Here we will show you how is easy to reach Positano and the Amalfi Coast from Naples by bus and public transport. Positano transport guide is studied for let you avoid to use expensive taxis or private transport and use the common and help the planet producing less carbon monoxide possible.


It is the cheapest way to reach the Amalfi Coast from the city of Naples, it is also the best for the view you will have and will enter in contact with locals.

Take the Vesuviana

Take the Vesuviana from Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, toward Sorrento. The Vesuviana is a train doing all the internal part of the cities of the Gulf of Naples, is the train line the locals take for their transport from outside and inside the city, it is running just out of Naples and do just a couple of stops at the suburbs of the city. Take advantage to stay in Naples and eat an amazing Pizza before your day trip to Positano, check out our list of the best pizzerias in Naples.

From Piazza Garibaldi, just downstairs, opposite to the main entrance go downstairs and turn left. You can buy the ticket to Sorrento at the automatic machine before the entrance, otherwise, there are many spots inside the station where you can easily buy a ticket.
Here you can find the timetable with all the departure from Napoli Garibaldi and all the Vesuviana’s Stop.

Price and Time Table – Positano Transport

The price of the ticket is 4,50 euro and it cost of 1h and 10 minutes with the direct train. In fact, take attention to the kind of train you take, they may take longer if it is direct (signed with D after the train direction state) or super fast (DD signed). The difference is in the stations stop they do. The super fast doesn’t some train stops.
On the way, you can reach easily the ruins of Herculaneum or the MAV Museum of Ercolano or hike the Vesuvius just stopping at Ercolano. You can visit Pompei and the ruins.

This is the list of kind of ticket you need to buy for any stops you want. Positano Transport Guide

Sorrento – Napoli: € 4,10 (ticket zone U5);
Sant’Agnello – Napoli: € 4,10 (ticket zone U5);
Piano di Sorrento – Napoli: € 3,50 (ticket zone U4);
Meta – Napoli: € 3,50 (ticket zone U4);
Seiano – Napoli: € 3,50 (ticket zone U4);
Vico Equense – Napoli: € 3,50 (ticket zone U4);
Scrajo – Napoli: € 3,50 (ticket zone U4);
Castellammare di Stabia – Napoli: € 2,90 (ticket zone U3);
Pompei Villa dei Misteri – Napoli: € 2,90 (ticket zone U3);
Ercolano – Napoli: € 2,20 (ticket zone U2).

The kids under 1 metre don’t pay if accompanied by an adult, you can take with you as many luggage you want, it doesn’t cost you more.

The prices and the tickets you have here are valid on the FS Trains as well, the national rail trains.
If you want to seek further information you can visit

The vesuviana trains are crowded, especially in the summer period, so plan in advance your journey and be careful of your belongings, there are many pickpocketers ready to take advantage of crowded places.


From Naples Toward Sorrento – Positano Transport Guide

The station of Sorrento is in the centre of the city and it is located close to shops and other spots. It is a very touristic place with a lot of restaurants and hotels.

From Sorrento train station you can bring the Sita Bus. It is a public transport company of Campania Region.

The Sorrento train station is not that big. Just going out of the station you can reach the bus stop to Amalfi city. There is a kiosk with the writing “Costiera Sita Sud” where you can buy your day ticket for 8 euro. There are many other options like if you want to stay longer, ask to the kiosk.
On the bus, you can admire the amazing landscapes and views the Costiera is famous for.

The ride takes about 50 minutes and it depends on traffic. Especially in the summer this area is full, not only tourists will be here but also locals, but even that you will really enjoy your beautiful view.

Tips: Be ready to tons of curve, the Amalfi Coast is full of it, but the drivers are really good. Take a seat on the right side of the bus, otherwise, you will miss everything.

When you reach Positano you will know that because there are so many artistic boutiques on the way. Do you know the Costiera is known also for the artistic glass processing and colourful majolica? Yes, it is.

Positano is a small town on the rock, the ancient streets and the breathtaking landscapes become famous in the golden age of Italy when the riches people choose Positano for their holidays.


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Today Positano is well known as one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable places on the Earth, it is instaworthy to have a picture of Positano on your profile. The blue of the sea unmistakable. The small and narrow streets will stick in your mind forever. The colours of the flowers and of the majolica are something really special.

Read about our tips on the Travel Photography, you can have inspiration!

The Sita bus stop is very close to the stop where you land on arrival. I will suggest you visit also Sorrento, it is worthy to be visited on your stop to come back to Naples. The big beach of Sorrento is really famous and you can take the boat to the main island of the Gulf. The beach is called Marina Grande and there are many restaurants really nice there.

It easy to reach the port of Sorrento. From Piazza Tasso, the main square of the city you can walk down to the port where the ferries arrive and leave from and to Naples as well. So you can do a mini cruise of the Gulf on your way back to Naples, the cost is less than 10 euro.

How can reach Positano and Amalfi coast from Naples - On a budget travel guide by Italian Trip Abroad


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