18 thoughts on “Portugal, Instagrammable spots. Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro – Travel Photography

  1. Deeptha says:

    Lisbon is decidedly lively! There is so much to see and do. I like the view from Cristo Rei – beautiful. And you have captured some nice shots too.

  2. Cath PossesstheWorld says:

    We had a magical week in Portugal a couple of years ago, before instagrammable was even a word I think but you are right there are so many wonderful, colourful places full of character that make gorgeous pictures. I think I will go and pull a few out to add to my instagram account right now. Thanks for the inspiration to do so

  3. eli says:

    now this is my kind of post. Definitely going to come in handy when I finally go to Portugal later this summer! It seems like an Instagrammer’s dream

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