale town. Take a ride on a roller coaster of 1914 and enjoy the time of an old epoque.

The Roller Coaster of the Tivoli Garden is the only version in the world to have a brakeman on board every cab.

The park is open until 11 pm, and some days until midnight, but check on the official website for the updated timetableBuy a Skip-the-line Ticket & Canal Tour Or just an entrance ticket for £16.

GOOD TO KNOW | The entrance ticket will cost 120 DKK, $16. For children under 8, the entrance will cost less than 50 DKK, $7 You can book the ticket in advance here!

Festive Winter Food

The Danish tradition is full of tasty and delicious food. You can try most of them by visiting Copenhagen in winter. We must say, once again, that Denmark is a Christmas dream.

Some of the most inviting dishes are crackling roast, stews or sweet stuff like apple pancake puffs, mulled wine and more. Let’s give you some names of things you have to try once in Copenhagen at Christmas.

Flæskesteg | The traditional Danish Pork roast, very soft pork and crispy bacon. You can find it all over Copenhagen.
Smørrebrød | A Danish rye bread fancy sandwich topped with butter or lard.
Gløgg | Very famous one, this is the classic mulled wine, sweeter than the regular one served in Germany or France.
Æbleskiver | Little pancake balls, often referred to as Pancake Puffs.

Seaport of Copenhagen in winter
The seaport of Copenhagen is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Don’t miss it visiting Copenhagen

Aperitief at sunset on Nyhavn

For us, it is absolutely one of the first things to do in Copenhagen. It is the main photographed scene of the Danish Capital, and so the postcard that you can imagine receiving from a friend visiting the city. Nyhavn is very impressive, and the impact in winter is extraordinary. This part of the port of Copenhagen is lively in summer and in winter, crowded thanks to the restaurants on both sides of the canal, with a Christmas Market taking place since November.

The Nyhavn canal is also our favourite photo spot in Copenhagen, thanks to the inspiring colourful houses, the traditional boats that will narrow down the history of this Nordic country. You can experience more of the Nyhavn by going on a boat tour. This is a true experience that we will introduce to you soon.

Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and you can expect to pay a lot if you want to eat at one of the many restaurants on the bank sides.

Hop on a canal tour

We have introduced you to a canal tour in Copenhagen earlier. This activity is incredible and can take you to the skin of this beautiful city. Like in Amsterdam, Venice or Hamburgthe canals are running through Copenhagen. Explore Copenhagen in winter from a different perspective, going through these narrow passages on the water of traditional boats.

Check the best tours on the canals of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Canal Cruise | Hop on a boat for a 1-hour tour in the Canals of Copenhagen for just €13. This is one of the most appreciated tours on a boat with positive reviews.

Bus Tour + Canal Boat Trip | 3-hour tour in two sessions, a bus with guide and canal tour. This is the perfect way to explore more of the city, easy, and cheap.

Ice Skating

Winter is a time for us to go Ice Skating, and we love it! We were so surprised by seeing that Copenhagen offers some ice skating rinks free of charge. You pay just to rent your skates by the hour. Ice skating is one of the best activities in winter in Copenhagen and is fun. Two of the main ice rinks are n Fredericksburg Runddel and Toftegårds Plads

Check other Copenhagen ice rinks on the official city website.

Oldest observatory in the world copenhagen round tower
The rounded tower in the city centre of Copenhagen offers one of the oldest and still working observatories in Europe. You can observe stars and planets by yourself and it is a great activity also visiting Copenhagen with kids.

Wander in Copenhagen’s Museums

The cold winter in Copenhagen will take you to find warm indoor places to spend your time. Luckily, Copenhagen has a bunch of museums free to enter and very interesting to visit.

We have listed below some of the best free museums in Copenhagen, so you are covered. However, please consider also seeing some other museums subject to a fee, which might be tackled by purchasing a Copenhagen Card in Advance.

  • The Royal Library
  • The David Collection
  • The Black Diamond
  • Møstings Hus
  • Glyptoteket (free only on Tuesdays)
  • Thorvaldsens Museum (Free only on Wednesdays)
Change of the guard at Copenhagen Castle

Change of Guard

For us it becomes one of the most suggestive attractions of Copenhagen, together with the natural parks, it will become the location where you spend more time. Head here if you want to assist in the changing of the guard. It will take place at Amalienborg Palace every day at 12. As all the Changing of the Guard, it will depend on the presence or not of the sovereign.

Even if the weather is not the best, we will highly suggest attending the Change of the Guard at the Amalienborg Palace. Take your place on the side of the square and wait for the first band sound. We arrived early and attended a bit when it started to happen. The square became closed all the way around and the police were organizing the people around the square.

The ceremony is a bit different compared to the change of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London.

The band and the guards are marching from Rosenborg Palace to Amalienborg Palace through the little streets of the city centre. You can listen to them from all around and join at the back or on the side of the streets towards the castle.

Check on the website of the Palace if it is open on the dates you are heading to Copenhagen. If the Royal family is not in the Palace, it will be open to the public.

rounded tower copenhagen

Rounded Tower

The Rounded Tower is another place to don’t miss in Copenhagen, it is in the city centre, and is a 17th-Century building with no stairs to reach the top. A tower unique in the world, hosting an incredible, fully functional observatory at the top. 

The Round Tower highlights some of the best memories of Copenhagen for us. Was afternoon, and we reached the top in the evening, the view from above was unbelievable, and suddenly it started to snow. I know that for many this might be a very usual phenomenon, but raising and bread in Southern Italy where the snow is not that usual, for us, on our first trip as a couple in Europe was magical. What is the best way to start the journey with our travel blog and adventures blessed by incredible memories.

Going back to our topic, the Rundetårn, the Round Tower, offers you one of the best views of Copenhagen, but also the best way to explore the sky through the thoughtful telescope.

The tower in winter will close around 4 pm, and also on Tuesday and Wednesday, it is open till late and allow access to the Rundetaarn Observatory.


Warm-up in a typical café

When exploring cold destinations like Copenhagen, we always craft our itinerary by placing some stops in coffee shops, shopping boutiques, museums or other attractions. This allows us to warm up a bit and never get hurt by the cold weather conditions.

In Copenhagen, it was the same, and we can assure you should consider taking time to explore the local coffee scene. Like many cities with an active harbour, you can taste coffee from all over, mastered by locals and crafted in unique ways.

One of the best Cafés in Copenhagen is the Democratic Coffee. This is in a gorgeous library, making an excellent coffee served with pastries or other typical Danish food.

Visit Rosenborg Palace

This is another top thing to do in Copenhagen in winter. Rosenborg Palace is in the city centre, it is a Royal Castle and a museum.

This Castle is still actually used by the Danish Royal Family. In the basement of this 17th-century building, there is the Royal treasure, in the basement in fact is guarded the crown jewels, often hosted by surveilled exhibitions.

The Rosenborg Palace is situated in the museum district and located inside the King’s Garden, making possible a combined visit to the Botanical Gardens.

Other castles outside Copenhagen are worth a visit

There are many Castles in and around Copenhagen worth a visit. We have included two of the main attractions outside the city walls. If you are visiting Copenhagen for a week, you should consider a day trip or two to better understand the local history. 

change of the guard at the palace in copenhagen - what to do in copenhagen in winter

Enjoy the view from Christiansborg Palace

Another beautiful view of Copenhagen is visible from the tower of Christiansborg Palace. The 106 meters structure is the highest in Copenhagen and boasts a gorgeous 360 view over the whole of the City.

You can also have a wonderful experience dining at the Tower’s restaurant. This is a must thing to do in Copenhagen in winter for the perfect view. The Royal Palace of Christiansborg is itself an authentic gem of Copenhagen on the island Slotsholmen.

This place is today the building of the Danish Assembly and of some of the most important state offices and Supreme Court.

Other places for a perfect view of Copenhagen

We are always looking for the ultimate photo spot in the city we are visiting and in Copenhagen, it was the same. That’s why below you will find a guide to the best viewpoints of Copenhagen.

  • The Tower of Christiansborg Palace
  • Sky Bar and Restaurant by Marriott Hotel
  • Rounded Tower
  • Church of our Saviour
  • Alberto K by Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
  • Sticks’n’Sushi by Tivoli Hotel
copenhagen-winter-day-trip- little mermaid copenhagen

See the Little Mermaid

The iconic Little Mermaid is a symbol of Copenhagen. The 100 years old masterpiece was commissioned by Carl Jacobsen in 1909 and created by Edvard Erikson. The legend states that Carl Jacobsen fell in love with the mermaid character featured in the Hans Christian Andersons fairytale, performed in a ballet.

The Mermaid is not much bigger, but is photographed by many tourists every day and welcomes sailors and boats to Copenhagen’s Harbor. You can reach the Little Mermaid walking north from Nyhavn. This area in the wintertime is pretty cold and humid, we suggest you reach it by bus.

Outdoor pool of Gellért Spa in Budapest

Relax in a hot sauna

For a proper Nordic experience, nothing is more appreciated than a steamy sauna in winter. You might expect that Copenhagen has some of the most appealing hot baths in Europe.

There are many hotels that feature a spa inside, which make it easy for you to go from the room to the relaxing space, just taking a lift. The quintessential sauna experience is going on a “CopenHot”. This is a beautiful way to explore Copenhagen’s seafront while relaxing in a hot tub. You can also force the blood circulation, passing by the 40-degree of the tab to the ice-cold barrel shower.

Check out this unforgettable experience in Copenhagen in winter.

Visit Carlsberg Brewery

Beers in Copenhagen - Famous Carlsberg

Don’t know about you, but we want to explore everything about the place, from city sightseeing to local food. In Copenhagen, you can’t leave the city without visiting the Carlsberg Brewery. The city’s most famous product, and unique icon of Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark. Like for Hamburg, Bremen or Spanish places like Malaga and Granada, also Copenhagen has its local beer.

Visiting the Carlsberg Brewery you can discover the behind the scene of making the yellow liquid gold. Walking through the factory and the laboratories.

Carlsberg Brewery | Location: DänemarkQaaaa, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, 2500 København

Food markets in Copenhagen

Discovering the food market means getting into the skin of a city. We always suggest to our friends to get inside the local markets and buy products from local vendors. This is our favourite activity, eating traditional products, healthy and directly from producers.

The food markets in Copenhagen are the reign of flavour, smells and colours like no other. Also visiting Copenhagen in winter is the perfect excuse to warm up a bit and fill your stomach for the next adventure. During the Holiday season, the markets in Copenhagen become even more attractive. Experience the Danish Christmas Hygge on a planned tour of the city like this one.

The most popular food market in Copenhagen is Torvehallerne, a vibrant place to enjoy local vegetables, Danish delicacies and even some Italian specialities. The Bridge Street Kitchen is a vibrant market of the Danish Capital, combining world-class street food with the perfect view of the harbour, ideal at sunset. An indoor food market location is the Tivoli Food Hall, perfect for lunch on a very cold day. We also enjoyed the food of all the Magasin du Nord, filled with local and international delicacies.

Copenhagen in winter covered with snow - Kongens Nytorv

The largest square Kongens Nytorv

The Magasin du Nord is on Kongens Nytorv, also known as “The King’s Square,” the largest square in Copenhagen. The major square of the northern city becomes even more lively in the holiday period. Kogen Nytorv from late November to all December offers the best Christmas spirit.

The whole facade of the Magasin Du Nord and the stunning Hotel D’Angleterre display the best Christmas lights. In the same period, there is also a beautiful Christmas Market with stands, a food hall and many other attractions including a huge ice rink of 2,200 square meters.

Copenhagen city hall covered with snow - Copenhagen in winter covered with snow - Kongens Nytorv

Copenhagen City Hall

As Italians, we are proud to say that the Copenhagen City hall was inspired by the City Hall of Siena, a beautiful city in Tuscany.

This building is near the Tivoli Gardens, built-in 1900 is matching the surrounding style. You can visit the inside of the local city hall all year round, except in January. This place is very central, and reachable just walking down the shopping area of Strøget.

copenhagen-winter-day-trip- tivoli gardens copenhagen

Wander around Strøget

Introducing Strøget, we can’t miss talking about it a bit. Named as one of the most beautiful pedestrian areas in Europe, Strøget is an unmissable location in Copenhagen. Also consider this area as your safe place in winter, walking along the 1Km stretch and car-free, getting in and out from the shops.

In Strøget, you can also enjoy a coffee at local cafés or take a waffle from little shops on the side of the street.

Explore Freetown Christiania

The Free City of Christiania is unmissable sightseeing on your plan of things to see in Copenhagen in winter. The area was established in 1971 by a group of hippies, and despite the changes and time passing by has maintained the spirit and the rules.

The area is completely independent of the Danish government, as another state with its own set of rules. The neighbourhood is totally car-free and maintains a green touch. Fristaden Christiania, as it is called in Danish, is in the Christianshavn district, one of the 15 of Copenhagen, with access from Prinsessegade.

Christiania is worth a visit through one of the unique experiments of a self-management community without police or government. Enjoy the art galleries, craft shops, workshops, street art and other attractions. We also suggest booking a FREE WALKING TOUR OF CHRISTIANIA, to understand the history and development.

Marmorkirken | Frederiks Kirke

The Frederiks Kirke is one of the best buildings of Northern Europe, a true gem inspired by the Vatican City masterpiece St. Peter’s Basilica. The Marmorkirken is a neo-baroque church in the elegant district of Frederiksstaden. The construction began in 1749 and concluded about 150 years later in 1894. The highest and grandiose dome is the largest in Scandinavia and offers one of the most impressive views over Copenhagen.

You can’t miss visiting Marmorkirken while exploring Copenhagen in winter, even just the view from outside will leave you speechless. The square is huge and beautiful with an overview over the waterfront. You can see many similarities with the famous cupola of St. Peter’s Church in Rome. Marmorkirken is often called the Marble Church and lies in the royal district in line with Amalienborg Castle and the Opera House of Copenhagen. It’s free to visit and is open every day.

Opening hours Frederiks Kirke | All year round – Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Friday and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. 

Trip to the Fjords | Visit Roskilde Town

Copenhagen tour on a City old Train

Copenhagen in winter

The Danish Capital is a beautiful city all year round, and one of the best weekend trips in Europe in our opinion.

What makes Copenhagen the ideal winter destination is the Christmas vibes, the abundance of activities in the cold months and plenty of indoor activities. We definitely consider travelling to Copenhagen more often, because you will never get bored with this city, however, it is difficult because we are talking about one of the most expensive cities in Europe, if not in the world.

We were surprised while landing in Copenhagen even though we already live in one of the most expensive cities, London.

If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, make sure to check out our guides:

What to do in Copenhagen at night

Even if winter means cold, Copenhagen is still a hot spot. Jokes apart, the vibrant nightlife of Copenhagen will positively surprise you. Obviously, locals live the cold winter nights indoors, and there are many pubs, restaurants and venues that host amazing and fun nights out.

The best day to hang out in Copenhagen is Friday and Saturday, however, young people often divert on Thursdays to traditional pub crawls.

To live the night in Copenhagen on your own, you should consider the Culture Box, one of the best music clubs in the city, free to enter.

Best day trips from Copenhagen in Winter

You can enjoy a full trip to Denmark, going for a few days in Copenhagen and exploring the rest of the Scandinavian area. Copenhagen is well known to be the easy gateway to Malmö through the Øresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark.

Copenhagen in winter is not the only option. You can reach every corner of Denmark from the Capital, as well as other iconic places in the Scandinavian Area. This is possible through car, train or on a boat.

Suggested day trips from Copenhagen

Q&A Copenhagen in winter

Copenhagen is the best idea for a winter trip. If you are based in London like us, or in Europe in general, you will find it pretty easy to book a direct flight. This might also be the best option to reach the Scandinavian Area and start a tour.

Danish ski centres are some of the best equipped in Europe, and you might consider this location for the next winter break on the slopes. Now it’s time to answer some common questions about Copenhagen.

What looks like Denmark in Winter

Beautiful and charming. From the little traditional towns in the Fjords to the capital Copenhagen, Denmark has a lot to offer in winter. It is very cold, and it’s not a trip for many, however, we suggest you consider spending winter in Copenhagen at least for a few days. Anyway, we did it, visited Copenhagen in cold winter and snowy Denmark is a vivid memory for us.

How cold is Copenhagen in winter?

The temperatures are cold, but never very freezing. The average is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit and mostly in January and February.

Does Copenhagen have snow?

Yes. We experienced snow also in November, but mostly it is expected from December onwards until late March. Mostly you will find rain, so equip yourself with a raincoat and warm jacket.

What is the coldest month in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen gets freezing mostly in January and February. The average temperature in winter is about 1 °C or 34 °F (1.11 °C).

Is Copenhagen expensive to eat and drink?

Yes. Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities we have visited so far. The Denmark Capital is ideal for a weekend trip, if planned over this target, you should consider your budget. A full meal in an average restaurant can cost you anything from £40 for a starter, main course and drink meal, but not exaggerating.

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Copenhagen in Winter
Things to do in Copenhagen in winter

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