Ultimate Tram 28 Lisbon Itinerary

Ultimate Tram 28 Lisbon Itinerary 1

If only we have had those information before our trip to Lisbon. But now is our time to help you out. Did you know that with a single journey you could see the whole beautiful sightseeing in Lisbon? Yes, just riding the Tram 28 in Lisbon you can save a lot of money.

The Lisbon Tram 28 route is a perfectly designed path through the city. It is public transport and will take you everywhere a typical Lisbon Guide will point you.


History of Trams of Lisbon

The Tram 28 Lisbon Line was built-in 1914, over a hundred years ago. The original track of this tram was designed to serve residents from the central Baixa district to other side neighbourhoods. Today those trams are mainly used by tourists more than locals. It is becoming useless for Lisboners because too crowded, and they prefer the metro.

With many Trams disappearing on the map of the city to make space for the metro lines, the Lisbon Tram 28 is still running smoothly. The metro map of Lisbon is growing fast, but in areas which are impossible to build a station, the trams are still the main way of public transport. You can find a few trams running within the city centre, but a lot more going up to the hills.

The Tram 28 Lisbon

The route of the Tram 28 Lisbon is about 7 Kilometres long, which is not that much, but can take up 1 hour and a half to be completed, because of traffic. Because of this tram passing by sight and charming places, it is the best place to visit Lisbon.

It’s unlikely you can do the same scenic ride in a city in Europe on board of an old tram.

The price to get on board the Tram is just 1.45 € if you buy your ticket in advance with your Lisbon Travel Card. Otherwise, you can get yours on the tram for 2,90€. Usually, it’s hard to get on the Tram 28 in Lisbon without a crowd of people around you. Unfortunately, there are times in a year when the city is so busy, that you have to queue for your spot on the tram.

There are 20 seats and about 20 to 25 available standing on the Tram, and it is often full until the end of the path. Better to head to the start point of the Tram 28 of Lisbon early in the morning, when the run starts. If you don’t, you will end up squeezed-in.

A characteristic way to get around Lisbon

Transport - Lisbon - Italiantripabroad

While you are visiting Lisbon, it doesn’t matter how long, even one day, you should go for a ride on the Tram 28. It is a scenic ride unique in Europe. You will see Lisbon in style, with the charm of old times. Passing by some of the most picturesque districts in the city, in the best way ever.

But there are alternative ways to use the track of the Tram 28, to make your own path through Lisbon. Following the Tram 28 Stops map, you can walk along the cute district of Lisbon. We have done a perfect plan for you, on how to visit Lisbon for free, using the Tram 28 route.

If you buy your Lisbon City Card, you can always hop in the tram at every stop you want, and get down as many times you want.

Touring on the Tram 28 in Lisbon

Let’s go to the clue of our unveiled guide to the Lisbon Tram 28 route.

What are you gonna see on your trip on the old tramway? You will start your journey at Martim Moniz in Baixa Square, which is the city centre of Lisbon. Going through the city centre, the Tram goes into ever narrower streets and then uphill, coming out in Alfama.

Up and down the hills, we suggest you get out at Igreja da Sao Vicente de Fora, to visit the characteristic Mercado de Santa Clara. You will pass by the popular Comercio Square, continuing your route through the Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

Tram 28 Lisbon - Portugal - The best on a budget tour of Lisbon

Your journey on the Tram 28 of Lisbon is almost to the end, but you still have many sights to discover from your window seat. (If you are lucky enough).

There is the Palacio de Sao Bento and the Estrela Garden to the other landmarks you should be ready to spot. Your scenic ride will end in Campo Ourique (Prazeres), just before you can see the Church of Santo Condestavel.

Tram 28 Lisbon Route Timetable and Map

Below you will find a fine guide of the Tram 28 Lisbon Route, you can download it on your phone and use it once in Lisbon. This will help you a lot to spot local sight while on the ride.

This map could be useful if you decide that the tram is too crowded for you, and want to walk along the track. The track is giving you the best tour guide of Lisbon, especially the city centre and colourful picturesque districts.

Tram 28 Lisbon Timetable

Ascendente (From Martim Moniz to Campo Ourique)

Weekdays | Starts at 5.40 am – Ends at 23.30 – Every 7 to 15 minutes
Weekends | Starts at 5.45 am – Ends at 22.30 – Every 10 to 20 minutesCheck for Special Days

Descendente (From Campo Ourique to Martim Moniz)

Weekdays | Starts at 6.20 am – Ends at 24.10 – Every 9 to 15 minutes
Weekends | Starts at 6.20 am – Ends at 23.10 – Every 10 to 15 minutes


Not fancy a walking tour, or squeeze like sardines in can visiting Lisbon. You can go on board of an eco-friendly tuk-tuk and ride the route of historic tram 28. You will see the perfect scenic view, in a more comfy style. A two hours ride, with a guide and more fun. Hop off your Tuk-tuk and enjoy the landscape, take a drink and start again.

Check the timetable and prices!!!

28 Tram Lisbon Map

All the Tram Stops on the 28E Lisbon Tram Route

  1. Martim Moniz
  2. Palma 
  3. Igreja Anjos
  4. Maria Andrade
  5. Maria Fonte
  6. Angelina Vidal
  7. Sapadores
  8. R. Graça
  9. Graça – (Graça Church and Miradouro Da Graça)
  10. Voz Operário
  11. Cç. São Vicente
  12. Escolas Gerais
  13. Portas Sol (Alfama District)
  14. Miradouro Santa Luzia
  15. Limoeiro
  16. Sé – (Castelo de São Jorge)
  17. Conceição
  18. Academia Nacional Belas Artes
  19. Vitor Cordon / R. Serpa Pinto
  20. Chiado
  21. Pç. Luis Camões
  22. Calhariz (Ascensor Bica)
  23. Catarina
  24. Cç. Combro
  25. Poiais S. Bento
  26. São Bento / Cç. Estrela
  27. Cç. Estrela / R. Borges Carneiro
  28. Cç. Estrela / R. Dr. Teófilo Braga
  29. Estrela
  30. Estrela – R. Domingos Sequeira
  31. Domingos Sequeira
  32. Saraiva Carvalho
  33. Igreja Santo Condestável
  34. Campo Ourique


Places to visit along the tram 28 Lisbon Route

The tram Route of E28 is going through Martim Moniz – Graça – Portas do Sol The Sè Cathedral – Rua Conceição – Chiado District – São Bento – Estrela and Campo Ourique

We have tried to organize the bus stop for landmarks nearby, check the list below.

Tram 28 Lisbon Route by Landmarks and Stops

Things to do in Lisbon - Check our map of Tram 28 Itinerary

Martim Moniz | The tram 28 starting point is at Martim Moniz square. This plaça is a nice spot in Lisbon to visit, with many food stalls it’s the ideal to spend a bit of time before boarding on the tram tour.

Starting your journey from Martim Moniz Square, you will see Chafariz do Intendente monument, an interesting concrete limestone fountain built in 1823. At the stop of Igreja Anjos, which takes about 6 minutes from R Palma, you will see the amazing church that gives the name to the tram stop.

It is the Parish of Our Lady of the Angels, a 1600ish Church in Baroque style. You are starting to go a bit up and down the hill. The next stop is Sapadores, at this point you are already in the Tram from 20 minutes or so, depending on traffic.

This area of Lisbon is ideal for a little break, while there are many cafes and bars. Enjoy the sunshine sitting on the side of the streets, sipping fresh juice.

TRAM STOPS | R Palma –  Igreja Anjos – Sapadores

Second Part of the Tram 28 Route Itinerary through Lisbon


R. Graça | You are starting to go up to the hill, where the view is insanely beautiful and there are Terrazas to admire the landscape. This is the place where you should get out of the Tram and explore the surrounding area. Not far away there is the Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte. A spectacular viewpoint over Lisbon, often full of locals, over more than just tourists.

You will also enjoy a bit of music with local street musicians playing. The next stop is Graça, a new viewpoint is opening up, the Miraduro Sophia de Mello. Important landmarks of this place are also the tiled houses, typical of Lisbon and the Igreja e Convento da Graça. The entrance is free, and you will see another great example of art. 


Voz Operário needs its own paragraph

We wanted to dedicate an entire paragraph to this Tram stop because there are a lot of things to do in Lisbon. Passing by Voz Operário, you will encounter the Igreja de São Vicente de Fora. An enormous and gorgeous complex, really interesting because it was a pilgrimage destination in the medieval age.

 If you are taking this tour on Tuesday or Saturday, stop by, admire the church and follow the street behind to head to the Feira de Ladra. This is a really interesting flea market, really famous in town. Not so far there is also the National Pantheon, which has been converted from a former church, the Igreja de Santa Engrácia. You can visit the inside of the building for a fee.

For one of the best views, you can head up to the terrace, from where there is an amazing 360 view of Lisbon and the important neighbourhoods. A stop after Voz Operário you are at 

R. Escolas Gerais,  if you are on the Tram Tour on Wednesday you should visit the Igreja do Menino Deus, or the Church of Baby Jesus. Amazing frescos are well preserved inside the church and survived an earthquake in 1755. The visits are allowed just on Wednesday from 10 to 12.30.

Next Stops will show you the Roman Theatre and the Museum of the Aljube

Tram 28 Lisbon - Classic buildings in Lisbon Portugal

Portas Sol | This path starts from Portas Sol Tram stop, the view from the top of this miradouro is amazing too, you will see the complete backyard of the Igreja de Sao Vicente da Fora and the National Pantheon. You might like to take a moment to rest at the viewpoint Miradouro das Portas do Sol here.

The next stop is the most interesting, think that you have seen photos of the Miradouro de Santa Luzia on Instagram. This is one of the best photo spots in Lisbon. We suggest you visit this place at the sunset for the best colours ever and the sunshine over Alfama. Take a rest on a bench watching the scenic view. On a side street, follow your GPS, there is the Roman Theatre. You can also visit the Sao Jorge Castle. Check here the skip the line tickets.

Limoeiro is your next stop, where the Museum of the Aljube. This building was used as a prison during the dictatorship period in Portugal. Today this is an amazing museum, where to get more in touch with local attitudes. Check the tickets.

TRAM STOPS | Portas Sol – Miradouro Sta. Luzia – Limoeiro

Tram 28 stop at Sè, the Cathedral of Lisbon

Well done, you are half way of your tour of Lisbon following the Tram 28 track and stops. Here you will see the Cathedral of Lisbon, a stunning masterpiece. The facade is really gorgeous, but is inside that will leave you breathless. A 1147 Cathedral, which has seen many changes in style during the epoques.

This is not the only church in the area. Will just remind you that Portugal is really catholic. Down the hill, there is the Igreja de Santo  António, which is one of the most important Saints in Portugal.

Side story short, while my name is Antonio, and clear Mediterranean origins, while travelling people are starting to give Spanish or Portuguese Nationality, before getting right that I am Italian.

Tram stop at R. Conceição, for the Lisbon well known landmarks

lisbon 3-days itinerary - plaça de Comercio - Lisbon - Italiantripabroad

While doing this guide, we understand that we have covered a kind of off the beaten path itinerary of Lisbon. There is nothing bad in visiting the usual popular spots of the city. This is the city centre, you will find many landmarks like the famous Rua Augusta Arch,  Praça do Comércio, and the Museum of Design and Fashion.

The Academia Nacional Belas Artes is located in an artistic and free area of Lisbon. Interesting of this district is the presence of many art galleries, some free to visit.

Visit the District of Chiado in a walkthrough itinerary of Tram 28 in Lisbon Track

Chiado District in Lisbon

Chiado | This is the main stop. As you can see from the entire paragraph we have dedicated to Chiado, there is a lot to see and do. In future, we will maybe write an entire guide to Chiado. There is over the well-known shopping street of Rua Garrett, many small art galleries.

Other great churches, some hidden, like Igreja de Encarnação. This is one of the most characteristic districts of Lisbon, adjacent to the Alfama, and rolling up through Rossio Square. If you are walking through the track of the Tram 28, you will arrive in Praça  Luís Camões, this square is named after the famous Portuguese poet.

This stop is the entry point to Bairro Alto, the district of Lisbon we have loved the most, and where we have stayed for our trip.

TRAM STOPS | Chiado – Praça Luís Camões

The famous funiculars of Lisbon in Bica

Ascensor da bica - Lift between the hills of Lisbon

Calhariz (Bica) | Your  stop will clearly tell you where you are heading. This is one of the most folklorist districts of Lisbon. If you are carving for photography spots, this is the right place for you. Really popular among tourists, because of the funiculars going up and down the hills. You can also jump on the carriage, and live like a local.

Use your transport card for a discounted price, or pay on board 1 euro and 50 cents. The next stop is Santa Caterina, known for the amazing Church in baroque style and the Miraduro with views over the Tagus River. Stretch your legs inside this stunning church, or relax a bit on the bench of the Miraduro. 

São Bento and Estrela are your next stops

Two amazing boroughs are coming as next, the stops of R. Poiais S. Bento and Estrela.  Interesting to visit in those two areas is the Parliament of Portugal, hosted in the Palácio de São Bento, a formerly old monastery. In Estrela, there are other amazing landmarks to visit.

The Basilica, which is clearly visible from the tram 28 route, you will recognize it by the amazing stunning dome and the two bell towers on the facade of the church. Step out of the tram to visit this place. Famous in the area it’s the Estrela Garden, locals used to relax in the park and drink coffee.

TRAM STOPS | R. Poiais S. Bento and Estrela.

Your last stop at Campo Ourique

We are at the end of an amazing tour of Lisbon for free. Following the track, you have seen the history of the city and the country in many aspects. From the political to the real local life.

Lisbon is amazing, and full of contradiction, from the Alfama, located next to the high-end shopping streets of Chiado, to the high hills of Bairro Alto with the funiculars going up and down like old age.

In this last stop, you will pass by the Igreja de Santo Condestável, not the best example of art, but still worth a visit. Two minutes after your last stop is at Campo Ourique Tram Stop. Many say that the most important landmark is the Prazeres Cemetery, created after the plague of cholera epidemic shocked Portugal in 1833.

What we instead suggest to see is the spectacular views over the Bridge that cross the Tagus River, 25 de Abril Bridge. If you don’t know it is the day of the liberation and the revolution.

Where to get the Tram 28 in Lisbon

The starting point of the Tram in the direction we took it is from Martim Morìz and its ending at Campo Ourique. You can take the Tram in both directions, starting from here, queuing a bit to get your seat or standing place.
Due this is public transport and makes stops on the way, you can either hop-on or hop-off at any Tram Stop.
Below there are the complete track and bus stops of The Tram 28 Lisbon itinerary.

How long does the tram 28 route take?

About one hour ride. Following the local website, the entire trip from Martim Monìz to Campo Ourique will take 37 minutes. Instead due the track is often shared with local vehicular traffic, it will take about 1 hour, more in some cases.

What time does Tram 28 start in Lisbon?

The ride starts at 5.40 am from Martim Moniz, every 10 to 15 minutes. Last Tram arrived running at 23.30 pm. On the weekend it will open 5 minutes later and the last run will be at 22.30. Check the timetable online, which can change accordingly.

How do I pay for the Lisbon tram?

On Board or with a Prepaid Card. The fare to take trams is 2,85 if you buy a single ticket journey, at local ticket machines or onboard. If you buy a Lisboa Card it will be free.
With a Local Transport Card, it costs 1,80€ for Busses and Trams, 1,40€ for metro. You can also buy a 24-hours ticket for public transport, for 6,40€, valid on Bus, Tram, Metro and Funicular. You can purchase this ticket at any metro station.

Does Tram 28 go to Belem?

No. If you want to reach Belem, you should take the Tram 15. There are many Tram Stops which you can stop by and wait for the 15, from the Baixa District or Praça do Comércio.

Walkthrough the Tram 28 Lisbon route

The extraordinary view from the Miraduros of Lisbon, special terrazas in the city

As promised we will give you the amazing walkthrough guide to the Tram 28 Lisbon route.

Like the tram, this guide will help you to spot the nearest interesting point to the tram stops. You can do this tour of Lisbon in two ways. Hop-on hop-off the Tram, using the Lisbon Tourist Travel Card, which gives you unlimited access to public transport for free or just walking following the track.

Feel free to stop by your favourite stops, we noted some cafes, restaurants, wine cellars and cute corners to relax a bit while going around Lisbon. You will be able to discover neighbourhoods like the Alfama, the most popular, but also the Ciado and Estrela. Those are off the beaten places to visit in Lisbon.

Why you should go for a Lisbon Tram Tour

It is true that going on a tour on the Tram E28 in Lisbon is really hard, but it can be interesting. Originally this tour wasn’t designed for touristic purposes, but to link different parts of the city, and make it easy for inhabitants to go back and further from hills to work.

Today this is the best tour you can make in Lisbon and is really cheap. While many other countries will have raised the prices, making it a proper tourist tour, this is still costing like the normal local public transport.

We suggest you take the tram early in the morning or just follow our itinerary below along the track and the stops of the Tram 28 Lisbon.

How many Lisbon Trams are there still today?

Tram 28 Lisbon - Through the streets of Estrela District

Not many cities are maintaining this old form of public transport, instead maybe for touristic purposes, Lisbon decided to save the carriage, and also make new, with technologic features.

The local authorities were right, today the Tram 28 is creating a particular economic supply chain, supporting the tourism actions. There is no time of the day when this tram is less crowded. Today there are still four tram lines using old carriage models. The 12,15, 18, 28 and obviously the 28 are giving this old fashion style to Lisbon nowadays. Just the number 15 from Belem District is operating also with new carriages.

Why should you use Lisbon Public Transport?

We always aim to be as sustainable as possible while travelling to a new place. Our movements are already provoking pollution, gaseous aggregates, and other pollutants. So, we prefer to visit a city walking, renting a bike, using public transport or going on electric vehicles.

You can visit Lisbon freely using public transport just buying a Lisbon Travel Card. You will get on board, and off from the bus and metro when you want. This will cut your transportation by half the time needed, and be environment friendly.

The card is worth it if you are going crazy up and down the hills, it will also offer you discounts for restaurants, museums and many other stores. Alternatively, the local transport is supported by a rechargeable card, that you top up in the metro station or at special tram stops. Check this out.

Where to stay in Lisbon


LV Premier Anjos AR | High price for one of the most interesting locations in Lisbon. Rich in features this place is ideal also for families.

Designer Apartment in one of Lisbon’s Trendiest Quarters | Not so far from the Chiado District, one of the trendiest accommodations featured in our guide. Check Availability and Prices.


Sweet Inn Apartments | Amazing apartments in the Alfama District, finely furnished with everything you need.

Check This!!! Dona Graca Lisbon Apartments | One of the best in our guide. Think about a white villa, with gardens and an amazing pool. Interesting. Good price and relaxing vacation. Check the photos.


Ribeira Tejo by Shiadu | A guest house within metres by the Commercial Square

Alfama Suite | A cosy apartment in the heart of Alfama from just 50$ per night

Lisbon Serviced Apartments | Basic apartments in the heart of Lisbon, near Marquis of Pombal Square


SafeStay Lisboa Hostel | A comfortable hostel close to Rossio Square.

Check this!!! Lisbon Central Hostel | Located in the Alfama District, this should be the name on your list of accommodation for budget travellers.

Lisbon Chillout Hostel | The Garden and fantastic atmosphere make it a good accommodation overall. The cheapest on the market with great features anyway. Check this Hostel for your next trip.

How to get to Lisbon from the Airport

BUS | The bus will take you from the outside of arrival at Lisbon airport, directly to the city centre in 45 minutes. This is the cheapest way to reach Lisbon. The ticket for the bus cost 4€.

TAXI | An alternative way to reach your accommodation in Lisbon is to hire a taxi. The ride will take approximately 30-45 minutes, and will cost about 10 euro. We always suggest you book your ride in advance, avoiding high fees for the season, raising prices, and scams. This is the cheapest Taxi Ride we found for you, and also the safest.

Check availability. You can also book an Uber from the Airport of Lisbon to the city centre. Check our code for a discount.


CAMERA | With beautiful landscapes, Lisbon is one of the cities that has inspired us at most. Please don’t leave your camera at home. Check our Camera Gear.

TRIPOD | This our priority in order to make better photos. Take with a tripod, we use a lightweight one, which you can carry without much troubles. Check our Tripod.

POWER BANK | Never run out of power. Carry with you an extra battery or a power bank like us. Check this budget one.

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE | Be environment friendly, don’t waste plastic. We use a chilly bottle, which we refill every time we can. Check what we suggest. Alternatively, spend a little more for a filtered water bottle.


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