What to do in Locorotondo Italy | 10 unique experiences in Puglia

Imagine yourself walking around the beautiful streets of Puglia and being surrounded by whitewashed houses. Are you thinking about Alberobello isn’t it? Not so far from the beautiful town famous for the Trulli, you will find exclusive Italian hidden gems. This is our guide to what to do in Locorotondo even for a day trip.

Well, this time, we want to help you discover the gorgeous city of Locorotondo. Thanks to our ultimate guide of the top things to do in Locorotondo Italy, you will be able to admire and enjoy all the places that this city has to offer. Located close to Alberobello, Locorotondo is usually off the tourist radar but thanks to this itinerary, we’ll walk you through the beautiful and narrow streets of Locorotondo. Are you ready for another Apulian adventure? Come with us and make sure you add Locorotondo to your one week Puglia itinerary.

A landscape view of Locorotondo, Puglia Italy from the fields
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Where is located Locorotondo, Puglia

Puglia is an amazing region in Southern Italy, in the heel of the boot of the beautiful country. Situated on the east side of Italy, is facing directly the coast of Albania, but influenced by the mediterranean and greek cultures. Locorondo itself is endowed in the astonishing Valle d’Itria, a beautiful part of Puglia that features some of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

On the hilltop of the Murge Plateau, there is this whitewashed village, named one of the most beautiful of Italy. The historic city centre is tumbled with flower and red geraniums that make the surrounding even more wonderful and welcoming. You can reach Locorotondo easily from Bari by train, bus or renting a car. This can be also associated with a proper road trip through the Itria Valley from Bari, which will include a visit to Alberobello, Martina Franca, Cisternino and why not reaching a bit far, but worth, Matera.

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Why you should visit Locorotondo

If you’re not convinced yet, we might understand. Usually, when thinking about Puglia, people only consider the top places such as the beautiful Alberobello, the high cliffs of Polignano a mare or the Region capital Bari. This time we want you to go off the beaten path and discover the real essence of the region of Puglia. Although it is a gorgeous city, Locorotondo is not touristy at all and this should be one of the reasons why you should visit Locorotondo.

The city itself is spectacular with many al fresco bars, hidden and narrow streets and gorgeous views but what makes Locorotondo worth visiting is a unique atmosphere that you can feel once you’re there. During our one week in Puglia, we visited so many beautiful villages, Cisternino and Martina were a blast, however, Locorotondo has a special place in our memories too. Now, if you’re ready to explore this unique village, below are all the best things to do in Locorotondo Italy!

10 things to visit in Locorotondo Italy

  • What to do in Locorotondo Italy
  • Stroll around the historic centre
  • Taste the delicious sparkling wine
  • Get lost around the narrow streets
  • Visit Trullo Marziolla
  • Chiesa di San Nicola di Myra
  • Enjoy Locorotondo during Christmas
  • Admire the beautiful Churches
  • Relax while strolling along Locorotondo Lungomare
  • Spend a night in a typical Trullo or local Masseria
  • Walking tour with a local guide and product tasting

Best things to do in Locorotondo, Puglia

the historical city centre of Locorotondo
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Stroll around the historical city centre

Locorotondo’s picturesque historical city centre has got a circular share. This is the reason behind its name. In fact, Locorotondo means “Round Place”. Don’t worry you won’t get lost unless you want to. 

The beautiful city centre is filled with great architecture, cute streets and white houses that allow tourists to call this city, the white city of Puglia. Together with Ostuni, Locorotondo is another white village in Puglia worth visiting.

Taste the delicious sparkling wine

One of the best things to do in Locorotondo is tasting the delicious sparkling wine. In fact, this town is known for its tasty wine and you have to try it. Sit in one of the alfresco bars or book a table in one of the many delicious restaurants and make sure to taste the wine, the white wine.

Locorotondo’s wines are made from Bianco D’Alessano and Verdeca which are mainly still wines but there are also sparkling forms. Plan your Locorotondo itinerary in summer as the majority of wineries are hosting a wine tasting in their vineyard where you can sip their delicious wine among the stunning views of Valle D’Itria.

Check here the availability for a fancy wine tasting tour.

Get lost around the narrow streets

Who doesn’t love to get lost and explore the beautiful Apulian narrow streets? I mean, it’s one of the best ways to discover the real essence of Locorotondo. Cute and small, Locorotondo has a lot to offer.

Thanks to its hidden corner, cute photography spots, Locorotondo will be your new favourite place in Puglia.
If you are really keen to discover everything about Locorotondo, make sure you try it’s delicious bombette.

Those roasted pork rolls filled with cheese are pure heaven for food lovers. In fact, if you’re looking to try Apulian Food, you might want to read our Puglia food guide.

get lost around the narrow streets of Locorotondo, Puglia Italy
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Visit Trullo Marziolla

Puglia is known for many things, especially for its Trulli of Alberobello, one of the most romantic locations in Italy. Now you might think how this is related to Locorotondo, actually, the oldest documented Trullo in the entire Valle D’Itria is located in Locorotondo.

Situated along the road that connects San Marco to Locorotondo, Trullo Marziolla is one of the things to do in Locorotondo Italy. This beautiful area features some of the oldest documented trullos in Puglia, surrounded by vineyards, oaks, and wild plants typical of the Mediterranean vegetation.

Chiesa di San Nicola di Myra

The beautiful church of San Nicola di Myra is a small jewel in Locorotondo, built around 1660. Looking for off the beaten path spots in Puglia, this is the right location for you. The architecture is minimalist with incredible frescoes typical of the region, dating from the second half of the 17th to the end of the 18th century. The San Nicola Church in Locorotondo, is identical to the churches spread around the Murgia dei Trulli, full of mural paintings well preserved, with bright colours representing scenes from the life and miracles of the Saint, dominated by musician angels;

This tiny church is barely visible among the houses surrounding it. Be carefull while exploring Locorotondo.

LOCATION | Via Dottor Giorgio Oliva

The landscape view of Locorotondo the white town of Puglia
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Enjoy Locorotondo during Christmas

If you are a Christmas lover, Locorotondo will be the right location for you. From the white city that it is, Locorotondo becomes a dreamy Christmas destination.

The cute and narrow streets are adorned with different decorations which will make this period even more special and beautiful. Make sure you grab a couple of souvenirs from Locorotondo as Christmas Presents as you won’t regret it. It’s not common tha people think to visit Puglia in winter, but the region is charming and warm welcoming. Also, winter in Puglia is off season and you will see the attractions without the usual crowds.

Chiesa di San Giorgio in Locorotondo
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The beautiful facade of San Giorgio, right in the centre of Locorotondo. This is a top thing to see in Locorotondo in one day.

Admire the beautiful churches

Italy is known for its gorgeous churches and of course, while in Locorotondo you need to visit them all. Chiesa Madre di San Giorgio, Chiesa San Rocco and Chiesa della Madonna Greca are the three most impressive churches in town. You can visit them but always be respectful.

Madonna della Greca Church is the oldest church in Locorotondo and thanks to its Romanesque style, it’s one of the most visited churches in town. This means that you can’t miss it. 

Relax while strolling along Locorotondo Lungomare

Lungomare, which literally means seafront, is called by locals the street that goes from the Villa (the beautiful and panoramic garden) with the market square. This street is full of shops, bars and restaurants where during the night it becomes really popular. As Locorotondo is located in the heart of Puglia, there is no sea but while walking around its gorgeous and narrow streets, you will feel like you’re walking along a real seafront. 

Don’t forget to take a moment and admire the stunning view from the panoramic Garden (Villa) as from one side you can see Martina Franca and from the other side, you can see Alberobello and Ostuni. Basically, you will have a breathtaking view which you just need to enjoy!

Trullo with swimming pool in Locorotondo, Puglia - Italy
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This is a kind of typical accommodation you can stay in Puglia. This is actually a local masseria with every comfort, however this is pricey and you can find cheapest solution but not less typical.

Spend a night in a typical Trullo or local Masseria

If you want to taste a full experience in Puglia, you should stay in a Trullo. Like we did, and the experience was amazing. It’s not every day that you are allowed to sleep in a typical cone-shaped accommodation, and just Puglia can offer you that.

We stayed in a little Trullo, switching off from everything, avoiding network connection, and staying with the very basics. Yes, you understand well, we came back to the origins and enjoyed our stay in Puglia so much, just booking a couple of nights in a tiny gorgeous Trullo. Check our suggestions on where to stay in Locorotondo.

Traditional Italian food in Puglia, Italy
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Walking tour with a local guide and product tasting

The Apulian soul is unique and you can understand it by going on a walking tour through the streets of Locorotondo with a local guide. Strolling around Locorotondo’s historic centre you will be able to see the stories and legends behind the facades of the white houses and their sloping stone roofs. Easily you can get lost in the quirky circular labyrinth and the maze of the old quarter. This features some of the most incredible sightseeing of Locorotondo like the St. George the Martyr Church, the clock tower and Morelli Palace. A local can help you to get in the soul of Locorotondo and whisper to you the deepest secrets.

Your guide can also take you to the delicious local shops, tasting unique products typical of this part of Italy. Check Availability.

How to reach Locorotondo, Puglia - Things to do in Locorotondo
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This is the view of Locorotondo highway entring to the little village. The white fairytales of Locorotondo is surrounded by fields producing high quality olive oil and wine.

How to reach Locorotondo

We discovered Locorotondo while on a Road trip in Puglia, this was part of the tour through Valle d’Itria, the internal side of the Region. You can reach Locorotondo by Car, renting it at the major nearby airports, Bari or Brindisi. Both international airports are at a short distance from the white town and feature the main rental car companies. Check out Discovery Cars Deals, to find the best suitable solution for you.

Download the map before arriving in Puglia for an easy trip, and remember that the secret is to get lost through the beautiful scenario, and find the most hidden gems in Italy. Arriving at Locorotondo we suggest you park the car on the street and point your GPS to the old town, or “Centro Storico”.


The car is not the only way to reach Locorotondo. From Bari, you can take a single train, which takes about 1 hour and a half. We were pretty lucky with this last option and the train wasn’t on delay, however, it might be. Check the tickets in advance, so you are free to roam and not deal with the train station tickets machine.


On the weekend and public holidays, the train is replaced by a single bus, departing from the main train station of Bari. Arriving at the train station of Locorotondo, the old town is a short walk.

For more resources on how to plan your trip check our guides about Puglia.

What to do in Locorotondo on a sunny day?

If the weather is nice it means that you can do so many outdoor activities:

Book a walking tour
Have a drink at the alfresco bar
Take a day trip to Alberobello
Locorotondo Guided tour and Mozzarella Tasting

Beautiful places in Puglia, Locorotondo what to do
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Where to stay in Locorotondo

If you are looking where to stay in Locorotondo, you should consider our suggestions

Il Balcone di Giulietta

$98 | £70 | €82

5-Star Apartments
Beautiful place in the heart of Locorotondo

Micele Masseria

$105 | £77 | €90

Traditional Masseria in the old town of Locorotondo
Transport from Airport to the hotel

Casa Vinci

$72 | £52 | €61

Nice Rooms in traditional style
Transport from Airport to the hotel


$185 | £130 | €155

The best in Locorotondo
Available with balcony and amazing view

Q&A What to do in Locorotondo

What are the top attractions to visit in Locorotondo?

The top things to see in Locorotondo Italy are:
Centro Storico – Historical City Centre
Chiesa Madre San Giorgio – San Giorgio Church
Chiesa della Madonna della Greca – Madonna della Greca Church
Chiesa di San Nicola – San Nicola Church 
Palazzo Morelli – Morelli Palace

When is the best time to visit Locorotondo?

Later summer or Christmas time! Let’s be honest, during Christmas all the places are worth visiting. Locorotondo is known for its beautiful decorations along the narrow streets of the city centre. The city is completely different during the day and it lights up over the night.
If you’re unsure when to visit Locorotondo, plan your itinerary around September and enjoy the warm weather along with a glass of wine!

Is Locorotondo worth visiting?

Absolutely yes! It’s a small and fairytale town where you will fall in love with its beautiful surroundings from the first moment you step in. It’s the perfect place to spend a lovely afternoon strolling around and enjoying the beautiful Apulian life!

Why is it called Locorotondo?

This city is called Locorotondo (Round Place) for its circular structure which is now the historical city centre. This is the reason behind the name Locorotondo. 

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A guide to Locorotondo Italy
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What to do in Locorotondo Italy
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