The ultimate Croatia bucket list | 30 Best things to do in Croatia

Our time in Croatia was a blast! There is nothing better than exploring the East Adriatic coastline and enjoying the beaches and cultural heritage.

Thanks to its incredible places to see, awesome architecture and delicious food, we put together the perfect ingredients for your ultimate Croatia bucket list. An overall guide with all the best things to do in Croatia without missing the most important cities, like Dubrovnik, the fascinating Split and the Capital, Zagreb.

Croatia will leave you speechless, we never thought that we would love this country so much. Thinking about moving here, working remotely on a beach sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

Now, it’s time to explore all the beauty of this country and all the things to add to your Croatia bucket list.

Toti and Ale Zagreb admiring the beautiful cathedral - Croatia Bucket list

The best time to visit Croatia

Dubrovnik is beautiful to visit any time of the year, but the best months are around Spring. From April to May or in early June, Dubrovnik has fewer tourists than in the summer months.

We explored Croatia off-season, and we still had to wake up early for sunrise and be able to shoot a couple of nice pictures without people around.

The weather, even in April, was pleasant! We had a warm temperature, and we enjoyed the surroundings without jackets. If you’re visiting Dubrovnik in spring, you won’t be able to dip into the sea as the water will be freezing. If this is your intent, opt for a vacation in Croatia from mid-May. Winters in Croatia instead are very cold in the interior, with snow on the mountainous part and sometimes in Zagreb. On the coast, winter is much warmer, but the wind is harsh.

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This post may contain affiliate links or Sponsored Links (read our Cookie Policy), useful experiences that we love to suggest to you. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are really grateful) at no extra cost to you. Click on it will help us run this website for you, for FREE, funding our project, continuing to travel informing curious explorers.

How to get to Croatia and around


Croatia is well connected with the rest of the European countries. In fact, from London, there are many direct flights with Ryanair and EasyJet towards Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Zadar and many more. Within 3 hours, you can reach Croatia from London and start your journey around this beautiful country.

If you want to compare cheap flights to travel to Croatia, you can check Skyscanner, CheapFlights or Escape. The best way to tour Croatia quicker is to take internal flights. Many small airports serve internal routes like Rijeka (which has fewer international flights too), Pula and Split.


Another option, if you wish to explore Croatia from the north till the south and maybe step by more countries, such as Bosnia, you can think of renting a car. It might seem difficult as in some cities, cars are not allowed inside the city (Dubrovnik and Split). However, renting a car in Croatiais a good option as you have the freedom to move around the country without relying on public transport, and you can take the car with you on the ferries.


Walking around the cities is the best way to explore cute and narrow streets. You don’t really need a bus or other public transport unless you are thinking of moving outside the city. For example, when we arrived in Dubrovnik we were walking all around the Old Town Walls and narrow streets. Even exploring the outside area, you can walk or take public transport.


Our Croatia road trip was done only by public transport. I know, it might sound crazy but we managed to reach from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and from Dubrovnik to Split and Rijeka only using Flixbus and ferries. Connections in Croatia are pretty good, in fact, you can move around the country by using local buses or private routes. If you’re travelling to Croatia during summer, you might want to check in advance your journey and book your tickets as they tend to be sold out really quickly. Check the prices and routes of the buses, or explore the island by booking the ferries through Bookaway.

Things to do in Croatia 

Croatia Bucket List | Experiences to do in Croatia

  • Plan a weekend in the capital, Zagreb
  • Walk through the WWII tunnel in Zagreb
  • Wander around Dubrovnik’s Old Town Walls
  • Visit Plitvice National Park
  • Kayak around Dubrovnik Harbour
  • Visit Game of Thrones Filming Locations
  • Hike up Mount Srd
  • Breathless zipline in Dubrovnik
  • Witness sunset at Lokrum Island
  • Uncover hidden gems and explore Cavtat
  • Take a day trip to Montenegro
  • Explore Diocletian’s Palace
  • Experience Split nightlife
  • Go for a swim in Kasjuni Beach, Split
  • Take a day trip to Krka National Park
  • Rafting on the Cetina River
  • Take a day trip to Sibenik
  • Explore 4 National Parks in 8 Days | Outdoor activities in Croatia
  • Explore Hvar Island and visit Stari Grad
  • Hike Hvar Fortress
  • Go on an island hopping
  • Visit Brac Island
  • Take a boat to Korcula
  • Explore Vis Island
  • Discover Bisevo Blue Cave
  • Sail in the Adriatic
  • Enjoy the best sunsets spots in Croatia
  • Drive through Istria Region
  • Marvel at the Roman amphitheatre of Pula
  • Roam around Rovinj’s narrow streets
  • Walk along Porec promenade
  • Have fun in a Croatian festival
Enjoy the beautiful view from Hvar Spanish Fortress - Croatia Bucket list

Experiences to add to your Croatia bucket list

Plan a weekend in the capital, Zagreb

Talking about the best experiences to add to your Croatia bucket list, a weekend in the beautiful capital, Zagreb, needs to be there. For us, Zagreb was the first city on our trip to Croatia and we loved it. From the historical cathedral to St. Mark’s Church, Zagreb has a lot to offer (Check out our Zagreb Travel guide!). Thanks to its direct flights to and from London, Zagreb is a good starting point for backpacking in Croatia

We found it surprising that Zagreb attracts fewer tourists than other cities in Croatia, however, at the time of our visit we could spot many travellers, backpackers and also families on holiday. Stroll around the Old Town, visit the incredible view from the top of Zagreb funicular (the shortest one in the world) and enjoy the delicious Croatian food.

Zagreb view of the cathedral - Things to do in Croatia

Easy tips for travelling to Zagreb

If you only have a weekend in Zagreb and you’re wondering where to place your bags before travelling again, in Zagreb’s main train station, there are lockers where you can leave your bags and continue exploring the city. The service is 24 hours, however, they do close around 10 PM, so if you have a night bus to catch, you might want to go there a bit early. Bring coins with you, as you will need it. For the larger locker, the price is 13kn. 

Best activities to do in Zagreb 

  • St. Mark’s Church
  • Cathedral of Zagreb
  • Ban Josip Jelačić Square
  • Lotrščak Tower
  • Art Pavillon
  • Tunel Grič

Walk through the WWII tunnel in Zagreb 

Known as Gric Tunnel, this underground tunnel connects Mesnicka Street in the west and tjepan Radic Street in the east. Built during World War II, this tunnel served both as a bomb shelter and a promenade. 

Functioned as a shelter during the Croatia War of Independence, the tunnel in 2016 was opened to the public and today is a tourist attraction in Zagreb which hosts cultural events.

Gric Tunnel Zageb - The tunnel that was used during WWII - Croatia

Visit Plitvice National Park

Talking about National Parks, the most famous and visited one in Croatia is Plitvice National Park. It’s the largest and oldest National Park in Southeast Europe and you can’t miss adding to your Croatia bucket list. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1979 is considered one of the top attractions in Croatia which means that you need to visit it. Thanks to its upper and lower lakes, you will need an entire day to explore all its gorgeous waterfalls. If you’re looking for a perfect day trip from either Split or Zagreb, Plitvice National Park is ideal for you. In fact, there are so many organised tours from Split and Zagreb that included the visit to this stunning National Park. 

Things to do around Dubrovnik | Croatia Bucket List

Kayak around Dubrovnik City walls & Lokrum Island

One of the most exciting things to do in Dubrovnik is a kayak tour around the Old Town Walls and Lokrum Island. From the sea, you will be able to see the Old Town Walls from an incredible perspective. If you’re organising a tour around sunset time, even better.

The colours that you will witness while kayaking is incredible! We did a 3-hour tour around sunset and we had a lot of fun experiencing Dubrovnik from the sea. As it was the sunset tour, we had included a glass of wine as well, where, with the gorgeous sunset, it was just perfect. Explore Dubrovnik’s only beach that is not accessible by foot, snorkel and enjoy your kayak tour around Lokrum Island and Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Pile Gate Entrance and Croatia Flag - Game of Throne film locations
Narrow alleys of Dubrovnik old town

Wander around Dubrovnik’s Old Town Walls

When making a list of what to add to your Croatia bucket list, the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik tend to be on the top of everyone’s list. I mean, you can’t leave Dubrovnik without visiting this incredible Unesco World Heritage Site. In fact, since 1979, the Old Town Walls have been protected by Unesco and today are a popular tourist attraction. If you’re a photography lover, while walking around the Walls, you will have some of the best photo spots in Dubrovnik.

Things to know before visiting Dubrovnik City Walls

Depending on when you’re visiting Croatia, you can plan your visit to the Old Town Walls accordingly. Early in the morning is the best time to visit the walls as there are fewer tourists and it is not that hot. In summer, it might be extremely hot, so visiting the walls after lunch, it’s not a great idea. Plan your visit in advance and purchase the tickets here.  

Visit Game of Thrones Filming Locations

From Lokrum island to Dubrovnik, there is so many Game of Thrones filming spots that you can visit. If you are a GOT fan, this activity is perfect for you. We managed to book the last two spots available for a Game of Thrones film locations walking tour and we had the best time ever. You can pre-book the tour here and discover King’s landing with a proper guide. 

Couple on the beach of Dubrovnik in the best photo spots in Dubrovnik - Incredible things to add to your Croatia bucket list

Hike up Mount Srd

A little hike needs to be on your Croatia bucket list, you can’t miss visiting the most beautiful viewpoint while in the country. Talking about Dubrovnik, Mount Srd is one of the most popular sunsets spots in the city. There is no other place where you’d rather be when the sun goes down.

It’s like Bunker del Carmel in Barcelona, really popular among locals and tourists and is an incredible hike to do in Dubrovnik. If hiking is not for you, don’t worry as we have a solution for that as well. There is a cable car connecting Mount Srd to the outside of the Old Town Walls.

How to reach Mount Srd


Here you go, one of the easiest ways to reach Mount Srd. Running from April till October, the cable car will bring you up to Mount Srd.

Reserve your ticket in advance here

  • Adult round trip ticket – 220kn – £24.45 – $31.39
  • Adult one-way ticket -110kn – £12.22 – $15.70
  • Children (4-12 years old) round trip ticket – 50kn – £5.56 – $7.13
  • Children (4-12 years old) one-way ticket – 30kn – £3.33 – $4.28
  • Children up to 4 – Free

For more information, you can check the Dubrovnik Cable Car website here.


Instead, if you’re an adventurous hike lover, there is a path that you can follow that will help you reach the summit. 

The path starts just off the main road, Jadranska Cesra, where you will find the Mount Srd trailhead. Along your way, you will find many signs to help you reach the summit. Follow Imperial Srd to make your way up to the top.

Breathless Zipline in Dubrovnik

Exploring the many things to do in Croatia, you should consider the breathless zipline flight over the incredible Dubrovnik landscape. Launched into the sky of Dubrovnik, you will have a personal guide with you for the whole experience.

Glide over the amazing vista of Dubrovnik’s ancient town, the history of this breathtaking natural beauty is rich with legends from the past.

Looking for a perfect guide to Dubrovnik? Read our guide on how to spend 3 days in Dubrovnik!

Day trip from Dubrovnik to Cavtat

Uncover hidden gems exploring Cavtat

It was a rainy day in Dubrovnik and after waking up at 6 AM for our photoshoot, we decided to take a bus and leave the Old Town walls. We fell in love with Cavtat from the moment we stepped off the bus.

This small town is perfect for a day trip from Dubrovnik and you can reach it in 30/40 minutes depending on the traffic. Grab a bite along the beautiful seafront and enjoy the enchanting harbour of Cavtat.

Take a day trip to Montenegro 

When planning a trip to Croatia, it’s worth adding a stop to Montenegro. Explore the beautiful town of Kotor, Budva and Perast with an organised tour. From Dubrovnik, it’s easy to reach Montenegro, in fact, once you have passed the border (remember to bring your passport) you can continue discovering the picturesque Montenegro coast.

Wander around the beautiful city of Kotor and discover the beautiful Old Town. Plan your day trip to Montenegro in advance and book your tour here.  

Croatia Bucket List | Things to do in Split and around

Explore Diocletian’s Palace 

We arrived in Split after a long journey from Dubrovnik. As our ferry was cancelled, we had to take the bus. As our plans changed, we reached Split only late at night, on time to enjoy the lively clubs and bars.

Well, can’t complain as, while looking for our Hostel, we arrived at Diocletian’s Palace, the wonderful and unique Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, a must-do Croatia sightseeing. 

Even by night, this place was incredible. With no one around and only a few lights, Diocletian’s Palace was dominating the square. This impressive palace is today one of the top attractions in Split and you can’t miss adding it to your Croatia bucket list.

Together with Dominus Cathedral, Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most popular places in Split Old Town

In fact, if you’re visiting the palace during the day, you will find many tourists around. This well-preserved ancient Roman palace is one of the best things to visit in Croatia and thanks to its historical 4th-century complex, today is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you must visit.

We managed to get a couple of nice pictures because we woke up at 6 AM, before catching the ferry to Hvar. 

Toti and Alessia hugging and enjoying the beautiful view of Diocletian Palace Split

Go for a swim in Kasjuni Beach

Croatia is home to incredible beaches with crystal blue water. It doesn’t matter when you’re planning your trip to Croatia, a visit to its beautiful beaches is a must. If you’re visiting Split and looking for a peaceful and gorgeous beach, Kasjuni Beach is the one that you have to place on the guide. 

Located in the surroundings of the green peninsula of Marjan, this beach is one of the favourites among locals and tourists. It’s located in the opposite part of the Split city centre and old town and hidden from the mass.

Despite the fact that a big part of the beach is occupied by hotels and resorts, there is still a large free area that can be occupied. 

Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach and swim in the crystal blue water, totally surrounded by forest and unspoiled nature.

Experience Split nightlife | Bucket list Croatia

It doesn’t matter when you’re visiting Split, either in winter or in summer, the Split nightlife is incredible. Thanks to its bars, clubs and late-night restaurants, Split offers a lot for people looking to experience a fun night out with friends.

Join one of the many pubs crawls in the city to meet new friends and like-minded travellers. It’s fun and cheaper to go on a Split pub crawl, as you can easily get VIP entrance to the clubs, free drinks and buddy up for drinking games for a memorable holiday in Croatia.

Split Guides

We crafted the perfect itinerary to Split. A guide to Split in 3 days with a detailed itinerary of what to do each day, enjoy the old town and go for an epic day trip or two.

Day trips from Split that must be on your Croatia to-do list

Take a day trip to Krka National Park

When we organised our itinerary, on our Croatia bucket list was to visit the gorgeous National Parks. After Plitvice, Krka National Park offers incredible waterfalls and picturesque nature. One of the most popular parts of the park is the Skradinski Buk Falls where the majority of the people love to stay.

Can’t blame them as it’s an iconic part of the nature area, in fact, it offers picnic spots and places to relax. If you’re reaching Krka National Park from Split, you can take the bus to Skradin. From there, you can take the boat that brings you to the famous Skradinski Buk Waterfall. 

Once you get off the bus, you need to follow the signs of the tourist office and purchase the entrance to the park. They combine the park and the boat.

We only purchased one ticket for the boat as we preferred to walk on the way back. Once you reach the main waterfall, you have a path signed along the park where you can walk around and enjoy a day in Krka National Park.

Krka Nationl Park, Bimba admiring the beautiful waterfall - Things to do in Croatia

Rafting on the Cetina River

Within your Croatia bucket list is unmissable to spend a day in the Cetina Canyon and the wonderful river Gorge amid breathtaking scenery! 

Everyone will have a spectacular half-day rafting adventure on class 2-3 white water rapids. Feel the surge of excitement as you plunge through the crystal blue waters of the Cetina River! Get the best equipment and prepare to enjoy the experience of your life!

Take a day trip to Sibenik

If you’re spending a few days extra in Split, you might want to consider taking a day trip. Due to the ferry being cancelled, we changed our plans and we stayed 4 days in Split. 

Having Split as our base, we managed to explore little towns around Croatia. Taking into consideration that we always love to discover uncommon places, we decided to take a day trip to Sibenik from Split

Sibenik is one of the oldest cities in Croatia and thanks to its incredible old town and UNESCO Site, Cathedral Sveti Jakov, Sibenik is one of these places that you must add to your Croatia bucket list. Located between Split and Zadar, Sibenik can be reached by direct bus or by ferry. 

Start your day strolling around the old town, visit the cathedral and walk up one of the highest points of the city and explore St. Michael’s Fortress. Well, after all this sightseeing, relax by the seafront and grab a beer while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in Croatia.

Day trip from Split. welcome to Trogir - Trogir seaside

Wander around the streets of Trogir

Our day trip to Trogir wasn’t planned. Well, to be honest, the majority of the day trips that we did in Croatia were planned last minute. We kind of like this adventurous part of our jaunt. You never know what’s going to happen and where you’re going.

On one of the last couple of days that we stayed in Split, we decided to take the bus and visit the city of Trogir. This UNESCO site is a perfect escape from Split to add to your Croatia bucket list.

There are so many things to do in Trogir but in a day, you will be able to visit the entire city. Starting from its incredible Cathedral, known as St. Lawrence cathedral, and climbing up, you will witness some incredible views of Trogir. While wandering around the Old Town, admire the beautiful architecture and witness incredible masterpieces, such as the cathedral. 

How to reach Trogir from Split? You can either rent a car while in Croatia or use public transport. From Split, you have a direct bus to Trogir. It’s the same bus that goes to the airport. Take bus number 37 and reach Trogir in 30/35 minutes. You don’t need to purchase the tickets in advance as you can buy them on board. (Which are cheaper – 30kn).

Krka National Park waterfalls

Explore 4 National Parks in 8 Days | Outdoor activities in Croatia

This 8-day trip departing from Zadar or Split will let you experience outdoor adventure in the Croatian countryside. With the help of your guide, paddle around Vrgada Island while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding islands.

Discover hidden coves in Kosirina Bay and Bay of Igraa on Murter Island. Discover Croatia’s untamed beauty at the Krka Waterfalls, cruise into the Kornati National Park, and climb through the Paklenica National Park.

Ride bicycles to Skradin Buk, tour the Bibich Winery, and take advantage of free time to explore, swim, or ride bicycles as you like.

Discover Hvar | Must-do Croatia bucket list

Explore Hvar Island and visit Stari Grad

Can you believe that in a day we managed to visit Hvar and take a day trip to Stari Grad? I know, it might sound crazy but we did it, and it was rather than stressful, actually, it was relaxing! Despite being off-season, we managed our time pretty well. We reached Hvar around 9 AM and after having a quick breakfast and enjoying the sunshine, we caught the bus to Stari Grad.

This cute town is located on Grand Bay which is in the northern part of Hvar Island. You can either take a ferry to Hvar or Stari Grad from Split. Being low season, there were fewer ferries and the departure/arrival time wasn’t working for us. So, we kind of went for plan B.

From Hvar to Stari Grad the bust takes around 30 minutes and while on the road, you can enjoy incredible landscapes. Stari Grad was founded by Greeks, occupied by Romans and then Venetians. In fact, you will notice the awesome Renaissance and Baroque architecture while strolling around.

Hvar Fortress, Toti on the top of the rock - Things to add to your croatia bucket list

Hike Hvar Fortress

We completely fell in love with Hvar from the first moment we stepped out of our ferry. From Split, the ferry takes around 45 minutes and it’s perfect when planning a day trip from Split. Despite its gorgeous architecture and incredible Old Town, Hvar Fortress is one of the top attractions on the island. 

How to reach it? It’s pretty simple! The walk will take about 20 minutes and is not that bad though. Follow the stairs next to Cafe Loco and then the signs along the walk.

The admission is usually 30kn but when we visited, it was the low season, therefore, it was free to enter.

Once you reach Hvar Fortress, walk around and enjoy the incredible views from the top. We stayed longer as we wanted to enjoy the sunset before leaving the island but before leaving, make sure you snap a few pictures as the view will leave you speechless. 

TIPS | If you’re visiting Croatia off-season and you wish to grab the ferry from Dubrovnik, plan in advance your journey and make sure you have your travel insurance that covers any cancellations. Our ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar was cancelled and we had to take the bus to Split. Glad we had HeyMondo insurance which covered the costs. Grab your travel insurance here.

Plus, as you’re an Italian Trip Abroad reader, you will receive a 5% discount when selecting your travel insurance with HeyMondo.

Go on a Croatia island hopping

Visit Brac Island

On your Croatia bucket list, you can’t miss adding all the incredible islands. Planning a summer in Croatia means visiting one of the most popular beaches, Zlatni Rat or Golden Beach. Located on the island of Brac, this beach is today one of the most popular things to do in Croatia. If you are a photography lover, make sure you bring your drone with you as the view from above is just insane. 

Less touristy than Korcula and Hvar, Brac island is ideal if you’re looking for an authentic experience in Croatia. Wander around Supetar town’s narrow streets and admire the incredible seafront. 

You can reach Brac Island from Split where the ferry takes around 50 minutes. Depending on when you’re visiting Croatia, you can check the catamarans that are departing from Split. Summer in Croatia means that there are more departures from Split and other locations to reach the islands.

Take a boat to Korcula

Known for Marco Polo’s house, Korcula island is a great getaway to add to your Croatia bucket list. With only 2 hours by ferry from Dubrovnik, Korcula island is absolutely worth visiting. 

Called mini Dubrovnik, Korcula town tends to be less crowded than Hvar and Brac due to its location. As it’s located a bit further away from the mainland, not many people prefer to stay 2 hours on the ferry to reach Korcula. Still, we suggest you visit Korcula as you’re going to love it. 

Korcula town is pretty small but still has some awesome attractions to see. Get lost around the narrow streets of Korcula town, admire the beautiful architecture and climb the stairs of the bell tower of St. Mark’s Cathedral for an incredible view of the town and the Adriatic sea.

Explore Vis Island

We mentioned Hvar, Brac and Korcula Island, now it’s time to discover another incredible place to visit in Croatia. Yes, we are talking about Vis Island. 

With its incredible coastline and stunning view from Mount Hum, Vis is worth adding to your Croatia bucket list. Thanks to its incredible activities, from cycling to water activities, Vis is perfect for a day trip or two.

Best sunset ever in Croatia

Witness sunset at Lokrum Island

Perfect for a day trip from Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island must be on the top of your list of all the things to do in Croatia. Located 15 minutes away by ferry from Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island has a lot to offer. For us, the best thing to do is to witness an incredible sunset on the sea while kayaking. In fact, there are so many tours that you can book in advance. Here is what we suggest.  

If you’re looking for an alternative experience to do on Lokrum Island, we suggest sea kayaking around Dubrovnik harbour.

Sail in the Adriatic

Whether you decide to sail into the Adriatic to visit all the best places in Croatia, you should include it through the best things to do in Europe in summer.

There are many ways to sail in Croatia, you can have a 3-day private sailing cruise with a skipper, a two nights all-inclusive cruise from Dubrovnik or live the dream, sailing for 8 days from Split to Dubrovnik visiting all the best Dalmatian Islands.

As you can see there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy a lifetime experience in Croatia, with many activities for families, solo travellers and couples.

Discover Bisevo Blue Cave

Spending summer in Croatia means putting yourself up to all the water activities around the country. Visiting the Blue Cave is for sure one of the top things to add to your Croatia bucket list. Just recently access to the cave became possible but since ancient times, fishermen entered the cave by diving under the rock wall. In 1884, the entrance was dammed with a stick of dynamite which opened a small hole on the side of the cave that today allows small boats to pass through. Fascinating isn’t it? What’s even more exciting is the time when you’re visiting the Blue Cave. 

We noticed that visiting in the morning and not later than midday, the sunlight reflects off the limestone floor and through the water giving the cave an incredible blue light. It’s something that you need to witness when visiting Croatia.

You can organise your tour from Split and pre-book it in advance especially if you’re travelling in Croatia in the summer. Here is the tour that we suggest.

Enjoy the best sunsets spots in Croatia

From Dubrovnik to Hvar and Rovinj, we witness some incredible sunsets. There is no specific place where we suggest you enjoy the sunset but anywhere around the sea or on top of any viewpoint in Croatia. From Mount Srd, Buza Bar, Hvar Fortress and Split seafront, we witness wonderful sunsets in Croatia.

Don’t forget Istria on your Croatia bucket list

Drive through Istria Region

Arrived at Rijeka, the most developed northwest city in Croatia. We rented a car to explore the surrounding area. If you are willing to explore the Region, you should know that public transport makes it hard to reach unmissable locations such as Pula, Rovinj and Porec, and so you can’t plan exactly when to depart and how to go back.

Driving through the Istria Region was fun. However, if you are coming from the UK it might be a bit difficult, as you have to drive to the opposite side. The lanes are large, but just one, and often on the edge. You will stop at fantastic Terrazas, enjoy the sea, and pass by fairytale villages.

Croatia bucket list - Pula arena

Marvel at the Roman amphitheatre of Pula

Located on the southern point of the Istria Peninsula, Pula is another incredible location worth adding to your Croatia bucket list. You might know Pula thanks to its Roman Amphitheatre which somehow reminds everyone of the Colosseum in Rome. Well, you can spot the resemblance. Built during the reign of Emperor Augustus in 1AD, this amphitheatre can seat over 20k spectators and it was used to watch gladiators perform. Nowadays, the arena has become the perfect venue for music concerts and opera performances. 

From Rijeka you can reach Pula by renting a car and to be honest, it’s the cheapest and quickest option. We managed to visit Pula, Rovinj and Porec in a day. It was the only day that we rented a car in Croatia but it was easier as we could manage our time in a better way. During summertime, there are more buses departing from Rijeka and from Pula if you wish to visit Pula and Rovinj on the same day. 

Roam around Rovinj’s narrow streets

If you have ever been to Positano you will see how Rovinj looks alike. In fact, Rovinj is one of the most picturesque towns on the west coast of Istria and it’s considered even one of the most romantic places in Croatia. From the moment you will step inside Rovinj town, you will see how Italian culture and influence dominate the city. Thanks to its pastel-coloured houses, like in Positano, shops, restaurants and art galleries, Rovinj is considered one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. 

Is it worth adding to your Croatia bucket list? Absolutely yes. Stroll around Rovinj city centre, visit the little narrow streets, climb up the Church of Holy Trinity and enjoy an incredible view of the city. The stairs are steep and really small so take your time to climb up and come down. Bring some cash with you will need to pay 20kn to climb to the top of the Church.

Colourful streets around Rovinj Croatia
Walking around Porec Promenade and admiring the beautiful sourrandings - Croatia things to do

Walk along Porec promenade and take a boat to see the Dolphins 

Along with Pula and Rovinj, we managed to visit another cute town called Porec. In less than an hour from Rovinj, we reached Porec by car and we spent the afternoon strolling around the city centre and eating gelato. For a more adventurous experience, we suggest booking an evening boat trip from Porc and going dolphin watching.

It’s one of those experiences that you don’t do every day and seeing a dolphin swimming in the sea just a few metres away from you, it’s a unique moment that will always impress in your mind. Don’t miss this opportunity and add Porec to your Croatia bucket list, plus, don’t forget to book your boat day trip here.

Participate in a Croatian festival 

One of the best things to do in Croatia is for sure participating in a local festival. If you’re around the country in July, there are some incredible festivals that you can take part in. 

From the international film festival in Zadar to the summer festival in Pula, Croatia is filled with events that celebrate the country’s culture and history. Through the summer, there are so many festivals that you can consider attending, so prepare yourself, check in advance what’s happening and enjoy the best of Croatia while attending fun and awesome festivals.

Croatia Travel Insurance 

Don’t travel anywhere without travel insurance, no matter your journey. We have learned that at our expense while travelling from Dubrovnik to Hvar, our ferry was cancelled because of rough sea weather.
Even though Croatia is safe, the pandemic taught many people that things might go wrong everywhere in the world, and insurance is frequently the only option to mitigate any problems with the least cost or stress to you.

Hey Mondo | COVID-19 coverage, medical expenses and total travel costs. A fantastic app with 24-hour medical care and no extra charges. You can save 5% on your insurance by booking through our link.

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Where to stay in Croatia



Between a private studio in the heart of the city centre, to the luxury Sheraton, Zagreb offers many options for all travellers. Make sure you book in advance your stay and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the beautiful capital. 




Depending where you would like to stay, Dubrovnik has many options when it comes to accommodations. From outside the walls to the city centre, here are a few suggestions that you should consider when planning a trip to Dubrovnik. 




We loved our little cocoon in Split, Livo Disno 12 is small and cosy but comfy and at a short distance from the main sightseeing of the old town. Our host Ingrid was fantastic, she was energetic and shared with us local tips and helped us have the best time in the city.




From a lovely and cosy apartment in the heart of the city centre to an incredible room with a view, Rovinj is the perfect location to stay for a couple of nights. You can reach Rijeka and Pula by public transport or by renting a car. Book your stay and enjoy your time in Croatia.


Q&A Croatia bucket list 

What should you not miss in Croatia?

Here are the best places that you can’t miss in Croatia:

  • Split
  • Dubrovnik
  • Hvar
  • Brac
  • Zagreb
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Krka National Park
  • Rijeka
  • Pula 
  • Rovinj

What do I need to see in Croatia?

There are so many things to see in Croatia but these are the top 5:

  1. Dubrovnik Old Town Walls
  2. Plitvice National Park
  3. Hvar Fortress
  4. Pula’s Arena
  5. Diocletian’s Palace in Split

What is Croatia famous for?

Croatia is famous for the Game of Thrones series. Besides this famous TV series, Croatia is known for its gorgeous waterfalls, lavender fields, adorable Christmas markets and for its stunning islands and the white old town of Dubrovnik.

How can I spend 5 days in Croatia?

It will be a short time, but flying into Dubrovnik and returning from Zagreb should make the trick.

Day 1 – Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island trip

Day 2 – Ferry to Hvar and explore Korcula

Day 3 – Split, Sibenik or Trogir day tour

Day 4 – Plitvice Lake

Day 5 – Zagreb

What is Croatia’s famous food?

Here are some of the best Croatian food:

Istarski fuzi
Mussels and Scampi
Black Risotto

Where did Game of Thrones film in Croatia?

Dubrovnik. This city has been one of the most prominent filming locations for Game of Thrones. Many scenes were filmed on Lokrum Island and Split.

Is Croatia safe?

Yes. We found that Croatia was really safe for travellers and even solo travellers. Covid-19 has had a big impact on everyone and still now, Croatia is following the rules of wearing masks when boarding public transport.


Every time is good to travel and make new experiences. As London-based travel bloggers, it’s easy to find cheap flights and explore new places even just at the weekend. We managed to find cheap flights from London to Zagreb and we spent the best 10 days in Croatia. Here are our suggestions:


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Croatia bucket list
Croatia Bucket list - things to do in Croatia

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