Incredible Reasons To Visit London

Most people probably don’t need too much convincing to visit London. After all, it is an amazing destination at the top of many travel bucket lists, and one of the worlds’ truly great and historic cities. That being said, if you’re choosing between a few possible destinations and would like a bit more information, look no further! Read on for our list of some of the unique and incredible reasons to prioritize London for your next holiday.

The Diversity of Dining Options

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London may be one of our favourite places in the world as far as food is concerned. It is a fairly international city, so you can find a decent meal from pretty much any culture there. Indian food is especially popular throughout the city, so be sure to incorporate this cuisine into one of your meals if you’re a fan of it, or even if you’re not sure but you’re up for trying something new; some say London’s Indian food rivals that of actual cities in India!

Additionally, London has everything from quick street food to restaurants where your meal will cost as much as most people’s average week’s pay, meaning there truly is something for everybody (though mind you, sometimes those street kiosks can give you something every bit as tasty as a five-star dining room). There is also a decent selection for people with dietary restrictions: London has been ranked as a top vegan-friendly city in the world. 

Iconic Film Locations in London

No matter which genre of film you most enjoy, you have almost definitely seen a movie that was shot in London. If you’re a romantic comedy fan, you may find yourself recognising locations from a hit like Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary; if you ever watched The Parent Trap as a kid (or an adult!), you may also encounter some familiar or nostalgic sites.

The James Bond and Harry Potter franchises are also partially set around town, meaning you can also relive scenes from this big-budget favourites. And this is to say nothing of countless other miscellaneous examples. In short, London is a cinephile’s playground. You can visit also the most romantic places in London of Notting Hill, scenes from the omonimus film with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

The Largest Palace in the UK

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Most are aware that the United Kingdom is filled with palaces and castles, and at a certain point, these locations may start to blend together in the minds of tourists; the idea of a “castle tour” is vaguely appealing, but that’s about it. However, one palace you will never forget is, naturally the largest one in the UK: the Palace of Westminster.

This is where the two bodies of the UK’s Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, meet, so it is an important place in modern society, as opposed to just some stone relic. Additionally though, as you’d expect given its distinction as the largest building of its kind in the UK, it’s also a wonder to look at and explore.

The Endless Nightlife Options

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London Skyline from Southwark

London is definitely one of those big cities that “never sleeps”, making it an excellent destination for anyone who enjoys a good (and long) night out. Whether you want to dance the night away at a club or enjoy cocktails at an upscale bar, London has something for you.

There are also some options that some other UK cities are lacking – most notably a few glamorous casino complexes. Many who are interested in this kind of activity see a rise in Irish casino sites and exact counterparts in the UK and elsewhere around the world and assume that casinos are evolving to exist solely in digital form.

However, London proves that this isn’t necessarily the case. The casinos in town – notably the Hippodrome and the Empire – are so extravagant and full of fun attractions to visit in person that it would be impossible to trade them in for a digital option. As a result, the nightlife is even more dynamic than the bar and club scene would suggest.

More Than 170 Museums

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Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a “museum person”, you will still find a museum to enjoy in London. The city has lots of history, so you can find your typical art and history museums, but there are also some really nontraditional options. One of our favourites is the Museum of Brands,

Packaging, and Advertising, where you can see how some of your favourite products have evolved over time. It may sound somewhat dry, but it’s actually oddly fascinating! If you’re up for something a little edgier, meanwhile, consider spending an afternoon at the Hunterian Museum to see Winston Churchill’s dentures and other preserved human remains.

There are hundreds of more reasons to prioritize London the next time you’re able to get away on a trip. But hopefully all of the above has helped to convince you!

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