6 of the fastest growing travel destinations

Travel is something that so many of us love to do. In this list some of the fastest growing travel destinations in the World. Escape from our everyday lives for a short while and really experience more of what the world has to offer, excites so many of us. There is no doubt that the advent of technology and the ability to see more of the World through our screens, has ignited a desire in many of us to really get out there and witness for ourselves the magnificence that we are being shown. Seeing the beauty of destinations through screens is driving much of the growth in some of the travel destinations around the world.

Here are six of the fastest growing destinations from around the world – have a read and see why others love them:

1. Croatia

Croatia - fastest growing destinations 2019
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Many TV fans are choosing to go to Croatia because of Game of Thrones. Much of the popular series is shot around the city of Dubrovnik, and this has resulted in an influx of visitors desperate to see the beauty of the city for themselves. There are several destinations around the country, which fans can visit to take in the wonder of the scenery. This doubled up as settings for the fictional tale. With the last season just finished airing, this destination is only going to grow in popularity.

2. Iceland

Iceland has also benefited from the Game of Thrones effect. But this destination has also become something of a point of discussion for everyone. It seems that everyone who visits the island raves about it. They love the natural beauty, the people and the culture. So much so, that they come home and tell everyone they meet about it. This effect really is driving the popularity of the country as a destination and rightly so – it has so much to offer any traveller.

3. Egypt – Fastest growing travel destinations

Fastest growing tourist destinations - Egypt - Pyramids landscapes typical scenario in Egypt Africa
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Travel to Egypt took a dip following the violence that hit the country and surrounding areas. However, it seems that travel has started to pick up again as the area has become safer. Russia has started to allow planes to fly to the region once again. Although the UK will still not allow planes to fly to Sharm-el-Sheik. Despite this, tourism in Egypt has increased by more than 50% according to recent research. 

4. South Korea

South Korea - fastest growing destinations Asia 2019
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South Korea could also be benefiting from our desire to really see the world (and our comfort in spending money to do so). In recent years, this country has really found its way into our popular culture. From K-dramas to K-pop, younger people are really embracing the culture of South Korea and this could well be driving tourism into the country. There certainly are a range of destinations that fans can visit to really help them celebrate their favourite music and TV. 

5. The UK

Head to many of the big cities known for tourism in the UK and you are sure to see merchandise featuring characters from one fictional series in particular. Harry Potter is driving fans from around the world into the UK. They want to see some of the filming locations for themselves and head to some of the great shops that have been set up around the country, especially in London and York. There is also the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is bound to be a must-visit for superfans.

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6. New Zealand – Fastest growing travel destinations

New Zealand - fastest growing destinations in the world
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New Zealand benefited from a tourism boom after the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This helped to show off the beauty and splendour of the country. Filmed on location here, the films really showed New Zealand at its best and are still fuelling tourism even now, despite the chapters being completed years ago.

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