When we first landed in Spain in Spring, the temperature was unbelievably hot for us, used to the poor weather conditions of London, windy and rainy. Maybe was that the time when we decided to move to Spain for a little while. In this post, we will tell you some of the reasons why you should go for a spring break in Spain. Just 8 cities where to enjoy the holidays for the period that is going from the middle of March to May.

Spain Spring Break is not just a slogan but is a mood. Keep the sun inside you and be ready for proper summer weather. It is real and not a legend that in spring you lay on the beach of Malaga or Valencia, walkthrough Madrid in shorts and get a tan in Barcelona. But our guide to the Spring Break to Spain will also be a post for nature lovers, finding in Cuenca, in the middle of the Country the perfect place where relax body and mind.

The best locations for a Spring Break in Spain

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Malaga
  • Sevilla
  • Cadiz
  • Mallorca
  • Ibiza

Madrid Spring Break

The Capital of Spain is the ideal location to visit all year. Right in the middle of the country, Madrid could be really hot in summer with temperatures over 40 degrees in August. If you want to experience the best the city we suggest going for a Spring break in Madrid. Organising a trip in April or May could be the best idea, a perfect way to enjoy the city and relax. Madrid has a lot to offer, and like other parts of Spain has a lively nightlife.

If your idea of Spring Break in Madrid is to party and enjoy the nights, Spanish people are always up for parties. Enjoy a pint outside the local pubs, enjoy the tapas, and the typical little dishes, and dance until the next morning.

Madrid is not just parties but is also a cultural hub. We suggest you book the ticket for the most important Spanish Museum, the Museo Do Prado. A lovely walk in the beautiful park of Madrid, the Parque del Retiro is a must-do in the city. The Beautiful Palacio de Cristal and the pond with the little boat is the romantic scenario of Madrid.

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Spring Break in Barcelona

Spring Break in Barcelona
The Spring Break in Barcelona will make you enjoy the beach, nice food and cold beers.

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in Spain, lively and remembers me in my home town of Naples, in Italy. Barcelona is amazing in Summer when the temperatures go up and you can enjoy the beautiful Barceloneta, the big beach in Barcelona.

Visiting Barcelona without discovering the gems of the city is impossible. From the Sagrada Familia to Casa Battlò and Parc Guell, Barcelona has incredible attractions to visit. If you are looking for a fun Spring Break, we suggest visiting the area around the seaside. There are many disco clubs, pubs, restaurants and night clubs in Barcelona is just crazy as its inhabitants.

For more information about the city, check our guide on how to rock a spring break in Barcelona.

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Ponte de las flores Valencia
How beautiful is the Puente de las Flores, translated it is the Bridge of the flowers. The colourful bridge that crosses the two sides of Valencia. Match the spring colours of Valencia with your outfit, pack well planning a spring break in Spain.

Valencia Spring Break

Valencia is a huge city, and last time we discovered it we get lost many times. The Architecture of the city is just insanely beautiful. We lost count of how many pictures we took, that our cameras were almost burning out.

Valencia for a Spring Break is a good idea if you want to go deep in the Spanish culture. The city is right in the middle between the Catalan way and the Castilian mindset. We have fallen in Love with Valencia, ending up spending more days than we had in our plan.

Easter in Valencia, Spain is the best period to visit the city, the inhabitants are excited for the period and the city looks stunning with many activities taking place. Visiting Valencia in Spring we suggest focussing your attention on a few important sights. Visit the Art and Science area, with the Tropical Garden close by.

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malaga park from the city center to the seaside
The Sea Port of Malaga is awesome, you have to discover the great Park around the seaside

Malaga Spring Break

This is a city that has hosted us as an expatriate and digital nomad in 2019. We are in love with Malaga, the beaches, the food, the people and the culture. The city of Pablo Picasso is the ideal spot for a Spring Break in Spain. The climate conditions of Malaga make it a favourite location for the holidays of Americans, British and German.

The little towns around Malaga, the named Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia are crowded with Tourists from Spring to Summer. The Spanish Easter is amazing, and in Malaga, you will fill the taste of tradition with the long celebrations that are taking place all around the city, with parades and religious processions.

Visiting Malaga for a Spring Break we suggest you look out also for an amazing Easter in Granada, Spain. Away just 3 hours by car, Granada is a city to pin on your map. The Moorish origins have given to this place a lot of legends and a unique atmosphere, visit the Alhambra, the awesome Alcazaba on the top of the hill.

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Seville itinerary 3 days - Plaza de Espana

Easter in Seville Spain

After Malaga, Sevilla is one of the biggest cities in Andalucia. Planning a Spain spring break you should consider Sevilla as a trip to make. Easter in Seville Spain is amazing like in Malaga, the religious traditions make this city unique. The architectonic buildings of Seville will fill your holiday schedule from day one.

Spring is the best time of the year to visit the city, because in Summer, like in Madrid the temperature reaches high levels. Seville is frequently definite as the frying pan of Spain, for the hottest weather in Summer. We visited Seville in spring. In March we were already in shorts, with temperatures around 30 degrees. Sevilla Spring Break is a must-do. 

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Cadiz Landscape is something you have to see in your two weeks itinerary of Spain
Cadiz Landscape is something you have to see in your two weeks itinerary of Spain

Visit Cadiz in Spring

One of the most underrated cities in Spain is Cadiz. Often under the shade of the nearby Seville, Cadiz is a little city for three quarter surrounded by the sea. If you are travelling in Southern Spain you should not miss this city at all. Cadiz is a cheap underrated city, ideally to spend a few days relaxing, walking on the seaside and enjoy the infinite landscapes.

Visit Cadiz in Spring if you want to enjoy the calm and quiet atmosphere of the city centre. Nice to visit in Cadiz the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, the central market and the beach of La Caleta. Despite what you think, you can enjoy sunbathing in Cadiz since March, thanks to the hot wind coming from the African Continent that is right in front of Cadiz. This city is also the perfect location for windsurfers. If you are looking for an adventure in the Oceanside Coast of Cadiz, we suggest you check our guide on kitesurfing in Tarifa, Spain.

Sa Dragonera Island in the Balearic is one of the most gorgeous landscapes in Europe

Mallorca Spring Break

The Balearic Islands have always been a favourite location for travellers from everywhere in the world. Not many people know that if you won’t enjoy at the best the Balearic Island the best period to visit it is during spring. The young generations know very well the Mallorca Spring Break style. Parties, Music, beaches and crazy stuff are waiting for you in Mallorca.

A Sunset on the beach
A day trip to Ibiza is possible from Valencia. Thanks to the 6 hours transfer by boat from the city port of Valencia, you can reach Ibiza Town, go for a party and come back the day after. Visit Ibiza in Spring.

Ibiza Spain Spring Break

The other popular island of the Balearic Archipelago, Ibiza is what you need for a proper Spain spring break. Ibiza is an island of fun, drink, night club, dance and amazing wildlife and beaches. We have explored the island all over, watching breathtaking landscapes, discovered dreamy hidden beaches and admiring unique sunset.

Ibiza is a peculiar island suitable for all kinds of travellers. Doesn’t matter if you are a backpacker, an adventurer, a couple who travel or a solo traveller, Ibiza has something for everybody. A Spring Break in Ibiza is the ideal in order to have a bit of everything. Organize a week in Ibiza in Spring enjoying the good weather, a few drinks and unique experiences.

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Spring in Spain - Spring break in Spain

When is Spring Break Holidays in Spain

Last few days of winter in Spain are rainfall, the sunshine is coming from mid-April. When the first flowers are starting to bloom, the temperatures go up and everything around is becoming beautiful and colourfully.

I need to note that we can’t compare the temperatures of Northern Spain with the South. Madrid could be a little bit cooler in April, compared to Malaga, where during the day there are already 25 degrees.

Instead, if you are looking for a nice place to ski in Spring, Southern Andalusia is still a place were looking for. We found snow on the top of the Sierra Nevada, a huge mountainous complex close to Granada. It was insane that in about 20 minutes we were from the cold snowy mountains to the warm seaside of Andalusia.

If you are looking for something unusual to experience in Spring, we suggest you watch out for Andalusia. This awesome landscape will give you the best of both worlds, winter and early spring.

Easter week in Spain

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If your plan for this spring is to choose a place where could be warm and easy-going. Spain will be the perfect location for you. Spending a whole period of time on holiday in Spain during the rebirth season will relax your body and your mind. Even a short term in Spain will recharge the batteries after the long winter.

While we are always willing to help you experience the best period of the year in a country. We hope that you can consider spending the Easter week in Spain, planning the spring break in Europe. This period of the year is full of celebration that will fulfil your plan head.

Check out some of the best Easter Festival in Spain, as we said before are characterized by long weeks of processions and celebrations. The Semana Santa processions are locally known as “penance processions”. Often those involve members of a closed group, and you will see processions of men hooded through the streets of the cities. Like in Malaga for the Salud brotherhood procession.

Unique experiences during the Spring Break in Spain

Aereal view of Mijas - Andalucia - Spain

Spain is well known as the land of parties. From the crazy night in the clubs of Ibiza to the most traditional celebrations in the major cities of Spain. Your next spring break in Spain could be interesting if planned in one of those periods. Between the end of February to March, in Cadiz, the amazing old town on the coast host one of the most popular carnivals of the country.

Still spending our time in Andalusia, we can suggest you visit the Feria de Sevilla and the Feria de Jerez. Both celebrations are in April, and as well as involve the whole cities. The Feria de Jerez is taking place just outside of the city centre. It attracts many tourists as well every year. During the Easter week, the two biggest cities of Andalucia, Malaga and Sevilla see the traditional procession.

The statues of the Saints of the city are taken in procession for the narrow streets of the city centre. You can visit Madrid, the Capital of Spain in May. This is the best period to spend a spring break in Spain, getting into the mood of celebrations and experiencing the local life. Valencia the other great city on the coast of Spain, is ideal for a March break in Europe. Las Fallas a traditional carnival comic celebration through the streets of Valencia.

Just a heads up, when you find online specifications like Semana Santa, it is meaning Easter week in Spanish.

Carnival of Cadiz | At the end of February

fancy-dress costumes (in Cadiz they are known as tipos), some of them real works of art. The locals put their hearts and souls into what is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the city, and perhaps the most fun-filled and entertaining of all the Spanish carnivals.

Compared with the spectacular nature of other carnival celebrations, the light-hearted fun and entertainment of the Carnival of Cadiz make it a unique fiesta which is well worth getting to know.

And there is no lack of other events during this time to ensure that the days of Carnival in Cadiz are complete.

The whole city is involved. This is a perfect time to get to know it and to enjoy the inventiveness and sense of fun of the people of Cadiz.

Las Fallas in Valencia | Between February and March

Visiting Valencia in Spring you should know that there are around 3 entire weeks of parties and exhibitions in Valencia, during March every year. Las Fallas celebrations are a tradition in Valencia, a huge Festival that involves the whole city and inhabitants. The best period to visit this ancient celebration is at the end, four days open to everyone, with amazing fireworks in the sky of Valencia.

A parade of funny artistic figures, often symbolize politician and popular people, take place in the city centre streets. Here a pool of Judge choice the bests, who is not in the list of the best pieces of art, get burned in a bonfire night in the centre of Valencia.

Semana Santa in Malaga|Easter Week

Malaga has been our house for nearly six months, and we loved so much this city on the coast of Spain. The Semana Santa is absolutely a time of the year to visit Malaga, because of the fierce of Tradition and the huge celebrations that take the whole city in the centre.

If you are visiting Malaga in Spring, you should know that the Semana Santa is the period that goes through Easter. The Holy Week in Malaga is an ancient tradition that today attracts millions of visitors every year to the capital of Costa del Sol. Experience the passion that the locals puts in their traditions and handed down from generation to generation.

La Feria del Caballo de Jerez | The Horse Feria of Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera is well known for the World MotoGP Championship. But this city has got another amazing event that you should look out planning a Spain Spring Break. The Feria of Jerez or well known also as La Feria del Caballo de Jerez is a traditional event taking place outside the city, that attract many tourists and horse lovers from everywhere. This amazing and huge fair has been named as “ Fiestas of International tourist interest of Spain” by the Ministry of Industry of the Country.

If you are visiting Jerez in Spring, during the Feria of Jerez is best that you go inside some of the Casetas. Those are kind of clubs, where you can drink, dance and eat. The Casetas of Jerez are free to enter for everyone, despite the Casetas of the Feria of Sevilla are forbidden the access to external (Not all the casetas are that strict).

La feria de Abril en Sevilla – The April Feria of Seville

The Feria de Abril of Sevilla is maybe one of the most attended occasions. People from everywhere reach the city to enjoy a few days of funny events.

The April Feria of Seville is a big party that involve casetas. Those are kind of exclusive clubs for people of a borough, association, or friends. Some casetas doesn’t allow external to get in, a few are free, others are invite-only. Inside the casetas, you will find everything from a theme dance night, to a traditional music atmosphere. In the casetas, you can drink, eat and party.

Check a few information more about the Feria de Abril en Sevilla

Reasons to Spend Your Spring Break in Spain

  • Fiestas
  • Best weather in Europe in Spring
  • Beach and awesome sunset
  • Less touristy than summertime
  • Cheap holidays

Spain is well known for its parties. The typical word in order to make friends in Spain is Fiesta. Associated with beer, alcohol and long days on the beach. Spending a little spring break in Spain, you will understand what is meaning to have the best weather in Europe.

People, especially in Southern Spain, the part of the peninsula that is facing Morocco, starting to go on the beach since march. Every year. The temperatures are amazing, and let you enjoy the sun and a swim. If you are not the kind of person that loves the beach, don’t worry, you can still enjoy a romantic sunset. 

Instagrammable Spots in Valencia Spain - Discover Valencia by bike

Compared to summer, Spring is less touristy. You will find some places just for yourself and enjoy a little more every experience in Spain in Spring. Being a non-peak season, like summer, it will help you to save a few bucks. Spring is generally not only less crowded, but also less expensive.

Locations like Ibiza, Mallorca or Barcelona are really overpriced during July and August. In Spring will cost you almost half the price. Yes, Spring seems a Sale period for Spain.

Spring Sports in Spain


I have seen some of the best natural landscapes driving through the hills of Spain. After a long time travelling around the country, I understood that Spring is the best for hikes. The nice weather and long days in terms of natural light allow your long walks and hikes up to the best hills and mountains of Spain.

The country also offers many opportunities for sports in general. Think about cycling in the green hills of Spain, reaching a vineyard for fresh air and amazing wine tasting.

Locations like Tarifa or Cadiz are the ideal to try surfing and don’t forget to taste the amazing seafood. Costa del Sol is also known as one of the favourite places in Europe for playing golf. In the area just outside of Malaga, there are some of the best golf courses and clubs. Visiting Spain in Spring will be the best chance to ride a horse on the green hills, or at sunset on the beach.

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Spring Break on the beaches in Spain

Day trips from Malaga - Andalusia - Spain

I spoke already how is amazing the weather in Spain in winter, it is maybe the best time to enjoy the strips of fine sand and the blue sea. The south of Spain has some of the most popular beaches in Europe. The Costa del Sol has been chosen as retreat land for many expatriates most of the Brits and Germans.

We suggest you check out little towns like Nerja, Mijas or Torremolinos to enjoy the best of the beaches of Spain. Barcelona has got one of the best long beaches in Spain, Barceloneta, with many clubs, bars and café where to enjoy a sunset sitting outside.

On the southern coast, you will also find, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Almeria worth to be visited for the beaches and quality of life. From those locations, you can also organize day trips to some of the most picturesque towns, known as Pueblos Blancos, the most famous is Ronda, an hour away from Malaga.

What to know before visiting Spain for a Spring Break

most beautiful cities in Spain
The wheel of Malaga gives you the welcome into the city. It is in the main square, close to the Information Point

There are many things you have to know before visiting Spain, doesn’t matter which period you are, those are assumptions that are proved by us, living there for a while.

The public transport system is really efficient, the buses are on time and you have a clue of how long you can wait for a bus at the stop. Same for the Trains, thanks to the efficiency of the local company Renfe. The prices for transportation are high in our opinion, but the service is good.

Spanish is not the only language spoken in Spain. While there are many dialects, the Catalan widely spoken in the southern part of the country is recognized as a language and mainly spoken in Barcelona. Street Names, signal, menu, official documentation are often in double languages were spoken differently from Spanish. In the Balearic Islands and Valencia, there are variations of the Catalan and are also considered as official languages.

In the north of Spain is spoken Basque in the Basque Countries, like Bilbao or San Sebastian. The Galician is spoken in the cities of the homonyms country, and in cities like Vigo and Santiago, this region is the closest to Portugal and you can recognise some similarities.

wanderful spots in malaga in Spring - Spring Break in Spain

Are you spending a Spring break in Spain and you want to learn a few words in Spanish here we go:

Spring Break in Spanish is = Vacaciones de primavera
Hello = Hola
How are you = Como estas
Where is the bank? =  Dónde está el banco?
Do you have wifi? = Tienes wifi?
Can I have a beer? =  Una cerveza por favor
Where is the beach? =  Dónde está la playa?
Do you speak english? =  Habla usted Inglés?

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