How to spend Christmas in Naples, Italy | A guide by locals

Talking about one of the best periods of the year, we thought that we have never written about it in our home town on our blog. Christmas in Naples, Italy is something really special. We think that there is no better period of the year to visit Naples, more than Christmas. The atmosphere of the city, change completely. The scenario is of a big party, with events that are taking place all over for the whole month of December and over in January after New Year’s Eve.

This will be a guide made by locals, to the best things to do at Christmas in Naples. An insider itinerary on how to spend Christmas in Naples, Italy. Forget about the classic things, Naples is special, and even if we highlighted a pizza tour, it is not the only thing where to go.

San Gregorio Armeno is the street of the art in Naples
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San Gregorio Armeno is the street of the art in Naples – Here you can visit the stores of the Master creators of the most important handmade nativity scene characters.

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Chrismas in Naples, a guide by locals

A proper inside guide to Naples in Christmas will include some of the best-hidden gems of the southern city. Some of the traditions that Naples and the inhabitant are following from generations and sims to be timeless. Christmas in Naples is unique, with glimpse lights sparkling everywhere.

The boroughs of the city dress to impress and everywhere the people are more happy than usual. You can clearly smell, see and feel the atmosphere. Every alley of Naples is full of stands selling any kind of goods in Christmas style. From the classic ball for the typical Xmas tree to the handmade nativity figures.

The food is another point of view over Christmas in Naples. The long culinary tradition of one of the most known cities in Italy come across with some of the best food for the period. Typical are the sweets, like the struffoli or roccocò, but also the cassata. Not everybody knows that Naples has got some of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

San Gregorio Armeno, the little alley in the core of the old town of Naples, the well known SpaccaNapoli, is the best example of art that winter in Naples has to offer. The old alley is where are all the nativity scene makers.

Naples Free Walking Tour
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Eat the cuoppo in the middle of the streets of Naples
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San Gregorio Armeno – Nativity Master alley

Close to the historic Via dei Tribunali, where all the best pizzerias of Naples are, there is San Gregorio Armeno. The well-known street of the old town of the city is the best place to visit in Naples at Christmas. The narrow alleys are where the character masters expose the masterpieces.

The nativity is a traditional representation of Jesus born place. Following the tradition, every family in Naples has one of it in their own house. San Gregorio Armeno is where you go to find unique pieces handmade.

Nativity scene at the Chiostro of Santa Chiara

Talking about the nativity scene, another location that you can’t miss in Naples at Christmas is the Chiostro of Santa Chiara. The cloister is dated back to 1300 and is one of the most suggestive places in the entire city. During Christmas time, the cloister host an important and huge Nativity scene, with over 200 metres of exposition.

Via Chiaia is one of the most buzzing part of Naples during christmas time
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Via Chiaia is one of the most buzzing parts of Naples during Christmas time, thanks to the shops open all-day

Stroll around Via Chiaia – Christmas in Naples

What is better than go shopping in the streets of Naples. Via Chiaia is one of the poshest areas of Napoli, just among the popular Via Roma and Via Toledo. After a visit to the close Piazza Plebiscito, you have to walk all the way down towards the Area of San Pasquale a Chiaia. During Christmas time the entire area is always filled with lights glittering and stripes of red and gold colour.

Write wishes in Galleria Umberto I

Walking through Via Roma, another important shopping street of Naples, you can see the amazing architecture of the Umberto I Gallery. This is a popular meeting point for locals, full of famous boutique and food shops. During Christmas time in Naples, in the middle of the Gallery, there is Xmas Tree. Locals use to write on a letter the best wishes and attach it to the fir. This is a kind of a tradition for everybody in Naples.

Naples, Piazza San Nazzaro - San Carlo's Piazza
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Naples, Piazza San Nazzaro – San Carlo’s Piazza

Attend a ballet show at Teatro San Carlo

This is one of the oldest theatres in Europe and the World. Dated back to 1737 is one of the biggest in Italy was used as a model for some of the best theatres in Europe. The building is close to Piazza Plebiscito, in an amazing square called Piazza Trieste e Trento. This is a must-do in Naples for opera lovers. During Christmas, the theatre is open to the public with important performances like the Schiaccianoci. It is not easy to find tickets, but you can try them on the website in advance.

Eat the Cuoppo | Typical Neapolitan Street Food

It is not the perfect visit to Naples without trying the food. This is not just one of the best cultural cities in Italy, but also a culinary “Mecca” for food lovers. Naples has a rich tradition in street food, made by the passion for handmade dishes and the quickest way to cook it and eat on the way. You can see all the best street food tours in Naples, and take part in around 20 Euro. This is the best way to taste food from Naples.

The “Cuoppo” is actually coming from the fisherman origins of the city. It is mainly made with fresh seafood, like prawns, ring squids and baby squids, anchovies. Everything is fried in hot oil at a high temperature. The packaging is what give the name to the product. The “cuoppo” is a cone shape, severely made in paper, that can absorb excessive oil. In origin, it was made by old newspaper pages rolled in a cone shape.

The cuoppo is a typical Neapolitan street food that you can eat while walking through the streets. It's easy to find shops that sell the cuppo, a cone-shaped filled with seafood or other fried products.
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A tipical Italian food table for Christmas in Naples
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A typical Italian food table for Christmas in Naples

Try the typical Roccocò or struffoli | Christmas in Naples

Naples is for many the city with the best street food in the whole of Italy. Many people love to take food tours for a small group, going around the little alleys of the city, tasting delicious traditional Neapolitan food. (Check some tours that we suggest)
The Roccocò and the Struffoli are typical Christmas sweets. It’s kind of cake, hard to chew. The roccocò is a rounded kind of cake with almond in it. The preparation is really hard, and any family has its way to serve it, coming from the tradition handed down in the family. The same is for the Struffoli, that is instead, small sweet rounded pieces, with a glaze of honey around. So good.
There are many bakeries in the city that prepare it for the whole Christmas period. Those are called “Pasticceria”, you can buy portions of any size.

Walk in the Vomero Christmas Market of Naples

This area of Naples at Christmas time reminds me of when I was just a kid. With my family, every weekend we use to walk up and down the Vomero Streets, enjoying the Christmas Market. The stands are filled with all the typical products of the period, for you will be the best occasion to buy a little souvenir from Naples. There is everything to fill your desire for Christmas shopping. From street food as Pizza to handcrafted Christmas balls.

Vomero is not ideal just at Christmas time, because of the typical market. It is one of the poshest areas in Naples, and you will find yourself random explore the surrounding, enjoying it. There are a few bars that are always busy, with locals buzzing inside and outside, one of them that we feel to suggest to you is the Archivio Storico. Taste a great glass of wine in a typical Neapolitan cellar with salumi dishes is the perfect Christmas Aperitief in Naples.

The beautiful view of Naples from the panoramic terrazza
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Admire the city from the terrace of Castel Sant’Elmo

Just going up the hills of Vomero, the area where is one of the most charming Christmas Markets in Naples, you will see an amazing Castle. On the top of Castel Sant’Elmo, you can enjoy a perfect view of Naples, with the Bay and the Vesuvius main subjects of this beautiful picture. In front of the castle, there is a terrace, where locals love to hang out with a beautiful panorama.

This is one of the most romantic places in Naples. If you are exploring the city like a local, Castel Sant’Elmo needs to be of the places to visit, even for the first time in Naples.

Sea food for christmas time in Naples
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Naples Fish Market Christmas Eve

This is a proper tradition in any family of the city and surrounding towns. The night before Christmas Eve, every family goes to the Fish Market in central Naples.

It is hosted in the borough close to the central train station Piazza Garibaldi. This beautiful, colourful, buzzing, busy and folkloristic market has a wides selection of fish, oysters and shellfishes. Here is where you can find the proper Neapolitan liveliness. The market is open every day, it is one of the most known fish markets in the city, but on Christmas Eve night, it becomes lively when the lights go down.

This is when the boats come with fresh products ready to be sold. If you want to visit this place, you have to look for Porta Nolana. It is an awesome scenario, with the old walls of the city and the main entrance door as a view. This is the perfect place to practice your street photography with enhanced colours and lively scenes.

Bonfire Night at the “Befana” in Piazza Mercato

Not properly in the Christmas period, you will say. But in Naples, by tradition, the Christmas period will start around the 22, when there are school holidays until the 6th of January. Such a long period, it is true, but it carries a time of the year dedicated to the celebrations for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the first day of the year and the Befana.

The last of this list is known as the wife of Santa Claus, or in Italian Babbo Natale. This is a typical tradition in Italy, that you can’t find in any other part of the world. It matches with the arrive of the arrival of the three kings at the Jesus cave. In Naples, this traditional day is known as the Befana, where every good kid has got as a present a sock full of sweets.

In Naples, there is a huge celebration that attracts people from everywhere. A bonfire night, with the lighting of the witch in the middle of the square. If you are interested in it, you have to go to Piazza Mercato. There is a huge market selling any kind of good, especially toys for kids. It is busy and is not easy to reach in that night. But the scenario of one of the major churches of Naples is stunning.

The Real Napolitan shapes in the Catacombs of San Gennaro

If you don’t know who is St. Gennaro, you need to start from here to understand Naples. There is an essential link between the patron saint of the city and the inhabitants. Visiting the Catacombs of San Gennaro, you will enter the heart of Naples, understanding and learning about the close bond of faith between the city and its Saint. It is a trip in the tradition, religion and history that will leave you breathless.

Day trips from Sorrento - Visit Amalfi Coast
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Take a day trip to Sorrento in Christmas

Sorrento is one of the most underrated cities close to Naples. This post will enhance the beauty of this city on the coast especially at Christmas time. The best time to visit Sorrento is in Summertime when you can enjoy the beaches and the long stretch of coastline, with the high cliffs towards Amalfi. But Sorrento is more.

You will be surprised that locals from Naples, use to enjoy a couple of nights in the Christmas period in Sorrento. The city is surprisingly beautiful with lights everywhere that attract many people. Staying in Naples, Italy on Christmas, will be a good idea to plan a short trip to Sorrento at Christmas.

Book a table at one of the fancy restaurants with an amazing view and enjoy the shops in the little alleys of the historic city centre. Sorrento is away just an hour from Naples, taking the train. The Vesuviana will take you from the main train station of Naples, Piazza Garibaldi to the centre of Sorrento, for less than 5 euro.

Salerno lights italy luci d artista napoli
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Watch the Christmas lights in Salerno

Salerno is the city of the Christmas Lights. It is estimated that the city attracts millions of tourists every year in the Christmas period just to watch the amazing lights. The city council, start to organize this event months before. The lights are proper artworks, with artists from everywhere. There is a light garden with animals, a sky of lights, the churches completely lighted and many more attractions. There is a properly planned itinerary around the lights, that you can follow from a starting point to another.

Salerno is worth a visit at Christmas, the second city of Campania, is away just an hour taking a train from the main train station of Naples, Piazza Garibaldi. From the same train station, you can take even the fastest train, with Italo, that will take you there in half an hour.

Cava de' Tirreni is one of the most suggestive villages in Italy
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The arcades of Cava de Tirreni, Naples – One of the most suggestive villages in Italy, it is for us a hidden gem of Italy

Cava de’ Tirreni – Christmas in an old hamlet

Cava de’ Tirreni is a hamlet in the mountains around Salerno. This is one of our favourite boroughs in the Napoli area. The city overlooks the valley, with a natural surrounding that will be beautiful to snap. At Christmas time, the little borough attracts mostly locals, with lights and special events for the period.

The city centre is mainly made by one alley, with arcades on both sides and the little shops selling any kind of goods. Cava de’ Tirreni is a little hidden gem in Italy, not many know this city. If you are here you are looking for insider tips, and local knowledge to have the best Christmas time in Naples.

Experience Cava de’ Tirreni with the locals, buy food at the market and have dinner at their house.

Scavi di Ercolano - Herculaneum Ruins - Naples
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Visit the Archeological site of Herculaneum

Many people will argue that Pompeii is the most known archaeological site in the World. But, maybe not everybody knows that one of the most preserved is actually Herculaneum, which is even closest to Naples. Herculaneum was an old Roman city, covered by magma and ashes by the eruption of the Volcano Vesuvius. Today this city is called Ercolano and it’s born by the ashes of the prestigious roman town.

Visiting Herculaneum you will also discover the museum dedicated to the eruption. It is an interactive path, worth to be visited. The ticket to the entrance for the Archeological site of Herculaneum is also cheapest than Pompeii. A fast-entrance ticket with an Archeologist will cost around 35 euro (Check it here!)

Priority Entrance for 19 Euro
Herculaneum + Vesuvius Excursion from Naples for 55 Euro
With the 3 Day Pass, you will have access to Archeological Sites and Naples Museums for 32 Euro.

pizza classes in naples italy
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Go for a pizza tour in Naples

Here we go for the first thing you are looking for once you have booked the trip to Naples. Is always time for pizza in Naples. We can assure you that pizza at lunch is incredible, and we enjoy more than an evening. For a proper local guide about the best pizza in Naples, check it here.

Pizza is coming from Naples, and you can actually eat it in any kind of version. It is born as street food, and the best way is to eat at “portafoglio”, basically folded in four pieces. Recently are opening gourmet pizzerias in Naples. Revisited versions of the tradition, but really good and tasty as well. We suggest you go for a pizza tour in Naples, in order to experience the real taste. If you want a full experience check for our list of the best Pizza Masterclasses in Naples.

Visit the Underground of Naples with a lunch or dinner with Pizza. Best deal for 26 Euro.

Naples Arte Card – Access for 3 Days to Museums, Archeological sites

Looking at a cultural and relaxing time in Naples at Christmas, we suggest you buy an Arte Card. This is an insider tip that will save you a few bucks. With Naples Arte Card you will have access to almost all the museums in Naples, included the Royal Palace and some of the best churches. Also, you can go for free, included in your pass to visit the Archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, also hiking the Vesuvius and visit some of the best Villas on the coastline.

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