Why printing photos is the best way to keep memories of your trips

Who doesn’t love sharing with everyone all the pictures of a trip or a nice holiday? We love photography and capturing every single moment of our adventures. For us, photography is one of the most important things as it will keep all these memories alive.

Alessia loves sharing with her family and friends the pictures of our trips, especially when it brings back lovely memories. We have been in so many places, and sometimes we forgot how beautiful a city or a country is.

After our first trip, we decided to put together the most beautiful pictures and print them. We have created our adventure album with all our memories around the world.

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Printing photos | Pro and cons

It’s true that with today’s technology you don’t really need to use an old school style and print photos. From your camera, you can easily download the photos and save them on your laptop and phone.

What we think is that one day you might change or lose your actual equipment, but a photo which hangs out on your wall in your living room or bedroom will be forever.

Keep your memories alive | Print Travel Photos

Travel memories in photo
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Life is precious and memories allow us to remember our happiest experiences. What we love about printing our best photos and collecting them is that one day we can share with our child and make them fall in love with our adventures and our travels.

Yes because just watching a laptop or a screen, doesn’t give you the breeze of the adventure behind that photo, don’t keep that much alive the stories behind that hug, a kiss or a run.

We will bet everything that printed photos make you feel a breeze on the skin. It is an experience unique, just thinking about those adventures.

Cheap way to decorate your living room and bedroom

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We have been living in London for nearly 5 years now, and we have changed so many houses. Every time, since we moved together we have carried our epic photos with us. The printed photos have been the cheapest way to make a random new living room our little cocoon.

Printed photos don’t just carry experiences and adventures, but also the warmest feeling to be at home. You can make it have any shape you want, playing around your empty walls.

We have decorated everywhere with our photos.

An amazing romantic present

This could be an unexpected way to celebrate a date, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or just a random day. Print the photos of your adventures, collect them in a nice book and it will be the best present ever.

This was actually the present for our first anniversary, along with the tickets for another epic adventure in the Canaries. Alessia bought for me an empty photo book and a flight ticket, what more romantic than that. Not saying that book was filled within 6 months of adventures, and it is still incredible to look at it.

Often when we receive friends at home, this is the first thing they note. This could be a good point where you start a conversation with your friends, talk about your big passion, and travel.

Photo Walls Gallery

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As we love so much photography and travel, this has turned our house full of photos like in a gallery. Yes, we love to show amazing landscapes and incredible scenarios at home. This amazes our guests. If you are like us and love both photography and travels, you have to print it out and show to the world.

I think the photo that you love, makes you proud of it. Why don’t get on the next step and show it around? Quite often we show off photos or artwork at the home of other painters or photographers. This time the artist on the scene it’s you.

Travel photo calendar

If all the suggestions above don’t convince you to print yet your best memories, why don’t try with a travel photo calendar? It could be an amazing way to see it every day on your desk. Memories of a cool beach vacation on the Amalfi Coast or on the other side of the world in Sri Lanka. It could turn a bad day, in an amazing five minutes break from the routine.

DIY Travel photo map

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If you are crafty, you can do something incredible. Print your photos and pin it on a map. One photo for each location you have been so far.

It is easy to do, just print your vacation photos, attach a string to it and pin it on the map. In the alternative, you can use glue or blue tack. Connect the strings for multiple trips or adventurous road trips.

This is a great way to show your trips to your friends. Not just that, you will also decorate your room as you want, with lifetime travel memories.

Print your photos at Home

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You don’t need to request to print your photos or go to the shop. Nowadays good printers for photos cost from £60. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you can print the photos straight away after your trip.

You can also buy the cartridge online and receive it in a few days. We do that quite often. We suggest you check online for the best printer cartridges shop online, and print your own memories.

We will suggest you check out at Cartridge Save a specialized online shop. You will find the best prices on the market and next day free delivery included.

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