It is impossible to think about holidays in Italy without thinking about great food. It is true the beautiful southern Europe country has got one of the best cuisines in the World. Talking about Florence, your mind can go straight away to the chance to learn some tricks of the traditional Italian cuisine. That’s why you have to go to a cooking class in Florence, Italy. Below you will find some of our own point of view about the cuisine in Italy, and the reasons why you should book a cooking class in Florence, Italy.

Your itinerary in the city of Dante, Michelangelo and many other artists need to include a few activities that will fill full your perfect Italian Holiday. Go for a Florence pasta making class, or discover the local market with a star chef, looking for the traditional Tuscan cuisine recipes ingredients, is the perfect combination for you.

If you love Italian food so much, and planning to spend a few days in Italy, why not learn the secret of the local cuisine, going to cooking courses in Florence, Italy.

The best cooking classes in Florence

Florence Cooking Class

There are so many cooking classes in Florence, ready for any kind of person. If you are not yet into the cooking but want to learn from scratch, there is still chance that you can learn here. Italian cuisine is delicious, but it needs a fundamental ingredient more than the typical ones. It is the passion, and we are not talking about the one to eat good food, but actually to cook it.

Think that just going for a cooking class in Italy, you can learn secrets and enrol it for your next home dinner with friends and family. You could surprise your other half with a delicious pasta dish.

Tagliata is one of the best things to Try. Just affettati with prosciutto, bread, salami and a lot of wine

One of the courses that we love to suggest to our friends is the one that offers the visit to the local market. Visiting the historic Florence’s food market hall, with a chef guide, you will learn the secret of how to choose the correct and fresh ingredients. Going to the class later on you will practice what you have learned and then try your own lunch.

We have selected some of the best cooking classes in Florence for you. Check it out.

Florence Pasta making class

Learn how to make fresh hand made pasta in Florence

Afterwards, if you arrived here, it seems that you are a pro. The courses regarding the pasta making class are more advanced, but it could be suitable even for who is starting from scratch. The course is really fun, and you will learn how to start to prepare pasta, from the simple dough.

A three hours session where you will learn how to craft your own dish of pasta, following the authentic recipe. The cooking process will be under the guidance of a professional chef, that will teach you secrets and shortcuts. The best of this course is the end, eating a great pasta with a glass of wine, mandatory from Tuscany.

Tuscan cuisine recipes

Florence Cooking Class - Learn how to cook in Italy

Tuscan cuisine is one of the most typical in Italy, delicious and appreciated worldwide. Like all the Italian dishes it avoids any frozen products, preferring fresh products. Most of the time those are direct from the farmer to the restaurant or the local houses.

The markets of Tuscany are vibrant places, busy every day, buzzing of locals looking for the best fresh products on sale. Is here where the most important cooking classes of Florence are taking the typical recipes of Tuscan cuisine. But, let enrol which are some of the typical recipes you have to look for.

Typical Tuscany dishes

There are some dishes that are properly from the Tuscan cuisine. No, we are not talking about the pizza that is from Naples or the carbonara that is from Rome. In Tuscany cuisine, there are different dishes, also delicious.

  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina Typical Steak from 800g
  • Costini di FegatoChicken pate and bread
  • Ribollita – Reboiled rich minestrone
  • Schiacciata Tasty flatbread filled with wherever you want
  • And pasta… a lot of pasta

Cheap cooking classes in Florence Italy

Learn how to make italian dessert and tasty gelato

If you are looking to get into a cooking class in Florence, but you are on a budget. There are many options for you still available. You can grab a real bargain for less than 70$, you can go for a cooking course in Florence, plus a tasty dinner. Awesome.

You will come back home with amazing memories and advanced skills to make your family proud. Cooking delicious Italian food is not for everybody, but you can learn it.

Florence Secret food Tour

Piazzale Michelangelo - Best photo spots in Florence - Best view of Florence
The view of Florence from the Gardens – The Dome of Brunelleschi

If you are not fancy to be on the stove and try to make it work, you can join one of the many food tours in Florence. There is a kind of food tour for everybody and different prices, we have highlighted some below, have a look. But, if you want to join a knowledgeable local guide. Taking you around the narrow streets of the amazing Italian city, spotting the best secret culinary spots. You have to give a try to this Florence Secret Food Tour.

In the tiny little streets of the marvellous Florence, you will find old taverns with decades of experience for all types of palates. Exploring the neighbourhoods of Sant’Ambrogio and Santa Croce, some of the most historic boroughs of the city. You will discover small restaurants where locals love to go for eating and drinking in Florence. Check here the Secret food tour of Florence.

San Lorenzo Market first stop for your Cooking Class in Florence

Foodie spots in Florence - Where locals eat - San Lorenzo Market

It is well known that in Italy the fresh products are in the markets, and it is here where we suggest you start your next cooking class in Florence. San Lorenzo Market, is the oldest one in the city, with many stands selling fresh products every day, since 5 in the morning.

There are not that many Cooking classes in the city that will start the tour from here. But check this one, that is for us the best. For a proper Tuscan Recipe, you need fresh and typical products, that can be handpicked by you, or just bought at the local market very early in the morning.

San Lorenzo Market the ideal place to find fresh hand picked products in Florence

The Tuscan cooking course, start with a visit to San Lorenzo Market, where locals farmers sell their own products, with a zero kilometres process, directly from the producer to the kitchen.

It will be an exciting cooking course in Florence, preparing delicious meals, coming from the Tuscan tradition. You will be guided by a local chef, that will teach you also how to pick the very high-quality products in the market. This will also help you in everyday life. Enjoy the delicious lunch afterwards, made by you and your friends.

Farmhouse cooking Class in Tuscany

Secure your spot in a cooking class in Florence is awesome, but if you have a little more time in Italy, why not explore the surrounding. Just a few minutes away from the chaos of the city centre you can taste the real Tuscany. Fresh handmade meals and daily handpicked products.

The surrounding hills of Tuscany have attracted many people from ages. This is not just a call for wine lovers, for a glass of amazing Chianti, but also for who is interested in understanding the real culinary tradition of an amazing part of Italy. Go for a Cooking Class in a Farmhouse in Tuscany is what will make your friends jealous of your Italian Trip.

Obviously, this alternative trip is not for everybody, but just for fine connoisseurs. The cooking class on the hills of Florence doesn’t cost a fortune, but with 80 Euro you will secure your spot.

Vengan Florence cooking Class

Vegan friendly cooking class in Florence ingredients

What is better than an amazing lunch overlooking the beautiful skyline of Florence? Nothing, I guess. What if you can have a nice experience that sounds great even for Vegan. It is not easy to find spots like that in the world, and you will be surprised if we said that the Tuscan Cousine is really tasty even without meat.

Most of the recipes of Italian cuisine are coming from simple products, most of them coming to an old tradition of poor conditions. The expert vegan chefs will help you to find the correct balance between traditional food and vegan-friendly Italian recipes.

All this course will be in an amazing Italian Classic Villa, surrounded by green and amazing landscapes over Florence. this alone is worth the ticket price.

VIP MasterChef Class in Florence

Best photo spots in Florence - River Arno photography Spots Florence

If you are looking for something that is more advanced, this is your spot. A private Vip experience with a head chef, spotting the best fresh products on the market. Let’s be kidnapped by scents and tastes of the handpicked products, discovering the secrets of the Italian Cuisine.

Florence is amazing at that, and with gourmet Tuscan ingredients, you will prepare the best lunch. This is an advanced class for who will go over the basic. If you know already some secrets of the Italian Cuisine but always keen for new discovery, this is the right cooking class for you in Florence.

The best cooking class in Florence for us

Best cooking class in Florence

This is for us the best cooking class in Florence. Good for the price and worth it at all. For less than 80 euro you will learn all the secret of the Italian Cuisine and Tuscan Cuisine directly from one of the best chefs in Florence. A 4-hour tour and cooking class that will take you from the central market to your bench ready to cook.

You will learn simple but tasty dishes and also dessert plates, like the tiramisù. It is not easy to make the best one, but you will have the secret recipe to make it at your home and surprise your guests.

Your chef will guide you in the local market, they will help you with tips and tricks on how to make your full Italian meal. A tasty and easy guide to recreating at home on your own. Check this cooking class for a cheap price.

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Go wine tasting on the hills of Tuscany

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

This is out of the box, but in order to help you to organise the best Italian food trip, we have to include one of the best product you can find in Tuscany, the wine. Go wine tasting in Tuscany is a must-do.

We will propose you this tour, that is for us the best (Check it out). This will take you on top of the hills of Tuscany surrounded by green trees and meadows. It is here where you can find the best Italian wine, to accompany a savoury lunch. I guess you have listened to somebody talks about the wine Chianti.

This tour will take you half-day exploring Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano with the end on the hill, surrounded by the Chianti vineyard.

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