You will never know what Lisbon has to offer, what wanderlust is just behind the corner. This awesome city has plenty of quirky things to do and places to see. One of those unusual things is to visit Lisbon Pink Street. Yes, a pink coloured corner in the city centre of Lisbon.

You must’ve come across some photos on Instagram or Facebook. Pink Street in Lisbon is an instagrammable spot in the city. We love photography so much and it was nice to explore this side of Lisbon. Rua Nova do Carvalho is one of the many souls of nightlife in Lisbon

We have tried to help with a complete guide on the pink street Lisbon. A simple itinerary where you can find the best bars, restaurants and even spots to take beautiful photos.

About Pink Street in Lisbon

You might understand that Lisbon was a busy port city. In ancient times hundreds of boats, big and small used to be docked in the harbour. Rua Nova de Carvalho is near the riverside of the city and because of that, was crowded with sailors. We will talk more in-depth about the history of Pink Street later in another paragraph.

Today this little stretch of the city is the hottest nightlife area of Lisbon. Almost following what was in the past, but more modern and less transgressive. If you want to know more about Pink Street Lisbon, you are covered with this post.

The old red-light district turned in the nightlife centre of Lisbon

Pink Street of Lisbon at sunrise

Yes, the modern Pink Street was the Red Light district of Lisbon. Home of the brothels of the city, shady bars, gambling houses, and dodgy places.

This area was dilapidated, pivotal place of crime and prostitution. In 2011, this street was completely rebuilt and taken to new life. The old and shady business has been replaced by amazing and coloured cafès and bars. Obviously this complete change of look attracted a different kind of customer and today tourists.

On Pink Street today there are many other restaurants and clubs, some of those are the best in town. Not also the chaste side of this place, but the business that reflects the past of the street in a modern way. In fact, along the pink road of Lisbon, you will find a bookshop, some of that erotic and lingerie stores.

Where is Pink Street Lisbon

It’s time to understand where Pink Street is. In order to find this quirky corner of Lisbon, you should point your GPS to Rua Nova do Carvalho. This is the real name of Pink Street. If you ask locals, everybody knows where pink streets are.

Not only, if you find difficulties to find the street, ask for “Rua Cor-de-Rosa”.

How to get to Pink Street

If all the information we have given to you before is not enough, be ready to get direction on how to reach the pink street.

It’s really easy to find the Pink Street of Lisbon. Reach it with the metro system is even easier, you should get out at “Cais do Sodrè” on the orange line “Linha de Cascais”. From the metro station, you have to walk just 5 minutes, in the opposite direction of the riverside.

Not only the metro but also buses and trams. The closest bus and tram station are “Rua do Alecrim”, with the buses 22B, 202 and 758. The other bus and tram stop is Rua de São Paulo with the tram 25E and the bus 714 and 744. Close to the Time Out market, there is the bus station of Cais Sodré, served by the 22B.

If you love to walk, you can reach the pink street from the city centre. Rua Nova do Carvalho is a short distance from the river and the Rua Augusta’s Arch on Praça do Comércio.

Looking for Pink Street? Ask for Rua Cor-de-Rosa

The bridge on Pink Street Lisbon

Locals might know this street with another name, we have tried to explain to you before. But now it is better to clarify. This is actually a new street in Lisbon. Brought to a new life less than 10 years ago. The project was ambitious, and not many were enthusiastic, less was optimistic. In 2013 the street was finished and the surface was pinked. From that moment this street got the name as Rua cor-de-rosa.

The project was a massive success, despite the protests for gentrification. The entire neighbourhood became an awesome place. The Brothels closed making room for more discrete business. The rest of the story you know. Today Pink Street is an iconic symbol of the new Instagram Era, promoting Lisbon everywhere in the world.

Best time to visit

There is no best time to visit Pink Street, it is mostly depending on why you want to visit this place. Well, maybe I have to explain better. If you are looking for the best photos of Lisbon, Pink Street is the perfect Instagram spot. So, you should wake up early, and visit this place before getting lively.

The street is a nightlife meeting point of Lisbon, so visit it around 8/9 o’clock in the morning to get your shot. Before that time, it will be full of trash leaves from the night before.

If you want to see this street in the best of its shine, you should come here at night. Visiting one of the nightclubs insisting on the pink street is a must-do in Lisbon, even for first-timers. Bars and clubs are opening late in the evening, and are lively until the next morning. We have experienced that the nightlife here is starting from midnight onwards.

Enjoy your crazy night in Lisbon Pink Street.

Things to do around Pink Street Lisbon

Making up your plan of Lisbon, you should see some of our best posts about the Portuguese Capital. Some of the places we suggest you visit in Lisbon are just close by the pink street.

Within a short walk from Rua Nova do Carvalho, you can reach the Time Out Market, Placa de Commercio, Bairro Alto and many other iconic places. Below are highlights of these places.

  • Praça do Comércio
  • Arco da Rua Augusta
  • Jardim de Roque Gameiro
  • Time Out Market Lisbon
  • Elevador da Bica
  • Miradouro de Santa Catarina

The most important things around Pink Street Lisbon

Time Out Market

This was one of the best places we discovered in Lisbon. The Time Out Market in Lisbon is the ideal place for food lovers. Opened by the famous Time Out, has been open since 2014 taking the food scene of Lisbon to another level.

In this huge space, kind of market, you can find stands of food made by the most important chefs in the country. Not only. International food is more than welcome. This place is crowded on the weekend but is absolutely worth a try.

Elevador da Bica

As you might understand, we love the transportation system in Lisbon. It has this retro touch that is gorgeous. The Elevador da Bica is one of the two funiculars in Lisbon. It’s the best in our opinion.

Our accommodation was just in front of the main access, and we have seen this pretty funicular going up and down for days. It was always amazing. The view is insane and is the best way to get up to the Miradouro of Santa Luzia.

Let’s party in Lisbon | The best clubs, bars and restaurant on Lisbon’s Pink Street

It’s time to talk about the Lisbon nightlife, where to find the best cocktail bars on Pink Street, and why not some live music. This street is the perfect way to enjoy the night in Lisbon and why enjoy a tour of the bar with some friends, and make new ones.

Where to eat in Pink Street

This street was born for a business of every kind. Today it is one of the most popular neighbourhoods where to meet up with friends and enjoy a few hours in the many clubs, restaurants and bars.

If you are in Lisbon to have fun, you can mix up things. The other popular area for nightlife is the Bairro Alto, not that far away. Even if it is a fun neighbourhood, the clubs in the Bairro Alto are closing earlier, due to its a populated residential area with many restrictions.

The night is young and you should head to Pink Street, literally 10 to 15 minutes away walking from the clubs of Bairro Alto. The below is a list of some places we will highlight you, clubs and bars unique in Rua Nova do Carvalho.

Pensão Amor

The name of this bar can say something but doesn’t say all the story behind. We have to start saying that this is not the ideal club for kids. Honouring Pink Street’s history, Pensão Amor was the name of the brothel which made this street a popular one around sailors. Pensão Amor translated means “love pension”, which is the name that was called in Italian too, the little sleazy motel per hour.

Pensão Amor is a quirky bar almost at the end of Pink Street, on the left side looking at the bridge. The kind of erotic theme, which recall the past of this place, make it the first place on our list of things to do in Pink Street.

What will be your experience at Pensão Amor

This club can be accessed today from Rua do Alecrim as well as Pink Street. The former house of love, a brothel, has preserved the charm of the time. This is absolutely a hidden gem of Lisbon.  Enjoy the club, the music and the cocktail are amazing.

The atmosphere in the same cases is kind of bizarre, it’s making you feel welcome anyway. The decor of the place is full of little details you don’t find anywhere else. Big chandeliers, large mirrors and vintage posters are creating the perfect scenario for a burlesque show.

Pensao Amor’s rooms are no longer charged at the hour. But the Pink Street’s gem still featuring some of the things that made this place unique. It’s easy to find iconic rooms in this place like the one with a stripper pole, or night featuring cabaret and burlesque shows. You can’t resist the attractive wave of this place, in a middle between a boudoir club and a modern bar. The seductive and intimate atmosphere maintained, are attracting tourists and locals every night.

The Music Box

This is the classic club with dancers and strippers. The hottest atmosphere is the perfect place where to enjoy the stag do in Lisbon.

Espumantaria do Cais

We have recommended this place in many other guides about Lisbon. The Espumantaria do Cais is specialized in wine, champagne and fine cocktails. This place could be a little bit expensive and so not for everyone but is for sure a must-see place to visit in Lisbon.

Sol e Pesca

This is maybe the most innovative way to make business with the nightlife, accordingly with the history of Lisbon and of Pink Street. This cool bar has the beer and fish in a perfect melting pot.

Pink wine Point

Pink Wine Point in Lisbon - Pink Street

In a photogenic corner of Lisbon, could never miss an instagrammable bar? Yes, Pink wine point is maybe the most Instagram worthy place on Pink Street. In this little club, right at the end of Pink street, after the bridge, everything is pink. For me even excessive, but absolutely the right place for Alessia.

Tokyo Lisboa

I am not sure, but it seems that Tokyo Lisboa is one of the oldest businesses on Pink Street. Today this place is completely refurbished, attracting tourists every day. This is a night club full of dancers with many shows taking place every night. Thanks to the table outside is also the perfect bar to enjoy a drink in summer in Lisbon.

Why you should visit Pink Street

We have tried to give you more than just a reason why you should visit Pink Street in Lisbon. This picturesque corner of the city is perfect to be explored to take photos. But what makes it worth visiting is the atmosphere. Looking at Pink Street, the references to the past in a modern key, jump in your eyes.

This is the meeting point of the locals, and it’s where you can meet their habits.

Overview of Pink Street in Lisbon- Rua do Carvalho in Lisbon

Is pink street Lisbon safe?

Yes. Pink Street Lisbon is absolutely safe. We have walked freely. This is part of the new way Lisbon is trying to attract tourists. A free city, safe and fun.

One night in Lisbon? Enjoy Pink Street!

If you are willing to stay in Lisbon for just a day and have one night to go. I will enjoy Pink Street as much as possible. As we suggested before, it will be great to plan a dinner in a restaurant with a few cocktails in the neighbourhood of Bairro Alto. After that, you can head to Pink Street.

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