Is Barbados worth visiting? 15 Amazing reasons to visit Barbados

We love Barbados, and this might be the best line we can come up with. The wonderful Caribbean Island is one of the most unspoiled and truly unique lands in the world. There are many reasons why Barbados is worth visiting, and we have tried our best to list them, plus some exciting things to do in Barbados.

We spent about 10 days roaming the island, taking the best of the beaches, unwinding at the chilled bar with a sea view, sipping mouthwatering rum punch and snorkelling with turtles divulging shipwreck in Carlise Bay.

This and more through our guide, trying to convince you to visit Barbados. The once in a lifetime holiday is perfect for every kind of traveller, but of course, couples can enjoy it more. Explore our tips on how to explore Barbados. Are you ready to discover why Barbados is worth visiting?

Best sunset from Hilton Hotel Barbados - Reasons to visit Barbados

Why travel to Barbados?

Barbados is a stunning Caribbean island that is unquestionably worthwhile traveling to. It is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, shimmering oceans, and dynamic culture. On the island, you may go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and golfing, among other activities. Barbados’ wonderful cuisine combines elements from the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe traditions. Also, consider that the island is home to many historical sites and landmarks, such as the Barbados Museum and the George Washington House.

Overall, Barbados is a fantastic vacation spot with something to offer everyone.

15 Reasons to answer: Is Barbados worth visiting?

  • Unspoiled beaches
  • Pristine nature
  • Pleasant landscape and seascape
  • Bridgetown is a heritage Unesco-preserved city
  • It is possible to stay on a budget
  • Easy to reach from the US, Canada and the UK
  • Delicious food
  • Taste perfect Rum
  • Fun nights in St. Lawrence Gap
  • Explore the marine life, diving or snorkeling
  • Perfect waves for surfers
  • Go Golfing in Barbados
  • Explore Jorge Washington House
  • Learn how to surf or go paddle boarding at sunrise
  • Wild in nature at the Barbados wildlife reservoir

When to visit Barbados?

Before visiting Barbados, you should know that the best season to explore the island and take advantage of the paradisiac beaches is from December to April. This time of the year is the dry season, with less probability of rain during this time. We spent a week in Barbados in May, and the weather was still pleasant, with only a few hours of rain per day and plenty of sunshine.

On the other hand, Barbados is well recognized for having a lovely climate all year round, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. So even if you visit Barbados in June, the hottest month, you may still enjoy the beaches and a few days away.

These months make you take advantage of the lower prices compared to the peak season. Even though hurricanes are unlikely to impact Barbados because the island is well outside the hurricane belt, the season for such events runs from June to September. When visiting the island during this time, expect tropical storms and excessive humidity. However, rain doesn’t last long, just a few hours, which is a lot, but it will show you the best colours in the sky after all.

Best beaches in Barbados, Toti and Alessia walking along the beach

How to get to Barbados?


Barbados Island is easy to reach from everywhere in the US. There are year-round direct flights. Miami International Airport, JFK, Newark Liberty and Boston are the main airports to catch a flight to Barbados from the US. You can either check American Airlines or JetBlue Airlines. The busiest day is, of course, Saturday.


There are direct flights from Canada to Barbados with AirCanada and West Jets. The airfare tickets cost about C$500 return ticket for a stop layover flight. Canadian Passport holders can stay up to 6 months in Barbados, with Visa Free on arrival. The flight from the usual route Toronto – Bridgetown takes about 5h 40m for the direct flight and about 18h for the cheap one with connecting flights. Flights from Montreal take longer and are costly, with about a C$1,000 return ticket average.


Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt are the three main hubs within Europe to consider for a nice, direct flight to Bridgetown, Barbados. Flights from Europe take about 12/14 hours and are operated by Lufthansa, Iberia, Condor, British Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus.


From the UK, the two main hubs for flights to Barbados are London and Manchester. Recently the flights between the two locations have been increased and operated mainly by Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. We flowed from London Heathrow with BA, and it was a pleasant overnight flight. We suggest you staying overnight at one of the fantastic Heathrow Hotels, so you are fresh for your long flight in the morning.

Is Barbados worth visiting? 10 Reasons why visit Barbados!

Yes. Barbados can be your lifetime holiday and the unique destination everyone aims for. The island offers incredible landscapes and beautiful beaches. Even though it might be expensive, as it’s one of the most luxurious destinations, it can still be done with a discrete budget without leaving the pleasant feeling of local activities.

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This post may contain affiliate links or Sponsored Links (read our Cookie Policy), and useful experiences that we love to suggest to you. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are really grateful) at no extra cost to you. Click on it will help us run this website for you, for FREE, funding our project and continuing to travel, informing curious explorers.

Things to know before visiting Barbados

  • People from Barbados are called Bajans, “Bay-jans”
  • Roughly the exchange is $1 Barbados = $ 0.50 | £ 0.40 | €0.47
  • We had some of the best Rum of our life at Mount Gay Distillery
  • The west coast is the most developed
  • The East coast had some pretty pristine beaches
  • West Coast faces the Caribbean Sea
  • East Coast faces the Atlantic Ocean
  • Barbados Island is safe
  • Bridgetown is not a party town
  • For parties and fun bars, stay at St. Lawrence Gap

What is Barbados’ currency?

The local currency in Barbados is the Bajan or Barbadian dollar; however, US dollars are widely accepted. So check Barbados’s exchange rate right now. For us, the best exchange rate for withdrawing money (for UK bank cards) was by Republic Bank (the one with the Blue sign); this bank is everywhere and accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Entry visa requirements for Barbados

Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe do not require a visa to enter Barbados. However, some nationalities require a visa to enter; check the requirements for your passport.

In 2022, Barbados Government introduced a Digital Nomad Visa that permits visitors to stay for a year on the island and work from the wonderful beaches. Check the official statement from Barbados.

US and Canada passport holders can stay in Barbados for up to 6 months, with a visa-free on arrival. The procedure for Visa on arrival is smooth, and you will be welcomed in the country within minutes from when you land in Barbados.

Barbados East Coast Ocean landscape view

Barbados Travel Insurance

If you want to reduce stress and anxiety for your next trip, we suggest booking travel insurance. Barbados is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, so you want to avoid surprises. This includes sports such as diving, surfing, and snorkelling, and travel insurance is required.

However, this is advised not only because medical issues may arise but also because of the link between train and aircraft if your luggage is misplaced. Furthermore, many rental vehicle companies may reduce the cost of car insurance if you have Travel insurance, or this may completely cover the costs of automobile accidents or damage to the car. Having Travel Insurance is the way to go for us.

Hey Mondo | COVID-19 coverage, medical expenses and total travel costs. A fantastic app with 24-hour medical care and no extra charges. You can save 5% on your insurance by booking through our link.

SafetyWing | COVID-19 coverage, comprehensive travel & medical, and insurance can be purchased while travelling for digital nomads.

How long do you need in Barbados?

The best time to visit Barbados is between 5 and 7 days. We could stay in Barbados forever; the weather is pleasant, the temperature is never too hot, cool locals, excellent food and the best beaches in the world.

We suggest spending a week in Barbados. With 7 days in Barbados, you will appreciate local traditions and relax on the beach. However, if you can afford to stay longer, why not plan a better 10 days in Barbados? Take your time to tour the island more, or spend days lounging on the beach working remotely.

Is Barbados safe?

Yes! We felt extremely safe; there was never a point when we felt frightened, and the locals were amiable. We frequently left unsecured stuff in the pool or beach, and nothing happened. Furthermore, despite the large crowds, we felt comfortable after visiting the Oistin fish fry market on Friday. Note that Bridgetown, the island capital is dead at night, and we drove through to understand if there were some nightlife. We are afraid to say that that place looked like a ghost town at night, but, instead, very lively during the day.

10 Perfect things to do in Barbados

Walk through Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital and the island’s central city. You must walk around during the day and experience this cute town’s Caribbean vibes. Barbados’ capital is located on the island’s southwest coast. The main road is Broad Street, and one of the coolest spots is passing on the picturesque Chamberlain Bridge. Bridgetown’s architecture is fascinating. So it’s not surprising that the city is part of the Unesco World Heritage List.

The bustling city has a lively market in the backstreet, and you can enjoy some food sampling at the local stands reaching Swan Street, James St or Spry Street.

Bridgetown Architecture in Barbados - Is Barbados worth visiting?

Enjoy a Rum Punch with a fantastic view

Our favourite activity in Barbados was sipping an excellent rum punch. You can get a perfectly prepared cocktail at any beach bar on Carlisle Bay, looking at the sea and enjoying your vacation in Barbados.

The Caribbean Islands are well renowned for this refreshing drink, but Barbados has something special that sets it apart from the rest: Mount Gay Rum. The distinctive Rum is produced on the island and by other companies but is often regarded as the best on the market.

Fried fish cooked in Barbados - Barbados itinerary

Try local street food | Typical fish cut

While visiting new places, we love to get lost in flavours, smells and colours that tell you the stories, history and generational path of every country, it was the same in Barbados, and we will invite you to do the same, getting a glimpse of street food sampling on stalls. We tried the famous fish cut at Cuzz’s Fish Stand, located immediately outside the Hilton Hotel’s entrance. It was fantastic to try fresh seafood. The fish cut is reasonably priced at 11 Barbados dollars (£4.5/€5.40/$5.45) and is well worth the money.

Cuzz’s Fish Stand is open daily and serves cheap drinks; in Barbados, you may have a rum punch and a cheap lunch/dinner. The wonderful owner has been producing the greatest fish cut on the island for decades. But, we had yet to learn that we’d eat fish-cut burgers every other day.

Sunset on the Ocean - One week in Barbados

Sail to the sunset

One of the best memories in the Caribbean is sailing into the sunset. This is for sure one of the main reasons to visit Barbados, an afternoon relaxing, enjoying life on board a boat. If you are into diving, Barbados is for sure the spot for you, with crystal clear water and a gorgeous coral reef. Book your trip on a Catamaran Cruise for half a day, or check out this tour with champagne and fruit served on board for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adventure the island by renting a car

While touring Barbados for 10 days, we rented a car to discover more of the island. So far, renting a car in Barbados has been one of the most exciting activities of our vacation. For many reasons, touring a pristine Caribbean Island makes your trip to Barbados worthwhile. Even though we were initially hesitant and had not planned ahead, everything went perfectly. The finest chance was to explore more of the surrounding area while feeling the wonderful Caribbean feelings. Check our Barbados Itinerary by car and how to rent a car in Barbados.

Renting a car directly to your hotel is hassle-free, but you can also pre-book it in advance.

Explore Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to various animals, including monkeys, peacocks, and tortoises. The natural environment is situated in the northern parish of St. Peter in a natural mahogany wood across the street from the Farley Hill National Park.

Explore Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave should be on top of your list of Barbados activities. Located in the island’s centre hillside, which may appear quite different from the rest of the region. The scenery is surreal but typical of Barbados, with palm trees, sugar cane, and greenery. Harrison’s Cave is a natural wonder featuring towering columns of stalactites and stalagmites.

You will explore the tunnels beneath the surface produced by natural erosion. We strongly advise you to include Harrison’s Cave in your Barbados itinerary.

Shadows in Animal Flower Cave Barbados - Is Barbados worth visiting

Animal Flower Cave

The most photogenic spot in Barbados is the Animal Flower Cave. The natural wonder is located on the island’s most northern point and is about 1 hour away by car from Bridgetown. The natural caverns will guide you to the perfect ocean view and natural pools with cool water where you can freely swim. Like Harrison’s Cave, Animal Flower Cave and pools were formed by years of erosion and are flawlessly carved by the sea waves, resembling a heart reflected in the water.

Once upon a time, the caves were the refugee point for smugglers and pirates. To enter the Cave, you must pay B$20, and a guide will take you around, explaining the origins and the best places to explore underneath.

The natural Cave is slick; even though we completed it in flip-flops, we recommend you wear shoes. Nonetheless, you can enter the natural pool and walk to the edge to appreciate the beauty. However, be careful walking on the edge as it is very slippery.

Mount Gay Rum Tour

It’s fascinating to learn about the history of the famous drink, and there is no better place than the Mount Gay Rum Distillery in the north of the island. We boarded the plane at the end of the trip with roughly 5 bottles of Mount Gay, some as gifts for friends and others for ourselves. The Rum in Barbados changed the perspective, making it one of my favourite drinks today, but pulling up the level for competing rums. You can tour the distillery for a very reasonable price, discovering the process from the production line to the final golden Rum. You will also taste the product, which may be your favoured part of the tour.

Spend the afternoon at the Chill Cafe Bar

We were so stuffed after Oistin that we needed to unwind on the beach with a drink. We had been there a few days prior and enjoyed the Chill Café Bar’s ambience. The bar is our best suggestion to enjoy the sea breeze with a couple of drinks and a pleasant atmosphere. Among all the reasons why Barbados is worth a visit, we place the calm of bars and chill locations by the sea. After all, we all plan to visit Barbados to spend our money well and get the deserved relaxation. The Chill cafe bar is also perfect for nights out. At night, this rustic hut with direct beach access hosts artists and music, creating a vibrant atmosphere for residents and tourists. The Chill café bar is conveniently located near the Hilton Hotel, where we stayed.

Barbados Boardwalk with ocean view - One week in Barbados itinerary

Take a stroll around the Richard Haynes Boardwalk

The Richard Haynes Boardwalk is ideal for a stroll and listening to the waves breaking on the beach and rocks. It’s a long stroll along the beach along the southern coast side, and you can start at any point near the Chill Bar. However, because it gets very dark at night, we recommend completing it before sunset.

Enjoy the Wednesday night partying Harbour lights

The vibrant Caribbean always offers drinks, parties, dance and meeting strangers for unique all-night fun. The Harbour of Lights is a club that offers unlimited beverages all night, with local food and barbecue. It is indeed a tourist attraction but an excellent excuse to leave your resort.

Snorkelling with the turtles in Barbdos - One of the best reasons to visit Barbados
One of the most incredible things to do in Barbados – Snorkeling with the turtles

Go snorkelling with the turtles

Is Barbados worth visiting? Snorkelling with turtles is worth the flight ticket to the island alone. We enjoyed our best tour of Carlisle Bay, booking it in advance. As far as many locals will approach you walking along the long stretch of beach, offering you activities and snorkelling sessions with turtles, we found convenient booking before. Prices tend to be inflation while dealing with locals, and often is not the first end, as they upsell the tour for others. Check here the snorkelling with turtles. The bay off the coast of Bridgetown is well-known for its turtles and a shipwreck on the seafloor that attracts marine life.

Take a break on a catamaran for a half-day cruise

The most incredible alternative, which is somewhat more expensive but well worth it, is to spend a half-day on a catamaran trip, seeing the beaches and cliffs and snorkelling with turtles. Check out our recommendations for the most extraordinary catamaran cruise.

Party in Oistins - Barbados at night

Oistins Fish Fry on Friday

We highly recommend attending the Oistins Fish Fry if you’re only in Barbados for a week.

Every Friday, visitors and residents gather in Oistin, a small town south of the island, not so far from Bridgetown. The little village, mostly made of fishermen, is well known for throwing one of the best night markets in the world. Oystin fish fry market attracts locals and tourists alike, offering the best-cooked fish, music, a dance floor and attractions.

Try the fried fish with coleslaw, fries, or local sides at one of the many local restaurants. The restaurant serves inexpensive meals; for B$25 Barbados, you can get a well-cooked swordfish. Drink a local beer or a strong rum punch with your meal.

Discover the best beaches in Barbados

Heywoods Beach

While on a road trip in Barbados, we were on a mission to discover the best beaches on the island. Heywoods Beach on the western coast is one of the most secluded and less popular. However, this was overall the cleanest and most gorgeous beach in Barbados.

We spoke with locals, who told us that Heywoods beach is also one of the wealthiest areas in Barbados. The location host a private marina at the back that takes wealthy owners directly to a bank entrance to their mansion. Every house has direct access to the fine white sand beach. However, like all other beaches, you are free to stay on the same as theirs. After all, no beaches in Barbados are private.

We were lucky enough to explore the beach with a few people around. Other great things to spot on the beach are the shells and stone gems, with various colours, that we hardly have seen anywhere else on the island.

If you are looking for the perfect Caribbean-looking beach, Heywoods beach is the place to go.

LOCATION | Heywoods Beach

Explore hidden beaches at Shark Hole

A little, narrow beach tucked between two cliffs. The sea waves pound the surface, removing the water and forming natural pools.

Shark hole is not for everyone, yet it is one of the narrowest and most remote beach coves. There are numerous houses nearby, and the location is well-known among visitors who love Barbados and want to buy a home there. Crowds are unlikely, but because the beach is so small, we recommend arriving early in the morning. There are no shades, so consider it a brief stop on your Barbados itinerary.

Shark hole beach Barbados - In credible reasons why Barbados is worth visiting

Bathsheba beach

We sought advice from friends and locals as we planned our trip to Barbados. Bathsheba beach was, predictably, at the top of everyone’s list.

However, when we visited Barbados in May, the tide washed up on the beach, dumping corals and algae. So we can’t guarantee it’s worth it for the beach, but the scenery was breathtaking even on a cloudy day.

We suggest booking a half-day excursion to visit the island, especially if you are afraid to drive in a foreign country.

Is Barbados worth visiting? Toti and Alessia enjoying the gorgeous Bottom Bay Beach

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is everything you desire for a perfect Barbados picture. The Instagram-worthy beach is about five minutes drive from Kitridge Point on Barbados’ southeast coast, a few steps away from the famous Crane Beach.

The fine sand beach contrasts sharply with the lush green flora and the steep rocks. The surrounding environment also makes the sea clearer than at other Barbados beaches. Bottom Bay is highly recommended for your Barbados itinerary.

Explore the surfer’s beach at Surfers Point

Away from the crowds of well-known beaches, you can admire expert surfers who hit the waves of the East Coast. We discovered Surfers Point while getting lost in Barbados and eventually realized that this large stretch of sand is a favourite for windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing in Barbados.

Location | Surfer’s Point

Crane Beach

Among the many beaches, Crane beach is one of the most picturesque. Famous for the pink sands that give a unique colour to the landscape, Crane beach is a must to visit while in Barbados.

Located on the east coast of Barbados, Crane beach’s pink sands are caused by the presence of red coral and foraminifera, tiny organisms that give the sand its distinctive colour. This part of the island is also famous for the presence of a luxury hotel, the Crane Resort, which offers a stunning ocean view.

However, even if part of the beach facilities are for the exclusive use of resorts guest, you can still enjoy the sand as beaches are free to use in Barbados, and nobody can own that. Overall, Crane Beach is a beautiful and popular destination in Barbados that is definitely worth a visit. Additionally, a number of eateries and bars can be found close by, making it simple to get something to eat or a drink while relaxing on the beach.

Conclusion | Is Barbados worth visiting?

Definitely, we suggest everyone seeking lovely holidays think about Barbados. The Caribbean are well known for dreamy locations, paradisiac beaches with palm trees and tasty cocktails. Barbados is worth visiting every time of the year, thanks to the pleasant temperatures and nice food. We loved the country and definitely want to say no if they invite us again. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel, which is within walking distance from Bridgetown, the Capital, and enjoyed strolling around, walking through the market and the heritage buildings.

Where to stay in Barbados

Hilton hotel and resort Barbados sunset - Amazing reasons to visit Barbados

We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados and couldn’t have had a better place to spend our unforgettable holidays. The Hilton hotel in Barbados is ideally situated near Bridgetown and sandwiched between two beautiful shorelines.

The hotel’s amenities are exceptional, with two pools, a Jacuzzi facing the lobby, a spa, a breakfast/lunch terrace, and a fantastic beach with every amenity. The advantage of being in a corner is that the rooms look out into the ocean.

We had a comforting room with an ocean view, and it was perfect for chilling at sunset and enjoying our jetlagged sunrise. Special mention for the Hilton Hotel goes to the staff, who are super friendly and ready to satisfy your necessities.


Hilton Hotel Barbados

The hotel facilities are incredible, boasting two pools, a Jacuzzi facing the central area, a Spa, a Breakfast/lunch Terrazza and an excellent two-sided beach with all comfort. The rooms face the ocean, taking advantage of being in a corner.

Affordable stay in Barbados


If you’re looking for an affordable but still fancy place, Coconut Court Beach Hotel is the right option for you. Not far from the important UNESCO site of Bridgtown, Coconut Beach Hotel offer a cosy one-bedroom apartment with easy access to the beach!

Rooms at Miravalle Hotel in Val Gardena
Rooms at Miravalle Hotel in Val Gardena
Miravalle Hotel Val Gardena Dolomites background hotel in Italy
Hotel Miravalle Val Gardena - Dolomites, Italy

Q&A Is Barbados worth visiting

Is it worth going to Barbados for a week?

Yes. Barbados is worth a visit, even for just a week. Within 7 days in Barbados, you will get the best of the island and explore its traditions, local food and best drinks. However, the island is expensive, and a 7-day trip to Barbados could stretch your budget to the limit if you can afford it.

Why go to Barbados?

There are many reasons why Barbados is worth visiting, but the most interesting are the nice weather all year round and the unspoiled palm and sand beaches. The wonderful island in the Caribbean offers memorable sunsets and sunrises with plenty of activities that will create lifetime memories.

Is Barbados Expensive to visit?

Yes, Barbados is among the most expensive countries we have visited so far. However, you should calculate about 30% up compared to regular places, and it’s relatively more expensive to visit New York, Paris or Rome. You can still save some bucks by eating at food stands, taking local public transport (AKA Bajan Raggae Buses), and enjoying the beaches without unusual activities.


Every time is good to travel and have new experiences. As London-based travel bloggers, it’s easy to find cheap flights and explore new places even just at the weekend.


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