The first thing we are always looking for when travelling is the perfect souvenir to bring back to our families. In this guide, we will help you to find the best souvenirs from London perfect to make your family or friends happy! London is expensive but we included some on a budget souvenir which won’t cost more than £5. Instead of buying stupid things like classic fridge magnetic, you can check some suggestions from us for souvenir in London!

Ah, don’t forget to buy something for us as well 🙂 

The first couple of years we were bringing to our families many souvenirs from London and we wish we had this guide to help us out. Buying a single gift for someone is never easy and every time we are worried to buy the wrong one. Below you will find many ideas which will help you to decide which one is the best gift from London England.

What are the best souvenirs in London? 

When it comes to buying the perfect souvenir in London, everyone will get a bit crazy. You never know what’s the ideal gift to buy but as Londoners, we have the perfect list of the best souvenirs from London. 

We put together this list which is not the typical one you would expect. A souvenir is something that will remember a particular place, memory or person so it’s important to buy the right souvenir in London.

The average cost of souvenirs in London 

London is expensive but if you know where to go and what to look for, you might find cheap souvenirs from London. Keep in mind that if you want to buy something typical of this gorgeous city, you will need to spend a bit more. For a lovely and useful souvenir from London, prices start from £5 (a magnetic coaster) and can reach even £30.

Souvenir's places in London - Camden Town

Best souvenirs from London England

Reusable shopping bag

Nowadays the impact of plastic in our everyday life is enormous. If you really want to make the difference, start with a simple gift from London like a reusable shipping bag. It’s the perfect souvenir from London which will make you stand out with your family and friends. 

You can buy it almost everywhere even from Accessories but if you are strolling around Notting Hill and Portobello road, we suggest you check the shops around. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | To Home from London, Harrods, Portobello Road, Selfridges 

Cushion Cover

Love at first sight. Who doesn’t love to have a particular cushion cover on their bed or sofa? In London, in many gift shops, you can choose between many different souvenirs and design which will make your gift even more special. There are some places where you can even personalize it with some phrases or even with names. Pop in the below shops and you will see how many ideas you can get for the perfect gift from London. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | To home from London, Cath Kidston

Where to buy the best souvenirs from London 1

Book souvenir

I always thought that a book souvenir is the best present ever. If your best friend or your parents love reading a good book, in London there are so many places where you can buy it. 

You might want to buy Harry Potter’s book or any other type of books that your friend or even yourself, may like! Below you will find all our suggestions for the best places to buy book souvenirs in London. 

A couple of books might take a lot of space in your bag but it’s absolutely one of the best gifts/souvenirs from London to bring back home. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | Daunt Books, Hatchards, Waterstones, Foyles

Magnetic Coasters - Souvenirs from London

Magnetic coasters

Have you ever thought about something useful and at the same time cute? Every time I make myself a tea and I pick my magnetic coaster, I admire the beautiful London landscape and think about how beautiful this city is. There are so many places where you can buy it but my favourite is To Home from London with their handmade design and lovely colours. Make sure you pop into one of their stores before you go and grab the perfect souvenirs from London for your family and friends. (Be ready to spend a lot of money as all their souvenirs are super cute and originals)

TIPS | They have more than one shop so, don’t worry if you are taking the train back home. In King’s Cross St. Pancras there is a small shop where you can pop in before your train departs. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | To Home from London

Cath Kidston souvenirs 

Cath Kidston stores in West London have unique items with a vintage touch. They got their own prints and products and if you are visiting their stories, you will find vintage souvenirs with a modern twist. 

You will find an entire section inspired by London. Starting from backpacks, luggage, umbrellas, wallets, glasses, crockery and even more. 

Hard Rock Shop souvenir of London 

I’m pretty sure that everyone has a friend who is obsessed with the Hard Rock souvenirs. I personally have two t-shirts and a jumper from Madrid, Paris and Prague. It’s one of these souvenirs that are never passing away. While in London, why don’t you check out the Hard Rock shop and see if there is something that you might like. 

If your friend is a huge fan of this brand this might be good souvenirs from London for them. 

Postcards from London - Where to find the best souvenirs from London


A postcard is another way to remember a good trip to London. You might think that it’s an old or classy souvenir to bring to someone but actually, they are not. Buying a postcard with London landmarks and writing at the back something nice for the person you are bringing to, it’s the perfect souvenir from London. 

There are so many places where you can buy it even from a regular souvenir shop in the middle of the city centre but below you will find our favourite ones. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | To home from London, Harry Potter shop, Waterstones, Paperchase, WH Smith, Clintons, Cards Galore. 

London landmarks badges

When I used to go to school back in Italy, all my friends knew that I loved small badges/pins to attach to my backpack. I had so many that sometimes I had to choose which one to put on. In London, there are so many shops selling those cute and stylish pins. You can find so many different types starting from the royal Queen to the Beatles. 

If we haven’t convinced you yet, wait to see them and we’ll assure you that you’re going to buy them all. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | To home from London, Primark  

Harrods London Souvenirs

Tea set

If you’ve been in London for a couple of days you know that around 5 o’clock, it’s tea time. You can experience yourself a little Christmas afternoon tea and bring something nice back home. I bet when it comes to winter, you will enjoy that hot cup of tea. London is famous for its tea and for the afternoon tea time, that’s why you can’t leave the country without experiencing one and buying some tea boxes.

WHERE TO BUY IT | TWG Tea Leicester Square, Fortnum & Mason

Hamleys gift

If you want to buy something special and cute for your kids or your grandchildren, Hamleys is the right place. An entire shop of more than 2 floors has plenty of toys and theme games which everyone, even adults, loves! You will find many famous characters like Star Wars, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Barbie, Harry Potter and many more. 

It’s barely hard to miss this shop as is located in the heart of the city centre, in Regent Street. Passing by this shop you will hear music and people performing a little show outside the door. Step inside and enjoy this wonderful toy shop! 

WHERE TO BUY IT | Hamleys 

Typical London Mugs

Who doesn’t love mugs? I bet you would love to wake up, enjoy your cup of coffee and remember your time in London. You will find many souvenirs of London but mugs need to be on the top of your souvenir list! There are so many shops selling them but be careful as many of these, they will charge you more. If you go to Starbucks for a coffee, wander around and check their collection as they always have a mug collection about the city you’re visiting. 

Those mugs are nice and with a modest price but, if you want to stand out and bring the best souvenir of London, head to To Home From London shop and spend the best £10 ever! 

TIPS | If you are visiting Primark, which I’m pretty sure you will, they have theme mugs like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones! 

WHERE TO BUY IT | Primark, To Home From London, Starbucks

Harry Potter Souvenirs - Best gifts from London

Harry Potter souvenirs

It’s almost impossible to leave London without checking the famous Harry Potter locations and of course, buy some souvenirs. I remember that the first time my best friend came to London, she bought mainly Harry Potter’s souvenirs! I can’t blame her.

Being in London and don’t buying Harry Potter souvenirs is like leaving the city without visiting the London Eye. I mean, you can’t! So, keep in mind all the things to buy from London and this includes Harry Potter souvenirs. 

If you are a real fan of Harry Potter, in the famous shop next to King’s Cross-platform, you can buy everything you wish. From the wand, mugs, jumpers, necklace to keychain and books. The shop might be a bit overpriced as you are in King’s Cross, just next to the platform where you can take the famous picture with the trolley and the scarf. Overpriced or not, it’s absolutely worth buying the best souvenirs from London. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | King’s Cross-Platform, Primark

Best food souvenirs from London 

Fortnum and Mason souvenirs from London

Cookies, shortbreads and biscuits

If you are not sure what to buy you can always opt for food. In this case, we are talking about typical cookies, shortbreads and biscuits. There is nothing wrong with bringing a little taste from London to home. Fortnum and Mason bake daily cookies which are super delicious. It’s a gorgeous idea if you want a long-lasting London souvenir. The good thing is that you can buy them in a box and re-use it once the cookies are gone. You can choose from many flavours, from Pistachio to Salted Caramel and all of them are really nice. 

Another typical place that you might hear of, it’s Ben’s Cookies. Every day they bake all sorts of cookies, in fact, you will find the classic double chocolate and nuts or white chocolate and matcha. Along your London itinerary you will find several locations selling them so don’t forget to buy a couple of these and have the best souvenir of London! 

TIPS | For a magical touch and to impress someone, head to Biscuiteers. You will find amazing personalized biscuits which will come handy if you are looking for the best gift from London! 

Chocolates at M&M’s world store

If you are in London, one of the best places where you can get chocolate, it’s in the M&M’s World store. The only one in Europe and of course is in London.  Located in Leicester Square, the M&M’s shop opened in 2011 with 4 floors full of chocolate, souvenirs and London-themed products. 

If you want to buy something here, we suggest you check carefully before going to the till. You can fill a bag with all the types of chocolate but be aware that a small portion might cost you even £10. (But it’s worth it as they got all the type of chocolates)

Q&A of the best souvenirs in London 

Where can I buy souvenirs in London?

Westminster Abbey Shop
Cutty Sark Shop
National Maritime Museum Shop
National Gallery Museum Shop

What can you only get in the UK?

Harrods Teddy Bear
Buckingham Palace souvenirs
English landmark Keychain
British tea
Cadbury’s Chocolate

What should I buy in London?

An Umbrella from James Smith & Sons
Harrods Teddy Bear
A Hat from Portobello Road
Bomb Bath in Lush Shop
Buckingham Palace Souvenirs

What are the most popular souvenirs?

Fridge Magnets
Tea Box

Best places to buys souvenirs in London

M&M’s World Shop
To Home from London
Cath Kidston
Fortnum & Mason
Portobello Road
Notting Hill 

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Best souvenirs of London
Best souvenirs from London
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