Is Rome worth visiting? 20 reasons to visit Rome

Planning a trip to Italy, Rome might be the first city popping in your mind. You might be here for inspiration to plan your next Italian gateway. These are 20 reasons to visit Rome.

So… why visit Rome? Because it is beautiful, with a lot of history and culture. You can hop in a totally different country getting inside Vatican City. Rome is worth a visit in every season. Thanks to the warm temperatures, you can enjoy Rome in winter and autumn as well.

Rome becomes even more charming at night, which will let you fall in love with the city. Also, you can use the Capital of Italy for a few day trips to major attractions such as Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Florence and many more.

Why Visit Rome - 20 Reasons why Rome is worth a visit
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Where is Rome?

Rome is the Capital of Italy and is located in the centre-western part of the peninsula. The largest city in Italy is vast and consists of a commercial-economic-cultural hub for the whole country. This is the perfect location to reach other incredible destinations such as Florence into the north and Naples toward the South. Thanks to the incredibly fast trains it is possible to reach Milan, the second-largest city in Italy in about 3h 30 min.

When to visit Rome?

If you are looking to enjoy a vacation in Rome, you should know when to plan it. Doesn’t matter if you are flying to Rome to indulge in the lovely Italian cuisine, sip local wine, meet locals or just roam around the cultural heritage. Rome is always a good idea, however, Spring and Summer are the best periods to enjoy the city with sunshine.

Unfortunately, both periods are the busiest for Rome, with streets crowded, locations very busy and rates at the top. This is the peak season. This is typically starting in Easter ending in September and over Christmas to New Year. 

Perhaps Rome doesn’t have a proper low season, November till March, excluding Christmas and New Year, are the best to check out. Excluding festivities and summer, Rome will be fine.

Spring in Rome is beautiful, with the Spanish steps with flowers all around. Summer instead will see the Tiber Banks lively with the summer festival with food stands, shops, games all along the river. The yellow/orange colours of Autumn will make Rome more enjoyable. The temperatures in Autumn in Rome are incredible, if you are lucky enough this can be around 20/25 degrees until mid-October. Winter is just magical, and the best time to visit Rome is for shopping.

Main airports in Rome

There are two main airports in Rome, which also make this one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. Ciampino is in the south of the city and is the smallest, a hub mainly for internal flights and a few international destinations. This is also one of the cheapest airports to fly into Rome, especially in the early hours.

Fiumicino is the main hub of Rome, with overseas flights and long haul aircraft arriving every day. The airport is huge and is well connected to the city centre. With a single bus, you can reach the main train station, Roma Termini. The bus ride is not expensive and by booking in advance you can get a good bargain. Compare the offers!

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20 reasons why is Rome worth visiting

  • Architecture
  • History
  • People
  • Art and Culture
  • Unmissable Masterpieces
  • Churches of Rome
  • Cross another country, Vatican City
  • Beautiful Squares
  • Feel the vibes in the neighbourhoods
  • Italian Lifestyle
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Food is delicious
  • Sip local wine
  • All the gelato you want!
  • Perfect for Digital Nomads
  • Affordable destination
  • Stay in a historic accommodation
  • Romantic viewpoints
  • Unique at night
  • Summer on the beach

Reasons to visit Rome

There are many reasons why visit Rome, this is the true symbol of Italy, rich in history, architecture, treasures, traditions and many more other adjectives. The cobblestone streets of Rome are filled with breathless and priceless monuments. The most important sightseeing of Rome is for sure the Colosseum, but the city is also known for hosting a state in its walls, Vatican City, the tiniest country in Europe.

The Eternal City, as it is known by many, will take your heart, soul and mind forever, wishing to come back anytime soon. Here are our top reasons to visit Rome:


The first reason we want to list in this guide is the incredible architecture of Rome. The ancient city will show you the glorious past at every step, moving through the Eras from the Roman Empire onwards. The building here is called Palazzi, and its square, in Italian Piazze spread culture, tradition and history from every narrow street.

Passing from one neighbourhood to another you can see the architectural differences and styles. Rome is like that, never too boring. That’s why you can enjoy the streets of the UNESCO-recognized Old Town, and drive to the modern Eur, or the glamorous Parioli, until you will be surprised by the enchanting Vatican City.

Rome Arts guide in 2 days
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Pantheon in Rome | Bucket list Rome things to do
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Unique Millennial History

On the second spot but not less important. You can breathe the weight of History in every single step in Rome. Walking through the streets, you will not just learn about the city’s historical facts, but some important events that signed entire Europe and maybe the modern world.

This is the place where the Roman Empire rose and conquered all of Western Europe. The incredible ruins, the colosseum and well-maintained artefacts and temples will leave you to feel ancient Rome. We can truly say you are walking in history.

Not only that, the Vatican City, which is the Pope Residence can let you revive the Italian Renaissance Period, another great time in the history of the Peninsula.

People of Rome

We believe that history and traditions can be found in the people. It is the same in Rome, which for many has got the best and nicest urban population in Europe.

Romans are very hospitable and ready to welcome you to discover the beautiful treasures of Rome. The locals are also very jealous and proud of the city’s history, not a lot about the way the city is maintained. That’s why you can find them helping you to have the best stay while discovering Rome.

A place can be beautiful itself, but it’s always the faces and the gestures of the people that remain in your mind. Rome can be one of these places.

Vatican City Spiral Staircase - Rome worth a visit -Photography Rome - Rome Photography Locations
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Staircase Interior Spiral Architecture Stairway

Art and Culture

Rome is an open-air museum, everywhere your eyes look there is something beautiful and fragile. History and Culture in a melting pot of emotions and styles in perfect harmony.

Some of the best sculptors, painters, architects and artists wanted to come to Rome to leave their sign. It’s not unknown that some of the modern masterpieces have influence by Roman architecture, places and pieces that can be found in Rome.

When we talk about Art, we can name a few famous artists like Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pietro Bernini, Michelangelo, Antoniazzo Romano, Nicola Salvi and many others. If you want to know more about culture, we can discuss the treasures of Vatican City, the Galleries and Exhibitions of Villa Borghese, the Movie history at Cinecitta’ and its film Festival, featuring one of the oldest and richest cultural hubs in Europe.

The Colosseum of Rome was once one of the 7 Wanders of the World
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The Colosseum of Rome is one of the 7 Wonders of the World – This is unmissable sightseeing of Rome and definitely one of the best reasons why Rome is worth a visit

Unmissable Masterpieces

Why visit Rome? Because of the unmissable masterpieces that can be only found in the city, and are often replicated worldwide for their extraordinary beauty.

Discussing the artists is now time to disclose some of the most precious masterpieces in Rome. From the entire Piazza Navona, with the beautiful fountain of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, “La Fontana dei Quattro fiumi” – “Four Rivers Fountain”, to the gorgeous Pantheon and its eye open in the centre. Walk through the old town and spend a few minutes in Fontana di Trevi, following the desire to throw a coin or two in the water.

Walk along the River Tevere, admire Castel Sant’Angelo on the opposite riverbank and why not walk through the bridge surrounded by the angels. Just behind Castel Sant’Angelo, there is San Pietro, the beautiful masterpiece that will welcome you to Vatican City.

It’s obvious that we could not miss mentioning the Colosseum, one of the 7 wonders of the world. The ancient ruins of the famous amphitheatre are open to the public every day. The beautiful theatre of battles between gladiators, soldiers and beasts is unmissable sightseeing of ancient Rome, right at the end of “Via dei Fori Imperiali”. A visit to the Colosseum can answer alone the question of why Rome is worth a visit?

Churches of Rome

Above we haven’t mentioned the Churches, or at least we mentioned just the highest Church, the Basilica of San Pietro. However, the churches in Rome are incredible. A little piece of their majesty can be found in the film Angels and Demons.

Among many things to do in Rome, the Churches need to be on your Italian bucket list. You should pick at least a couple of the best churches in Rome and access them. This is free if you want to just roam around the aisles and chapels. The cloister is often subject to payment, but not all the churches. Just a few churches in Rome require the payment of a fee to get in and visit it and usually are the oldest one of funds for restoration.

Not many know that the Pantheon is a church and is free to visit. Another Church worth a visit in Rome is San Giovanni in Laterano. This is one of the most important Churches of Rome, over St. Peter’s, which is actually in Citta del Vaticano. St. John in Lateran is the seat of the Pope, which also is the Bishop of Rome.

Rome itinerary in 2 days
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20 Reasons why you should visit Rome

Amazing view of Rome from The Dome of St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican City - Reasons why visit Rome
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Cross another country, Vatican City

Rome is two cities in one, or well, two countries in one. You can say that you crossed two countries, taking just one flight to Rome.

Vatican City is the smallest country in Europe and owns a flag, currency, language and many other features that a sovereign state owns.

The Catholic State is in the heart of Rome, the Italian Capital. Walking through Via della Conciliazione, you are actually crossing a border that does not require a passport. However, if you are going to discover the gardens you might be required to exhibit a document.

Some of the best landmarks of Italy are in Vatican City. Stepping into the Micronation you will enjoy the Sistine Chapel into the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Square itself and the Vatican Museums. All that is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Beautiful Squares

Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza del Quirinale, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Campidoglio and Piazza Venezia. These are just a few names of popular squares in Rome. You might know that Rome has some of the most beautiful squares in Italy and the world, countless spaces embellished by statues, buildings and monumental features.

Some of the squares of Rome are envied by the world, it is the case of Piazza di Spagna, or better known as the Spanish Steps, a symbol of glamour and fashion, but also exquisite Italian Architecture and a unique gem of the peninsula.

Piazza del Popolo is one of the largest squares in Rome, Piazza Venezia instead is the square of Italy, with the Altar of the Fatherland hosting the ceremonies for the country like 2nd June. Hike up to the top of the “Altare Della Patria” and enjoy the beautiful view of Rome.

Rome best square - Piazza Navona - Reasons why visit Rome
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Feel the vibes in the neighbourhoods

Rome is unique. This beautiful city for many is a big open-air museum to visit just walking through the streets. What makes Rome worth a visit is also the picturesque neighbourhoods, each of the characteristics and particular. The vibes of the real Rome can be felt just through the alleys of the local boroughs, where the history of simple people meet the local traditions.

Some of the most traditional district of Rome are for sure Testaccio, Garbatella, Ostiense, Quadraro,Trastevere, San Lorenzo or Pigneto. 

The diverse neighbourhoods tell you different stories, and walking across will make you think that there are just a few villages combined to make one full largest city.

When back to Rome we like to roam around Trastevere at night, full of bars and restaurants, with the proper Roman vibes. Together with San Lorenzo, Trastevere is the location for the students and more vibes till late at night. If you want to check the local clubs and nightlife, head to Testaccio with the best atmosphere in Rome, a pinch of Street Art and some of the best food and street markets.

Fiat 500 experience on the streets of Rome Italy
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Fiat 500 experience on the streets of Rome Italy

Italian Lifestyle

La Dolce Vita is something we take as a compliment. Italy is often associated with a carefree lifestyle and Rome can give you an idea of why this is famous.

The local people love the vibes of the Italian lifestyle that is mainly due to the favourable weather and the life spent outdoors. We spoke already about the People of Rome, but it is never too much to remark it. The locals, especially in the boroughs are very friendly and accommodate you at the best, opening the doors of their house and life just through a smile.

For a proper pinch of Italian Dolce Vita, take a drink outside the Pantheon, a Spritz will be the best. Take your life easier for a bit and enjoy the sun and people passing by.

Fashion boutiques – Shop like crazy!

I mean Rome and Italy are directly associated with fashion and style. There are many streets in Rome lined up with Italian brands stores. Walking down in Via Dei Condotti, the street that is going from the Spanish Steps to Corso Italia, another great boutique location. However, the streets of Centro Storico are mostly boutique and high-end shops. For more on a budget, try to shop locally in the neighbourhood to find the proper Italian style.

Via DeiCoronari instead is the street for vintage threads and shopaholics, with new designers boutiques opening.

Why visit Rome? Food & Wine

Court Terrace Rome - One of the best views of Rome in front of the Colosseum
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Food is delicious

Another reason why I visited Rome is the delicious food. Everywhere in Italy, the food is the leading actor of your trip, in Rome even more.

Italian cuisine itself and Rome cuisine especially are unmissable. Some traditional dishes are today well known worldwide like the Amatriciana and the Carbonara. However, many people don’t know the real Roman recipe and preparation for it.

Trying the traditional dishes on the location is the best way to get into the skin of a place. In Rome the local cuisine is an ongoing development started hundreds of years ago, using local products and handling down the tradition for generations.

Check also the local pizza, which is similar to the Neapolitan one but more crispy and thin served in small slices. Try the local pork in slices, this is the roasted porchetta! Yummy!!!

Sip local wine

No dish is not accompanied by a good wine. The surrounding of Rome is full of vineyards and grapes. Also, the whole Italian Peninsula is famous for its variety of wines.

Most of the wine popular in Rome comes from the nearby Frascati, on top of the hills surrounding the Italian Capital. This area of Rome and Lazio is known as Castelli Romani. The name of the wine coming from this area is nicknamed “The golden wine” thanks to the flaxen colour and the aromatic fragrance.

Check out some of the best wine tasting tours in Rome.

Eat ice cream while walking around Polignano old town
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All Gelato you want!

Rome is worth a visit just for its gelato. The hot summers in Rome can be afforded just by eating gelato at every corner of the street. While staying in Rome try as much as you can. There are so many good gelaterias in Rome, that you have just picked the one attiring your attention.

We suggest you check outside the historic city centre, avoiding places busy just because it is central but not very tasty. Gelato di Gracchi is one of the best in Rome, in a very posh area not far from the Vatican. This gelateria in Rome is excellent and you can associate good ice cream with shopping at the nearby Cola di Rienzo.

Perfect for Digital Nomads

Nowadays with flexible working locations, everyone is looking for the best place to live in, maybe close enough to the seaside for the nice warm summer days, and cosy in winter. Rome is the ideal, one of the most booming hubs filled with creative like-minded people.

Rome is the biggest city in Italy and has got a wide fast network connection. The transport is efficient and trains can connect you to the whole country with fast lines as well.

From Rome, you can organize as many day trips as you wish and also benefit from the local airport (Ciampino) and the international hub (Fiumicino). We don’t want to mention the artistic features of Rome and Architectural marvels that will leave us astonished.

Also, the cost of living in Rome is ridiculously cheap. Taking a flat outside of the Centro Storico is affordable and using the metro line you can stay half an hour away from the main attractions for about €500 per month.

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Affordable Destination

Rome is worth a visit, also because it is an affordable destination if you don’t follow the trends and opt for super-luxury accommodations in the city centre.

Compared to other European cities, Rome is less expensive. Transport can be very cheap while using public transport (Metro and Buses). Tickets for the buses and metro costs €1.50. However, Taxis are costly one and there is no way to tackle them. Uber is not in service in Rome.

In terms of Accommodation, due is a vast city there is a wide choice of locations, types and prices. From cheap hostels, it is always filled to regular guest houses for about 35/50 € per night. Visiting Rome in winter you will benefit from cheap rates for accommodation and also for attraction’s tickets.

Stay in a historic accommodation

To take the best of your stay in Rome we suggest you find the right accommodation. This option can cost a bit more in the high season, but it will be very cheap in Autumn or Winter.

Often guest houses and air BnB are in unique locations, in buildings aged hundred years. This building often guards incredible treasures, with ruins at the back, renaissance features and some of them might be converted buildings from old factories or convents.

Romantic viewpoint of Rome - Some of the best bridges of Rome - Reasons why visit Rome
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Romantic viewpoints

The city of Rome is pretty flat, but seven hills will give you some of the best views of the Capital of Italy.

If you are into photography and looking for the best shot or most romantic panoramic places in central Rome, you should take time to discover the city’s hidden gems, like the Pincio terrace or “Lo Zodiaco”. The unique spaces make the city of Rome worth a Visit at any time of your life.

Note down some of the best viewpoints of Rome:

  • Gianicolo Hill
  • Quirinale Square
  • The rooftop of Eitch Borromini
  • Court Terrace Bar
  • The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Lo Zodiaco

If you want to know more about the best photo spots in Rome, check our guide.

Rome is perfect for a Stag do!

Lungotevere is the River side of Rome - Enjoy a walk along the Tiber River in winter in Rome
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Rome is unique at night

Among the reasons to visit Rome, there is the nightlife, and we explained already a lot about the Dolce Vita lifestyle.

We were surprised by the view of Rome at night. Walking on the bank of the Tiber River, from Piazza Navona, up to Castel Sant’Angelo, cross the river to reach Piazza San Pietro and admire Vatican city at night. This is a dream come true. Rome is unique and all the problems of this city disappear at night completely covered by such beauty.

If you want more and go partying in Rome, we suggest you check out for the dinner out and some drinks at San Lorenzo. After this night starts, head to Testaccio, an area of Rome full of clubs open all night long.

Summer on the beach

Rome is the perfect place to live, filled with incredible beauty a few steps from the beachside.

The nearby promenade is Ostia, a favourite by ancient Rome and still today active for the people of the city. This was the old harbour in the Roman Empire and is about a 30 minutes train from the main station of Rome “Roma Termini”.

The long beach of Ostia is nice for a walk and a swim, however, we suggest you go a bit further south and visit Sperlonga, Fondi or Gaeta. This part of the Region is awarded by the Blue Flag which means clear turquoise water, granted to some of the best beaches in Italy.

In Sperlonga you can expect fine sand beaches, beautiful typical Italian Lidos with sunbeds, umbrellas and bars to relax. The town itself is very beautiful and highly recommended.

Is Rome Worth Visiting?

Yes, Rome is worth visiting. There is not just one single reason you should not. The beautiful Italian Capital is the ideal trip for every traveller. Perfect for family, but also romantic for couples, and crazy for solo travellers. The city is pretty affordable, with two main airports there are plenty of flights coming into the city.

The weather makes it also one of the best options even in winter in Europe.

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Why should you visit Rome?

Because it is magical and unique, the city becomes even more charming at night. Try to walk along the Tiber river or around the Colosseum for the most romantic view. Visit Rome for the best food and wine, try the proper spaghetti alla carbonara, or just get away with the local passions and traditions.

Why go to Rome?

Because it is a central location in Italy and a trip that any avid traveller should miss in life. Even just a layover in Rome can change your trip and make you wish to come back one day. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain and wish for your return. Admire the Roman Forum, go on a guided tour in Rome or just get lost in the little alleys.

Is Rome romantic?

Yes. Rome is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and the World. It might be the charm of history or the Italian language, the use of gestures or might be the food. Rome is unique and ideal for your romantic getaway in Italy.

Should I visit Rome or Florence?

Both. There is no one more than the other. Florence is smaller compared to Rome, with a proper walkable old town. You can always make both happen, thanks to the short distance and the fast train that will take you from Rome to Florence in about 1 hour and a half.

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Reasons why Rome is worth visiting
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Why visit Rome? This is our ultimate guide of all the reasons why you should visit the beautiful city of Rome, Italy
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